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It what would surely place his likeness prominently on the Mt. Rushmore of hypocrisy if the allegations are proven in a court of law, famously anti-gun California state Senator Leland Yee has been charged with, in addition to bribery and public corruption…yes…gun running. Specifically, he allegedly conspired with known organized crime lord Kwok Cheung “Shrimp Boy” Chow to illegally import firearms into the U.S. and sell them without a license . . .

The affidavit charges that the $2 million worth of weapons to have been secreted into the country from the Philippines included rocket launchers and machine guns, some of which Yee himself had fired while on Mindanao. A portion of the weapons Yee conspired to bring in through New Jersey were to have been forwarded on to North Africa via Sicily.

We’ve yet to get through the full 154-page affidavit for all of the juicy details, but you can see for yourself here. If it’s possible to die of an overdose of schadenfreude, we may need to call 911 in the next few minutes.

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      • The thing that I find interesting in these affidavits is the extent that the agent has to go to prove his bona fides. Para after para listing his training and familiarity with various laws and techniques, etc. Only after he has recited all that can he then make the allegations.

        • Even from my side of the courtroom, I’ll spend as much, maybe even more time in some cases, giving my qualifications (training and experience) than is spent on the meat of my testimony, or to justify requests made for funding on appointed cases. It’s just laying the foundation for your qualifications, so that when giving non-expert testimony, you’re giving a percentage summary of what happens in a similar situation.

          This agent is laying the foundation for what will later be an expert opinion as to (1) the dynamics of a conspiracy, (2) methods used by those involved in conspiracies, (3) the similarities of this and other conspiracies.

        • If he’s involved with gangs he may not be trying to drive prices higher. He may be trying to keep his gangland buddies safe while they rob, rape and murder. Unarmed citizens are ripe for exploitation.

        • Hi,

          The listing of qualifications is standard procedure for most any warrant, etc. This is why the most experienced LEO/Agent/etc. is listed on the warrant/affidavit etc., he has to prove to a judge that he is the most qualified….

        • My thinking three Jeremy, I even pointed it out first in the original TTAG Breaking News article on Mr. Yee’s arrest posted yesterday.

          This blatant and transparent 2&2 connection must be called out in the MSM right? Yep? Nope. Won’t see any mention made anywhere.

      • Interesting read. Think the network TV/Hollywood copdrama programs are lined up to product this crooked dem program.

      • From SF Gate commenters section:

        According to the affidavit, here’s what Yee did. Yee is close to Keith Jackson, a major donor, who was also involved with the 致公堂. Yee pulled strings for donors in exchange for $10K donations, making introductions, writing letters, and using his office for the benefit of his donors. Jackson told an undercover FBI agent that Yee knew an arms trafficker, and arranged for a meeting between the gunrunner and the undercover agent in exchange for a promise of $100K when the gun deal was consummated. Yee facilitated that meeting and took part in the arrangement to import automatic weapons and rocket launchers from Islamist rebels in the Philipppines through a port in New Jersey, and later actually promised to supply guns to the undercover agent for a $6,800 campaign donation.

        • The more I read, the more hypocritical it gets. Take this soon-to-be-classic quote from Yee on the automatic weapons and missiles he was going to help import: “People want to get whatever they want to get. Do I care? No, I don’t care. People need certain things.” This from the same guy that said people didn’t “need” rifles with certain features.

          Every once in a great while you get a peek behind the curtain of corruption and realize just how much of public politics really is Kabuki Theater.

    • This ranks right up there with the anti-gay politicians (or ministers) that get caught in airport bathrooms engaging in gay acts….
      Hypocracy is never pretty….

    • Forgive me for frontjacking this thread…but those of us who lived in Leland’s SF heard many things about his…selective sense of ethics.

      In fact in 2011, when Yee was running for mayor, SF Weekly–hardly a conservative or GOP publication by any stretch of the imagination–laid out a portrait of him that connected many of the dots that we out in the Sunset/Parkside had noticed over the years.

      RKBA/2A per se means nothing to goons like Yee and his /dang/. It is just a flag to wave to get the gullible Dem reactionaries to vote the way the city’s leadership cabal wants them to.

      And look at the lineup of city and state luminaries who lined up to kiss shrimpy butt:

      Yeah, he’s a “change agent” alright.

      But I do have to say it’s HILARIOUS that he’s the head of the Chinese Masonic temple in SF. Forget the Illuminati, INFOWARSbots–it’s the Tong you should be worrying about.

  1. There’s no way around this- this is a PR disaster for CA’s gun control movement. And word is this is just the start….

    • The rational side of me sees this as a huge PR loss for the antis. The practical side of me reminds you need to fasten your seat belts, and raise your seat backs and tray tables to their upright positions. Spin? Break out the Dramamine folks, this is gonna be an E-Ticket ride…

      This will be shaped to remind us all of the inherent evils of guns, see how bad gun people are, that Yee was so deeply troubled by his illegal sales that he wanted to make sure that at least no one could obtain them legally…

      • Machine politicians–Dem or Republican–are corrupt parasites who take a dim view of individual rights. I honestly wish we could ban all political parties.

        • Yep. Representatives should be chosen by draft, not a vote. Unlike jury duty, if your name is pulled out of the hat you serve. Political office goes back to being public service vice a career, non of the corruption of political donations to fund campaigns, no more party system where a politician’s career is tied to supporting the party….

        • yeah, thats it, lets ignore the HUGE HYPOCRISY of this particular DEMOCRATIC politician, who by the way is the #2 Dem in CA legislature, and just sort of apply the old liberal “tuo quoque” (you too!) fallacy…

          After all, was it “the Republicans” who sponsored the what- 20+ anti-gun measures post Sandy Hook, in coordination with Nanny Bloomberg and the Gun Grabber in Chief, and Senator Assault Rifle Feinstein. nooo… I dont think so.

          No, my little troll friend, its not “whatever”. Its not ALL the politicians. Its the Progressive leftist elite, and I am looking forward to how the threads lead to various parts of the Democratic Party in CA, including Oakland, where Willie Brown ruled corruptly for decades, and Gov Brown started out.

          Funny…. not seeing much from the local CA StateRunMedia on this.
          Wonder why? Still waiting for Talking Points Media to gin something up?

          Anything from CA AG Kamala Harris’ office? (crickets…).

          Wheres the tweet firestorm from the various nitwits of the left that would be all over this if it WERE a republican, or three, or how many more in the works…jeez the FBI is pretty busy right now…

          Hmmm. Wonder why Shannon Watts went on a two week vacation not long ago…

        • Thanks Roscoe- American Thinker is a fave, and thats a brilliant exposition on the systematic flouting of the law by Democrats, from man-in-the-street up to the President, and thats the meta-story of Senator Yee and the other CA dems, that we see repeating elsewhere in the country.

          I’m quoting the author- Karen McQuillan as she says it best:

          “…while the abuse of power stemmed directly from the thuggish Chicago way which was emanating from the White House, the heart of the problem is the utopian idealism of the President, his inner leftist circle, the old media, his big donors, right down to the Democrat man in the street. They all agree that victory for their side is so virtuous and vital, nothing must stand in its way. Not the law, not respect for others, not common decency.”

  2. Next you’ll be telling me that Sen Fienstein has a illegal arms manufacturing plant under her house!

    Wait, maybe someone should check.

  3. They’re picking on him just because he’s a minority. At least I hope that toxic idiots like that are a minority!

  4. Who made the arrest? I’ve got 18 year old scotch and fine cigars to share. Otherwise, there’s a special occasion bottle of champagne chillin’ in my fridge.

  5. Welp, gun-grabbing pols can definitely all go fuck themselves now. I won’t hesitate to use this as an example of what the legislative arm of the civilian disarmament industrial complex is really like and is really up to.

  6. A choice quote from Mr Yee:

    “It is extremely important that individuals in the state of California do not own assault weapons. I mean that is just so crystal clear, there is no debate, no discussion.”

    Except, you know, if they’re Triad members…

    Does this not prove that disarming the public will leave them at the mercy of armed criminals? ESPECIALLY if people like Leland Yee have their way.

    • “It’s always sad for all of us in the profession,” said [D-Hillsborough Rep. Jackie] Speier, “to see individuals who lose sight of what the public trust is all about.”

      Trust. Uh huh. Like trusting the public and the Constitution.

    • I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that whatever else is said about him, Yee’s anti-gun stance is gonna go AWOL in all the mainstream news outlets’ accounts.

      • Flip to the pages starting around 90 to get the details about Yee. He had a connection in the Philippines associated with the Muslim rebels in Mindanao who needed to sell weapons to make needed cash. Automatic weapons, including shoulder fired rockets were discussed. Weapons were to be shipped to New Jersey and then sold to Africa. Business is business. Apparently Yee felt that by being Secretary of State he could assist in making these deals happen. Not good for Yee.

      • @Another Robert:

        Yee’s anti-gun work and legislation will be a quick one time comment mentioned opaquely in the bigger picture of corruption never to be brought up again. The media will immediately forget and erase any mention of his involvement with gun control and focus solely on his corruption.

        Big media will no doubt run interference for the antis and disassociate this criminal bigots gun control activities in CA from from the rest of the antis continuing initiatives.

        Still, if true, the gun crimes and corruption arrest of a major anti-gun, anti-gun owner proponent can’t help but cast some doubt on the authenticity and legitimacy of other anti-gun extremists’ efforts. There’s some level of guilt by association because all the antis are pushing the same anti-gun propaganda as Yee has, and their reputation will lose some of it’s luster as Yee goes down because he is so prominent in gun control circles.

        • ‘Course, sheeple do have short attention spans and the antis will quickly refocus the public’s attention on “common sense” gun control, with big media help, of course.

          Isn’t it time more attention was paid to unearthing some of the skeletons hidden in the *other* antis’ closets – like I mentioned in the comments on the previous post about Yee?

    • It also demonstrates that if the antis ever really did get rid of the guns, or production of new ones– the criminals will get a hold of not just semi-autos and legally designated “assault weapons” but full-auto actual assault rifles.

      The loss of revenue to the cartels from the legalization of marijuana could be replaced by gun running revenue- and those folks will be importing the full-auto variants they obtain on the international black market.

    • Are you F**king kidding me? Are you getting a jump on April Fools day? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, with how he’s been trying to eliminate the legitimate competition.

  7. The bribery charges made me smile, but now I’m speechless. This has brightened up my week infinitely.

  8. Nothing to see here folks, just some a-hole hypocrite politician doing what he can to take away your second amendment rights, all while running guns for his own financial gain. All anti-gun laws in CA need to be wiped off the books.

    • Especially in those progressive gun control states of California and New Jersey. Rocket launchers for Yee but not for thee. I hope the Feds cast a wide net on all the local two-faced politicians.

  9. Politicians that crusade against prostitution get caught banging prostitutes. Those that crusade against drugs, get caught abusing drugs. Those that crusade against porn, get caught looking at the worst kinds of illegal porn. Holder and Yee run guns and are some of the biggest backers of gun control. This fits the theme, who’s next?

        • A preacher without a church, a politician who has never held a public office. Best title is race-hustling shakedown artist.

  10. Manna from the heavens. I hope, and get on bended knee, that these charges are true & correct. EVERY GUN OWNER WRITE TO THEIR REPRESENTATIVE and tell them its a wonderful day.

    I have a large lougie rolling on my tongue and if he gets within spitting distance…he’s mine.

  11. How rich is that, he’s been slandering innocent people all the while he’s the criminal!

    Makes you wonder if he’s just been projecting his own behavior and criminal interactions onto the rest of us.

  12. Where’s the MDA, ARS or MAAG… MAIG press release? Shannon, Mark/Gabby, Mike????????? No condemnation of Yee’s blatant flaunting the background check? Nothing?

    Hmmmmm, why would that be? Interesting questions aren’t they? We all need to forward these articles to those folks and sit back and watch the fireworks? Imagine how vicious they would lash out, it’s easy if you try.

  13. Hahahaha, and the best part is that Yee is being charged for violating section 922! We all hate it so much, but if we have to keep it, might as well use it against our enemies!

    • Keep it long enough for him to be convicted. After he has that felony on his record, it’s permanent, drop 922 from the books. The phucking he gets for the phucking he gave.

  14. I almost covered my keyboard with Woodford Reserve….good Kentucky Bourbon, but I was able to contain myself. Can’t wait to see where this goes and one can only hope it goes downhill for him.

  15. as they say, you can’t make this stuff up…please please please keep this on the front pages as long as possible 🙂

  16. Shhhhhh. He’s undercover secret agent man working on assignment for Eric Holder to investigate gun running to Mexico. Really

  17. Libtards brains about to explode. In (wait for it) 5…4…3…2…1…BOOM! Go “f” yourselves gun grabbers! This is just more proof that the left are not only hypocrites, but criminals as well. HAHAHAHA IDIOTS!

  18. I have been laughing hysterically since this posted..

    Now just waiting for the anti’s to come out and say what a set up it was, or how this means we need more gun control, or whatever moronic thing they can spew from their asses. It won’t be long before they blame all the gun owners for making this guy break the was not his fault.



  19. Having read it over, Yee’s connection is pretty thin. Unless they have some tape of him that can directly tie any of his political efforts to those donations, he is going to skate on this.

    • most likely….but his political days are done. Start making Dem Sum Yee, cause that’s the only J.O.B left in your town.

  20. In the last article about this scumbag I wondered what it really had to do with guns, but figured there was an unlikely chance his ouster would result in a less anti-gun politician taking his spot.

    This is much more rich. But of course he will probably still be replaced by someone talking about how we have to pass more restrictions to stop guns from getting into the wrong hands. Future facepalm.

    • There’s no shortage of extremist pandering grabber politicians as bad as, if not worse then Yee in CA politics to take his place for the notoriety, political progressive capital and attention if nothing else.

      I don’t see any significant positive changes in CA anytime soon for the POTG. The low information apathetic sheeple here will just keep feeding the monkey.

  21. Is this guys actions any different than the other gun-grabbing CA senators who provides guns to all the CA SWAT teams?

    I’d wager that the CA SWAT teams have killed more innocent citizens than these illegal guns. Certainly more dogs.

    BTW, don’t confuse the above to imply that I’m not pleased with this guy going down.

  22. How does a man measure himself, voted a representative of the people, yet void of integrity. ALL for 70K debt from a failed mayoral race. I have more respect for the Chinese folks who raid my recycle bin than this condescending bullet button bill writing elected scum.

  23. I’m sure it was just a big misunderstanding. Can Savior Obama summon a sufficiently believable alibi / lie?

  24. what is sad is that I really should be way more surprised. I should be totally shocked. Mostly, I am like, why did it take this long. The scandals and corruption surrounding prohibition was the beginning of the end.

  25. All this time listening to Bloomberg blame NH for guns getting into NY and it was an anti-gun Democrat from CA dumping them into NY by the boat load.

  26. Hahaha….this is too rich. I’ve often wondered where so many of the guns criminals possess are coming from. Programs such as Holder’s Fast and Furious, the FBI ‘stings’ set up in cities such as Chicago going wrong surely are supplying criminals and perhaps even the so-called ‘gun buy backs’. And now this! My oh my!

    • It has always been a literal buy back. They sell the guns to criminals, the criminals commit crimes with them, then they sell them back no questions asked destroying all evidence. Dude was apparently moving rockets launchers to Africa. The perfect crime until you tell an undercover FBI agent you got the hook up for a finders fee.

  27. Maybe this is why he and other antigun politicians are always talking about automatic weapons: all his exposure to firearms is the full auto guns his Triad buddies were smuggling. He doesn’t know any different!

  28. In other WTF News, Anderson Cooper is being sued for paternity by a bevy of beauties including several Hooters Girls, half a dozen Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, 2013 Playboy Centerfolds Miss April through July, plus Miss December, and oddly enough, more than a few Israeli supermodels. Wow. Who woulda thunk it?

  29. WOW! This came out of left field. The fact the Senator was doing business with notorious Shrimp Boy, I would of never figured that. But it does explain alot of why he only wants certain types of people to own firearms.

  30. Besides learning that the Honorable Leland Yee was probably going to spend the rest of his days getting passed around in prison, reading this comment section has been the best part of my day!

        • I think it’s been mentioned before… but I hope they keep him alive… unless they catch DiFi trying to whack him to cover her corrupt ass. But now I’m just getting greedy.

        • Indictments like this are not handed down because some people did bad stuff. People are always doing bad stuff.

          Indictments like this are handed down because it’s time to put the screws on people usually for bigger reasons. I doubt we will ever fully know what they are…but putting the Chinese community on notice in SF/CA, and globally, surely has something to do with it. I mean, can you imagine all the scrubbing going on at his moment…and the wiretaps surveilling that..and the additional meta-information being gathered about who does what with whom for what paycheck?

          Leland Lee’s SoS campaign site was still up as of this morning. Highly recommended. Now it reads like The Onion. But his Twitter feed and Wiki pages are also pretty rich.

          Democrats, like Republicans, have always been massively corrupt in California. It would be interesting to know why the feds are putting the screws to the Dems at this moment. I’d guess it attributable more to geopolitical matters than party politics.

  31. To quote you, “If it’s possible to die of an overdose of schadenfreude, we may need to call 911 in the next few minutes.” I don’t know whether I’m supposed to giggle with glee, hyperventilate, have a fatal stroke caused by extreme joy, or all three. Karma is an unforgiving b*t*h, ain’t she?

    • EDIT: I just finished wading through the deposition.

      It’s incredible! You simply couldn’t make up a more wonderfully catastrophic failure.

      This’ll go up in the display case right next to Bakker, Roberts, Blanchard and Berlusconi.

      God is an Iron!

  32. Holder will probably admonish the FBI for running “a rogue operation targeting minority public servants.” On the other hand there’s that black/Asian tension thing goin’ on too…..

      • Thanks for that. So M.I.L.F. and not Abu Sayaff. A few interesting things tho, Yee says that Momar Gaddifi was funding them before he was killed, and that the Philippine Government funds them to keep the populace distracted from the corruption in the Philippine Government. It is also interesting that he states that the arms would be delivered by the Philippine military.

        Of course, I’m not sure if what he says in that is true or accurate, but it is interesting in any case.

        It is also interesting to note that Yee was of the belief that he was aiding the Newark Mafia in the gun trafficking, and that didn’t seem to bother him in the least.

    • I’m not so sure about that. He’s already going down as “worse than Carter” and his name is attached to a law that will likely destroy our healthcare system. The Soviet Union is probably going to roll eastern Europe again, and it is quite possibly the most corrupt and criminal White House in history. Would he really want to stain that legacy by pardoning 2 gun runners? … no wait, he likely will pardon him. Crap.

      • Carter inherited a steaming pile of inflation. Unlike Reagan, he didn’t take away my rights to buy brand-new full-auto guns over the counter. Unlike Bush II, he didn’t eliminate The Constitution with the unPatriot Act. Unlike Clinton, Bush II, and Obama he didn’t just regularly bypass The Constitution with Executive Orders. In fact, the whopping 4 or 5 he did were all for the benefit of the American people, not the gov attempting to control them.

        If one actually examines what Carter did and didn’t do, he may not have been the greatest, but he was miles from every POS that succeeded Bush I.

  33. Mindanao? Hot bed of local terrorist activity. Crazy if he got the rocket launchers and guns from Abu sayyef, MNLF, MILF, New People’s Army, or one of the other local terror groups.

  34. What causes a Politician like Yee to associate with a known felonious gangster rat? Hubris or stupidity? I have a feeling that both are a mile deep and wide in Yee’s case.

    You can’t measure the disdain I have for an elected man of power who vigorously works to disarm law abiding citizens while collaborating with criminals. He deserves worse than what is coming to him.

  35. Someone mentioned Sen Feinstein . She being completely anti gun carries herself a side arm for protection . What a hiprocrite . The right to protect yourself is a God given right . She ,Obama,nobody , have the right to
    Disarm America . This is a
    Big step forward for the NRA. Surprised Obama didn’t sweep this under the carpet.

    • No, she doesn’t, nor does she need to. She has security, paid for with your taxes. Citizens cannot carry at all in D.C., and firearms are not allowed in any federal building except for security, and that includes the politicians, who are NOT exempt from the carry laws. When she needs real firearms for one of her grabber rants, she has the police bring them in–one of the perks of being one of the most senior and most powerful Senators on the Hill. (In a fit of political tit for tat, she prevented Texas Senator Cruz from bringing in real weapons for a hearing on gun bans.)

      She USED to have a .38 snubby and a CCW many years ago, when she was a San Francisco supervisor who was receiving legitimate death threats from some wacked out leftist anarchist group. But no longer.

  36. No real surprise here. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; These people are anti-gun only for us peasants. They themselves own and enjoy many firearms.

  37. Yee will find a way to flip and rat someone out. Integrity is not his strong suit. Shrimp Boy is gonna make sure Yee has a nasty accident or heart attack. I will wear red to his funeral.

    And since I just got back into USA from my cruise, time to fire one up and open a bottle of wine. And contemplate the beauty of God’s sick sense of humor

  38. The NRA needs to get on the ground now ; like now now now and start a major pushback in Sacramento because the antis can recover. The papers are already focusing on the office this guy was running for in the fall instead of his current office, totally leaving out his party association. If its done right the anti gun hydra may have one of its heads removed , or at least beaten up a bit.

    • Read the affidavit. At some point around page 110 there is recommendation of fraud charges based on favors he was offering (investigators posing as) IT companies to redo the state’s election computers.

      After, the idea was, they helped him get elected as Secretary of State–overseeing elections!

  39. I was in a heavily attended public meeting when I first saw this story break. If I had cheered out loud – and I kind of wanted to – it would have appeared as though I was oddly excited about a move to privatize school bus routes.

    • Contracting out school bus routes is pretty exciting. Government shouldn’t be creating company structures to provide services, the private market can provide services like that much more efficiently, plus it shields the public debt from unfunded liabilities like pensions. I love this s***, I probably would have cheered out loud for it.

  40. Oh, what a tangled web Yee weaves,
    When at first, he practices, to deceive.


  41. For the NRA there is going to be a fine line between “righteous indignation” and “self-righteous indignation”. The reaction needs to be more sombre than joyous. I suspect they will fail on that accord. Another opportunity lost.

    • There is such a thing as honestly pointing out, loudly and repeatedly, that if U.S. firearm laws don’t even inhibit a gun-grabbing state senator, they aren’t going to forestall criminals. Gun laws only abuse the rights of law-abiding people. They have no deterrent effect on erstwhile gun-grabbing politicians or criminals.

  42. I’ve implored people to not give up on CA, just as we never threw in the towel in IL. The 9th circus rulings of late, as well as this news are all good news for left coast 2nd Amendment supporters. Keep fighting the good fight.

    • Not. The laws he has passed apply only in California, but the Tavors he was brokering were for Africa. But I bet a full auto Tavor would bring a hell of a premium here.

      • Do they? Full auto guns don’t cost any more to make, the high price is due to the artificially high cost of legal ones. Why would you pay legal price for an illegal gun? I bet its less, just like with medicine.

  43. All I will say at this point is that if it keeps that so-and-so Yee from running for Governor in CA…that is good enough for me.

  44. From January of 2013..

    A bill being reintroduced by Democratic state Sen. Leland Yee seeks to ban bullet buttons, a feature that — he argues — makes some guns, like the AR-15 rifle, easier to reload.

    “What we’re trying to do with our bill is to ban that particular weapon, because it is in fact a loophole in the assault weapon ban,” said Yee, referring to the popular AR-15.

    • It still could be brought up this session before it dies, but it hasn’t, and I kind of suspect that it won’t be. At least I’ve got my fingers crossed. Ever tried to load and AR with a fixed magazine? I mean fixed fixed, not bullet button fixed. PIA, that.

  45. what I don’t quite understand is if you are running military grade ordnance, why would you run it through Jersey from the Philippines, so Fat Boy Obama Lover Governator can get his hands on some of the graft? A professional organization would just go the opposite direction to get to Africa. I hope there are some Aryan Nations guys and Hells Angels in whatever prison he winds up in. \He’ll be wearing a dress and lipstick in no time.

    • The Port Authority guy from Jersey-gate wanted his cut? … I hope this web is gigantic, I would be so blown away happy if Christie or Cory Booker were in on this.

    • Shrimp boy was not part of the deal, this involved Yee, his connection in the Philippines, and the supposed Mafioso aka FBI agent. The Agent claimed to control the waterfront in Jersey, and wanted the guns to go there. He said that he planned on selling them in Africa. Whatever lie he told, it was not to bring the guns to be sold in the US. The arms dealer wanted them to go to some place out of the US for transshipment; but the Agent insisted on using Jersey–which I think was necessary in order to invoke US jurisdiction, but I really don’t know anything about the laws pertaining to international gun smuggling.

      • My guess is that the agent invoked Newark and the Jersey Mafia because so many petty thugs like Yee have mad respecks for the Italian Mafia, whom they view as born and bred badasser than they will ever manage to be.

        I also was thinking how Yee has a Ph.D. in child psychology…has been operating under the Acme One Ton Anvil of being an Exceptional Asian all his life. Yet he also has had to establish and maintain at least some semblance of street cred with the Tong and other (not exclusively Asian) gangs who run the cesspool of San Francisco.

        Somewhere in the affidavit Yee is quoted as saying to the Mafioso-posing agent that he wishes he could be like him, but he can’t.

        In my blue collar days in SF, I observed that the petty Chinese thugs I’d encounter just loved the Italian Mafia (or their idea of it)…and in Philly, the petty Italian thugs I’d work with on job crews just loved Bruce Lee. The former had Corleone-schtick mannerisms, the latter, a bunch of skreels and squeaks and howls. Never did quite figure out what the cultural affinity nexus was…but I saw it repeatedly, kind of like the way the Japanese go mad for Finnish culture.

  46. What I’d like to know is what is the best possible way to use this to shove the Liberal left’s collective nose in this stinking pile of excrement that is lying on the living room floor.

    • Your error is in believing grabbers have some measure of shame that can be exploited. Go and read some of the comments on this story from the local California news sites and you shall see no such shame exists.

      • That’s because they are busy projecting their shame upon us.

        The key is that we need to actively plan how to turn it back onto them. It will not happen by osmosis.

    • Mina, you can keep spreading the news- tweet and email, and if nothing else, you can link back to TTAG, and cite the few news articles elsewhere that DO come out.

      You can bet there will be an agreed upon truce in the StateRunMedia to ignore this, or bury on the back page someplace, three weeks from now.

      Thats how they roll, so the average American isnt gonna get it in their local papers by an AP wire or NYT feed, nor will their local tv affiliate of CBS, ABC, NBC or PBS carry this…count on something Kardashian to be the lede for awhile, out of CA, instead.

      Only those paying attention to information outside the propaganda channels will be able to read the truth, so to get that truth out there, we just have to use the innertubz to go around the StateRunMedia blackout, do our best to pass it on, to your friends, and neighbors, and via websites that DO work independently.

  47. This guy’s a real COMMENT MODERATED and I hope he spends a long time in prison with a big black COMMENT MODERATED so far up his COMMENT MODERATED that he can taste it.

  48. This scumbag has been beating on law-abiding CA gun owners since he arrived in Sacramento. He has made our lives miserable. To think that we wouldn’t take this opportunity to pig pile on his political carcass is ludicrous. Ace and Iowahawk have now joined in.

  49. Hope they nail him but you forget the fascist ideals of kaliforian justice he might be let off. You agree Dan Silverman being stuck in the PRC?

    • This is Federal, his Calichronies in the state house can’t help him. Hopefully he is too toxic now for the usual suspects to touch anymore than they already have.

    • What now? I’ll tell you what now. They going to enjoy him in prison if they ever let him out of protective custody. Nsfw language

  50. Oh the humanity!

    Well, one fact is irrisputable in this case. The dude is a dick. Couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy.

    It’s almost like, oh I don’t know, if we were to find out that Weather Girl Gore liked to fly around in private jets and live in giant houses generating tons of carbon pollution all the while telling us peons that we were destroying the Earth and that we needed to give up our gasoline based cars and incandescent light bulbs. Or else.

    You know, if that had actually happened, by way of example.

    Just saying.

    • And bought a giant mansion in the Cali melting polar ice cap flood plain coast that he said would be underwater in 15 years?

  51. whet to a Chinese restaurant tonight cracked open my fortune cookie and guess what it said “politician who cheats goes directly to jail”

  52. This isn’t hypocritical at all. It’s simply good business. He worked to decrease the supply of the product he sold. That increases the price he receives.

  53. Am I the only not seeing this story being published or aired by the national networks or MSM?

    They definitely love to protect their own — a stronger word than Hypocrisy is needed.

    • Let’s see. There are 365 days in a year X 25.

      Putting aside leap years and such.

      I’d say he will be in prison long enough to be pounded in the ass 9125 times in the Fed Pen.

  54. This is not hypocrisy…it is conspiracy, conspiring to aid the crime world with money, conspiring to arm our enemies in Africa (Bengazi what?), and conspiring to undermine the US Constitution by championing the active suppression of lawful citizens RTKBA. This is not hypocrisy, it’s treason.

  55. “My guns come with my personal Guarantee that none of the innocent law abiding citizens you are shooting at will be able to shoot back”!!

  56. Well, will you look at that!! There’s smoke and sparks coming out of both my irony and hypocrisy meters. I love it when that happens.

  57. I have not noticed any reporting of this issue by CNN or NBCNews. The SFGate has reported it. TownHall has reported on it. Surprisingly, I have not seen FoxNews featuring the story though I might have missed it on their site.

  58. CNN and Fox reported it but focused more on bribery arrestfor charlotte mayor. Again- hope someone has a photo of shannon w yee that gets posted to her twit feed

  59. POTG- this is much bigger than simple corruption, or a goofy gun running scheme. Consider the key players- hard core Islamists, and the Chinese.

    Remember that Mindanao is the home of the Moros, the hard core islamists of the Phillipines, who were chopping heads off of christians and blowing things up long before Obama made his bones in Afganistan. Remember why the USArmy went to 1911s in the first place?

    RPGs? Machine guns? What Chinese gang uses those things? This is a DEMOCRATIC CA State Senator enabling an islamist terror group in money raising via gun-running IN THE USA!

    The Chinese gang connection is very interesting. I dont think its too much of a stretch to believe the Chinese military might be involved in some way, too.

    This reminds me of the Chinese bundler for Obama in the SF Bay area in the first election- remember him? How about the 2012 election when the Romney campaign was able to turn on the VISA card verification switch to prevent un-traceable foreign money from coming in, but the Google Geek Squad powered Obama website was not able to…all that M.E. money. Whats Valery Jarretts background and connections again? And, hmmm….remember Rezko, the Syrian slumlord Obama used to refi his house in Chicago. Think he was alone in that connection? Hillary the Paleostinian hugger, who bumped her head and couldnt talk about Benghazi- and her body gal, Huma Abeddin, and her moms Muslim Bro connection…

    Me thinks this goes a LOT deeper…

    I’ll be watching Belmont Club- some of the best foreign policy analysis on the web, and on the ground experience in muslim parts of the PI:

    Might try SOCOM too. We’ve had operators training there for decades, helping the Phillipine Army.

  60. Well, NBC BayArea is claiming to have broken this story- and has a video here:

    What cracks me up is the typical prog-tard San Fran mommy in the too hip Cuban Army hat, captioned as “Yee’s Neighbor” at about 2:95 ; apparently excusing him-

    “we have to get the money out of politics”
    hahahaha helloooo: Earth to progtard…come inside pls, time for your meds…

    As if the global “we” have to take away “the thing” that caused Yee to misbehave.

    Kind of like take away the gun, instead of hold the shooter responsible.

    Hey, Neighbor – how about we like…. hold pols responsible – dont take illegal campaign money, dont commit crimes of gun-smuggling, public corruption, etc etc. Obey the laws, like we little folk have to do, right?

  61. I’d like to make at joke at Yee’s expense, but the truth is that our republic is being put in danger by dangerous people such as Yee and those who direct him. Breitbart has combed through the FBI material and found that Yee and some of the guns are linked to Islamic rebels in the Phillipines.

    This is sickening.

  62. Given his visceral hatred of the 2A and firearms in general, I always took him as an agent for the CHICOMS. Lee is the proverbial enemy within…

  63. Would love to hear Fienstein’s response to this! Try to put a spin on it. Heck, she probably knew all about it.

  64. The democrats are a complete extortionist gang of lying criminals and always will be. They live in their multiple mansions, fly all over the world in their private jets and magically get elected their entire thieving parasite lives. When they get caught like Yee they investigate themselves. Hell, Feinstein gave shrimp boy a reward for being a model citizens in his community. I wish our military men had read just one article about what is going on in their country so maybe they would form up and physically remove these gangster parasites they are serving. Only the women on Fox News have balls and brains. We are going down at light speed now with this gangster communist in the redhouse.

  65. As I’ve noted in past, when the Millenials wake up, they are going to be “pissed” about being used by the Progressives… and the early indication is once again, as they say, in CA- “as California goes so goes the nation”

    Sometimes, its the indie press that scoops the StateRunMedia,
    which appears to have gotten the Talking Point Memo, ie
    1. “radio silence” (CNN, NYT, MSNBC)
    2. “Its Not Fair” (RAAACCIIISSSTTT!) presser by Yee’s lawyer (CBS)

    For as the BlogFather AKA He Who Rules the InnerTubz” points out-

    you can try, but “you can’t stop the signal, Mel…”

    and “MOCK THEM”

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  69. Oh well, The commie-fornian damnocrats are probably already conspiring to contrive some loop-hole to have him exonerated on some BS technicality. Hell, they may even claim that he is an illegal alien and grant him immunity under their “sancutuary” BS. Sorry, I’m not very optimistic. He will never be convicted and if he miraculously should be, it will be a slight pat on the wrist and time served. And he will still draw his pay from the commie-fornian government.
    Your Democratic Government in Action!

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