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“According to the latest reports from police, at least 17 incidents were reported after a group of approximately 200 teens began robbing and assaulting people Saturday night,” Louisville, Kentucky’s reports. “Police say it started around 7:45 p.m. when the teens gathered near the entrance of the Big Four Bridge. That’s where police say 12 teens assaulted and robbed a 13-year-old girl, as well as a man who came and tried to help her.” As the lead says, it gets worse. A lot worse . . .

Officers broke up the crowd, but shortly after that, there were more problems in the downtown area.

Police say once the large group left Waterfront Park, 70-80 teens were reported to be causing a scene at the White Castle on 1st Street. Nearby, a woman reported a group of teens assaulted her while she was parked in her car. Police say her two children were in the car with her, as the suspects repeatedly punched her and threw trash cans at the car.

A group then raided Bader’s Market on South 1st Street. Police say they took items off the shelves and assaulted the clerk as he tried to close the doors on them.

Police were then called to three separate assaults on 5th and Broadway, 6th and Broadway, and 3rd and Chestnut. Each victim in those assaults had to be transported to the hospital.

The focus on the police account is standard for any story of crime and [non] punishment. Law enforcement officers are in charge of law enforcement after all. But police – perp interaction is fundamentally different from non-LEO civilian – predator encounters. As witnessed by the fact that no police were harmed in the making of this debacle, while plenty of law-abiding citizens were.

If the teen gangs had come face-to-face with an armed citizen (or two or three or more) they would have had a profoundly different reaction than they did when the po-po made the scene at White Castle and told the crowd to disperse. Not to mention the fact that the gangs were gone from other crime scenes before the cops arrived.

Criminals – even gangs of criminals – operate on a risk – reward basis. The greater the risk – something like, say, death – the less likely they are to seek the reward. And the more likely they are to abandon their pursuit of a reward in the midst of an attack. Nothing makes a bad guy reconsider his action, or their actions, more quickly and completely than a drawn gun from a prospective victim.

Gun control advocates argue that “untrained” armed citizens escalate criminal attacks, creating even more injury and bloodshed. I repeat: they reckon an unarmed American is less likely to be hurt than an armed one. Common sense says that’s absurd. But it allows the antis to put the focus on society, police and, of course, guns.

In this campaign to controlling the terms of the “debate” they have been successful. Even in Louisville, the police dare not say “we recommend that citizens facing this sort of threat exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.” So I’ll say it: citizens facing this sort of threat should exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Preferably whilst carrying a gun with a “high-capacity” magazine.

Anyway, here’s the official reaction:

Police say this is not common for Louisville, pointing out that crime rates in downtown Louisville have dropped in recent years.

On Monday, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer addressed the problem, telling the teens their behavior was unacceptable.

“To the young kids, y’all know what you did was wrong. You weren’t raised this way. It’s not the way we roll in the city. We expect greatness from our youth. We don’t expect violence from our youth. So we’re calling on you, obviously, to get your act together.”

Police patrols will be stepped up near the Big Four bridge on nights and weekends.

Officers will increase patrols in Waterfront park on nights and weekends. So far, police say only one arrest has been made in connection with the incidents, and they’re still looking for more suspects.

And I’m still looking for a reason why a defensive gun use (or two or three or more) wouldn’t nip this problem in the bud. [h/t ShaunL.]

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  1. Cant blame someone for not wanting to be the next George Zimmerman, as I can imagine the media shit storm that might ensue. seems to be one of those GTFO situations unless you think you can fight a mob.

    • I for one don’t want to be the next George Zimmerman. He had to do what he had to. His life is forever changed. I carry to preserve my life and those of my loved ones, not to possibly have the opportunity to shoot someone legally.

      Pulling a gun should always be the last option, but that option should always be available if needed. These were stupid kids, and sure they damaged property and a few innocent people got banged up/bruises. Would anyone really prefer to end a life over a scratched up car? You can always get your car fixed, you can never take back a shot fired. Killing a stupid kid who really wasn’t a threat to your life or significant bodily injury would only embolden every Feinsteing and Al Sharpton out there.

      • Seriously? UA, Have you heard of the knock out game? The game is to see if you can knock out a personal with one blow; people have died from this. In this situation; there were a number of people that went to hospital during these attacks with life threatening injuries; These “kids” weren’t being “stupid”, they were predators inflicting life threatening injuries on innocent citizens.

        So just stop minimizing the actions of these “stupid kids” and call them for what their actions show them to be. Savages; taking enjoyment in inflicting pain, injury and even death on the helpless, the weak and the defenseless.

        I have nothing but contempt for these cowards; and the media and all PC thought control that hides, justifies and empowers this type of behavior.

        • I don’t think that, individually, these kids are savages, but once they congregated in enough numbers, a mob mentality took over.

          A mob has no concept of mercy. Given enough numbers, their victim is dead before anyone in the group ‘realizes’ serious violence is going down. If you encounter a mob, and you have a gun, then DGU should definitely be an option.

          Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s speech accomplished nothing. They know how to reproduce the mob now. They know that they’ll be faceless and unaccountable once the mob forms.

          They know the police isn’t a threat in this case. An individual’s chances of being busted are slim. They think that they’ll only get hit with small-time charges if they get caught and be able to use their anonymity to beat any big-time charges if they come up. Anyway, it’ll be the other guy that gets caught, “It won’t be me.”

          Unless Louisville goes full Police State, it WILL be an armed civilian that eventually provides a wake-up call (DGU) to these kids.

          The mayor should have laid it out for them, “When you do this, you’re dangerous. If you keep this up, someone’s going to put a bullet in your ass, and they’ll be right to do so.”

      • I love the Unapologetically American stuff from Ranger Up if thats what your name refers to. I think it became a little more than a scratched up car when the windows of a womans vehicle are broken so she can be assaulted through them.

      • I dunno UA, if I was in a car with my two small children surrounded by a mob of, ahhhh, teens, who started throwing heavy objects at it ( to disable it? To break a window and breach it?)–well, I don’t think I would tend to write that off as just “a scratched-up car” at that point. Which would be better–to drive your way thru the crowd, or take a shot into it? Or just wait and hope they really didn’t have any really bad intentions, just being youthfully over-exuberant? Whaddya think?

      • Hello, did you not read that 3 of the victims had to be transported to the hospital, that constitutes more than bumps and bruises. I can say with near certainty that had 1 or more been shot it never would have gone that far. I hope I never have to draw on something other than whatever I’m using for target practice, but by all the gods that ever were I will if I feel my life is in jeopardy.

    • For the time being, the default reaction by the Louisville PD to this sort of teen mob should be:

      1) (loud speaker) “Disperse immediately. You have 90 second to comply.”

      2) If the mob simply moves together or fails to comply, cue the FN303s, pepperball launcher systems, bean bag rounds, stinger grenades, flash bangs and CS cannisters. Don’t stop firing and arresting until the group has been scattered to elements not larger than buddy teams.

      If teens (haha, right) want to gather in groups of 50 or more and terrorize innocent people, then the entire mob needs to be engaged. Any kid with a halfway decent upbringing would separate from a group when it starts to commit violent crimes. This is more than just youthful indiscretion. It requires immediate corrective action, not stern words from the mayor.

    • Normal capacity mags only work with normal capacity gang-related mobs of thugs. I think this calls for maximum capacity mags and a few extra on the belt holder.

      200 teenage punks or not, 18 rounds downrange would very likely have re-directed their recreational interests for the evening.

        • My first thought was “He carries a Steyr GB”. Then I read the comment about the Glock 17 with one more in the pipe and felt stupid.

        • Ruger SR9c standard mag 17 + 1 in the pipe = 18 9mm 130 grain Federal Hydra-Shock JHP rounds downrange before reload.

          Very gratifying in a target-rich environment.

      • call me foolish but i think even a few round down the barrel would have been enough to make these miscreants re-consider their game plan.

        given the huge swarm, it may not be tactically viable to launch an all-out defense for your yourself and all the other victims. that’s why it’s important for everyone to have the means ready at hand to defend themselves and their loved ones.

        i personally carry a “pocket” 9mm with seven rounds in the magazine and one in the chamber. were i to find myself in that situation, i’d fend off any attacks against myself and my family and get the heck out of there. unfortunately, i’m neither qualified nor equipped to take on an army of thugs.

        • Kinda like you. I carry a 6+1 9×18–Thankfully, I have a couple of extra magazines on the way courtesy of a trade with my brother. They are small, too, so it will be no extra burden to carry them when I’m carrying the gun. Things like this really make me consider a higher-capacity gun tho. But where I live, as of now neither the cops nor society in general puts up with this kind of crap, so it’s not too likely a scenario.

    • Got to know your area. Nice one? J frame, 1911, XDS. Not so nice? M&P9, Glock, Sig. Gaza? Full auto, fire teams, air support. This town is looking more towards the Gaza end of the continuum.

      • Joke all you want but certain areas of town just aren’t safe after dark. I lived there most of my life and still run a business in Louisville.

        My instinct also tells me that a single defensive shot would have scattered the group like roaches when the light comes on. The mob mentality around here ONLY continues as long as nobody has a means to fight back(as we ALL should).

        In my opinion as a long time Louisville resident….. They were a bunch of wanna-be thugs trying to look like big men for the ghetto hoochies by beating on the defenseless. They had no skin in the game and no risk in a group that big.

        I moved to the country outside the city but I DARE them to try that in my neck of the woods…. I assure you it would end bloody.

        • The roaches I sometimes have here are of the mammoth Chinese kind. They don’t run when I turn the light on. I’ve even had them charge me.

          Which saves me a lot of effort. 😀

  2. Some lead in the ass may just prove to be all the motivation these “disadvantaged youths” need to turn away from crime

    • But which a$$es? The teens or the negligent
      politicians and parents that allow this behavior
      to continue?

      • I recall a review on TTAG not so long ago of a 12 gauge choke that spread the 00 buck horizontally instead of in a circle. That and a Saiga 12 might be effective.

      • “But which a$$es? The teens or the negligent
        politicians and parents that allow this behavior
        to continue?”

        The answer to that question is “yes”.

    • Seriously. ““To the young kids, y’all know what you did was wrong. You weren’t raised this way.” Bullcrap. That’s exactly “how they were raised”.

      • Came here to post just this. When kids ‘aren’t raised that way’ sometimes one or two go bad. When you have HUNDREDS of them forming roving bands of violent thugs, just looking to beat the crap out of someone for fun, then obviously they ARE being raised that way. Maybe it’s deadbeat parents, maybe it’s bad schools, maybe it’s a music culture that increasingly values money/drugs/cars/hoes/etc over their fellow man, who knows. But for 200 of them to go out beating people up all at the same time? They ARE being raised that way.

        • I think it’s that these “kids” know they have no future in a world that increasingly values money knowledge and ability–which they ain’t got–so they’re getting an early start on their careers as slave labor for a private prison.

          Don’t get me wrong. I have no sympathy for weak-minded, weak-willed cretins who lash out in the most cowardly way imaginable. They deserve the fate they now so eagerly seek.

    • So the mayor makes a laughable plea to the perpetrators to please stop the violence instead of making a pledge to the people of the city that they will hunt down, arrest, and fully prosecute every last one of them. Because the mayor submits to them publicly, I’m sure that city can expect much more of the same from this vicious little crew. Q: When are the inhabitants of cities going to wise up to the fact that you should not elect criminals, or those who side with them, to office. A: . . . your guess is as good as mine.

      • “you should not elect criminals”

        Stop! You had it perfect right there. The rest was superfluous. Anyone who protects and shelters criminals IS a criminal. THE END.

    • “Too many to ignore”. And yet they continue to ignore this. “Don’t report black-on-white crime, if at all possible” is the policy. Wow, this is a huge favor to the black “community”, isn’t it?

    • I read this last night. It suggests a massive “P.C.” cover-up by the media, by the local government, and by the police to avoid charges of racism–even though these crowds of kids run amok are entirely made up of blacks.

      • I think it’s only a matter of time before large-scale riots break out and then the problem will be to big to ignore.

        • In Louisville Ky, it’s only a matter of time before an armed citizen shoots a few members of such a mob and it’s then that the media won’t be able to resist reporting it.
          The population of KY being about 99% white the odds that the eventual armed victim will be white are very high. White shooter, black teens. . . the media may finally pick that up.

      • “It suggests a massive “P.C.” cover-up by the media, by the local government, and by the police to avoid charges of racism–even though these crowds of kids run amok are entirely made up of blacks.”

        All true. I’m from there.

    • WND didn’t just write about it “a couple of days ago.” They’ve been following these incidents for years. That author in particular has published a book on the subject.

      Incidentally, WND is also the place I heard about the “knockout game” about 6 months before anyone else mentioned it.

      • I said that WND wrote about THIS INCIDENT a couple of days ago. Yes, WND has been pointing out how the police and media have been covering this up for years.

  3. “You weren’t raised this way,” might be a true statement if he was talking to an average group of small town kids in 1954. In this context, it is a delusional lie. Nobody raised these sociopaths. They are the products of governmentally supported illegitimacy, paternal abandonment, maternal idiocy, and their own mindless criminality.

    “You weren’t trained this way,” should be a statement that is addressed to the police. If you are unable or unwilling to protect the public that pays your salaries, put your badges on your desks and leave the station.

    • +10,000. It’s obvious the cops don’t really want to deal with this kind of abysmal behavior. It might be politically uncomfortable.

      Easier to bust a bunch of docile pot smokers instead. It pads the stats, and hardly anybody raises a stink about it.

      • It’s a Al Sharpton backed lawsuit waiting to happen. I’ve heard it called the ‘ghetto lottery’ by some less politically correct folks. Police are in between a rock and a hard place between the people willing to do violence and those who want to prevent them from doing any violence in return. Regular citizens have the same problem, although I think MOST would rather face a Zimmerman situation than lose their life.

        • Al’s lost a ton of weight. With any luck, he might have something terminal.

          OH! Was that ME that said that? Think I’ll go eat some worms.

  4. It’s friggin Lord of the Flies out there. I never want to see 70-80 teens coming at me under any circumstances.

  5. Saw this on O’ Reilly. Obama’s sons. The same kind of s##t happening in Chicago. Unfortunately most of these young black thugs WERE raised that way. Hardly a peep on the national news. No mention of RACE either. From an evil old white man married to a beautiful black woman with 2 large caramel colored sons. Arm yourselves.

    • As a black man I am armed and ready to defend myself from violent people with no sense of decency or boundaries. These sure as hell ain’t my kids.

  6. Better yet. I say we all chip in to send these wonderful children via airconditioned motor coach (w satellite tv ofcourse) to Zionsville,Indiana, to Shannow Watts’ home,I mean MDA world HQ. I am certain Ms Watts can bring out the loving side of these misguided youth, who just need affection and patience. After all,her dad was the first white member of the NAACP at Northwestern Univ.

    I have $1,000 down

    • College NAACP? Who knows? Maybe they’ll spend some time with young black men and women with a mission and a purpose other than self-destructing.

    • I moved FROM Louisville,KY TO Indiana to get out of Louisville…..

      DO NOT SEND THEM HERE! We already have plenty of meth heads to deal with, we don’t need that too.

  7. “Even in Louisville, the police dare not say “we recommend that citizens facing this sort of threat exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. So I’ll say it: citizens facing this sort of threat should exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Preferably whilst carrying a gun with a “high-capacity” magazine.”

    I applaud Roberts’ clarity of thought and agree, however Cold day in hell before that happens.

    • I worked with delinquent “teens” for a few years. Some of them can be reformed but some of them would just as soon take a broken beer bottle to your carotid artery as look at you.

      Funny thing though, when you’d challenge them on their behavior and accuse them of “beating up old ladies,” they’d get very defensive. It’s just not that manly to victimize children or the elderly and everyone knows it. At least it wasn’t then. Maybe it is now.

      The solution would be for the mayor and police chief to publicly encourage carry by law-abiding citizens and make it very clear that if you don’t want to get shot while assaulting old ladies, you shouldn’t assault old ladies who may shoot you.

      • They essentially did just that in NOLA 15 or 20 years ago when they were having an epidemic of car jacking’s. The press called the law they passed, allowing anyone legally able to own a gun to keep a loaded one in their car the ‘shoot the car jackers’ law. It finally did result in several high profile shootings, and the car jacking problem wasn’t such a problem for a while.

  8. Just to clarify, this happened in Louisville Kentucky, not Tennessee. I was born and raised here and a friend of mine was one of the victims. The mob was caught on several surveillance cameras vandalizing cars and jumping on the hoods of cars like they were irate monkeys. Supposedly this started as a vigil for a 13 year old kid who got killed a couple weeks back because he and several other teenagers attacked a man on a city bus. The man stabbed him in self defense. I fear these mobs will get worse as the state dropped all charges against the man today (as they should have since it was self defense) but the black community is “outraged” that there was no justice for the kid who attacked an innocent man

    • I would say that “justice was served” when the victim stabbed his assailant in self defense.

    • How do I know the next time I come through Louisville(or any other town) that some mobs aren’t forming to avenge another such proper use of force and I and my family will be random victims just because we wanted to see the Louisville Slugger museum?
      This is why I carry a Glock 19 with a spare mag on me and another in the car. Since I don’t know when trouble will come, a snubby .38 with no reloads is not what I call “emergency equipment”. It’s also why I have a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher in my car. Be prepared Scouts!
      BTW, Kentucky recognizes carry permits from ALL states!

  9. Assault me in my car with my kids? Well, looks like I’ll be calling my attorney after the po-po, but I will not have to describe the “suspect” because I could just point to the prone, bleeding Billy Badass and say “that guy.” Hopefully.

      • You must be careful, however, because if to many are caught in the undercarriage they will bog you down and then you are REALLY screwed.

        • Not me, I have one of those dreaded high capacity assault vehicles, it seats 7. 10.6 inches of ground clearance, 17 inch tires, 5500lbs, 4 wheel drive and 300 HP. I don’t know how many people you could run over with it before it stopped, but I’m guessing all of them. Only known weakness? 15 mpg highway and 9 city. . . so something like 4 mpg when used as a weapon, be sure to top off before heading into the city.

  10. Mayor is asking the youths to behave? What a weak sister! How about check some of the video that is bound to recorded in a downtown area and prosocute some of these “kids” Some of the victims had to go the hospital, that is felonious assault. Hang a felony on the worse offenders and see if that does not take the fun out of mobbing citizens.

    Just pulling a gun in self dense might have some of these miscreants change direction

  11. This is the end result of liberal/progressives push for the acceptance of “alternative life styles”, which means not raised by a man and woman in a marriage and the feral animals ie, children; are not socialized and taught proper behavior.

    So without this; the feral animals stay to their true nature.
    This is true for any race of humans; we all start as feral animals that need to be socialized.

    Liberal progressives; destroyers of civilization and the nurturing of savagery; brutality and a return to the law of the jungle.

    • Just as long as they have the cops to protect THEM in their gated communities.

      Hooray for me, the hell with you, as my dad used to put it.

      • The truly bizarre part is ask any Liberal/progressive what they want and most would say a more peaceful and loving world; and everything: I mean every last loving thing these people do creates the exact opposite.

        And I guarantee when the walls fall and the savages; if they let them live; leave them in huddled misery; starving and cold; burning what scraps of wood might be left of their luxury Jacuzzi; they will be blaming Bush and those bitter clingers of their guns and their bibles for the chaos they have created.

        • People have been people since the beginning of time. Whether it was the Huns, the Nazis, or these feral people (good way to describe them BTW), some people are able and willing to live in peace with others and some are not. I’m not sure how much the “stable family” has to do with it.

          I know someone who was raised in a home that appeared complete and loving to her neighbors in the 60’s and 70’s. Her mom stayed home with the kids, her dad went out and got the paycheck, and everyone was happy. In reality, her father raped her about twice a week. At that time, social stigma prevented people in her situation from getting help. Parents ruled, kids obeyed, and if your dad raped you then you got raped. My mom stayed with her family once and wondered why the woman in question locked her bedroom door and blocked it with a chair. Many in the extended family knew but didn’t lift a finger to help – they tell me people kept that kind of thing “in the closet” back then. The woman’s life as an adult was seriously damaged by her “stable family” and she’d have been far better off if her father had fallen head-first into a well the day she was born.

          No disrespect, but I think the best thing about the “good old days” is that they’re behind us.

        • Sure H.R. Just as a child in a single parent family can and does grow to be a law abiding citizen working in a productive job; but the overall tendency of single parent families are that the children have a greater tendency of sex and pregnancy at a younger age leading to poverty; drug us, not graduating from high school, criminal behavior, abusive relationships-( both giving and receiving abuse),.

          The facts are that a “stable family” is overall healthier and supports better adjusted children.

          This is something the Liberal/progressive; politically correct, everything is relative crowd, just don’t want to accept. Why is that?

          Because these people are statists; the people that I mentioned are worshipers of big government; and the people in power will support anything that promotes a dependency on big government; and anything that promotes a healthy, strong, independent, free individual will be attacked.

          This isn’t some aberration of our present time. This has been a pattern all through history. The falling away of traditional morals, traditional ethics; the acceptance of behaviors as normal that traditionally were considered taboo or sinful are the sign of an end to a stable culture and ultimately a collapse into chaos, death and tyranny. This is all through history and for all peoples; not just those of the west.

          There are reasons for dark ages; I believe we are seeing the reasons why right before our eyes.

        • Ever heard the expression “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”? It’s more like the lib/progs threw out the baby, the tub and a full bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, just to get rid of some nasty used water.

        • Exactly Anon; that is the analogy I’ve used as well. There were changes needed; de-segregation, civil rights, equality for women; but in the process, all aspects of what was positive and healthy were thrown out as well.

        • And on that day, humanity received a grim reminder that it lived in fear of the criminals and were disgraced to live inside the cage called “liberal progressivism”.

  12. I live 10 miles north of the bridge and bike in this area quite a bit and have never had a problem. I also carry Kimber Pepper blaster when I bike. If I ever go in this area to do photography I carry a M&P Shield but I do that pretty much all the time. This was a bit out of the ordinary and now I will be a lot more aware in this area and not frequent the bridge in the late evening hours or if I see a lot of people who don’t seem to be the normal group for the area. Or I’ll travel with a group.

  13. A group? Of 200? If Kentucky has open carry, you might want to consider it.

    Uh-oh. Here it comes.

    • In that situation I don’t know if I’d be “open carrying” so much as “brandishing.”

    • It’s not open carry exactly but there is always either an 8 shot Mossburg 500 or an AR-15 (or both) in the rear of my SUV. They are loaded albeit with empty chambers as a nod to safety and come equipped with plentiful ammunition. I generally leave them in the truck when out and about and I’m sometimes considered to be a little over board when it comes to such things (the guys at the LGS call me ‘Tackleberry’) but I feel better using my pistols to fight my way back to the vehicle and it’s long gun(s) than having nothing at all to fight my way to in the event that the SHTF.

      An event like this one, a 200 person mob violently attacking random passers by is a good enough argument to me to maintain my vehicular long gun(s).

      I’ve heard the argument that if you’ve made it back to your vehicle you should just drive away. This is probably good advice 99% of the time, but what if there is something ‘back there’ that you’re not willing to leave behind (like your friends, spouse or children)?

      Much like ammunition, no one ever survived a gun fight and said ‘I wish I didn’t have so many guns with me!’

  14. I just skimmed the article and am kind unnerved by this. If there was as many teens in the mob as stated then there is clearly something wrong in this town, this is the first I’ve heard about something like this involving teens within the last 5 years, and I have plenty of experience with mobs. If I was in LE I’d be starting to put out feelers as to what started this, it also causes me to worry about the future of America. As these were teens I’m invisioning kids ages 12- 18. Some food for thought is that almost every single reveloution within the past 40 years has been led by college students.

    • “Revolution”? From THAT mob? Can I have a drink of whatever you’re having? I have a song lyric that contains the line, “Occupy won’t start no revolution”. And you imagine THESE animals will start a revolution?

      Hey…. maybe I misunderstood you. Apologies if I did.

      If this really seems new to you, look up “flash mobs”.

      • Truly it’s a strange day when I find myself repetitively in agreement with you William but I believe in giving kudos where they are due.

        I’m a student of revolutions and insurgencies and I have yet to encounter an effective one that began with petty theft and escalated only as far as vandalism and assault.

        Color me worried when they attack a public building or infrastructure assets.

        It seems these mobs are more likely to target a few random citizens and convenience stores than anything ‘monumental’. If they were a little smarter and more motivated they could convene their mob in a more productive venue and steal something worth while, though I suppose that might lead to an actual police response.

    • This is just yutes having fun.

      Go to YouTube.

      Search for flash mob or what the heck, search worldstar. Watch. Enjoy the decline of Western civilization as documented on cell phone video.

    • Yeah the environment–a large number of low-functioning families–may be a factor. There also a technological factor at play. Mobile tech and social networking is allowing low-functioning, antisocial youth to find like-minded companions, nurse grudges and efficiently coordinate large scale raids against groups of tax-paying citizens.

    • In the first place, I think “teens” is something of a code word these days for a large group of sociopaths from a particular demographic. It has in that context only a tenuous relationship with chronological age. Second, to characterize this kind of thing as a “revolution”–or even an “insurrection”, as Thomas Lifson did in an American Thinker article–is to dignify it by several orders of magnitude.

  15. Uh yeah. I’m pretty sure they were raised that way and they do have their act together. They are operating as trained.

  16. My XDS is there to get me to my SCAR-17 in the trunk of my car (along with the extra 4 loaded mags).

  17. FoRealz?, and that’s why I’m unnerved, I’ve seen things like this in third world countries, even when I went to Rio, we saw roving gangs of children. But like you stated, they are a product of thier environment.

    Braenen, a SCAR 17? Man and I thought I had some firepower. I’m just worried that if I broke out my PredatAR and ended up using it, the liberal media here in Colorado would crucify me, therefore it stays at home, I do keep a couple extra handguns in my vehicle (glock 21 sf and glock 30) in addition to whatever I’m carrying. For my next vehicle I’m considering an SUV over a pickup so I could stash more stuff. For now I just have to make do with my emergency bag and the previously mentioned handguns. I actually kind of like keeping those pistols in the truck, if I need to run to the store I can grab the g30 from the console and tuck it in my waistband.

    • Well, I’ve only seen our own third world pockets here like Detroit. But I understand your drift, however at present all this seems to me is:

      1. Some incident happens.
      2. The “community” pounces on it as an opportunity to feel outraged and demand justice.
      3. Them getting justice usually consists of them stealing a bunch of shit and beating on people.
      4. The politicians go on TeeVee and say “Aw, come on now you kids. Stop all that funning!” Pretend to be serious when asking “Where the parents at?”
      5. The media mostly ignores it or calls it a “game.”
      6. If a yute gets shot or a victim resists, the national media goes ape shit.
      7. Al Sharpton swoops in for some publicity and money.
      8. Rinse repeat.

      • Sad, but true.

        Some of these “yutes” as you call them are more than a match for many full-grown men. A half-dozen of them could easily kill an unarmed person. They are a legitimate threat, but if we say that, all the sudden we’re the bad guys.

        How anyone can minimize people acting like this is beyond me. And the Mayor going on TV to wag his finger at these “kids” is entirely sickening. Once you start attacking innocent people, you’re not a “kid.” You’re a criminal.

        • I agree. People say “teens” and think they are discussing Urkel or those pesky kids from the Breakfast Club. Well maybe that’s some kids, but a good bunch of them doing this sort of crap are hardened street thugs.

          I have a 15 year old who is well over six feet tall. He can bench, dead lift and squat more than most men ever will. But he’s a hugger not a thugger. 🙂

          Point being, yeah “teens” can certainly present a physical danger to others.

      • I have said it over and over and posted the same thing on countless websites
        The main problem in the country is the WHITE LIBERAL
        They control the MSM –Hollywood and worse of all our school systems from kindergarten to the universities

  18. Some of the article comments are incendiary. There were a LOT of attackers. The gun and it’s use may or may not have deterred all of them from attacking. It could have been lost into their hands to inflict further damage on other people. I’m not voting against self-defense but common sense would state that one man with a handgun and maybe one/two backup magazines can’t be assured of successfully taking on 200 opponents.

    • “I’m not voting against self-defense”

      Yeah. Sure. Y’know what? It’s not your decision to make.

    • “…and Lord if today is truly the day that You call me home, let me die in a pile of brass.”

    • I agree in the main. The smart move is to GTFO.

      And having a typical CCW carry firearm and a backup mag versus a 200 person mob is getting into Alamo territory. Especially if said mob is motivated and determined.

      But…what if:

      1. You got the wife or small kids with you?
      2. You’re in your business with your employees and the mob is beating the hell out of them or burning the place down with you in it?
      3. What if you got a cast on and can’t run?
      4. What if you see an old lady getting beaten in the street?
      5. What if you see a lady with kids getting beaten in the street?
      6. What if you see a pregnant lady getting used for kickball practice?

      So, at what point does a person see something happen that impels them to act in defense of another or the community at large. Law enforcement is obviously supposed to act on behalf of the community at large, but what if they don’t show up or like in Nawlins, they decide the smart play is to GTFO with their families?

      Lot of what ifs. Just saying there are things to think about.

      • Getting out or trying to avoid is obviously the best, but any reasonable person may come to a point where he or she has to act. I’m not sure what the statutes in KY for self defense say about acting in the defense of others, but if I were on a jury and someone was on trial in front of me for doing that, there’s no way I’d vote to convict him.

        The real issue is that people shouldn’t ever have to make the choice of whether or not to engage a crowd of 200 people who are hell-bent on stomping the brains of a toddler out on the sidewalk. I hope the people of KY make someone answer for this.

      • While GTFO may be the smartest bet it’s not always possible. One of the first assaults happened on an elevated walk path to a bridge. Unless you can flat outrun them you’re screwed.

        • It’s always possible; what you mean is that it’s difficult. Or inconvenient.

          Which I don’t doubt it is. But there is no fence around your state.

    • Psychology 101 –

      Mob mentality, and that includes Flash Mobs, comes from the individuals in the mob feeling immune from personal harm due to the presence of the mob around them. This is the same mentality that herd animals have in the presence of predators nearby. If you are one out of 200 the chances of something happening to you personally are about .5%, and that includes being caught and/or prosecuted for “misbehaving.”

      But if you watch historical footage of mobs or NatGeo footage of herds of wildebeest or antelopes or sardines under attack you will notice that almost as soon as a serious attack is recognized the entire herd beats feet in the opposite direction. The only time this doesn’t happen is when the mob is actually an organized group mounting an intentional attack on a specific and identified target.

      How many westerns have we ever seen where a lone Sheriff turns away an enraged lynch mob with only a double barrel shotgun and some attitude?

      To think that an unorganized mob of rampaging “yutes” would press an attack after the leading edge became aware of a lethal counter-attack and reversed direction is wild and unsubstantiated speculation. It is more likely that more injuries would occur from people trampling each other to get out of Dodge (or Louisville) than would be wounded by your defensive fire.

      And even if the strategy doesn’t work, they were coming for you anyway.

      • “And even if the strategy doesn’t work, they were coming for you anyway.”

        That’s how I see it, too.

      • Well stated and exactly right. An unorganized mob doesn’t double down when someone opens fire on them, they double time it to any place that isn’t under fire. In the event you have that outlier mob that doesn’t behave like any other mob and actually comes for the shooter then you were doomed to begin with, at the hands of a very violent and determined mob. I think at that point there would at least be some grim satisfaction in knowing you were taking some of them with you.

      • “And even if the strategy doesn’t work, they were coming for you anyway.”

        But…. there will be a few less of “them”(unless my aim is off).

    • Yeah, a handgun can’t take on 200, but guess what, after you shoot the first guy, who’s going to volunteer to be the second?

      • I’m reminded of a scene from a western in which the hero is armed only with a double barrel shotgun and is beset by a large mob. When they’ve run him to ground he turns the gun on them and they stop. “He’s only got two shots!” someone yells. The hero acknowledges this, and explains for the crowds benefit that once he’s fired both barrels the rest of them will surely have him. Then he asks for volunteers to take the two loads of shot. He didn’t get any takers and the reason it plays so well on the screen is because it taps a basic conundrum that everyone instantly understands; a mob works because the individual risk is low, make it personal and that mentality evaporates. A mob might to almost anything, but to advance on a drawn gun requires individuals to step up to likely be shot, and there aren’t many who are willing.

  19. The handgun is a deterrent brother, the key is to move to safety while avoiding the mob. The best was is to move away while remaining parellel, and always having an escape. My brother did a lot of humanitarian work in the Mid East right as Arab spring ramped up. To make a long story short, if your caught up in a mob it’s a real problem to get back out

  20. William Burke, yeah I should have explained better, the point is that I’ve found based off my experience is that when young kids act this way there’s typically some body behind them pushing them to do this. An example would be madras or Islamic boys schools in the Middle East, this is where jihad begins, the point I’m trying to make is that violence and no respect for human life are taught at a young age. If that makes sense. I’ve seen flash mob videos in the interwebz, but still something like this is funny. When I said some bodies “pushing” them to do this it could simply mean they see an older member of their community doing it so they immolate them (after all if it was just one or two assaults I’d say it was a gang initiation. The fact there were so many kids involved tells me there’s more to the picture than what we’re seeing.)
    ErinTarn, the people on this site believe in the right to defend yourself when you are in a bad situation. The people on this site probably hope to never have to use thier firearm to defend themselves or others. In a situation like the one in KY the best way to survive is to be off the street. However I’m sure if theoretically I was ambushed by a group of teens a couple of strategically placed rounds would break off the attack

    • Yeah, I see little doubt that this was a planned event, and not a spontaneous event. Find the ring-leaders, and proceed from there.

      Of course, there’s little chance anything will be done.

      • Arrest one, look at their phone, the phone has a star cluster of texts, get probable cause to check each in the cluster, each of those have star clusters and at least determine how “spontaneous” the event was.
        Although abiding by the 4th amendment appropriately stymies this approach.
        Oh well, back to 16+1.

      • The group gathered in the first place to “remember” a teen that was stabbed and died on a public bus here in town. The stabbed teen and SEVERAL other teens attacked a man on a bus and he stabbed two of them.

        I don’t think the mob violence was planned per se but the gathering definitely was.

        FYI, the court refused to indict the man in the stabbing….. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the “mob” yet.

  21. Boy that mayor sure put the message out there…. he forgot to tell them they were all grounded.

  22. Someone who carries a gun is more likely to be more aware of situations like this brewing, and thus more likely to hightail it before things get hairy, or turn around instead of trying to park, etc…

  23. the mayor’s statement is the most pathetic response i’ve seen to a criminal act. he might as well just have said: “come on guys.. this isn’t cool. stop hurting other people…. pleeeeease?”

      • really? i was unaware of that important update. okay then i take my comment back.
        as we all know, nothing makes a criminal re-consider their unsavory intentions like a sign. 😉

        i’m actually considering turning in all my guns in at the next buyback program and putting a sign up on the door of my residence instead. maybe it’ll read:

        “Criminals beware: this is a gun-free zone. Please consider the moral and ethical consequences of your actions prior to breaking in, stealing my valuables, and raping my family. Love, Homeowner.”

        • I’ll repeat the anecdote from Chapel Hill, NC in the early 90’s that in the middle of a several week rash of violent rapes, the powers that be sought to solve the problem by placing “Rape Free Zone” cardboard signs around.

          Unfortunately, it did not help the next victims. Go figure.

          But, that did not stop them from trying the same tactic in 2011. Only this time, instead of just using signs, they also sold T-Shirts advertising for a “24 Hour Rape Free” period.

          You really have to wonder how some minds work …

  24. 100 shoplifting thugs in a part of town you never go or 10 cops with AR15s at your door, which one is more of a threat to your civil liberties?

  25. “And I’m still looking for a reason why a defensive gun use (or two or three or more) wouldn’t nip this problem in the bud.”

    The curious argument that would be made by both pro and anti would be
    “because they are, Trayvon Martin”.
    Innocent, misunderstood youth?
    Young thugs?

  26. It was interesting to me, not being from Louisville, that I didn’t even consider this as being a mostly-black group of kids until the comment from Danny Griffith above. White, black or green it’s not acceptable behavior under any circumstances. These “flash mobs” will no doubt continue until one occurs at the wrong time and place and results in their blood running in the streets.

  27. This is my hometown, and anyone who has paid attention here knows the black teens have been “active” at the new bridge. As soon as it opened there were reports of groups of “teens” stealing people’s cell phones or fighting at the bridge. Visiting in the evening on a Friday or Saturday is a risky proposition if the weather is nice. I’ve walked the bridge 3-4 times during mid day hours both during the week and on the weekend and not seen anything like this. Definitely important to have in your mind though. It’s making me reconsider carrying a slim 9 with only 7 rounds. I need a better holster for my g 19!!

    • You might consider a ClipDraw for your Glock. Its inadvisable to use with a round in the chamber, which is a slight downside, but its the bare minimum for securing a Glock IWB.

  28. It should be noted that the folks in Koreatown, Los Angeles did not get attacked by the rodney king mobs,,,,,,They were armed.

  29. This is what you call a catch 22 situation. Get assaulted / killed or defend yourself and get hoisted by the liberal media. You’d have to take the medicine one way or another.

  30. Further proof that Enoch Powell, Bull Connor, and George Wallace were right.

    This sad state of affairs was predictable. It was predicted, and those who made the predictions were shouted down for daring to question the “utopia” we were going to be brought. It was planned. This is the future.

    Got ammo?

    • Never mind that George Wallace publicly repudiated his former self. But we won’t hear that from a rank racist such as yourself.

      The other two? Not worth mentioning as among my fellow humans.

      • That’s very PC of you.

        “Racist” and “racism” are meaningless terms; the very words were coined by Leon Trotsky.

        They’re empty modern-day curse words used by leftists, like “fascism.” They mean that someone’s winning an argument. How dare white people notice that society’s falling down around our ears, when transnational socialism has been promising us for decades that everything’s been getting better and better and will always get better and better? If reading this makes your head hurt, that’s called “cognitive dissonance.”

        PROTIP: covering your ears and saying “la la la” doesn’t make objective reality go away, and it doesn’t have a very good track record of protecting people from rampaging mobs of bloodthirsty subhumans, either.

        • Are you describing ME? How long have you been here?

          And Wallace DID repudiate his racist past. Or do you deny that also?

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