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Every now and then the Mexican federales confiscate a mess of weapons from one or another of the criminals cartels who now run Mexico like their private fiefdom. (Only because it is.) Make the jump for the Google translated inventory of a recent drug ‘n gun bust, as reported by . . .

With allegations that the Calderon government is playing favorites amongst the drug cartels—concentrating their forces on the paramilitary Zetas and turning a blind eye to the Sinaloas—I don’t put much stock in any given police action. The odds are pretty good that the team using this cache—hidden behind some a mirrored wall in a gym—belonged to an unaffiliated crew.

It’s also worth noting that the U.N. reckons that any remaining gun running is simply a matter of replacing existing stocks. The drug lords have all the guns they need, and then some.

Of course, the Mexicans are no less stylish than our home grown gangstas, so one wonders how much of this kit is operationally useful and how much is the firearms equivalent of stunting and flossing. We report, the bad guys decide.

24 AK-47 rifles or “goat horn”
Two Barret rifles, 50 caliber
A machine gun .30 caliber antiaircraft Brawning
A .308 caliber rifle for sniper
40 mm caliber grenade launcher
Three millimeters .308 caliber rifles
A 2.23 mm rifle caliber Ruger
AR-15 rifle 2.23 mm caliber
A 7.62 mm rifle caliber HK
A 12 mm gauge shotgun
39 fragmentation grenades and chemical
26 000 708 cartridges of different calibers
7 chests with metal strips 7.62 mm caliber .30 caliber antiaircraft machine gun
247 magazines for AK-47
Chargers 19 handgun
A charger for MP-5 submachine gun
Four magazines for AR-15
A charger for M-2 carbine
13 ballistic vests
19 knives to AK-47 bayonet
53 green military-style uniforms
Three kinds of camouflage uniform galil
Three money-counting machines
An electronic scale
A machine for vacuum-sealed plastic
Three gas masks
32 green trimmings
Four turrets

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  1. I hope all those spelling errors were in the original report. 40mm is not a caliber, among other things.

  2. Gotta watch out for those 2.23 mm bullets (I thought the pinfires were supposed to be awfully rare…)

  3. I’m pretty certain I saw a “lanzagranadas calibre 40 milímetros” right next to the RPG’s and the M163A2 VADS at the last Crossroads of the West gun show here in Phoenix.

    Yep, you can find military weapons like that ALL OVER THE PLACE at a gun show. Why, it’s a common as ostrich jerky and cheap nylon holsters! The parking lots are FILLED with heavy tractor-trailers waiting to cart home the self-propelled guns and heavy armored vehicles to be found at a gun show! They’re everywhere! Why, just last month, 413 people were killed at a gun show in Phoenix when a claymore mine accidentally detonated and set off a chain reaction which caused all the extended capacity clips for the Glock 9’s to cook off, killing everyone in sight.

    Why haven’t you heard about it? The NRA and the gun lobby are covering the whole thing up.

  4. Also four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and patridge sights on a pair of S&W 63s.

  5. I hope the federales never raid my buddy’s attic. He’d die of embarrassment from the translations alone.

  6. Gun buy backs and seizures that are destined to melt down bring me to the brink of tears. Some time back I saw a picture of a gun buy back where there was a Colt Python and an old Colt Single Action. Melting those is as insane as an art buy back where they burn a fine Picasso.


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