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Yo Ignacio? So you buy the gun ten years ago, before you have your first child, but somehow forget where you stashed it? Whereupon your eight-year-old son decides he needs some extra cash, takes it to school (loaded no less) and sells it to another student.  Taurus might not be the finest nameplate in firearms, but the buyer sure got a great deal. His $3 purchase even included a spare magazine and the all-important serial number delete option (it was scratched off). The potential buyer thought it was a toy until he showed it to Mom. Who then brought the weapon back to school (huh?) officials who in turn called the police . . .

Whether you’re a felon or a PTA Board Member (or a felon and a PTA Board Member), when you have a child, your storage protocols must change. All firearms in the house should be locked in a safe or attached to your hip. Just because you’re a criminal doesn’t mean you’re stupid. Oh wait it does.

As for the rest of us, I admit that you might look a little strange open carrying an AR around the house. But it’s either that or a locked box. And even then you must maintain vigilance. As RF says, don’t trust and constantly verify.

Anyway, lucky for Ignacio’s off-spring, Daddy wasn’t supposed to have a handgun in the confines of NYC. (Also true for hard-working, law-abiding guys like me, unfortunately.) Iggy faces some lovely storage time of his own at Riker’s Island.


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Brett Solomon got his first taste of the magazine world covering car electronics for CarSound & Performance Magazine. He landed the job by being noticed for designing high-end car audio systems. Which was fine by him because there was no way he was going to pass the third level of calculus toward an electrical engineering degree at University of Delaware. Not with those DuPont scholars around campus, he’ll take Journalism over Engineering, thank you very much. He has since written for a number of publications (think in-flight journalism) that lack the chutzpah of Robert Farago, and having all of those milquetoast reviews pent up in his system now allows his pen to spit fire. We’ll, he is just not that mean but happy to tell the truth…and the truth is most firearms are fun!


  1. I’ve been watching your blog for a little while. Glad you picked up this story. I’m not happy that the guy is going to jail, we all make mistakes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have to resort to illegal weapons to protect themselves when the laws that are supposed to keep us “safe” make it harder to ensure our own safety. Anyway, I’m enjoying your blog


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