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First, he racks the slide while placing his hand over the ejection port (the hole out of which the spent casing fly). This can lead to an extremely dangerous situation whereby a bullet still in the gun remains in the gun, with another coming in from behind. Not only does the resulting “double feed” stop the gun from operating, but it could also lead to an explosion in the barrel . . .

Second, demo boy’s finger should be nowhere near the trigger when he’s racking the slide (loading the gun). Equally dangerous: he starts his string (series of shots) with his finger on the trigger. That’s bad training, as it programs his subconscious to fire every time he brings his weapon to bear. In the heat of the moment, that could lead to a negligent discharge, such as shooting too soon, shooting the wrong person.

Third, when he begins shooting, he removes his left pinkie from his grip. That’s not helpful in the accuracy department; the gun is more likely to move around as he fires. A shooter is responsible for every bullet he or she fires. Accuracy saves lives.

Fourth, demo boy’s left thumb is in the wrong position. It should be under the right thumb on the left hand side of the gun. Crossing the thumbs likes this risks slide bite (the gun’s slide comes back and tears a big chunk off the top of his left hand). Again, that could throw off your shot and lead to the death of an innocent civilian.

Fifth, what’s with the head shots? A self-defense shooter should always aim for center mass–aside from some very unusual circumstances (I don’t think a pigtail wearing girl would also be wearing body armor).

To show this to the general public as a demonstration of proper technique is unsafe. Shame.

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  1. Well, everyone knows them thar fangled things are only used to kill people. If they actually learned about firearms and firearm safety they would not be able to maintain the position that guns are “evil.”

  2. Come on man, its not like liberals own these things! How are they supposed to know how to responsibly shoot a gun?

    • Hey now, I know plenty of liberals who own guns. And know how to safely operate them. They are a minority, but they exist.

  3. Well, it’s not like he knows anything about guns…much stupid in that video. The stupidity sure outshines any point he tried to make.

  4. I’m still laughing over the whole “assault clip” business. I think I’ll jump into my assault car and take a ride to my assault gun dealer and buy a few assault clips. And then, like Jimmy Buffet, I’ll be searchin’ for my lost shaker of assault. Haaaaaaaaaaa.

  5. Not a single recrimination of the use of “clip” vs “magazine”?!

    Edit: never mind… you got it in the other one. Perils of “newest post first”.

    Crawling back under my rock now.

  6. Re point 4

    [Handles gun]
    Q: “Does your gun bite?”

    A: “No, my gun does not bite.”

    [fires gun — slide bites thumb]
    Q: [bleeding] “I thought you said your gun does not bite!?”

    A: “That’s not my gun.”

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