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If men are from Mars (solution-seekers) and women are from Venus (empathy junkies), the news media is from Venus. Click to to watch a TV-led kumbaya klatsch of police officers who survived the recent cop shop invasion. TTAG has already taken the po-po’s response to pieces, analyzing their ineffectual response to the shotgun-wielding perp. We’d love to get access to the officers, to respectfully ask them . . .

what strategic mistakes were made—and many were—so that cops could be better trained for this terrible, terrifying eventuality. clickondetroit doesn’t even raise the issue, opting for testimonies of survival bonding with the standard media money shot: a quivering chin during admissions of mortality and protestations of brotherly love.

Which tells us what, exactly? That cops are people too? Yes, well . . .

Note to TV producers: the cops weren’t “ambushed.” Lamar Moore attacked them. He invaded the police station. Mars may not be the kind of place to raise your kids, but I’m afraid I’m with previous TTAG commentators: survivors are not heroes. They are survivors. Heroes are people who do something brave, courageous and effective.

I don’t mean to be mean about the meme. Hang on; did I hear the reporter say that one of the victims forgives the madman? Anyone who hasn’t seen the video want to guess the gender of the officer who’s given Lamar Moore a pass? [Click here for the raw video] The reporter? The producer?

Objection your honor! Irrelevant! Counsel is inflicting prejudicial sexist claptrap on the jury. Withdrawn.

At the risk of going all Old Testament Dirty Harry on this thing, may Lamar Moore rot in hell. Sympathy for the Devil is a great song but a lousy way to stay alive. Especially if you’re a cop. To serve and protect does not mean to forgive and forget.

Witless emotional pandering at the expense of valuable insight leave me cold. But then it would; in fact I’m as cold as Hell. A guy. A guy who realizes that acknowledging your mistakes is the first step to rectifying them. Or at least knowing what to do next time.  Yad vashem.

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  1. Rot in hell he will, and why would anyone forgive some scumbag who just tried to murder you and your friends.

      • Kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, and rape of a 13 yr old I believe was the case. And his brother was sentenced on a murder conviction the next day. A great family there.

    • “Why would anyone forgive some scumbag who just tried to murder you and your friends?” Because it is the Christian thing to do. I realize that not everyone is a Christian (and among those who consider themselves to be, not all are committed to it) but some are. I have no idea who this officer is–whether or not she’s Christian, or anything else about her–but she’s a forgiving sort, and that’s okay. Just because a person does something you cannot wrap your head around doesn’t mean they’re wrong to do it.

  2. Rot in hell? Fuck him? Lamar Moore is the only true hero of the story. Fuck the police.

    Maybe the sun always shines where you live, but here in Detroit, the police are the largest criminal gang on the streets.

    If you’ve never been threatened with arrest (and forcible rape by the other occupants of the government cage), shaken down, had drugs planted in your car, and told to “take your white ass back to the other side of 8 Mile,” all because you stopped at a gas station/food mart to get a jug of milk on your way home from work and parked crooked in one of the available spots – I invite you to come to Detroit and see some of these “heroes” in action.

    • I quoted what you said to a friend who has lived in and around Detroit for a long time, and he said, “Yep… that’s Detroit.”

      • Well, I have a hard time with those statements. My brothers are DPD. As well as many friends. For the most part, they are not a corrupt gang. They are overworked, under equipped, understaffed,and under-trained. All of that in nearly the worst possible circumstances. With the least educated and most violent population. The most corrupt and incompetent politicians in the country. And they go out every day (and night in one case)to try to make it a little better. OR keep it from getting worse.

        As for the performance of those officers during the shootout…

        Well, I don’t know if any of us would do better. I think I would hide under a desk too if some rapist with a shotgun came blasting.

        I know an awful lot of us are better trained than the average DPD officer. Their firearms training is rather poor. I have been at the DPD range before. I out shot every one but 1 SRT officer. And only because he was better with an AR that I was. With a pistol, I was better.

    • Lamar Moore is no hero. The cops may or may not be corrupt in Detroit (I’ve made efforts to never be there myself, so I haven’t a clue about their conduct) but dirty cops don’t make criminals heroes. Lamar Moore was a criminal who tried to murder people. Whether the people he tried to kill are good or bad people, he doesn’t deserve to be spoken of with reverance.

  3. I’d like to ask the cops if in a situation like that they would prefer to have 10 rounds in their magazine or more than 10 rounds in their magazine. And if they say more than 10 rounds, I would ask them why they feel they need that many rounds to protect themselves against one person. And then, after getting the answers I assume I would get, I would tell all the “high-capacity” magazine grabbers to be quiet from now on and let the adults talk.


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