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In case y’all hadn’t heard, Heckler & Koch has brought back the SL8 and new-production units are hitting the market now at an MSRP of $1,699. It’s cool news, but it definitely sparked a lot of memes.


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  1. It don’t have the shoulder thingie that goes up? It don’t have the broken muzzle thingie? You gotta stick your thumb in its hole?

    All that and it’s likely still illegal in CA.

    • Yeah. It’s a good thing ARs only weigh 6 lbs. because, if not, they would be way too heavy after you hung 10 lbs. of shit on them.

        • The only thing I liked about the issue m16, asides from being full auto, was its weight. About 7 pounds loaded.

          That was 50 years ago. The last couple of AR’s I’ve picked up weigh more than my mosin nagant. And still in that poodle shooting round.

  2. “I cant buy it but how much do you want?”
    “I’ll give you $150”.
    $1600 is as low as I can go.
    “I can go $300, that’s as high as I can go”.
    Can we meet in the middle at $850?
    “No, I have to make a profit.”

  3. Is the new SL8 a copy of the previous SL8, or is it a copy of the new Tommy Built T36 that had to be modified from it’s previous design after the ATF retroactively ruled was a machine gun, even though it was a clone of the original SL8 that ATF didn’t consider a machine gun?

  4. .223, nope. Should be 12 gauge , and have two barrels with a break open action.
    The germans dont know squat about what real americans want.
    Long live theBiden.

  5. Is this one of those “because I want it!” guns, or does it do something special that you can’t get in an AR for a lot less $$$?

  6. Ok listen guys, I put the “Do not touch” sign over the monkey paw for a reason. Now I’m not going to name names cornpop but maybe wishing for HK to release a civilian G36 wasn’t the best idea.

  7. For crying out loud when will they learn to certify these for 5.56 NATO, and/or .223 Wylde when they build and market a .223 caliber weapon?


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