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  1. That is surprising. Still won’t get it passed though.

    Earlier in the year SC’s chief LEO came out for constitutional carry. I guess they’re not all jackbooted. Just most of them.

  2. I’m shocked! These men are doing the right thing by attempting to help law abiding citizens gain their right to carry a handgun.

  3. That’s what I was hearing from all the LEOs that I’ve been talking with. They like the fact that citizens have the right to protect themselves legally. They recognize that a lot of people, including myself, semi illegally, protect ourselves in our homes. Hopefully I can extend the bubble of protection beyond my hand to hand skill and my 2 inch chicago legal folder.

  4. Wow! I hope they can survive the wrath of the Mayor and the Mayor Elect. It would suck if they all ended on the unemployment line next week…

  5. There’s a Chicago Police Lieutenants Association? What, is there a separate group for sergeants? Captains? I’m glad to see the support for concealed carry by anyone in uniform in Chicago. But who knows how effective they could be if there were something like the Chicago POLICE OFFICERS Association. Just a thought.

    • Most large cities have separate unions for the various rank divisions. I’m sure Chicago is like NYPD in that there is the PBA (Policemens Benevolent Association), SBA (Sergeants’ Benevolent Association) DEA (Detectives’ Endowment Association) and so on. The reason behind it is because each division has specific needs to address on behalf of it’s constituency, as well as the fact that aside from detectives anyone of rank above a police officer is “management” and just like any other workplace they are not members of the same union as “labor”. This coming from a lieutenants’ association holds much more weight than if it were issued from the rank and file of the department, since this comes from much higher up the food chain, and thereby basically includes those under them.

  6. Funny, the usual line is that it will make their jobs more difficult parsing out the good guys from the bad guys. Glad to see not all officers see the issue as that cut and dry.

    From a crime stats perspective, doesn’t “attempted” robbery look better on their books than any of the worse options?

  7. LTs aren’t high enough up the food chain to be wholely political animals like the CPTs and Chief and Deputy Chiefs. Good to see them take that step. Hope it doesn’t hurt them down the road.

  8. Hmmm, I hope I’m not the only one copying the file (letter) and mailing it to as many places in Illinoise as I can find addresses to! …And a couple to the white house, my senator and representatives as well.

  9. What a great beginning! The people of Illinois have a long battle ahead to be able to exercise their Constitutional rights, but keep up the fight!

  10. Unless the people of Illinois are willing to protest in support of the bill, it will not pass. The people of Illinois and everywhere else must stop expecting others to do their jobs for them. We must stand for our rights or we deserve no rights.


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