Video via Twitter. Screen capture by Boch.
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Three young gentlemen took a little time out from their online course work earlier this week to invade a home in Neptune Beach, Florida. Keep in mind they did this in full knowledge that a huge percentage of people are at home right now during the coronavirus lockdown.

A few seconds later, one of the intruders showed how to fly through the air as he eagerly tried to reestablish proper social distancing.

Video via Twitter. Screen capture by Boch.

The home owner’s Ring camera caught it all, including the third suspect who literally ran out of his pants attempting to get away after the home owner opened fire.

The Neptune Beach Police released the video in efforts to identify two of the three home invaders. One member of the trio earned at least one gunshot wound. His buddies dumped him at a nearby hospital.

The Florida Times-Union brings the details:

Two young men are being sought after a resident wounded a third intruder during a Tuesday-evening break-in at the Park Place apartment complex at 1000 Third St. in Neptune Beach, police said.

Dramatic security camera video shows the three armed men forcing their way into the apartment during an apparent robbery, according to the Neptune Beach Police Department.

Seconds later three shots ring out. A resident inside shot one of them, police said. The trio runs out the door, one leaping over a second-story balcony to escape, the video shows. At least three more shots are heard as the three flee, escaping in a red Kia 4-door sedan.

Fortunately the homeowner in this instance had the benefit of two previous failed attempts at forcing the front door to react before the three intruders made it inside.

The three quickly entered after the first man forced the door open. And about six or seven seconds later, the homeowner fired three shots in rapid succession then a fourth.

Moments later, the intruders’ hasty retreat proved priceless to watch. Especially the first guy who eagerly vaulted the balcony rail onto the ground below.

Folks, home invasions can happen anywhere, and at any time. Like the one in a nice neighborhood in Arlington Heights, Illinois last weekend.

Carry your safety rescue tool all the time. Even at home.

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    • Good job Mr homeowner, but you should think about reinforcing the front door a bit more.

      • Exactly what I was thinking. I myself will be replacing the original locksets on my exterior entrance doors in the next few weeks, and upgrading to higher quality equipment plus deeper screws into the jamb studs, etc. I’ve also been dragging my feet on the installation of a home security cam system, always bumping other tasks past it on my project list. I need to just bite the bullet (see what I did there?) and get it done.

        Love the article, though. Good story that begins with a very polite “Three young gentlemen…”

        • I have Wyze cameras and really like them. Really quick and easy to setup, literally about 20-30 minute setup.

        • Have a look at Medeco* locks. ( Expensive, but designed to be bump proof. The key cuts are kept on file at the locksmith, and keys cannot be replicated with non-Meddeco equipment. A copy of a picture ID is kept on hand, and the keys can only be re-made while the customer waits (visual recognition of the customer must be confirmed). The locks can be “picked”, but that requires attacking the lock for a longer time than would seem comfortable. Plus, some locksmith would have to sell a lock to a potential criminal.

          My experience was that the locksmith would not sell me the lock directly, but that I had to have the locks installed by their technicians. Once installed, I would need to be able to take the lock assembly apart (even techs have difficulty re-keying locks because of the difficulty of removal). Then, I need to find a video for actually using a pick (they are available on U-Tube). Then, practice, practice, practice…. After all that, I would be ready to launch forth in search of Medeco locks securing locations that likely have sufficient booty to make the effort worthwhile.

          Consumer Reports rates the lock 97/100 based on Excellent scores for Kick-in, Drilling and Picking.

          *Not affiliated with Medeco in any way

        • Thx, Michael/Sam. The Medeco site shows that even their standard residential series are listed as Grade 1, which is even better than the Grade 2 minimum I want as my replacements.

        • Art, any man that knows how to throw a kick can kick in a typical modern construction door on the first try. I’ve done it myself. I had no idea how easy it would be.

        • To Sam I am: unless you have bars on your windows or they’re up so high, they can’t be reached easily from the ground; such an expensive lock is really a waste of money. They sound great, but even solid core doors can be broken into. Not only that, but windows are much easier to gain entrance through, if there is such a lock on the door. I’ve seen the results of having a deadbolt lock on a door and the thugs usually destroy the the door jamb and the whole door frame has to be replaced. A thug knows enough of how to gain entry into a house. Locks like that, only keep honest people honest. You can easily gain entry with the use of a three foot crowbar; anywhere around the house. You can breech the door from the hinges side, but windows are much easier to smash. It gives a person enough time to grab their weapons to protect themselves and that’s about it.

          • “I’ve seen the results of having a deadbolt lock on a door and the thugs usually destroy the the door jamb and the whole door frame has to be replaced.”

            Which is precisely the intent. Dealing with break-ins is all about delay. The longer it takes, the less attractive. The more noise required, the less attractive. The longer and noisier the entry takes, the more time to respond.

            One feature of the Medeco lock I did not mention is the ability to use a key to lock the door from both outside, and inside. When leaving the home, one can lock the door from inside, remove the interior latch knob, making it impossible to just break an adjacent window, and turn the door lock from inside. Doing so can, in certain circumstances, complicate the exit of thieves carrying items out to a waiting getaway vehicle.

            In all, bashing in a door will ultimately work. the Medeco type lock discourages lock pickers and bump tools, intruders who depend on a more silent entry to the target.

      • Art,

        I started a stopwatch right at the moment that the home-invader hit the door with his shoulder the first time — which is the earliest indication to the homeowner that someone was attempting to break in. It took at most six seconds for the home-invader to breach the door and for the home-invasion crew to begin rushing inside.

        A normal person, relaxed in their dwelling and having no reason at all to expect someone to breach their door, would not realize that the first thump was someone attempting to break in. He/she would wonder if a neighbor dropped a heavy object or something similar. I don’t think a normal person would start to realize that someone was attempting to breach their door until probably two seconds after the second thump. Thus, the home invaders would be rushing inside within about one second of the resident finally realizing what was happening.

        It should be fairly obvious that residents who keep self-defense firearms stashed throughout their dwelling would almost certainly NOT be able to access one of their stashed firearms and bring it to bear within that one or two seconds before the home-invaders were literally on top of them. In all honesty it might have been a significant challenge for most people who wear a handgun on their hip inside their dwelling to draw and put shots on target before the home invaders were on top of them.

        This tells me that a reinforced entry door, which will add at least an extra 10 seconds to breach, is an absolute must. Increasing the time it takes a home invader to breach your door to 16+ seconds seems like enough time for a normal person to realize what is happening, get a self-defense firearm ready to bear, and be able to successfully repel the invasion.

        A standard entry door with a standard lock and installed the standard way does not accomplish that objective. As others have stated, that requires a steel door, with long/strong screws anchored into the doorway framing members, and with an enhanced locking technique. (Enhanced locking could be reinforced deadbolt with reinforced striker plate or something altogether different such as steel pins at the top and bottom of the door or a diagonal locking bar.)

        • See my comment further down the thread. The Ring cam will send a beep to your smartphone, so assuming the motion sensor was set to detect movement beginning at the top step, the resident had a few additional seconds before the second “bump”. But still, that was remarkably quick reaction time to defend himself.

        • I built and installed preframed exterior doors for a living (not a very good one) about 25 years ago. Having seen many a door fail in my time — the default installation of most doors is a merely symbolic barrier at best — I can tell you that you don’t need to go crazy with reinforcement at all to get a decent, invasion-resistant front door.

          To start with, just about any steel-clad door will do. CastleGate doors, which we used, are still around, and they’re still the best on the market for durability, both against weather and against break-ins. Good news is, most steel-clad doors are less expensive than the weaker wood and fiberlass ones.

          Next, you MUST have a deadbolt. Again, almost any deadbolt will do. Some are definitely better than others, but any deadbolt, even a cheap one, is 10x better than the door latch alone.

          And perhaps most important of all, don’t use the puny 5/8 inch screws that come with most cheap locksets. Get some 3 inch deck screws and use them to attach the deadbolt plate to the doorjamb. They’ll go through the jamb and into the framing behind, eliminating the weakest point of the whole system.

          Anyway, yeah…there are other people in here who also have similar advice. The point is that reinforcing the average entry door is incredibly easy, and you have no reason not to. The peace of mind is well worth 15 minutes with a cordless driver and a couple deck screws.

        • ING, I also, have installed and repaired many an exterior door in my lifetime. It’s amazing what a few well placed three inch screws can do.

          The door can still be forced open, and door and deadbolt will most likely not survive an attempted forced entry, but those deck screws will by time.

        • This occurred in Florida. I believe FL requires doors to open OUT as hurricanes can blow doors in along with unreinforced garage doors .

        • Replacing the little screws with longer and stronger ones probably wouldn’t be noticed, and would have helped.

          Apartments. I don’t want to live in one. The wife and I spent a few years in apartments when I was in grad. school. I prefer a house, and I prefer owning.

          Frankly, I prefer a rural homestead and acreage for livestock, garden, fruit trees, and at least an archery range (rifle range even better).

      • Also needed; more practice with a bigger gun. 33% is a failing grade without the bonus points earned for survival.

    • I doubt s/he’s the owner. That’s an apartment in a complex and modifying the structure is probably outside the contract.

      When I rented apartments every contract stipulated very specifically that messing with door locks/doors, windows was a violation of the contract and could result in immediate eviction if discovered.

      The only thing you could do was use one of those props that goes against the door or jam a chair under the knob. Against a determined doorbreaker all those things do is buy a very short amount of time, especially if it’s a big boy putting his weight into forcing the door. I watched a football player friend of mine take down an 8 foot, solid core security door that was propped shut with a chair. Took him like four shots before hole in the lockrail widened, the knob and lockset fell apart and the door swung open. 10 seconds max and he wasn’t even trying.

      Doors and locks *work*, insofar as they do, because people believe that they do. Locks, even “security” locks are quick and easy to bypass and if someone’s willing to move to “destructive bypass” they’re coming through unless you’re talking a steel door with a steel frame set into reinforced concrete, and that’s something you can defeat in a few minutes with a cheapo HiLift jack.

      • Cold, hard fact – If they want in, they’re getting in.

        You’re only buying time for the cops (or you) to respond…

        • Exactly. You’re buying time for you, not cops and realistically you’re not buying much time for yourself.

          Most “security locks” can be bypassed in seconds with essentially zero skill. That’s literally why a snap gun is a thing: specifically designed so that cops could bypass locks quickly in a non-destructive manner and with essentially zero training or practice.

          A few minutes training with such a tool and most people will bypass “pick resistant security locks” in 5-10 seconds. They’re just a waste of money. Paying extra for security theater.

          Locks and doors fail to keep out exactly the people you want to keep out. Generally the people they deter were never a worry in the first place.

        • Two things that do work though; dogs are one.

          The other is a trick that’s pretty vicious but useful for civil unrest situations. I wouldn’t use it outside that kind of situation though because legally it’s probably a booby trap.

          Razor or barbed wire. Place where appropriate in coils, rattlecan it flat or matte black and leave the lights off. Invisible at night and doesn’t show up in NODS either. People will walk right into it, even if they’re running NVGs or thermals.

          Makes a hell of a racket if people come a-creepin’. Well, it doesn’t…They do.

      • That is what a flaming gasoline dispensing device high above the door is for. They gotta get through the heavy abrasion resistant steel door before you can throw the lever;-)

    • This must be one of those homes you can buy I heard about that has 8 exterior doors and half of them are on the 2nd floor.

      • Mine has 18 exterior doors, and 9 of them are on the second floor. But there are no exterior steps to the second floor!

    • Almost……IMO

      I few more bullet wounds that reduced temperatures would have made me happier….

    • Come on in fellas, I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. Unfortunately my pack of Rhodesian Ridgebacks will usually deter most miscreants before they would ever even make it to the door. But if they did make it past the dogs, they would soon realize it wasn’t cause they were lucky.

  1. It’s too bad they didn’t need to send a clean up crew to mop up what was left of those 3 scumbags.

  2. I gotta be truly shit my pants scared to jump off a balcony. Fucking hilarious.

    Where do 100% of home invasions happen? 3 attaboys if you get it right.

    • A home invasion near me about a decade ago ended with one guy with some aftermarket speed holes and 2 guys going out a closed second story window. The drive needed some serious pressure washing the next day.
      The homeowner needed surgery afterwards for all of the high fives.

      • I thought in the USA with a high rate of gun ownership, castle doctrine, stand your ground, etc home invasions, or aggravated burglaries, would be extremely rare. This must be targeted, but criminal’s intelligence, both information and IQ, is not reliable. The information the crooks are working under could be months to years out of date and may not involve the current owner.

        • You would think that, but no, it’s rather common. The thug class doesn’t think they will get shot for their efforts…

          • Der Thug did not do homework at school so they assume “Thuggin'” does not require any homework, either…..obviously, of course……….

      • Ok. You get the attaboys. Send me you ssi and your account info and I’ll get them right out to you.

  3. Door breaker’s wearing sandals. Who TF wears sandals to do a home invasion? You know, besides that guy.

    • “Door breaker’s wearing sandals. Who TF wears sandals to do a home invasion?”

      I had a next-door neighbor who went hog hunting while wearing flip-flops…

      • What’s wrong with flip-flops? I learned to wear flip-flops in the service 60 years ago. Still wear ’em indoors all the time and outdoors in good weather.

        • I can’t stand that little piece between my toes. I had ho chi minh sandels that I wore in hot weather for years. But they didn’t have that thingy that goes up between the toe. And I could run in them. If I had to.

        • That “thingy” is called a “thong”.

          Which is kinda hilarious in relation to Vietnamese footwear.

        • Ho sandals were excellent. The slight curve to the sole gave you a little bounce when you jogged. Wish I still had them.

          • Yeah, a strap broke on one of mine and I didn’t cut up an old tire to make a new one. Threw them away at some point. I could kick myself for that, they were great. Way better than flip-flops any day.

        • Can’t wear flip-flops anymore. Fell and broke my hip, seemed to heal normally after replacement, but after a few steps (like 3 or4), the flip flop is 45 degrees off where the foot is pointed, and my heel is hitting the ground with every step. Really seems weird, doesn’t seem I walk funny, but obviously I do!

    • @Chris<

      A couple of thoughts as to why:

      1) These "three young gentlemen" had been so successful in previous burglaries that they didn't feel the need to dress up. In other words, hoodies, flip flops, and baggy pants are enough to dress for success, I guess.

      2) Considering the neighborhood, they probably wanted to blend in and avoid sticking out like a sore thumb with construction boots, gloves, tools, etc. Though, to be honest, three young thuggish men with dark hoodies walking around hunched never looks innocent.

      • If they were forward thinking enough to wear the “proper clothes” for a home invasion robbery, then they would have thought forward enough to realize what they were going to do was a bad idea….. Heck, with the bare minimum of insight, they may have actually worked for a living.

  4. Every once in a while if I need a little cheerful news, I’ll check out YouTube for the latest “bad guys getting shot by homeowners” video.


  5. Should have been a dinner reservation for 3 – as per John Wick. There are several parts that are not true – they are not gentlemen or men. They are SCUM.

  6. The repeal the second amendment crowd with rather the residents have no recourse other than saying thank you sir may I have another.

    • As our Founding Fathers would have said: “Better that a thousand conscientious citizens be disarmed and helpless, than one politician be afraid of the armed conscientious citizenry.” ….. er something like that.

      Eric Swalwell 2020

  7. it’s good to have a strong outer screen door that’s locked. Makes the old shoulder bump hard to do without tearing out the screen door and announcing your intentions.
    Clearly they thought something valuable was in that apartment not the other ones.

      • Unless they heard there was a stash of primo white in the place.

        Toilet Paper is a valuable commodity today.

    • Mine are security screen doors. Welded square tube steel, expanded metal, backed by fine bug screen. Deadbolt locks. Reinforced frames and extra long screws set into the frame of the house, not merely the door jam.

      Yes, a determined criminal can breach that. But it will be noisy, and I’ll wake up and have a noisemaker of my own ready to go.

      • I too have a security screen with horizontal metal bars mid-height. The Pros and Cons: will slow a break in and is very noisy. My front and garage doors also have Door Armor Max.

      • Interesting. For decades I’ve lived in areas which have very little use for screens, since it is normally too hot or too cold to have windows open, etc. I would be more inclined to have the equivalent in a storm door, forget the screen and have glass inserts. Increased noise, and at least a risk of opening a vein in the process.

    • GS650G,

      I have a storm door with glass panels that is always locked. Thus, home invaders who decide to target my home will have to breach that glass storm door first and then my interior entry door. I figure those two doors will provide enough notice/time for me to be ready for them.

      • Even the aluminum screen doors are pretty tough to open. You pry on the handle and it comes right off, leaving the door locked and nothing to grab. By the time they get it out of their way it gets ballistic.

  8. How about a short barrel shotgun with fleschette rounds? Are they legal?
    Or something that could insert tracer pellets.

    • Fleschettes don’t do much damage. They do fly farther is the only benefit. The military experimented with them during the 60’s. 00 buck is better.

      • Yup, but they are *very* handy where most body armor or heavy brush is concerned. More’s the pity, since like Geoff said, they’re not legal in FL. where we have a good bit of dense underbrush and petty tyrants. Tungsten buck makes for a reasonable, if less effective in certain circumstances, substitute.

        • FL found some way to define what is a legal shape for a shotgun pellet? That would be fun to read. Y’all seen that one where all the pellets fit together into a cylinder until coming out of the barrel? Yeah, the military had all manner of flechettes, 2.75 inch rockets, 105 Howitzer rounds (BIG-ass shotgun!!), just about anything that went bang. Didn’t kill anybody very often, but did a bunch of incapacitating! Army gunship let one loose while performing hover check where I worked in Vietnam, all of our enlisted disappeared for an hour or so, came back with their boonie hats festooned with darts they had pulled out of every surface at the aerial port, buildings, pallets, jeeps, it was like a party. I bet those guys still prize those boonie hats today.

        • Idk why Larry, but for some reason your posts never have a reply button for me. So here’s to hoping you revisit your comments. Roger, Roger. Same proviso that bans AP of any sort, amongst others.

          Florida Statutes; Chapter 790.31 subsection 2 (a-c)

          “(2)(a) Any person who manufactures, sells, offers for sale, or delivers any armor-piercing bullet or exploding bullet, or dragon’s breath shotgun shell, bolo shell, or flechette shell is guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

          (b) Any person who possesses an armor-piercing bullet or exploding bullet with knowledge of its armor-piercing or exploding capabilities loaded in a handgun, or who possesses a dragon’s breath shotgun shell, bolo shell, or flechette shell with knowledge of its capabilities loaded in a firearm, is guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

          (c) Any person who possesses with intent to use an armor-piercing bullet or exploding bullet or dragon’s breath shotgun shell, bolo shell, or flechette shell to assist in the commission of a criminal act is guilty of a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.


          You can thank the FBI Miami shootout for most of that garbage, they really went overboard. I mean, Dragon’s Breath rounds are actually enumerated by name?!? FFS, they’re useless range toys… POL’s with craniums firmly lodged waist deep in the evacuation cavity. Without going on a tirade, the best thing we are “allowed” is tungsten shot, and that’s kind of a grey area, wouldn’t risk slugs made of the same here. They’d probably claim they’re AP…

          I’m partial to the Fed High Density 00 w/ FliteControl (1600fps), but it’s a dead model, and now OoS everywhere with this Cov-19 rush. Recoil? None to speak of, primary shotgun is equipped with a giant comp/brake that makes it kick less than a light .410 load. Secondary will getting the same treatment as well as soon as the firearm rush cools down.

          Ah yes, the infamous beehive 105 rounds. I was to young to go myself, just being born as the festivities were drawing to a close. Spent my childhood having the tales recounted, as the vet’s relished my respect & fascination with history, military history in particular. Served later myself, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

  9. What’s the reasoning for committing a hone invasion? It seems like a really high risk endeavour. I always assume the perpetrators have intel that something of great value is inside or that the person living there has been specifically targeted.

    I don’t understand the balls on people who go door to door for mundane things like political canvassing or religious recruitment. I couldn’t imagine the balls, or gross stupidity, required to break into an occupied dwelling. I’m sure knowing exactly what would happen to somebody who broke into my home while occupied biases my perspective.

    • There’s not a lot of reasoning involved. In the one in Illinois last week one of the guy had seen boxes of money there 20 years ago. That’s along time for money not to get moved or spent. Plus everyone should know that most people are home right now so the chances that home is unoccupied are pretty slim. You’d think home invading robbers would take time off right now to enjoy their increased unemployment benefits and stimulus money and go back to work when everyone else does.

      • “enjoy their increased unemployment benefits and stimulus money and go back to work when everyone else does.”

        Except they probably weren’t previously employed or paying taxes.

        • Exactly. Quite a few people out there who aren’t eligible for unemployment benefits for a variety of reasons, so when the personal money on hand runs out, they get desperate. And even though they know the location is likely occupied, the chances of smashing into the residence and taking the occupants by surprise before anyone inside can get to a gun in likely pretty good. Plus, they probably figure at some point they’ll find a gun and be able to use it to increase the odds in their favor for future break-ins.

          However, OTOH, the Ring cam sends an alert to the owner’s cell phone with an audible bell, so in the article’s example above, the owner had five extra seconds (between the thug’s approach to the door and break-thru) to OODA.

        • Yeah, that’s why anybody comes through my door will be engaged without a “hello”. I’m old and weak, but I home carry, not because I intend to get into a gunfight. The chair where I normally sit has line of sight thru the fireplace down the stairs thru the front door glass and out the porch. Generally if someone clearly unnice (armed, for example) comes up the steps to the door I will have drawn by the time he reaches the door and firing before he can get it closed behind him, should he be dumb enough to enter.

    • I think the guy was targeted. Article mentioned this is the second attempt at a burglary.

  10. The Florida Castle Doctrine at work. One of the reasons I am happy living in Florida. Petition your state for the same, as there is a bevy of statistics that prove its effectiveness.

    The Florida “Castle Doctrine” law basically does three things:

    One: It establishes, in law, the presumption that a criminal who forcibly enters or intrudes into your home or occupied vehicle is there to cause death or great bodily harm, therefore a person may use any manner of force, including deadly force, against that person.

    Two: It removes the “duty to retreat” if you are attacked in any place you have a right to be. You no longer have to turn your back on a criminal and try to run when attacked. Instead, you may stand your ground and fight back, meeting force with force, including deadly force, if you reasonably believe it is necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm to yourself or others. [This is an American right repeatedly recognized in Supreme Court gun cases.]

    Three: It provides that persons using force authorized by law shall not be prosecuted for using such force.

    It also prohibits criminals and their families from suing victims for injuring or killing the criminals who have attacked them.

    In short, it gives rights back to law-abiding people and forces judges and prosecutors who are prone to coddling criminals to instead focus on protecting victims.

    SO — is this the impression you got from the news when it was signed into law in 2005, with the media spinning it saying there would be blood flowing in the streets? Why not? Aren’t media people impartial purveyors of objective facts, with no bias or spin, faithfully and accurately reporting the news? Everyone who believes that’s an accurate description of the news media please raise your hand. See? No hands go up. Despite their protests otherwise, the news media has, in general, and especially with respect to gun issues, become an outrageous purveyor of agenda-driven nonsense on the dark side of the force.

    Anytime. Anyplace.


  11. Job’s not complete until the perp reaches room temperature. Some people think wounding them is fine. I worry they come back, wanting the gun now they know you have one. Wouldn’t be the first time criminals come back for a repeat performance, historically it’s common. Homeowner needs more training. Just my 2 cents, I would prefer people leave other people alone.

    • According to the video’s timeline, there was a 15-second span between the time the first thug was fully on the top step (and likely activated the Ring’s motion sensor to notify the occupant inside) and the first shots. Think of yourself in a state of complete relaxation within your home, and how you would realistically OODA after hearing your phone beep.

      Get to phone, enter password, view and analyze video, determine threat, run to get gun, turn and aim gun at intruder, successfully fire shots to hit intruder and stop attack. All from a starting point of complete lack of expectation of what was about to happen.

      Unless you’re always walking around your home with your phone and GAT on your hip at all times (not realistic for everyone, no matter how much some of you will say you do it) and are ready 24/7 for action at the drop of a hat, I think this resident acted remarkably quickly.

      • @I Haz A Question: Unless I am in the shower, yes a have a gun on me at all times, and in the shower, it’s 3 feet away. No, I’m not a bada$$ former operator or LEO, just a guy protective of his home and family and I have zero tolerance for people who would exceed the limits of personal space and safety. Unfortunately, there are people out there willing to hurt or kill for a cell phone or TV set. Stay safe in these dangerous times.

        • Ditto, and for more than 10 years now. I also carry in post offices and gun free zones, including restaurants and stop and robs, and on school grounds. That is what “concealed” means. If there is a metal detector I don’t go there. Otherwise, if I need it and survive, I’ll answer the charges in court, in front of a jury, thank you very much, save the plea bargain.

    • “disturbing to some”, does not make sense. All you see is thugs walking up, breaking in through a door, thugs enter open door, thugs run and jump for their lives back through the open door after hearing 3+1 gun shots. OH! perhaps it’s the one thug loosing his pants in the getaway run that is disturbing…………belts do help!

      • Snowflakes hear a couple gunshots and dial 911 to report them on a twitter video.

  12. If you are on probation and thus your picture is definitely in the system, why look into a camera as you are committing a crime? Maybe it is in case the full sag isn’t enough to alert the world that you are a moron.

    • I have Kuna cameras. For the porch camera light, it’s set up to make a chime once motion is detected. From my experience 8 in 10 visitors that approach look up to see where that sound came from. I usually get a great shot of their face. Maybe it’s human nature to seek the source of a noise?

        • Those do exist!

          Well, they call them “Custom door chime” or whatnot… 🙂

      • “Maybe it’s human nature to seek the source of a noise?”

        Unless trained specifically not to, yes, that’s a standard human reaction. Particularity if it’s a new, un-recognized sound. We are programmed to identify, sort, and classify input data.

        Also sudden motion in the edges of field-of-view. It’s reflexive, you’ll look at it…

    • Most people who would attempt a daylight home invasion against a potentially armed person are not the brightest bulbs in the box.

    • What are you really trying to convey to people?

      There is no genetic factor which causes someone to have more melanin and increases their propensity to attack others.

      What increases someone’s propensity to attack others is growing up in a home without a psychologically and spiritually healthy family, including BOTH a caring mother and father.

      • OK, I’m not talking race here Uncommon but lots of kids have grown up in terrible conditions and found a way to go on to become fine citizens and human beings (again, color is not my personal determining factor). Just because they had it tough doesn’t excuse this kind of behavior so let’s not do the “Oh these poor misguided souls” routine. Shoot them, bury them (cheaply), and let’s be done with their ilk.

        • anonymous4goodreason,

          I am not claiming for a nanosecond that someone’s bad family life excuses them from their actions.

          All I am saying is that genetics/genealogy does not contribute to someone’s propensity to attack other humans.

          Can a child grow up in a bad family and turn out to be a fine, honorable, valuable, and upstanding citizen? Sure! I am not claiming otherwise. What I am claiming is that bad families are FAR more likely to produce monsters than psychologically and spiritually healthy families. This is a simple fact. Any honest psychologist will attest to it.

    • The last home intruders highlighted here, from illinois, were white. Are you one of the guys that excuse rape, murder and mayhem so long as the perps are white?

    • Why would one be surprised that they’re black? Why would one be surprised if they’re white?

      But somehow I have the feeling your post was loaded with more meaning than that.

  13. Three … two … one ….


          • I thought I heard there was a 57 stitch minimum on beer bottle slices. Not sure though.

        • Facial scar gets extra points. Points equal the number of stitches to close.

          I have point-worthy stitches-scars on my cyborg leg implant hardware… 🙂

  14. Young,dumb and stupid is no way to go thru life, too bad the homeowner didn’t bag the three.

  15. This article starts out with; “Three young gentlemen took a little time out…”

    Now can someone please explain to me why it is today that every male regardless of how he conducts himself has automatically been raised to the level of being referred to as a “gentleman”? Today it seems that for some unknown reason, in every news story in which a witness or a news reporter is describing the events of a crime and is mentioning the perpetrator(s) of that crime, even one involving extreme violence and the malicious treatment of a woman, the male perpetrator(s) is always heard being referred to as a “gentleman” or “gentlemen” if plural.

    So in what Bizarro World do we now find ourselves in in which males behaving as described above are considered to be Gentlemen? And when exactly did this kind of behavior become gentlemanly behavior?

    Why are not these perpetrators of crimes not simply (and more correctly) referred to as men or persons or males or better yet, just call them animals as this would describe them far better? But please, let’s stop calling them Gentlemen!!!

    • “Now can someone please explain to me why it is today that every male regardless of how he conducts himself has automatically been raised to the level of being referred to as a “gentleman”?”

      Uuuuhhhh, uhmmmm, like, you know, sarcasm?

    • An interesting factoid. A “gentleman” originally meant “land or property owner”. Character had nothing to do with it.

    • “… the male perpetrator(s) is always heard being referred to as a “gentleman” or “gentlemen” if plural.”

      It’s considered a courtesy to refer to someone as a gentleman or lady, unless proven otherwise.

      We have some damming proof with that incident that gentlemen doesn’t apply…

  16. It’s amazing to me that little pieces of shit whom always have the balls to carry out these horrific crimes among the other horrific crimes they’ve no don’t committed already in thier pathetic lives (that guy just walks up and starts slamming into the door) that even though they have thier own guns they ALWAYS run away like scalded dogs when they are met with resistance!! They will kill each other getting away from the chaos they’ve just caused!?!? It’s just so weird to me that NONE of them ever stay and fight and they run like cowards. It doesn’t matter statistically those two that got away will probably be killed by one of thier own before they are 25 years old. All they know how to do is steal, kill & die and talk about making the words ryme as dumb as they might sound doing it!! It’s hard not to hate and look down on them the way they do us white people. Difference is I know better and was taught better and these little monsters are raised in HELL and they don’t, thier souls are gone and they have no empathy at all for other humans even thier own brothers. Remember that when you cross thier paths, nothing or nobody means shit to them but themselves!!! I don’t hate them at all I have seen what they do to each other and especially what some of them would like to do to us white people (black women too) if given the chance!!! They betray, rob and kill each other all day every day just imagine what they would do to us white people that they hate so much if given the chance!!?? Stand your ground until the last round folks!!

  17. Did anyone else notice the entire scenario?
    – three guys in dark clothes walking in an apartment complex
    – no car visible (may have been out of camera range
    – three guys in dark clothes begin to climb stairs
    – all apartments at ground level were ignored
    – three guys in dark clothes bypass easier targets
    – three guys in dark clothes go out of their way to reach the second floor

    Seems there may be more to this than a random home invasion. Not saying the invaders should be given any sympathy. Just wondering what made them choose that particular door.

    • Correct, it does look targeted.

      The first subject didn’t even use a subterfuge, he just started body-checking the door.

      Typical home invaders use a ruse, “car breakdown, can I use your phone, is Tyrone home?“ to get the homeowner to open the door.

      And the homeowner did seem to be prepared at a moments notice, to respond with lethal force.

      Perhaps will learn more in the coming days, I’m sure there will be an investigation by the local PD.

    • They knew the family in the apartment had a months supply of tp on hand and being good little socialists they intended to redistribute that white gold.

      • “They knew the family in the apartment had a months supply of tp”

        Then I am doomed. I have 400 canisters of Lysol Disinfecting Wipes in the “guest room”.

  18. I cant tell from the video what color they are. I dont care. Evil is evil. My biggest takeaway/confirmation is that having a weapon within reach as often as possible is best. Just because you arrive home and have a weapon locked away somewhere doesnt mean youre in the clear. Also dont dismiss a bump or unexpected noise it might not be the cat or a neighbor.

  19. Loved it – one “badass” managed to go from wannabe tough-guy home invader to shot felon in about 18 seconds…. ya gotta love a happy ending! Too bad he didn’t pass Go and become a DRT (Dead Right There) felon!

    • Some criminals watch you to determine what you got.before they break in.

      When you are moving house your chances of getting robbed go up. Having a nice car parked outside brings attention.

      • “Some criminals watch you to determine what you got.before they break in.”

        Kinda defines “targeting” doancha think?

        • I was letting you know that some criminals will being watching you because you have a nice car in your driveway. Some will watch you as you are moving in to see what quality stuff you got.

          In other words, you don’t have to be some drug dealer to be spied on by criminals. Don’t think for a second that you are safe because you don’t live in that world and you mind your own business. There can be some criminals sitting there watching you and plotting to take your stuff. If you appear weak, they won’t mind kicking your door in when you are home.

          Most people think being a target of a home invasion is gang related.

          • “In other words, you don’t have to be some drug dealer to be spied on by criminals.”

            Didn’t say anything different. Only that the circumstances did not argue for a random break-in, i.e. “targeted”.

  20. Check out “Gun store robbery gone wrong!” You Tube (M A) or (Man T.V) A true happy ending. Gangsta had a GUN in BOTH HANDS and still ended up prone achieving room temp!!!

    • Ha.. there is a better one around somewhere. Perps were going to hit a little jewelry store. The door was a double, left was jewelry, right was a gun store. Perps went right by mistake.. owner, employee, and 4 customers all armed and quick.

      • There’s an even better one that was on “Inside Edition” or “A Current Affair”.

        2-3 armed robbers try to hit a liquor(?) store.

        Asian owner/clerk takes them out with a revolver. It looks like the end of the movie “Thief”. That guy was a machine. Even got wounded (non-fatally) without slowing down.

        I’ve been looking for that video for YEARS.

  21. The article says the homeowner continued to fire as the bad guys drove away. I expect charges on the homeowner for that. he should have dropped all three inside the apartment. Probably using a 9mm barbie gun, a caliber designed just to piss people off.

  22. Was the first dolt wearing slip-on sandals?

    What kind of a loser wears slip-ons to a home invasion?

  23. This video supports my belief that, even with multiple perps, a six-shot .357 revolver is an effective defense. The key is getting off the first shot, so prudence demands you carry at home, or at least have a firearm within arm’s reach. Wankers who do home invasions are not only stupid and lazy (the smart criminals are on Wall Street), they want to live to see another day, and will bolt at the first sign of resistance from the homeowner.

    That being said, this looks like a targeted attack. The perps knew there was something valuable in that apartment.

  24. Replace your door hardware with 3 or even better 4″ deck screws. Makes a world of difference. A 4 screw instead of 2 screw strike plate also makes a big difference.

    For about $10 you can transform your door from a 3 kick and your in to a 20 minute home invasion blooper reel video.

  25. As mentioned in other reply posts above, what caliber since the perforated perp was still abulatory and B, all those shots for 1 hit and it wasnt fatal. Last I heard all the ranges down there were open. Get some practice Mr renter. And 3, those sunday school dropouts knew there was something there worth strealing. Drugs and or money?

  26. I’m pretty sure these three guys were just after school books and wanting to better themselves and probably trying to take care of their families and young children. This home owner is lucky they didn’t kill one of these boys. They often just need some food or cash to buy food for their families or some items that they can pawn for cash to buy food or baby diapers or baby formula. Did anyone notice that they were black Americans. These young black Americans are already at a disadvantage and just need some help and understanding. The home owner should have offered them their best possessions rather than shooting at them.
    I just pray that these poor youngsters get the supplies they need and maybe some extra help from the government so they don’t have to risk their lives like this in the future.
    If we just would ban guns this sort of thing would never happen.
    Outrageous !
    SATIRE, of coarse, but not to be ignored. There are many people out there who would applaud my comments.

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