Pity the poor policeman. No really. Not only do they have to respond to a huge variety of potentially dangerous situations, they have do so “by the book.” The tome in question is thicker than a phone book (you remember them). It contains rules and regulations that dictate how, when, what, where and, yes, why the officer should perform a particular course of action at a particular time. If a firearm is involved, the officer will have to explain how his her behavior conformed to established departmental guidelines. And he STILL might get sued or lose his job over some technical infraction. Such as . . . leaving your AR-15 “assault rifle” on the hood of your car. Dayton Officer James Hardin did just that and returned to find the weapon had taken wing. WHIOTV.com takes up the story from there: “He said he had been handling a theft call near Wayne and Wilmington avenues and had apparently left the rifle on the hood of his cruiser when he drove away. Police said an intensive investigation brought them to a house on Brumbaugh Blvd., which is where they found the rifle, $4,500 in cash and some marijuana.

Officers said the gun changed hands multiple times before getting to the homeowner in Trotwood.Sgt. Kelly Hamilton said, ‘He cooperated fully. He stated that he bought the rifle from another individual.’ The FBI is now investigating the case. The homeowner was not arrested. Dayton police are not commenting if the officer who initially lost the rifle will face any disciplinary action.” Perhaps he should have to carry something a little more . . . memorable?


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