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What’s it going to take to convince this Internet phenom to wear eye and ear protection? Meanwhile, it’s time for the spoof video. Or is this it? [Click here for Ryan Finn’s post Why FPSRussia Should Wear Ear Protection. And this just in: FPS Russia (a.k.a., FPSRussia) isn’t Russian. Click here for confirmation.]

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  1. Now I know he’s faking that accent. I’m pretty sure EO Techs are restricted from export. I love how he can afford to destroy XBox’s and buy $3000 modern sporting rifles, but can’t seem to shell out $50 for hearing and eye protection.

    • Yes, the accent is (probably) fake, but export has nothing to do with it: he lives in the US. His (fictional?) identity is that of a Russian who emigrated to America. He promised to make a balistic knife video, but later said that he had been contacted by LEOs and members of the public, and informed that such items were illegal nationwide.

    • Hello,
      He get’s his weapons from a local gunstore.
      if he could overload the website of the store he can use al the weapon’s from the store and ammonition

    • Everyone is always ragging about something eh , fake accent? ear and eye protection? …. you see the way this russian handles a weapon ? he knows what he is doin, he wears protection indoors you don’t need ear protection outside, don’t be dumb and anyone can afford to destroy a BROKEN x-box……its broken ,…quit cryin and hug a tree you will feel better….love the videos FPS Russia, best stuff on youtube.

      • Then I guess you don’t need ear protection around jet engines unless they’re inside, right Mitch?

        • Id wear glasses but look closer. He is wearing ear protection, you can see the wire around his ear at 1:28 in the middle of nowhere what does it matter what he’s doing anyway? You “haters” need to mind you’re own business. Look at the idiots posting self genital torture online and say to yourself… This guy is so much better!

        • who gives a fuck. might be a good thing, “hearing not so great” wouldn’t have to listen to you losers. what else do you whine about? wah!!! go shoot your Daisy air gun!!!!!

      • Your nuts have you ever shot a firearm even outside your ears take a pounding I’m not bashingyou at all just saying I shoot all the time and used to not wear any ear protection and now I can’t hear for shit you need to wear it no matter what and he’s not Russian he was born in Georgia his accent is fake but I love this guy he’s fucking awesome as hell

        • They are his ears … cant he do what he wants? This is all from the same people who go on that they have the right to bear arms and freedoms etc etc, then berate a man for something as simple as destroying his own ear drums.

    • are you retarded in side a firing range yeah you wear eye and ear protection. Because in side the sound hits the walls and reverbs back to you. I dont wear ear protection outside because the sound will just travel away from you and it only laude for a second.

    • Does it matter? People do different things then they normally do to make it more entertaining. And he can spend his money on what he wants. Stop bitching about ear protection he wears it when he is at the inside shooting range. Isn’t that enough for you? And if your not stupid you whould know you don’t need ear protection outside.

    • Its a .556 so the ear protection which still probably should be worn is not a huge deal, and eye protection is at his own risk. He may not be the best role model but he has a passion about guns and has a right to teach them so stop bitchen yall.

  2. The accent is bad, but partly plausible until you notice that his grammar and idiom are *perfect* American English. You cant learn a non-native grammar that well without losing most of your accent; not unless you’re much older and learn it by study instead of by immersion.

    I’m calling bullshit until he fires off a full-auto AN-94 and a crate of RPGs. You can’t get those in Ohio or wherever this dude is.

    • My sister-in-law moved to the states around age nine and I’d say speaks perfect English with an accent that makes it quite obvious after a few words she’s Russian. But she’s all smart and stuff — as is demonstrated by her wearing hearing protection when she shoots.

      The rest of her immediate family, though, yeah, talking to them in English is a lot more entertaining, so she’s probably the exception to the rule.

    • Hey, I’m 29 and moved to Canada when I was 14. Doing some simple math, we can see that I’ve lived in an English speaking country for 15 years, more than half my life. My command of the English language (slang, idioms, etc.) is native level (as can be clearly seen form my flawless syntax) yet I maintain – not on purpose – a very distinct Russian accent to this day. Perfect grammatical command of a language does not preclude the likelyhood of “bad” pronunciation/enunciation.

  3. He should lose the hammer and sickle logo. As far as this American is concerned, it’s right up there with the swastika, the star and crescent, and the UN “world; they are all useless except for targets.

    • If you are such an idiot that you think symbols like the swastika, and star and crescent were only used buy Hitler, and muslims then your truly a hopeless, and ignorant excuse for an american! Both of these symbols were around for thousands of years before the groups that everyone associates them with and if you had half a brain you would use that computer your on to do some research. Some of our own states have a crescent on they’re flag genius!!

      Signed, yours truly in Iraq loser!

    • HEy seriously the swastika stands for the systematic murder and genocide of over 3 million people. The sickle and hammer don’t meet that designation. Try thinking before you speak/comment.

      • The swastika is a highly religious symbol and still used for that reason. And the hammer and sickle was use by a group that killed more people than the nazis could dream of. You can not even get it right when you are being biased.

      • The sickle and hammer doesn’t meet that designation? Pick up a book. Communist Russia is responsible for as much if not more atrocities. Ask the people of any eastern European nation how they feel about the hammer and sickle. Ask the Estonian people, the Finns or the Hungarians how they feel about it.
        It’s right up there with the swastika and the arrow cross.
        It is also pretty irrelevant if imagery like the swastika has been used throughout the ages. If an neo nazi redneck American uses it, I’m pretty sure he isn’t a fucking hindu..
        Same goes for some retard wearing the hammer and sickle while sporting his favorite CCCP hockey jersey. You wear that shit, you’re no better than some nazi wearing a swastika arm band.

  4. The guy is from north Georgia USA. He has a PO Box listed on his youtube page where you can send stuff for him to shoot up. Would be a crappy drive from eastern Europe to check the mail.

  5. This person is odd. I think this “FPS Russia” concept is some entertainment type thing for youtube. I am Russian and have attempted communication with him in Russian – simply, he cannot communicate at all in Russian. So I really have no idea who or what he is, don’t care. Besides this, most Russians that genuinelly want to learn English can do so WITHOUT such thick and obvious Hollywood type accent. Some learn near perfect American English with almost no accent, others can be more defined and pronounced but rarely if ever in modern times can you find Russian speaking with this comical Hollywood/Borat type speech. Anyway, the person is sometimes rather entertaining haha.

    • Clearly, you don’t know anything about accents. Many people in Russia study English on a professional level. They are taught PERFECT grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. (Most Russians who were taught English at that level can speak it MUCH better than most dumb ass Americans) However, because the Russian language is SO different from English (if you knew even a LITTLE bit of European history, you would know where different languages originate from), the sounds, letters, sentence structure are so different that no matter how perfect a Russian’s grammar can be, their accent does not change. Especially if people start learning the language when they are over 15, they will NEVER lose their accent. My native language is Russian, and I moved to Canada when I was 8. I speak perfect English, however when I speak to native born Canadians, they can hear my accent. And there is NOTHING a person can do about it, unless they take special classes.

      • Charlotte, very much of what you say is not necessarily true. At least not absolutely or it is more complex than you present it. Of everything, only absolutely true statement is regarding origins of languages, etc. I study Russian and all East Slavic history for near 10 years now but know moderate to little about history of Central and Western European history. Of course, this fact is irrelevant to debate of ability to diminish accent.

  6. His name is kyle.. He lives in Georgia an has stated multiple times he is not russian, it’s
    Merely an act for entertainment. He’s also stated multiple times about his views on gun safety. Some people need to actually look into him a bit before posting idiotic comments on a page devoted to putting down a man for no good reason.

  7. I know who FPSRussia is. He is a Youtube commentator and plays games and submits them on youtube. His real name if Kyle Newtown, you can catch him in a podcast about gaming to anything with a guest on Thursday night @ 9:30 – ? on a Podcast. YES, he is American, look at his previos videos.

  8. Did you guys saw the new Crazy Russian Gun Freak? His name is Sergey and his channel called TheRussianWay. I am not sure but this one looks real Russian. FPSRussia videos become boring this times he shows lots of guns but no fun. This guy on other hand can not afford as many guns as FPSRussia but he got that craziness spark that make his videos unique and fun.

  9. Who cares what this guy is? I think its pretty damn cool what he is doing. Let him have fun. I think all your responses are jealousy

    • Those are illegal in the U.S. entirely. All of the guns he uses are legal for private collectors. The SPAS-12 was made illegal for the fact that it is specifically for combat and not any type of sport whatsoever, despite its name.

      • The AA-12 is illegal for civilian ownership, but are legal in the US. An NFA dealer can order “dealer samples” direct from the manufacturer for the purpose of law enforcement or government sales. If the government entity does not purchase the samples, the NFA dealer retains ownership of the weapon as a dealer sample in his or her inventory.

        The SPAS-12 is not illegal in the US. It may have been banned under specific state weapon laws, but under federal law, there is no restriction on ownership of a SPAS shotgun.

      • No bro, spas 12’s are not illegal because they are specifically for combat, you can buy automatic weapons in the US as well as explosives….

  10. Who gives a shit if he wears eye-pro or ear-pro? He’s entertaining and if you don’t agree with his methods of shooting/entertainment then don’t watch. I spent the 90’s in the 82nd Airborne Div and we didn’t start wearing eye-pro until after 911. As a matter of fact, ballistic eye-pro wasn’t mandatory my first tour in Iraq, like it is now.

  11. Ok so he is shooting a gun on public property, whats the big deal? no hearing protection lets all freak out about it. If its his property or if he has permission to be on the property he doesnt have to where hearing protection. Its his right. And to top that off when I train in the army we dont use hearing protection. Men and women in Iraq dont use hearing protection. And btw his accent is real, deal with it.

  12. Why are most of you discrediting this guy? Who cares where he’s REALLY from or if he REALLY is Russian? Much rather watch this cool shit than Justin Bieber or Rebekka Black that gets millions of hits each and every day! Turn this guy loose on these total fake asses and see what happens…. Don’t try theese at home… I am professional Russian!!!! Hell yeah! And as always…. have nice day!

  13. It’s his hearing, not your’s – why are you so worried about it? 😀

    Well no matter the reason. If you are worried there’s no need to be. He’s clearly wearing earplugs in the outdoor videos and both earplugs and earmuffs in the indoor videos.

    I really like his videos but don’t get the Russian act. It’s the weapons that are interesting. But that’s also why I don’t mind the act.

  14. BTW, his AA-12 vid has just shy of **9 million** hits as of this morning. He must be doing SOMETHING right (including acting) if he gets that many hits. Do I care if he’s US or Rusky? Nope. Do I care where he gets his guns & ammo? No, unless it’s from China. The guy combines entertainment with guns and explosions. So does Bruce Willis. Deal with it.

  15. First of all, you don’t need ear protection outside. Its simple physics. When you are in a building, the sound waves from shots reverberate off of walls. This makes the sound much more intense. However, when a person is outside the waves travel freely and make much less noise. Second,Who gives a shit if he is Russian or not? He is insanely rich and has someone who can get him military grade guns at cheap prices, so he can shoot them on his property for fun. Lastly, he is a professional shooter and weapons expert who knows what he is doing. So shut up

  16. the guy is great if you want to be a critic go call glenn beck,
    i can’t say what i want because you know why,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  17. James: You make absolutely no sense what-so-ever. “He is insanely rich and has someone who can get him military grade guns at cheap prices, so he can shoot them on his property for fun” Really? did you just type that?

    Haha either way, Russian or not, the guns are real, and he seems like a chill dude. Better than Bieber!

  18. Firstly, it’s his property. As outlined in his videos.

    Second, as James confirmed, when outdoors the sound disperses into the atmosphere.

    Third, it has been confirmed by the man himself to be an act.

    Finally, the man is actually a good marksman.

    He has a sense of humour and has hit a target market. Good on him. The videos of TheRussianWay are funny but do not have the same presentation FPS Russia has. He explains the weapon and scenario well and chucks in some interesting ideas.

    Robert Farago, you should analyse your subject more before coming to conclusions. In many videos where this gent is indoors or in a risky scenario he does wear ear and eye protection (albeit he avoids it when possible). Not everyone is an idiot based on viewing one of their videos. Watch them all and if you still think he’s the most irresponsible gun owner, then fine :~)

  19. You people are stupid, he openly admits to it being a fake Russian accent, he even sometimes posts call of duty videos on the fpsrussia channel where he uses his American accent. Also he does use ear and eye protection when it is needed, it is not terribly dangerous or bad for you to not use it when you are outdoors

      • We personally believe you to have an overly pretentious opinion. Watch his videos, He clearly uses ear protection. As for eye protection it isn’t your fucking call whether or not other people wear glasses or goggles while shooting. We are assuming that you are one of the many people who think you can force your opinion upon other people like it is some kind of unwritten law.

        • I firmly believe in people expressing their opinion, but not on passing on bad information that may hurt others. I don’t give a flip if he wears eyes and ears, but inside or outside it will damage your hearing. Most of my shooting was M16 and M60’s outside. I can’t even use my left ear on the telephone. If you don’t believe me, fine. But years from now, when you notice that ringing in your ear, you’ll believe me then. Lastly, what’s with all this “shut the f up” and similar crap? If you want to act like kids on an adult site, go some where else.

  20. For anyone whom cares. I just have seen “TheRussianWay” on youtube! This man is Russian. He speaks perfect Russian throughout videos to his friends in background and bears ring on right hand as per Orthodox tradition. Sergey’s videos are not so elaborate or using such variety of military hardware like FPS Russia but they are entertaining and worth watching.

  21. FPS RUSSIA ROCKS !!!! This guy is more dangerous than chuck norris haha go critic a feminist group or something,,, at least there would be reason for it,,lol

  22. I am an avid gun shooter. When I am rec shooting, I decide when or when not to wear ear/eye pro. Most of the time I do wear the eye pro, but not always ear pro. I don’t think utilizing these are the mark of a “true” gun enthusiast. I guess I could say that it mainly depends on where, and what I am shooting. M4 with .556 chambered: no ear pro. M2 50 Cal: always. M203: no. MK19: always. Just depends. I find his vids entertaining, and I would caution anyone against doing what he does. Guns are fun, so long as you don’t forget that they were made for the sole purpose of killing, and are good at it.

  23. Shooting outdoors without ear protection can damage your hearing. My grandfather and many of his associates are living proof (16 years hunting in east Africa). That being said, its his business.

    I find the videos extremely amusing, keep it up Kyle.

  24. I dont know if his accent is real, but his guns are. Like the gold AK47 I’ve seen one its not like he lies about it. And if he does who cares. And this ear and eye protection shit… WTF Im 14 I’ve shot guns my whole life and I’ve never put on this eye or ear protection bullshit. Go shoot some guns you gay fags who whine bout ear & eye protection crap; maybe for inside shooting ranges you should wear it (I’ve never been in one of those) but for outside its fine. Stop worying about others and grow up.

    • The pressure wave from a gunshot has a huge effect on your hearing whether inside or not. It’s just that outside the pressure doesn’t last as long. Keep on believing what you think, but my bet is you’ll be deaf by age 35. As you go deaf you loose the high frequency hearing first so you don’t notice it until it gets really bad. I’ve met teenagers who listen to loud music and have the hearing of a 40 year old at only age 16. Check out mosquito ringtones to see how bad yours is already. You never get your hearing back and hearing aides cost a lot more than some foam earplugs.

      • Im 40, been shooting since I was 10 outside w/out ear protection.. I can hear perfectly fine thank you very much..

        There is not really any pressure wave behind the rifle when your outdoors.. its all focused infront of you at your target.. anything behind the rifle barrel is perfectly safe from the pressure wave when your outside…. indoors that wave is amplified and reflected and there is the problem, i dont know anyone who can stand to be in an indoor range w/out hearing protection for very long.

  25. I dont understand how he has these fully automatic guns. Aren’t they strictly illegal in the US? His last video is of him shooting a 40MM machine gun! How is it legal/possible to use these guns?

  26. Ignore these fools who claim you don’t need ear (or eye) protection just because “you’re outside.” Dumb as rocks! The noise from even a .22 is hard on the ears, especially over time. Are these people deaf and don’t realize it? The ear didn’t evolve for those sharp sounds (very rare in nature). Any wise person will use eye protection in ANY situation unless they’re a cigarette smoker type who thinks Murphy’s Law only affects other people.

  27. It looks in some cases like he’s wearing foam earplugs, and closes his eyes at the moment of the shot – but that wouldn’t be too helpful for serious shrapnel.

  28. I live in England and the dude is Russian. Where he gets his money from is anyone’s bet, but his sense of humour and sarcasm is European. I don’t know if you folks have ever hung out with Russians but they are just like this; very charming, very mental and they love guns.

    Nothing wrong with that. As for the ear protection? or safety glasses? He is shooting automatics, I would worry about checking the chamber more than whether he cares about his ears.


    • His accent is not real. I went to high school with Kyle Myers (REAL NAME) and he was always a smart but lazy dude who liked blowing shit up. Congrats Kyle on finding out how to make some dough without work. I’m envious.

  29. OMG, the guy is a riot. He has fun for himself and us…gun lovers that is! Green with envy I am!
    He is quite the marksman and if you’ll watch he always checks the chamber, keeps the gun down range and is otherwise more competent than most “gun totters”.
    Don’t care where he’s from, where he gets his money or weapons, whether or not he uses personal protection or any other BS, I just care that he keeps posting!
    Hmmm, wonder how effective personal protection would have been in the civil war?
    Next thing you know we’ll all have to wear a helmet just to ride a dang bicycle. Geez.

  30. Who cares if he doesn’t use eye or ear protection? Are you his mother? Besides, you dont need it outdoors in the first place. And why would you need eye protection unless you’re shooting a gun of questionable structural integrity (which would make you a retard, and his obviously aren’t) or shooting something explosive (which if shrapnel is coming at your face to begin with I dont think your fancy little “I think I’m a proper shooter cause I have these on” goggles are going to save you.) and as far as his accent. It’s fake, he’s said it himself. He even has videos of himself using his real voice. Such as this one:
    So quit being stupid and jealous cause you can’t afford the toys he can and just enjoy the videos. Holy crap people.

  31. This website is just butthurt that FPSRussia does a better job covering guns than you bozos. His ratings speak for themselves. And as always, have nice day.

  32. Bunch of lib-dopes who think it their place to tell people what they can and cannot do on their dime and their time. The guy has fun and has millions of views on YouTube and people love him. Nothing wrong with the guy. Some people on YouTube are real twits but this fella is just doing what he likes for fun. His guns. His cash. His life. Gtfo out.

    Peace, love, harmony, pot, and other hippie stuff. <3

  33. I consider myself very liberal in most cases but for those you outraged by this guy shooting without protection, come on, choose something thats not completely trivial to complain about. Some guy filming himself shooting soda bottles is the least of your worries? Yeah he may pay the consequences later on with damaged hearing but look around… we all have ipods blasting in our ears as we give ourselves diabetes slugging down 32oz of soda, at least he’s outside in the sun. He should wear protective eye and ear wear but so what? You’re going to have to find something a lot worse than some guy shooting guns at bottles in rural america to get me upset about. I just hope he picks up the plastic bottles when he’s done. Please fellow liberals pick a cause worth while.

  34. Lame. I wonder if Russians were wearing ear and eye protection when they kicked the beef out of the Germans at Stalingrad? I’m married to a professional Russian. What’s funny is that what he is doing is totally American which is awesome. Hearing and eye protection? Are we building a bird house with power tools or something?

  35. look this guy is the shit combined with toilet paper he will wipe your asess at the sametime he shoots a gun.. look if your so conserned buy him all of that and stop crying about it fags i am 13 years old and i have shooten 3 or 4 guns and it is totally legal if you get a license for a gun well were i live and thats in new mexico oh and if i were to choose from a russian or some race else its totally RUSSIAN they will piss in your head while they take a shit in your mouth peace fps russia rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) remember you dont need eye protecion and ear protection outdoors in a long target range glases and ear protection is for pus to the sys. oh and im a subriber fuck yeah

  36. Whether or not his claims of himself being well versed in guns laws is true and does not do anything illegal (at least not on film ;), one things for sure, this guy can shoot and has a mega arsenal and is living the American hick dream 😀

  37. It is like my buddy who is Mexican but can not speak any spanish. Or the Chinnes guy that knows english real well but has the funny chinnes accent. Or the Guy from New Jersey or the Guy from Alabma or the Irish guy… All sound funny to me but all speak english

    Have a Nice Day…

  38. It’s just crazy how pansy-culture has taken over our country. Real men fought in the Philippines and Europe and killed our enemies without “hearing and eye protection”. And now everyone screams about it like the sky is falling. I’ve fired tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition through just about everything you could imagine and I’ve NEVER even ONCE had anything touch my eyes. I’ve fired AR-15’s, AK-47’s and AK-74’s without “hearing protection” and my hearing is STILL way above average. I’ve actually been tested by an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor in a sound proof booth and my frequency range was the highest they had ever tested, and the sound pressure level was beyond what their equipment could test!

    You should also be aware that under some circumstances (such as during the “Fight or Flight” response) your hearing is actually protected. It’s been documented in medical journals. A friend of mine who fought in Vietnam had M-16’s going off full auto to either side of him for hours at a time during battles (and grenades, and RPG’s…) and he hears just fine, despite being 50+ years old. He also still has good vision.

    It’s fine if a shooting range wants to have rules that you should wear them because their lawyer and/or insurance company require it. But it doesn’t make someone an “Irresponsible Gun Owner” if you don’t use them. That’s just absurd. Stop being such a wuss and find something useful to debate.

  39. Okay, to start of he is not a real Russian. His name is kyle and he has lived in America his whole life. He started off doing videos on youtube of CallofDuty gameplay and commentating it. Then he started posting videos of him shooting the gun that he was going to use in the gameplay in real life and putting it before the game. Everybody that was subscribed to him liked the actual guns a lot and he started getting more views and subscribers (as youtube is his job and he gets paid for it). Then his xbox broke so, he posted a video of him shooting it (as [almost] all of you are hating on). His guns are not all his. As said earlier, his local gun shop lets him use any gun he wants. He also can get guns like the 40mm machine gun (recently posted). Oh and the ear protection subject, he can do this weird thing with his ears where he can shut them. Don’t believe me, then go check out “Painkiller Already 54” on “woodysgamertag” channel. It is a podcast that he does with a couple of his friends. I’ve been subscribed to him for a while. Oh and stop the hating. It doesn’t make you cool.

  40. и вы хвороста думал, что я не мог говорить России. Я русский, вы, идиоты. See I am fpsrussia and im here to tell you beetches something. Fpskyle is a 17 year old kid. I am in my 30’s. HOW THE FUCK CAN A 17 YEAR OLD KID GET GUNS LIKE THE AK-47, AA12, AND 40mm. WAKE UP YOU IDIOTS. FROM THE REAL RUSSIAN HIMSELF, DMITRI POTAPOV: FOSRUSSIA. мира негров

  41. i.e. you dont need ear protection while shooting outdoors unless you are doing something with a muzzle break or a .50 cal, i almost never use ear protection while im out shooting. only when im indoors. sound dissapates when outdoors.

      • You don’t need to protect your ears OUTSIDE. The sound is pushed forward. The reason why it is needed inside is because the sound of said shot vibrates off the walls. He uses protection when he’s inside.

        • So you have never had ringing ears after you have shot any type of weapons out doors? About the only thing I don’t get ringing ears with is a 22. I am not a hearing specialist and this just my opinion but I believe there is still damage occuring just not as much as indoors.

        • haha… don’t need hearing protection. Ask me about it when you are fifty. No, don’t bother. Your reply will be, ‘Waaahhhhhh!?’ with a cupped hand over each ear.

        • You obliviously have NEVER shot any guns….. I was a .50 cal machine gunner in the marines and I still wear hearing pro when I’m shooting little ass 9mm. Go play somewhere else with the other 14year olds.

      • you should shut the fuck up, fps russia is a good friend of mine and he is russian. he does infact wear ear protection and eye protection. fucking troll

  42. I have spent a lot of time working with Russians, real Russians that is. mostly in Little Odessa by the Sea (Brighton Beach Brooklyn), In Forest Hills Queens, and other areas in the New York Metropolitian Area. He’s a reasonable mimic, but he’s not Russian, and he’s also not 17 either. He looks about 27. Very few gun dealers have 40 MM anti aircraft guns or the Ammo at their disposal, mostly because the ammo is about $125.00 a round

    • 145.000$ and on response to the other people that thinks he needs Ear protection.

      Do you see the army using ear protection? do you see police wearing ear protection? he isnt shooting missiles, wake up people

      and if the REAL FPSrussia reads this and not the cheap copies of him that go around using his channel name or a fake name using the information of his youtube account:

      Keep doing your Videos! they Entertain people!
      dont stop because stupid people thinks you are doing things wrong like if they where proffesional Shooters that want to come to teach you how to do things at their own asshole way!

      • The military and police forces use hearing protection when at the range. during combat they don’t as it hinders the ability to communicate.

      • Casey is right. I am in the Army and we use hearing protection any time we are firing our weapons (with the exception of blanks) almost all of our ranges are outdoors.

    • There is absolutely no way that you have worked with “Real Russians” in Brighton Beach because they’re all jews. FPS Russia looks like an ethnic Russian. I like him.

  43. привет кадров России было бы здорово видеть Вас провести Гэтлинг пистолет помните, что я использовал Google Translate так показать вам написать, чтобы испечь, как в английском приветствие Фокусное самый большой поклонник вашего

  44. I guess this article persuaded FPSRussia to use ear protection; he wears them in his new video: Exploding zombies. (outdoors too!)

    • I don’t have a russian keyboard overlay on this computer, but you should replace “yest” with “imeyte”. Otherwise your grammar’s off. And Potapov? Really?

  45. Your broken Russian hurts my eyes. And yet, what we do to service our egos goes a long way to obtaining a sense of merit in this defined reality. After all, if all it takes is suspension of disbelief, an accent, a camera and some firearms to feel orgasmic elation – or the stirrings of abstract anger – then we should count ourselves lucky and celebrate our sapience. With a gunwank.

  46. Who cares what nationality he is, let alone his real name. IT’S ENTERTAINMENT ON PURPOSE! Do you believe everyone on tv or in movies is portraying their real life self? Geez, it IS the internet (aka; easiest place to lie in the world!)!!!!

  47. I understand the realities of today’s legal system. Justice is half-dead and the laws we were not consulted in making are retarded beyond belief and all about money for the government blah blah blah. We all know this. FPS Russia is doing what he loves and making money doing it. I don’t care how he does it. His safety is HIS responsibility, just like my safety is MY responsibility. Everyone is so determined to force their way of doing things on others.
    Let FPS Russia do whatever the hell he wants as long as he doesn’t hurt anyone PHYSICALLY. I’ll watch his vids no matter what. Let people be (OMG!) responsible for their own actions. Novel concept.
    FPS Russia…if you read this…cheers brother. You are entertaining and I’m jealous as hell.

    • Yes man, you said it best. I agree whole heartedly. FPSRussia, I love your videos because I love what you do to demonstrate your firearms, your Call of Duty vids, and I especially love your sense of humor and candor. Haha… Hava nic dey

  48. I think R. Lee Ermey would be proud to see FPSRussia take over where he left off — thus far he has done quite the job of irresponsibly (but safely) blowing stuff up for entertainment.

  49. Mate I don’t give a damn if the guy doesn’t want to wear hearing and eye protection. It’s his choice not anyone elses if he wants to jump out of a plane with no parachute at 2000 feet with a smith and western trying to hit a target thrown out a moment earlier, while pepper sprayed. Thats HIS choice!!!! not yours or mine.. I mean sure I’d be worried for his life but it was his choice….. Justlet the guy do what he wants… long as it doesn’t directly harm someone or animal….. FPS Russia if you read this your awesome mate and don’t let all those people tell you otherwise!

  50. where does he live? because he said he lives near/around chicago. i live in northwest indiana and have been frequently hearing considerably loud explosions. so he could live out here this way.

  51. Ok, first off I dont give a flying crap if he’s really Russian. He demos awesome guns that most of us will never get a chance to play with. Secondly this whole eye and ear protection thing is so fucking stupid it makes me cry for humanity. Did the mafia or the fuckin cowboys wear ear protection? What a pussy remark. If you don’t like FPS Russia dont whatch his vids and even better, since you are all such fans of ear protection, next time you hear about him put on some.

    • “Did the mafia or the fuckin cowboys wear ear protection? What a pussy remark.”

      You really expect anyone to take that seriously? You are joking of course.

      I like FPSRussia. Nobody can make him use PPE, it is just a shame to watch him do damage to his hearing and risk his eyesight. Also when younger people watch some maybe get the wrong impression like the foolish idea that it is safe to not use hearing protection outdoors. Like I said, it is his business but reflects badly on him.

      I don’t care if he is Russian, he is entertaining.

  52. For all you tools that think that the world should be wrapped in warning labels and OSHA should regulate everything from cars to the way you brush your teeth.. piss off.

    If your so worried about what happens to your impressionable teens put down your I-Phone, stop worrying about what’s in style, get off your lazy irresponsible arse and teach your kids right from wrong and there you go, problem solved. Instead of being blind little following idiots they’ll actually have enough knowledge to make it in the world with out every thing being wrapped in bubble wrap.

  53. I would like to contact FPS Russian aka Dmitri Potapov, I am a TV development producer. Does anyone have a current email for him. Thank you, elle

    • he either buys them or tries them out because a store lets him try them out and he probably buys them there and this website he posted on one of his videos

    • Enjoyed your videos for a while, a bit surprised that you are using cheap trick like google translate. If you are not russian, it is a very good acting right there then.

        • hey i don’t care if your russian or not, but your just awesome! so just ignore the haters because they’re just jealous that they cant get their hands on AK-47s and such. so keep on making videos and have a great day

          p.s. im SuperDeathmachine1 on Youtube….please dont judge the name

  54. I laugh that you call me irresponsible. I’m at a private facility using guns in safe situations with tons of help… sure i wear no protection at sometimes but do you ever have sex with no condom?

      • I bet every single one of the people moaning about FPSRussia not wearing eye or ear protection when shooting. have at least once (but probably regularly) driven faster than the speed limit, or without a seat belt, or while intoxicated/sleepy.

        We all know the truth… you guys are just hating because none of you gets to do what FPSRussia does. When you do YOUR videos, feel free to protect yourself. FPSRussia has all the protection he needs… he’s a professional Russian. Can YOU say that?

        Can you?

        Didn’t think so.

  55. Leave Dmitri alone. He can do what he want. Can’t wait for the next video. ^ ^
    – forgive me if the english is bad –
    Ваш маленький український товариш.

  56. We need to figure out where FPSRussia Kyle Myers lives so that we can all go visit him all the time!

  57. Fps Russia is tougher, cooler,more accurate,more liked, and is just better than all of you morons so shut up and stop sitting behind your computer like a BEECH!!!

  58. irresponsible? he is shooting outdoors or in a safe enclosed environment. why don’t you bitch about people not being able to drive responsibly. More people drive than shoot guns everyday. i have almost been hit many times by dumbass drivers. I have never been shot. let the man do his thing. he is showcasing firearms, he is not starting WWIII. calm yourself down.

  59. We live in the country, and that’s how we do it. When someone rolls up on your property you don’t have time to put on eye and ear protection. We just point, click and watch em run!

  60. Failure to use PPE does NOT make you an irresponsible gun owner. An irresponsible gun owner leaves cartridges in the firearm(s), handles a firearm unsafely, other things like that. PPE is a personal choice. I don’t understand how someone could get so offended that someone chooses to not use it. You would have to argue that anybody mowwing their lawn has to wear PPE as well. PPE is a very good idea and easy to use but, come-on IRRESPONSIBLE??? I am sick and tired of people saying if they use PPE that makes them a better gun owner. Must be a Democrat.

  61. FPSrussia (dimitri)just showcases firearms and doesnt do anything illegal in any of his videos..yeah sure some of the firearms in his videos are a little bit hard to get but just because you are jealous and cant get ahold of any like he has doesnt mean you should look at all the bad things…try and pay attention to the entertaionment that is supposed to be put out in his videos..i do support him as a current command sergeant major of the united states army and who cares if he is russian or not its all for the business and if that makes business good then by all means keep telling people you are russian.

  62. Dear writer of this article,
    some of the guys who are writing comments are people who know their stuff. You do not have to wear ear protection while firing firearms unless if you want to or at a range where it specifies that you must or if otherwise listed to. I never wear ear protection or eye protection unless if I’m at a range.

    • I agree with the above and would argue that some of the comments here are from a bunch of girls including the writer of this article. Almost embarasses me that my video is on this site.

  63. i will agree does do some stuff but (shooting two aa12s) but eye protection is for people that probably shouldn’t handle guns in the first place, and he does wear ear protection when shooting the louder stuff or indoors.

  64. Damn fuckin neo cons. Who gives a fuck if he doesn’t wear ear or eye protection OUTSIDE. I would understand an indoor range. But this guy is pretty damn awesome fake or not.

  65. Hey Fps russia love ur vids wish i could get guns like dat but i live in new zealand and cant get them without lots of LICENCES make lots more vids
    ty josh

  66. Alot of you guys are just upset becuase your videos will never have as many hits and never be as badass as fps russias so you sit and cry like little jealous kids. If you dont like it dont watch and as always have a nice day beeches

  67. Ok all you fps russia haters. He lives in Georgia in the US and in the US its a free country and if he dosnt wear ear/eye protection its his personal choice. He posted a video of how he gets all of his guns and the legality of the guns he buyson his Facebook so go check it out. He odviously knows what he doing when it comes to shooting and allways keeps the gun pointed down at the ground or down range and when ready to shoot the chambers his gun and turns off the safty. So go chill your dill all u fps russia haters

  68. That’s the problem with today’s world.
    Too many assholes that want to tell you, how to live your life.
    Just my luck, to be born 200 years, too late.

  69. Drink more haterade guys. He does his own thing, he isn’t hurting anyone, the only people complaining are the ones who have nothing to do but sit around and troll videos. While most people think trolls are the ones who only comment on videos but this website is one big troll, they’re just jealous that they can’t get paid doing youtube videos that people genuinely enjoy.

      • We’re not commenting on your popularity. In fact I remember the editors here explicitly saying they admire someone who can figure out how to make a living on the internet.

        But being on TV doesn’t make you right, and it doesn’t mean you’re not irresponsible and dangerous. And the logical retort to your comment is “we can’t wait to hear what you say when your luck finally runs out and you lose an eye”.

        • Well sir, I see where your coming from. I understand that it’s hard for you to see what is happening due to the Lincoln log that got lodged in your eye when your mother dropped you, headfirst, on the floor, where there was a Lincoln log. Because of this “accident” you may want to take up more simple forms of enjoyment, more suited for you mental capacity, such as chewing on cabinets or talking to refrigerators. (refrigerators can be quite engaging). Good talk, seya out there. : )

          P.S. He wears protection when the guns can do damage to his ear or eyes. Do some research before you comment you fuck; and blow me, not literally though, unfortunately there is no promotion involved.

  70. Honestly, ear and eye protection isn’t that important when shooting outside. When I hit basic at Benning, we didn’t use eye protection, although I wore those little plastic ear protectors. Really didn’t need it, though, even indoors a .22 doesn’t produce excessive report, and I never wore eye protection.

    I wouldn’t call not wearing shooting goggles or hearing protection “irresponsible” either. I’d call covering bystanders with the muzzle, keeping your finger on the trigger when you aren’t firing, and generally being a dick with rifles “irresponsible”.

    FPSRussia isn’t irresponsible. He’s safer than a quarter of my BCT platoon was, no joke.

    • Never mind the ATF’s extra-legal shenanigans. That’s the scariest thing I’ve read in a long, long time.

      • Kathy is right about not using eye protection at Benning (or Riley, Hood, Bragg, etc). I attended Fort Benning’s School for Boys back in the day and experienced the same thing. We could not even wear sun glasses back then, but it appears the military has since lightened up on that rule. What really sucked was conducting live fire exercises without ANY hearing protection. Your ears would ring for days – just like going to a Ramones or a Motorhead concert. Pretty much everybody gets permanent hearing loss.

  71. Sweet weapons, fun shooter, awesome sounds (turn your speakers up loud)…. I have to wear ear protection when I listen on my PC, and so do the neighbors…. What’s not to like? It might be nice to have a babe shooter every now and then…. If you like this stuff then watch “Sons of Guns” on Discover. You won’t be disappointed….

  72. Hearing protection is important. Period. I served for 2 years in the Cuban Armed Forces before moving to the states, and I was an RPG-7 shooter. I hated practice and drill days, which were about twice a week. I had to go and blast off a prop tank about 200 meters away, after each shot you could’ve shouted into my ear and I would hear nothing. And it was 12 shots per team (shooter and loader).
    After a while I noticed that the ringing wasn’t fading, at all. I didn’t loose my hearing but I was severely handicapped and had to go through surgery. Oh and bye bye to my music production projects, I couldn’t hear notes over the 8th octave
    So I’d say, indoors or not, wear your damn ear protection dammit. You’re lucky enough to have it.

  73. Lets forget the eyes and ears for a moment, that’s Kyle’s choice. I’ve watched his videos since he first started firing real firearms, and he started to realize he could capitalize on these videos (not a bad idea). But as time progressed, the way he handled the firearms was irresponsible. Shooting behind your back, dual wielding , and firing at targets from 2 feet away with a shotgun is not safe. But what’s really disturbing, is his general audience is young teenagers who think he’s cool for doing these things, and now suddenly ask mom and dad how to buy assault rifles to blow up exploding zombie targets. He targets the “call of duty” audience (primarily teenagers) and gives them what they want, ludicrous videos of him doing unsafe and unnecessary tricks. Teach these kids, who unfortunately look up to you, how to safely handle firearms and to embrace the 2nd Amendment, maybe join the NRA, go out and take a firearms course, I honestly don’t care. But you’re tarnishing the reputation of gun enthusiast and avid shooters all over the country with your bullshit videos. Believe it or not,you’re a prime target for firearm restrictions or new bills that could one day surface restricting the one amendment that protects this beautiful country. Think about it, one day you will get to be my age and start to grasp the importance of what being a leader really entitles.

  74. Regardless of whether he is Russian or not or uses or does not use ear protection, he clearly never uses eye protection. All it takes is one round or one failed breach to blow up the gun and he is blind forever. Only an idiot shoots anything more than a .22 without eye protection.

  75. Does anyone tell you how to keep shit off your fingers when you wipe your ass? Let that man do his business while you mind yours!

  76. Stop crying , what he is doing and how he is doing it is perfectly fine. Go after the idiots who like to point “empty” guns at their friends for kicks

  77. Just stumbled into this site looking for some info on that hilarious kid “FPSRussia”.
    “The Truth About Guns” huh? Highly doubtful. Looking at the ‘about’ , I see, as I feared, the same know nothing clowns that write “The Truth About Cars”. I imagine they know even less about firearms, if thats possible. “ttac” is a sad joke. Furthermore, I see the “authors” are not only alumnus of the CommunistNewsNetwork, but several appear to be jewish. Others admit to being Washington bureaucrats. Given this, they obviously wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them.

    • I was right there with you until you played the anti-Semitic card. FYI: we used to call it Chicken Noodle News.

  78. Are you joking me? Have you ever shot a gun outside? There is no need to wear ear protection outdoors especially in a giant field like he is in. Yes he should be wearing eye protection, but ear protection is completely unnecessary .

      • Your just jealous of him.
        I have shot a gun out doors, and their really isn’t any need for it. people in the military dont always wear it. The eye protection thing? if hes not hurting anyone but himself he can do whatever he wants. just like when people choose not to wear helmets. same type of thing.

  79. LOL, this guy is a professional. People get all flustered about people not wearing all the safety gear, but it’s stupidity that causes gun mishaps, and he’s not stupid.

    Stop blaming responsible gun owners like FPSRussia.

    • Stupid is as stupid does. Refusing to wear protection is stupid, and it’s the exact opposite of responsible.

      • who honestly shoots with eye protection all the time anyway, you don’t see hunters in the woods walking around with goggles and ear muffs on, people need to learn to not criticize something you people clearly do not understand

  80. Don’t hate this guy for being awesome. You only wish you had the resources necessary to keep the word’s inanimate object population at bay. We’re being taken over by things and FPSRussia is fighting back, one .50 caliber bullet at a time

  81. He is a professional Russian. Don’t be beech! Think of the watermellon, pumpkin, and 2 liter pop bottle insurrections we would have on our hands if it wasn’t for him! FPS Russia FOREVER!

  82. This dude drove around town brandishing a 50 caliber BMG on top of an armored car. Irresponsible is an understatement, I don’t care what he does on the range, but that particular stunt chaps my ass.

    • Buncha dipsticks. I’ve watched all of this kids videos. He knows what he’s doing. Other than the eye protection he’s very safe. What’s your beef? Aside from a chapped ass that is? That .50 was safed, no ammo in the breech, Muzzle skyward. There is no brandishing. I think your main concern is that he has something you don’t and that’s tough. Give up the anal and grow a pair.

  83. @Ian Where else would one mount a Ma Deuce? I have never seen a holster for one. I loved that episode.

    If he wants to risk his own eyes and ears, personal decision. He checks for the weapon being unloaded, always keeps it pointed in a safe direction and repeatedly says “Don’t try this at home […]”. It is entertainment, not a howto or range safety class.

  84. Of course I’m sure all the soldiers in the world always wear ear and eye protection in combat. In fact I think everyone in WWII on D-Day was issued ear plugs and safety glasses before storming the beaches of Normandy. Yep it’s true. In the Old West too, before they could rob a bank of have a duel in the middle of the street, everyone had to wear ear and eye protection, it would just be irresponsible otherwise.

  85. Who cares, they’re his ears not yours, and the videos are about the bad ass guns he uses not whether or not he’s Russian. And he’s truly not all that irresponsible, coming from a veteran 11b who’s handled weapons since I could remember.

    • have handled alot of wepons and fire arms also and eyes ears only at indoor ranges due to safty rules… i dont know if i would fire a AA12 after plunging it under water but hay its nice to know that you can! and a fully atomatic glock17? there very little chance that a civilian will ever get there hands on one of those… not to mention some of the other wepons in his vidios. i think this guy is great and deserves respect

      • respect for what? teaching kids how to be as unsafe as possible while handling a gun? lets see if your still saying that if one day one of your family members gets shot due to some kid who was “just doing what this guy did on youtube” glorifying guns, it honestly makes me sick

        • What makes me sick is all this talk about “teaching the kids”. He is not in the school system teaching “Guns Handling 101”!! He is on youtube!! Each and every one of you finger pointers need to stop blaming everyone else for your kids problems. Man up and take responsiblilty for your children. If your kid shoots some one then own the fact that you failed as a parent, people like fpsrussia had nothing to do with it.

        • As unsafe as possible? No offense, but you have no idea what you are talking about here.

          As unsafe as possible would be doing this in a suburban backyard with an empty card board box for a backstop and pointing towards an elementary school playground while high on speed. I’ve never seen anything where he is a danger to anyone except, very arguably, himself.

          Long-term exposure to noise causes hearing damage, not a few gunshots. Millions of kids already have hearing loss from their Ipods, but I don’t see people policing youtube vids of Ipods.

  86. He’s providing over the top gun porn for the masses. I always wear ear protection, but: It’s not my ears and not yours. If he’s not hurting or posing a true threat to anyone else, there is no problem.

  87. He gets kids playing the video games interested in guns that might not be exposed to them. We need that or the commies will shut us all down.

  88. Roger has it so right , we have over a hundred thousand troops in the middle east right now with no required ear or eye protection. in fact I’d be willing to bet that most of our troops going house to house would consider ear protection a liability considering they might want to hear if someone could be waiting behind the next corner or door to ambush them or their companions. Ear protection is only required INDOORS due to the reverberation from the surrounding walls and eye protection has only been required to fire guns since all the sue happy nuts started emerging in the last few decades. Get over it and yourselves. We have far too many people in this country worried about what every else is doing instead of living their own lives .

  89. I laugh at some of you beeches that think I’m fake. And to the idiots that think Everything I do is unsafe, get a life, watch some of my videos, notice how I saw DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, I’M A PRO RUSSIAN, EVERYTHING I DO IS PERFECTLY SAFE AND LEEEEEEGAAL!!, and read the disclaimer in my video discriptions! This stupid country were they take порно знаменитых людей and annoy us all!!!! и как всегда, есть хороший день, если ваш ненавистник

    • Дайте им ад Кайл! Я думаю, что любой хороший русский (или южный мальчик) умеет стрелять из ружья в раннем возрасте. Эти парни просто завидуют вашему успеху!

      Я не знаю, как вы, но мне нравится моя порно, а если это какой-нибудь знаменитой Цыпочка-все к лучшему. У вас также есть хороший день! Вы должны сделать видео с Рэй Уильямс Junior.

    • me and the family were at a farmers market in gaylord michigan …. all those mellons and friut and vegetables … my 14 yr old son said we should do this russian style. lol we are red blooded americans and we love family freedom and fire arms

    • safe is a matter of opinion, your 360 sniping was not safe, and if you honestly think it is, then damn, i hope one day your grow up and take responsibility for what your showing kids to do, all these kids that think your awesome wanting to be just like you, wait till one of them kills someone trying some of the stuff you try. keep it in your back garden idiot, not on youtube. but im guessing from your last post, you dont know how to act mature or reply like an adult.

      • It really does blow my mind how people have to lay blame elsewhere! Has anyone ever heard the saying ” If your friend jumped off a cliff would you follow”? I do not necessarily condone FPS’s actions but I do find his videos interesting. For all those “safety nazie’s” do you let your kid’s randomly watch the internet, and or violent movies? Do you let them play violent video games? Who is to blame for that? The movie studio’s? The game makers? You are the parent step up and take action. Teach your child how to be responsible and inform them (as parents have done for eon’s) that just because you see something doesn’t mean you should do it!

  90. sorry but the guy is totallly Irresponsible, jumping around doing 360 no scopes with a sniper rifle in a field…… in what fucking insane persons mind is that safe? thousands of kids commenting on his vids thinking its awesome. im just glad my kids dont live in a country like that where guns are so easily available. makes me sick to think this is what kids will grow up to admire, an idiot with a big collection of guns, yeah kids thats what makes you cool, shooting randomly in fields and not knowing how to handle a gun safetly.

    • sorry to tell you but its easier to get guns in the u.s than any where else and if you take some time and teach kids about gun safety you will have no problems with them being an idiot with a gun I have seen what happens when you dont know anything about gun safety I got shot by my best friend because he was being stupid and almost killed me so teach anyone you can about being safe with a gun there not toys like so many people like to think

  91. It’s his body. If he doesn’t want to wear ear or eye protection, so be it. Plus, if he lost an eye shooting a video he’d probably get like 100 million views on it.

  92. He has tactical contacts, so no worries.

    Seriously, when at a range, always wear glasses and ear protection. Hearing damage is caused by long term exposure and ricochet is a danger to eyes. A damaged or mishandled firearm can also explode and you can’t always control someone next to you at the range.

    Where he is at the only real risk is catastrophic failure of the firearm and/or cartridge and he is an adult able to judge if that is significant to him. That risk is extremely low with a properly handled, modern, quality firearm. This is why most hunters don’t feel the need for safety glasses while hunting. They take so few shots in the field that the total risk is very low. For comparison, did you know your laptop battery could short out and badly burn your nether regions? Do you where an asbestos jock strap when using it? No, people just take that risk all the time.

  93. Your all missing something important! Like thinking like a Russian! He is double mind Fu****g you! He really is Russian, and speaking american is his 2nd language. Maybe he want’s you to think it’s just an american guy putting on a pretend show. Throws the beeches off! I read somewhere that he’s going to sweep across america like an angry dark cloud. o.o *hides*

  94. If he truly has filled out all the paperwork and he owns all the land he shoots on like he says its perfectly fine. If your outdoors and shooting hp isnt needed, in the videos of him indoors he does wear it. And goggles dont do much if theyre hit by a bullet of that magnitude. These arent red ryder bb guns he is firing. In some of his videos he even outlines safety features of a gun. sure he isnt the best influence on toddlers. But mature people its just fine. He isnt making some huge capital offense. If he was doing something illegal the government would have got him now and imprisoned (deported?) him. He has been doing this for several years

  95. In the army, you may wear eye protection but you do not wear ear protection. How many law enforcement officers use guns without ear or eye protection? Saying that he is irresponsible is stupid.

    • Maybe the Army didn’t use hearing protection in the 1940s. Now it is SOP, they carry them in a case attached to a belt loop in nearly all types of uniform. You try hitting a 155mm HE ied and not wear earplugs. You crazy. It only takes a second to put the stuff on. When you have 10,000,000 people looking at you, you should try setting an example.

  96. Why do you care so much about other people’s safety with firearms? It’s obvious when you damage your hearing – it causes discomfort. Why don’t you post an article about cooking without oven mitts on (rhetorical question)?

    It’s very easy to play the part of safety monitor. Everyone does just about everything wrong, from driving, to cooking, to shooting firearms. It’s also very annoying, and not very helpful, because also, people know exactly what they are doing wrong…

    So, when you tell people something they already know, you aren’t being helpful, right? That’s called being annoying.

    But then again, when you do everything 100% correctly, I suppose telling others they aren’t is a great form of entertainment for you. I’d love to watch you at the range for 5 minutes, or observe how often you switch lanes or make turns in traffic without signaling, because “I’m in the turning lane!!!” lol.

  97. Your just an being annoying by calling FPS Russia irresponsible for not using eye and ear protection, yeah he probably should, and I would encourage people to (I do myself) but you know if you want to or not after about 5 rounds at the range and your ears are ringing, but their his ears! He isn’t shooting at a road, or near people, and he is very safe with his guns, if anything he is inspiring to young people that guns (Even machine guns) can be handled safely and are NOT call of duty. So please stop thinking your some whistle blower if that’s all you can find from hours of his videos, just because your jealous of his success.

    • The problem is that he IS successful in his youtube viewings whether it is for “people of walmart” style entertainment or people actually think he is cool. Kids and new shooters watching his tomfoolery might actually think not wearing eyes and ears is a good thing. It really is irresponsible to mislead neophytes into an activity that can potentially result in a lifetime of consequences. All it takes is one piece of jacket fragment to hit the eye. Just think of all the times you got hit with spall at USPSA or IDPA matches.

      I really doubt Robert cares about FPSRussia’s success; it’s more so the irresponsible way he advertises our sport (and the awful fake accent).

      • Saying that young people might watch this and think that it’s cool to not wear hearing protection and thus, do so themselves is the same as saying that kids that play Grand Theft Auto will go out and kill hookers. The responsibility lies within each person. I’m so sick of people not taking responsibility for themselves. If you’re gonna shoot a weapon it is your and only your responsibility to decide if you’re going to wear ears and eyes.

        • Grand Theft Auto is a video game. This guy is actually filming a real event. Apples and Oranges. I definitely agree it comes down to personal responsibility.

  98. Well, if you watch the epicmealtime he is featured in, u will see that he knows the rules. But he dosent use them “beacause im an asshole.”

  99. eye protection is optional but can be good in some ways but it is just a piece of plastic covering your eyes just to make you feel better and ear protection isn’t really needed because lets say your in the military or a police officer when your in a fire fight you adrenaline is pumping and your brain automaticly lowers your hear capabilty and you can see in the videos that he get a real rush from doing what he does so enough said

  100. Its such as you read my mind! You appear to grasp a lot approximately this, such as you wrote the guide in it or something. I believe that you simply could do with a few percent to pressure the message home a bit, however instead of that, that is magnificent blog. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

  101. Your a clown. The guy puts out awesome videos and you cut him down. Must suck to stay at home all day and complain about what everyone else is doing, get a life dude. lol

  102. Get over it, just like motorcyclists who don’t wear helmets, he may not be perfectly safe, but he’s not hurting anyone, irresponsible implies he’s hurting others, I don’t see that happening. Get over it man if he wants to have fun and maybe in-danger himself, let him.

  103. who gives a shit who he is!he is blowing stuff up shooting guns and having fun while doing so evidently he is giving the viewers what we want and have been wanting to see for quite sometime! their are two kinds of people in the world these days the kind that worry about themselfs and do what they want to do then unfortunately we have the others as yourself and many others succeed at (worrying about what everybody else is doing with their time and trying to expose everybody else) for selfgratification like all eyes on me!hey everybody look at me! its people such as yourself that voted for obama and now repent the fact of the choice you made now thanks to your kind (the consumers) our country has ran straight into the ground.ask yourself how you feel about that unless you for some reason absolutely cannot comprehend what is being said to you.

  104. There is nothing wrong with not wearing protective equipment, I never do when I’m out shooting. Why? Because I’m out in large, open areas; plenty of room for the sound to vent. Don’t criticize people for being “irresponsible” or anything along those lines. People do what they want regardless of what you think. That is just the way that humans work.

  105. I gotta say, eye protection is the least of his irresponsibility. While shooting Epic Meal time a couple of weeks ago I was there to witness him pointing a handgun at another person and then pulling the trigger. Sure, the weapon was unloaded and did not have a magazine in it at the time…But that is irresponsibility at its MAX! I believe he also uses the same gun as a fork later in the shoot.

  106. It is ENTERTAINMENT ! And every person is responsible for their OWN SAFETY. I work for the U.S Gov. and my company gives us little mirrors that says SAFETY STARTS WITH YOU ! Stupid yet true. Get a life you miserable people and stop poking at other peoples success. You remind me of my Ex !

  107. I agree with Steve Jobs completely (great name, by the way). Until recently, there was no eye/ear protection on the range at Parris Island. Practice how you play, I always say. And yes, he’s not from Russia, He’s from Georgia, which was part of the USSR. I’m assuming he was born before 1991, so technically he was born in Russia, making him a real Russian…

    • No, no, no. Hes from the Lavonia, Georgia. Its a city in the US, which has never been a part of the USSR. His name is Kyle and he can’t speak Russian.

      I still enjoy his videos and find him entertaining…

  108. He wears ear protection inside because all the sound bounces around inside. But when he is outside he doesn’t need it because the sound is dispersed. He explains it in one of his videos.

    • I suppose I can ignore all that ringing after discharging a firearm without hearing protection despite being outside since FPSRussia said it was OK?

  109. So what if he doesn’t wear eye and ear protection! He can do what he wants on his own property when discharging his own guns. I probably would not either if on my own property and shooting my own guns. Come on! Find something better to bitch about.

    • The problem is him telling people in his videos that it is not necessary because he is not indoors. Try shooting a Marlin guide gun in 45-70 without ears. New shooters who just don’t know better might actually take his advice.

      • If you’re taking gun safety advice from someone on youtube who refers to himself by the acronym for a style of video game, you are asking for trouble.

        I take my safety advice from the GUN SAFETY COURSE I had to take before being allowed to even buy a rifle.

        Then again, I come from a country where we don’t believe it is a “god” given right to bear arms (read “man killing handguns and assault rifles”). I assume our average intelligence level to be slightly higher than that of the U.S.

        Seriously, caffeinated, that is like relying on Fox News to deliver accurate, unbiased information about world affairs… oh. Right.

        • Wow. Look at that smug attitude of superior intellect and training. How often do you see idiots imitating what they see in movies or TV?

          I’m not saying he shouldn’t be allowed to do what he wants and post the videos online. I’m just saying it is irresponsible of him (which is what the original title of the post is about). I know a few old timers who have hearing aids due to shooting an extensive amount of 22lr without hearing protection in their youth. I could go walking through “the hood” wearing a white pillowcase over my head because “it’s a free country,” but clearly that is:

          1. Not in my best interest
          2. Stupid and offensive

          If someone else wants to do that, I am OK with it. That is their right. Do I agree with it? No.

        • How braindead have we become as a society when we rely on entertainment to guide us as to what is right and wrong? If someone doesn’t realize that they need ear protection when there is a loud noise, then they will go deaf anyway. People need to start thinking on their own, the babysitting needs to stop, it only induces mental sloth.

          PS, greetings from Moscow, capital of the nanny state of Russia 🙂

        • “Then again, I come from a country where we don’t believe it is a “god” given right to bear arms (read “man killing handguns and assault rifles”). I assume our average intelligence level to be slightly higher than that of the U.S.”

          I assume not. “More intelligent” would require the knowledge that the handgun cannot kill of it’s own accord and so-called “assault rifles” operate in exactly the same manner as any other semi-automatic rifle. (Ownership of full-auto or burst-capable weapons have been regulated since 1934 and nothing that wasn’t on the national registry before 1986 may be owned by private citizens).

          You should probably take your own advice about biased “news sources”. You’ve obviously been listening to some yourself.

      • They’ll figure out the same thing I did:

        “$&*#@! Better wear earplugs from now on!”

        Anyone who take this guy’s advice as gospel and not entertainment probably would be better off finding a hobby that involves less dangerous stuff.

        Just my $0.02. Non-refundable. Offer not valid where prohibited by law.

  110. The truth about guns is… They make all men equal… You’re attempting to subtly superimpose your victim disarmament ideology on the public while acting as a “safe” gun advocate.

  111. I’m pretty sure he uses earplugs. As for his precious eyes, maybe you could be his nanny and write him a letter and tell him how much you love him and worry for him and blog about him?

    • He explains he doesn’t in some of his earlier videos. He should be allowed to post whatever he wants and do what he wants, but it is only my OPINION that it is irresponsible to new shooters recruited via Modern Warfare or some other computer game. Some of these kids play a game and think “Wow when I’m 18 I can get all that cool kit.”

  112. I’ve seen FPSRussia wear ear and eye protection on multiple occasions… Just not everytime. And I don’t see the problem with it. When I go out too shoot I don’t wear anything but the clothes on my back. Unless I’m indoors, I wear ear protection.

  113. Oh wow such a troll…you dont always need ear protection out unless your using a unsupressed high powered rifle or something similar and its tons different outside than in because inside the sound is contained and doesnt disperse. So please go be a troll and rag on someone about something you actually know something about

    • You do realize even 22lr at134dB will damage your hearing over time. I’ve met plenty of old timers at the range and even one of my high school teachers that attribute their early onset of hearing loss to constantly running around the woods with a 22 when they were younger. You should also realize this site promotes safe gun handling. Although FPSRussia is perfectly within his right to do whatever he wants to do and post it to youtube; I still find it irresponsible when you consider how many new shooters enter the shooting sports as a result of media.

  114. Be assured, he’ll eventually be wearing hearing protection or hearing-aids outdoors. The damage of all kinds of noise is something you simply don’t come to fully appreciate until your hearing is damaged.

    I’ve no problem with people criticizing safety who aren’t safety instructors. I’ve learned most I know in this world about safety from amateurs who were kind enough to let me know what I was doing wrong before I found out the hard way.

    What he’s doing is foolish and it’s his God-given right; but don’t take the extreme stance and be silent when there are people glad to listen!

  115. I am an ardent fan of the guys videos. I am a die-hard libertarian liberal queer atheist and ardent owner of guns. I love his comments with the Russian accent even if he is not Russian/Georgian (old Soviet NOT RUSSIAN), Latvian, Estonian or whatever ex-soviet slave state. However one video he is riding a Warsaw Pact APC into a McDonald drive thru but I could not identify the wording on the sign. He also addresses the camera but not in ENGLISH but with english subtitles. So that said. In the words of the JOKER in Batman: WHERE DOES HE GET THOSE WONDERFUL TOYS!?!?!

    I mean!!! riding in a APC to McDonalds? Firing AA-10, Chain Machine guns, Barretts, 50 cal Machine guns, German, American, Dutch, Russian miltitary arms with full automatic!?!?! He is living my life and he is less than half my age. My envy is overwhelming.

  116. Give the guy a break. I have the ringing of amplifiers in my head from years ago. One day, my daughter and I were out shooting, and, missed by me, she didn’t have her ears on. I didn’t either. We were so focused on safety regarding muzzle position that we forgot it. She pulled the trigger, it went bang, and she looked at me with that puzzled my ears are ringing for the first time look, and hasn’t forgot her ears since.

    The whole fpsrussia idea is genius, in that he has gotten himself to the point that he can pretty much shoot anything he wants! I’m waiting to see him press a Tomohawk button!

  117. So Fps Russia is an irresponsible gun owner because he doesnt wear hearing protection. Sounds to me like the self rightious preaching of soccer moms and dads that insist that everyone at the skatepark wear pads and helmets regardless of whether or not you are at the age of consent. Please, S.T.F.U. If you need a role model for your kids or your neihbors kids then be one. Fps Russias ears are his own. And, how the heck do you know that he doesnt wear hearing protection? There are some nice low profile ear plugs on the market. Focus on important safety issues like accidental / unintentional and negligent discharges. You know, it may just be paranoia on my part, but i detect the faint spoor of bull most commonly emanated from the mouths (or keystrokes) of gun controll advocates just from the name of this website. The truth about guns? Or opinion about guns?

    • FPS has publicly declared that he doesn’t wear ear protection (although he clearly does on some videos). He is a role model for millions of young people.

      ALso note: TTAG does not allow flaming of the website, its authors or fellow commentators. I am not about to engage in a debate about our editorial style or stance underneath an unrelated post. I will let this comment stand. Please direct any further questions or comments to [email protected].

  118. Delete it. I challenge your objectivity. So i made a mistake in placing my comment, I made it plain as to what i was responding to. And if you didnt want to debate then why reply? I didnt expect a reply from an admin, had i, in hindsight i would have expected dismissal. This is because of your attitude towards Fps Russia. His videos arent safe handling instructionals, you do realize this? Really, what do you have against him? A campaign of insulting tee shirts and bumperstickers for profit? Childish. Also, your editorials are full of crass comments and inane criticism for Fps Russia but my comments are “flaming”? go ahead, delete me. Censorship: the eighth deadly sin.

  119. Delete it. I challenge your objectivity. So i made a mistake in placing my comment, I made it plain as to what i was responding to. And if you didnt want to debate then why reply? I didnt expect a reply from an admin, had i, in hindsight i would have expected dismissal. This is because of your attitude towards Fps Russia. His videos arent safe handling instructionals, you do realize this? Really, what do you have against him? A campaign of insulting tee shirts and bumperstickers for profit? Also, your editorials are full of crass comments and inane criticism for Fps Russia but my comments are “flaming”? go ahead, delete me. Censorship: the eighth deadly sin.

  120. dranomilkshake is right in every since. i think that FPS Russia is in charge of his own life. you guys or mostly girls (not to be sexist) do not relize that it is your choise if you want to be like FPS Russia. and besides when i go shoot i always bring a medkit just like FPS Russia and i always go shooting with a buddy. and as long as you know how to shoot a rifle i think anyone should be able to own a gun just because its also everybodys right to do so (right to bear arms-bill of rights). so i think i made my point clear that you should all get off of FPS Russia’s back because by annoying him you are annoying me.

    • And your point? If you want to fake an accent, act stupid, and post it publicly it is within your right. It’s within my right to criticize and make fun of you. That’s the great thing about America.

  121. Ok im gonna sound like a pacifist ass here.I dont care about the safety measures he takes in his videos,and i also dont give a shit if he blow up himself,cause his videos are not ment to be educational but entertainment.I also believe guns save lives as much as they take.Whats weird is that none of u worry that this guy is so popular to so many underaged people?Arent u at least a bit troubled that kids like so much guns?Am i an alien here?

  122. Facts about FPSRussia.
    1. He’s not Russian
    2. He lives in Georgia, USA
    3. His name is Kyle
    4. His accent is definitely fake
    5. He use to make COD videos.

    As for safety; It’s not a big deal if he shoots these weapons outside in the open. Videos where he is shooting guns inside a firing range with closed walls and a ceiling he wears protection for his eyes and ears. He’s probably got more gun knowledge than anyone who dares to question his safety precautions.

  123. Yes his accent is fake, yes all the weapons he has are legal for HIM to own. You can buy and sell just about anything with the proper funding and paperwork. Yes including explosives and such. Check out the BATF website to get documentation and papers to apply if you think im full of it.. This guy does a lot of shit on the net and is pretty good at it I might add. No different then Gunny or someone like that. He just works under different names. Look up FPS kyle on youtube. Pretty much how it started. He does blogs, internet shows, FPSrussia and other suff im sure. So many stupid people like to troll the internet. Always a jack ass that has to say something is wrong or stupid. Just crawl back under your rock. I dont think anyone cares to read your crap post.

  124. It is true but he will not admit it… as i mentioned it to someone on his video comments . apparently he is so afraid to admit it that he blocked me from his channel but i think his camera man learned his lesson when it comes to him and explosions.
    he was hurt pretty bad… i bet he plays with his weapons in his house like they are toys. to end this comment i would like to explain that just because you have money to buy guns, doesn’t mean you have money to buy back your hearing or even… your life

  125. Oh no, someone is gunna lose their hearing while firing a gun?
    Let us not count the dozens of people that die every year from gun accidents. Hearing loss would be my last worry.

    Also oh no, a TV style show has someone ACTING? With a fake voice? and a fake accent? oh no!
    youtube is full of lies! What has the world come to?!

    More reviews, less bashing or some dude sharing his hobby!

    His land, his money, his guns, his personal safety. He has NEVER done anything to endanger someone around him that didn’t agree to it.

  126. Thank you for another informative website. Where else may just I am getting that type of info written in such a perfect method? I have a challenge that I am just now operating on, and I’ve been at the glance out for such information.


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