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I believe in Constitutional Carry. An American citizen should be able to walk into a gun store, show a real ID, buy a gun, buy some bullets, put some bullets into the gun, stick the gun in his or her pocket and walk out. Period. Obviously, there will be a “transition period.” For a decade or so stupid people with guns will shoot themselves or someone else who doesn’t need shooting. For them, tragedy. For society, win! After the initial spike, we’ll live in a safer world. There’s a word for this process: Darwinism. Even without Constitutional Carry, we can see firearms-related natural selection in action. Although I created IGOTD to improve firearms safety, sometimes, well, here’s the story via . . .

A central Pennsylvania man is recovering from a broken jaw after prosecutors say his girlfriend shot him as they played a version of blind man’s buff—with a gun.

Authorities in Dauphin County say 29-year-old Ryan Martin and 20-year-old Erica Clayburn face charges after the shooting last month in Hershey.

Prosecutor Fran Chardo says the game involved Clayburn holding the gun with her eyes closed and Martin going somewhere in the room.

Chardo tells WHTM-TV that Clayburn would the pull the trigger when Martin said the word “gun.” This time, though, it was loaded.

As Mike at says, a swing and a miss. Other than that, I got nothing.


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  1. Their both idiots, I’m surprised that they didn’t play russian roulette with a semi auto.

  2. Why were these two charged with conspiracy, reckless endangerment and assault? It’s against the law to be stupid? The only people hurt were them. Hmmm. Must be election time in Dauphin County. DA Chardo is Tuff. On. Crime.

  3. Conspiracy? What were they conspiring to do…other than incrementally purifying the gene pool?

  4. … Clayburn would the pull the trigger when Martin said the word “gun.” This time, though, it was loaded.

    Which begs the question, what is the point of this activity if the gun is NOT loaded?

    We really must get guns into the hands of more of these people. Just think how much safer the roads would be.

  5. Mensa members they’re not. If brains were gunpowder, those clods couldn’t blow their noses.

  6. Dear Dumb People,

    If you want to play games with a gun, there are many fine examples from NERF. Please use real guns only for real gun situations, such as shooting something you want to stop, kill and/or destroy.

    Thank you,


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