Gun Review: HK P30LS in .40 S&W

At first I was going to succumb to the Glock gods and indoctrinate myself like the tens of thousands of others who buy a reliable polymer pistol. But if the Glock 23 is the Toyota Camry V6 of pistols, I wanted something a little more towards the BMW end of the spectrum. Don’t get me […]

The Beretta Gallery or Brett Does the Upper East Side

Yesterday my family and I took a stroll around the Upper East Side. I happened to get a parking spot in front of the Beretta store on Madison Ave., a place I’d always wanted to check out but hadn’t had the chance to before. The Beretta Gallery isn’t your typical Bass Pro Shop or Cabela’s […]

TTAG Turns Two: Solomon Edition

When I discovered TTAG after only a few months of being alive (not me…but TTAG), I had always wondered where Farago had washed up after that whole TTAC thing. But the coincidence that I had just finished filling out the paperwork for my New York pistol license was almost too surreal. I was frantically researching […]


RF invented the acronym OFWG (Old Fat White Guy) for a reason: a lot of Caucasian firearms fans would rather practice pushing their defensive handgun gun away from their body after a holster draw than push away from the dinner table. Speaking from personal experience, it’s all too easy to get into a rut of Fritos and Hoppe’s […]

SAT Cheaters and Pinned Stocks? Really?

Last night’s edition of CBS’s 60 Minutes featured Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice. She was peacocking for the cameras after prosecuting an SAT cheating ring to the fullest extent of the law. Years ago she was also featured for prosecuting a drunk driver who smashed into a limousine that resulted in the toughest drunk driving […]

Gun Review: CZ 455 Lux

Of all of the firearms I come across, bolt-action .22LRs always have a special place in my heart. It was the first gun I ever held and fired, in a Pennsylvania summer camp before mixing rifles and children was demonized and you always remember your first. When I first told my father I was in […]

First Look: Kel-Tec KSG

It was going to be a typical Thursday evening at the range. But my old friend and former TTAG contributor Capt. John Raguso was able to procure a testing and evaluation sample of the much-anticipated Kel-Tec KSG. That would be the gunmaker’s plastic fantastic bullpup shotgun—the prototypical star of last year’s SHOT Show. Note: Capt. John, now […]

Gear Review: Crimson Trace MVF-515 Modular Vertical Foregrip

Crimson Trace calls their MVF-515 vertical foregrip “modular.” The ability to swap the green laser for a red one is the MVF-515’s only “modularity.” Making that swap would be like trading in Blake Lively for Conchata Ferrell. Unless you started with Conchata (red laser) already. Then the foregrip makes the unit a lot more gooder. […]

Johnny Appleseed Takes Manhattan. Pt. 1

Project Appleseed is a rifle training course combining marksmanship with a civics lesson. “Good shooting requires learning positive traits such as patience, determination, focus, attention to detail, and persistence,” their website declares. “Since these skills are likewise key elements of mature participation in civic activities, we urge our students to take what they have learned about themselves […]

Gear Review: SnapSafe Titan Safe

You don’t need me to tell you that a good gunsafe is a necessity. My biggest problem: moving large items around my New York condo is about as easy as to me as taking Thermodynamics II at MIT.  It can’t be done by me or anyone I know. The SnapSafe, safe that can be moved in […]