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Is that a real Russian accent? I am not sure, comrade. But I am sure that shooting stuff at point blank range is invitation to disaster. The thing about blowing things to bits is . . . the bits. They tend to fly everywhere. At extremely high velocities. Common sense says they’ll fly away from the shooter. But common sense is not always your friend . . .

Molecules piling into molecules can cause a chain reaction at the end of which molecules head back in the direction of the original force. In that case, the shooter can end up in the path of those molecules. If a bunch of these particles are hanging together, the result can be devastating to the soft fleshed-human holding the gun.

Don’t get me wrong. I love plinking. Firing a round and witnessing the ammo’s destructive effects on solid objects—be they steel targets, milk jugs or a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber—isĀ one of life’s great pleasures.

But even if you’re shooting at something solid a fair distance away, and distance is your friend in this, eye protection is a must. Ear protection wouldn’t go amiss either. Dude. Read your shirt.

As for swinging a loaded shotgun around your body like a pool cue, well, he did keep the muzzle pointed away from himself. And there wasn’t anyone else on the range. Except, via video, us. Of course, that’s pretty irresponsible right there. What would he have done in terms of medical help if he’d somehow managed to blow his leg off? The mind boggles.

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  1. You can tell – he slipped on the accent when he picked up the XBOX to show the RROD to the camera… As to the idiocy of his actions – concur…

  2. Three feet from his plastic and metal target and he can’t be bothered to wear eye protection? Just say nyet. Asshat.

  3. Youtube video is gone.

    My buddy in high school figured this out the hard way. Remington 870 + particle board = thank god for those safety glasses.

    I got to see the aftermath later that day. He was ok, just learned a lesson.

    • LOL! Too bad my school buddy didn’t. Front end loader tire + daisy BB gun = one eyed Mark.

  4. I don’t remember anyone in those WWII films wearing eye or ear protection? Also, there is nobody around so if he hurts anyone, he hurts himself.

    Also, I know it’s a fake Russian accent, and I don’t care. His videos are much more fun to watch than almost everyone else’s. He doesn’t spend 1/2 hour talking about the history of gun, he just cuts to the chase and shoots stuff.

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