Seems the New York Times magazine section didn’t get the memo from the paper’s HQ that guns are bad, bad, bad. Judging from the spread of chi-chi handguns assembled by Chee Pearlman they’re fab, fab, fab! While those of us in the pro-gun sphere (we call it planet earth) appreciate the nod to normalization, it’s too bad Pearlman doesn’t know the difference between a full-size gun and a “purse pistol.” A Ruger Mark II Competition Target gun is about as purse-compatible as a Swiffer. With or without fuchsia effects or Hello Kitty markings, the SIG SAUER P226 weighs in at 34 ounces and extends 7.7 inches east to west. I’d also like to point out that responsible gun owners don’t “pop [a gun] into a handbag.” Handbag carry is inherently dangerous, clunky and susceptible to hijacking by the bad guys. Kinda like the New York Times editorial page.


  1. Based on my observations while standing on line at grocery stores, supestores and liquor stores all over this great land of ours, I have determined that it takes the average woman approximately seventeen minutes to find anything in her purse. I usually pass the time catching up on the next chapter of War and Peace while the other people on line quietly utter some creative profanities. Unfortunately, I can’t envision your average rapist or mugger being as patient as I am.

    • My ex has a “concealed handgun purse” – it has a side-entry pocket with a velcro’d holster in it. The entry to the pocket has a Velcro closure. She could wear it on her shoulder, and keep her hand in the side pocket, gripping the gun. Purses, as it turns out, are very personal things – just because it makes sense, and is well designed/made, that doesn’t mean your significant other will use it.

      She eventually got used to it and switched from her Coach bag.

      When she first got it, she remarked, “But what if I can’t get the gun out of the purse before the bad guy is on me?” I replied, “Just shoot through the damn thing. I’ll buy you another one. (That warranty expired when our marriage did, but you get my point.)


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