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It’s one thing to accidentally shoot yourself. Much to our chagrin, we see that all too often. But just as Todd Canady demonstrated, there’s always a way to make a bad situation worse. Take John Pardus (above left), for instance. Ol’ John put a .22 round through his hand last Friday morning. And, as usually happens, the police were called when he presented himself for treatment at a local ER in Halifax, FL. He “…told police he accidentally shot himself while handling a .22-caliber handgun he was unfamiliar with and did not know how to make it safe.” But John’s real problems started when he and his wife, Kimberly (above right), invited the constables into their home to safely unload the gun for him . . .

As relates:

When police entered the house they smelled marijuana and realized the scent was stronger near the stairwell.

A police supervisor arrived at the scene and officers entered the home and discovered that the smell was stronger as they climbed the stairs. On the second floor, they discovered a room with a foil blanket on the floor with marijuana on it. In a closet, marijuana trees were hanging, drying out, police said.

In another room, police found a tent with marijuana plants in it. The tent was rigged up with an irrigation system, ultraviolet lights and other equipment needed to make an indoor grow house operational.

Police discovered 46 marijuana plants.

D’oh! Maybe the Parduses olfactory senses were so overwhelmed with the aroma of weed they couldn’t smell it any more…and figured the officers wouldn’t either. Or maybe they were just to fried to think much at all.

Kimberly apparently went into great detail describing how she did lots of online research before breaking bad and getting into the chronic production business, but John figured he had a foolproof alibi.

The husband, John Pardus, denied being involved in the marijuana operation and said his wife “is the only person who utilizes the second floor,” investigators said.

Pure genius. Somehow, though, the claim that he’d never been upstairs in his own house wasn’t ultimately persuasive. Just like Kim, John was arrested and charged with cultivation of marijuana, possession or use of narcotic paraphernalia and possession of marijuana. You know the rest, right? John will receive our IGOTD award for today – along with our undying admiration for the amount of chutzpah it took to look the cops in the eye and tell them he knew nothing about the ganja operation under his own roof.

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    • Troll (Internet)
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      “Do not feed the trolls” and “DNFTT” redirect here. For the Wikipedia essay, see Wikipedia:Deny recognition.

      [1] Modern usage of the word itself dates from 1980s.
      In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4] The noun troll may refer to the provocative message itself, as in: “That was an excellent troll you posted.”
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      The only thing missing from the definition is a photo of Mikey.

    • Yo Mike, when I hover on your avatar, the words “mike” and “bong” jump off the page.

      So, ah, be careful buddy. With who knows who keeping track of all of us here, well you never know who might get the wrong idea…

    • Hey “Mike Bong uncontroll” I missed you when I was suppose to pick up that “thing” you have for me. Ive tried calling you. You now have my money and I never got the “thing” from you. Do I need to find another source? Ive been happy with the stuff Ive been getting from you…. Now MikeB has a name Mike Bong uncontroll and a log on the internet showing he has posted on a gun site and has an interest in ganja. Im sure a list somewhere has been established. Mike try not to be paranoid…that black SUV and white sedan you’ll see tomorrow are not following you, it’s a coincidence.

    • if you hover over his avatar and follow the link, you can report abuse for his profile. I encourage everyone to avail themselves for self-help accordingly.

      • He’s not abusing anything. I don’t like the guy’s politics, and I abhor his opinions, but that’s all he’s doing, offering opinions. Making fallacious allegations of abuse in an attempt to remove his posting ability is no different than the anti’s deleting our posts when we offer them on their sites. I’d like to think that TTAG is better than that.

  1. once again. mikeybnumbers is trolling. he will contribute nothing to the dialouge and if you say the sun rises in the east he will insist you’re wrong. don”t feed the troll.

    • I’m just wondering if the troll has guns. I’m sure if someone broke into his house with the intention of assaulting his wife( however unlikely she is to exist) he would be able to talk him down with words. Bad guys intent on rape have real sensitive sides for sure. I wukdnt ever wish that in anyone. Ever. But given the hypothetical assailant only had a knife and she was no match, I wonder if his opinions on this matter would change at all. Again I hope that event never happens

  2. Need we say this again–if the cops ask for permission, the answer is no. But this knucklehead went beyond that and invited them in.

    Ding, dong, the brain is dead. . .

  3. What a scumbag pair…the guy is the worst…throws his wife under the bus in the end. He should have missed his hand and hit his hear.


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