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I remember when I was young and naive.

Back then, the idea that a senile old man, who even forgets the existence of the administration he was part of, would be a credible presidential candidate would have been laughable. That same candidate adopting a platform plank of strip mining and polluting the planet to appeal to environmentalists would have been a real WTF moment.

But that was then and this is now. And if you believe polls, he’s going to win.

Last year, I mildly took author Sarah Hoyt to task for supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy. He is no friend to freedom. But that was then. Since then, we have Democrat candidate who wants to defund the police while depriving honest, law-abiding gun owners of the most effective tools of self-defense. Even as criminals are being released en masse — probably with gift cards — over a common cold virus.

Meanwhile, mayors encourage rioting and looting, or demand federal law enforcement stop enforcing the law. Back then, it would have seemed insane. Now, it’s real. And just as insane. But it’s real. And yes, those mayors also want the honest people disarmed. For the rioters’ convenience.

The nation is falling apart far faster than I would have believed possible just last year, and I was pessimistic then. I owe Sarah an apology.

I could hold my nose and cast a Trump ballot, but while I don’t believe the election polling, I fear the Democrats have a lock on sufficient election fraud, or they will if we go to mail-in voting nationally.

If you haven’t been paying attention, Biden’s “gun violence” plan says . . .

This will give individuals who now possess assault weapons or high-capacity magazines two options: sell the weapons to the government, or register them under the National Firearms Act.

There is a third option, and you’d better be ready to exercise it.

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  1. What we are living through is the logical end game to the cultural changes wrought in the 1960s. The country is not going back to what it once was. And, despite all of their detailed (and insane) plans, the Left will not turn the country into what it wants, because, by definition, these plans defy reality. The short and medium term will see growing chaos, and it will get bad. I believe that states will secede in defiance of a federal government in control of the Left. I believe that the borders of several nation states in North America and Europe will change. Our standard of living is going to plummet. There is a good possibility of a global war.

    The long term? Nothing less than the economic and cultural fall of the West. In ten to fifteen years, this country will not be recognizable to anyone, and will not resemble the hopes of anyone.

  2. You all act like Biden’s the real candidate! If the unthinkable happens and he should win, he’ll be kicked to the curb for one reason or another and his DNC hand picked running mate will step into the role!

    • Precisely. I think Biden would be president for about 30 minutes before an unfortunate accident causes the VP to take over and then…

      • No need to kill him. They can remove him for “Inability to discharge Powers and Duties” under the 25th Ammendment and have his VP succeed him. The only question is what makes up “majority of […] the principal officers of the executive departments” if his Cabinet nominees aren’t confirmed yet.

      • Exactly. The 25th Amendment will come into play. Biden will be removed and never know the difference. The VP pick should be more concerning than Joe’s presidency.

  3. Did you not vote orange in ‘16? He hadn’t banned the bump and Biden’s gun platform is nothing new.

  4. Biden is a sock puppet for the Democrat establishment, a mere figurehead. Most dangerous will be all the functionaries sucked into office in his wake. Bureaucrats, judges, regulators…the list is endless, as is the damage they’ll do if they gain control of the House, Senate, and Presidency.

    Every Republic faces a critical deflection point and ours is coming this November.

    • Yawn, it’s like reading a child’s tantrum – whatever it is you want at the moment, the world is coming to an end if you don’t get it. Hopefully a loss in Nov. will learn ya’ some character but I doubt it.

      • If you were not deluded you would understand people’s concerns. It is not a tantrum, it is people who believe in the first and second amendment facing Marxists. The Marxists have drawn the battle lines and their first priority is to make white people bow and apologize for something they had no part of. Their other priority is to destroy the nuclear family. This my friend is how to take over a country and gain power. It is nothing less and much more.

        • You’re not paying attention, my point isn’t what he’s concerned about. I don’t care, unlike an entitled righty I don’t think people owe it to me to share every one of my values. I’m not one of the dozens on here every day wringing their little handsies about anti-gun people having the audacity to be anti-gun yet again, in yet another 24 hour period. Right, how dare they?

          My point is he’s being a drama-llama about what will happen if it doesn’t go his way. You are too, you’re just adding frontier gibberish, good job.

        • History is rife with such “drama-llamas” and their ACCURATE but ignored dire predictions. What’s happening now in the west is exactly what’s happened immediately before a notoriously deadly dictator took power in at least a dozen other regions, in the last 100 or so years; there’s video footage of same for many of these examples.
          I don’t care if people don’t share all my values, but to participate in a free society there are certain non-negotiables like private property and self defense. I dare say the “Bill of Rights” should be a bare minimum. Once you have half an entire generation who do NOT value those things, war is inevitable; or submission…

        • The “Green New Deal” by AOC and her radical counterparts will raise most people’s taxes, create a much larger federal government to carry it out along with far more regulations than what we have today. No doubt “gun control” will be part of the package along with elimination of the ban upon letting in people from the Middle East that are potential terrorists and the outlawing of “Islamophobia” (aka a justified fear of Muslims based upon their previous terrorist activities here in the US).

      • I hope you get what you think you are wishing for. My son miner sure wants it for you. Now be a good boy, shut up and keep digging that ditch there. Its definitely for drainage. /not sarc

    • Yeah, sort of like the permanent 4th branch of government workers that followed obama. The office is more than the office and sometimes putting decent people in key positions is enough.

    • “the damage they’ll do if they gain control of the House, Senate, and Presidency.”

      Right, the Democrats controlled the house, Senate and presidency from 2008 through 2010, and all they did was authorized concealed carry on hundreds of thousands of acres of federal lands, legalize bump stocks and pistol braces.

      Yeah, you’re right we don’t want the Democrats in control, they might legalize suppressors or pass national CCW reciprocity.

      And then what would the Republicans whine about?

      • If you actually believe what you are saying, you have not been paying attention. I’m generally a very skeptical person. I’m also not a young man. If this comes to fruition, you are going to feel it.

  5. Trump is an imperfect vessel. With that said… He gets my vote any day if the other side is a marxist revolution. Say what you want about Trump, but he isn’t a marxist and he does love this country. We can argue the specifics of his constitutionalism(or lack there of). We can’t argue that a marxist revolution is the furthest thing from adherence to the Constitution. And no, I don’t believe the “polls”.

    • Trump ain’t perfect, who is? But he got a lot of s#it done for us the past few years. He has my vote also. In the meantime we not worry, prepare for SHTF, convert and support new gun owners, teach our youth, join several gun orgs, vote with our wallets and ballots, stay vigilant.

      • Really? Like what? Install judges that are solid statists? Ban bump stocks which will be weaponized to be used to eventually ban all semi autos? Providing tax cuts to the extremely rich?

        This guy is not as fast as the Democrats in undermining the US, but he is on the same track.

        • So you’re saying that you’d prefer someone who will go full throttle to undermine the country? Thinking that someone without an R or D endorsement is going to win this year is delusional, and voting otherwise is just abdicating the decision to others.

  6. I have zero sympathy for politically inept crybabies who have to apologize to their disgruntled thin skinned bump stock buddies in order to justify voting to reelect the POTUS. If you could not see the bump stock contraption was an accident waiting to happen then you need to grow up. Plenty of other options available for those who want to pretend they own a machine gun including owning the real deal. More guns, more accessories, more more more than any other time in US History and you still have ungrateful spoiled brats whining about their bump stocks. If hilliary rotten clintoon was POTUS the crybabies wouldn’t have a rifle to shoot or a pot to piss in.
    If you are looking for perfection buy a Glock. If you want perfection in a POTUS it ain’t happening so you can only do the best you can. If I had my way Dan Bonjino would be POTUS, Ted Nugent VP.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

    • It’s not really about the “bump stocks” themselves.

      Personally I think they’re dumb but the issue here is the rewriting of black-letter law by the issuance of an opinion letter. That’s a goddamned dangerous precedent if it’s allowed to stand.

      As I noted at the time, it’s strange behavior for Trump. He appoints judge after judge that, at least on paper, would tell him to F.O.A.D. on the bumpstock thing specifically because it’s a rewriting of black-letter law without Congress but then he does it anyway. Almost like he wants it struck down. Regardless of how anyone might feel about the ban or the man, it’s damned strange behavior from a guy who’s 1) smart enough to see this contradiction and 2) has a metric fuck-ton of advisors who must have pointed out said contradiction had Trump himself missed it.

      When you play chess and you see a smart opponent do something that appears really stupid, like blatantly obviously paint-chips-for-breakfast retarded, the first thing to do is stop and assess the situation carefully. You might have just witnessed them make a mistake. If so, so much the better for you. OTOH, you might have just witnessed them bait a trap. The really clever ones have thought this out numerous steps in advance. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna work. But it does mean you should tread carefully.

      • Well, if Trump’s plan was to have his mind-numbingly bad precedent overturned by America’s judiciary, he definitely made a mistake.

        Personally, I think he made a blunt calculation about political benefit (being hounded for years about something it’d be virtually impossible to defend in the court of public opinion vs. making a small number of hardcore gun enthusiasts angry) and didn’t think about whether it might deep-six the rule of law.

        • Perhaps. Perhaps not. I don’t pretend to read minds. I’m simply pointing out that it’s damned strange behavior for a guy who loves “winning” so much.

          Being an avid cheater and then picking square refs makes little sense no matter how stupid the person doing it is. Morons have figured this out for many years.

        • Well, yes, but he didn’t have anything to lose; it was just a quick, temporary, cheap win.

          The constitutional rule of law in this country stands to lose big over it, because if it survives (as I think it has and will; the judiciary is not to be trusted), the progressives are going to fully weaponize the precedent next time they sit in that seat

          But we’ve seen over and over again that Trump doesn’t really care much about the Constitution as such, or political niceties, either. Will it lead to a win, and does it make him look like he’s protecting America? To 99% of voters, yes, and yes. Easy peasy.

      • It ain’t getting struck down by the statist judges he appointed. It will get rubber stamped along with the semi auto ban coming soon.

        If any of these judges believed in the BOR and Constitution we would not be in this Coronivirus mess. They will rubber stamp anything in the name of safety and state power.

        This should be painfully obvious to any of you, but apparently not.

    • You don’t care because it’s not your thing. Abundantly clear from all prior posts.

      That’s liberty to you?

      Your/our saviour….turned up to a half million of his very likely supporters into felons, and you dismiss it.

      Trump is in no way responsible for the massive popularity surge in guns and accessories, that prize belongs to the innovators and consumers who would like to enjoy their liberty. Bumpstock was once that…
      And the antis who would take them away have been helpful.

      Do you genuflect when you say “TRUMP/PENCE 2020”?

      …and yes. I’ll vote for him, no logical alternative.

      • Yea her mentality is highly toxic. Actually the same toxicity as the opposing side.

    • Really? Glock…. perfection?…. you dumb C^NT… YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T KNOW SH!T ABOUT FIREARMS….

      HK…. NO COMPROMISE!!!!!

    • You silly Trumpers are willing to overlook just about anything the guy does, because…Who knows. If Obama has banned bump stocks by executive fiat you’d be shitting your pants to every breathless second of Fox News coverage.

      I voted for Trump in 2016, and I’ll vote for him this year. But he’s barely a modicum better than Al Gore. It’s not just 2A issues. I won’t bother to list all the bullshit he’s done, and all the bullshit that was put in place during Obama’s tenure, that Trump could have changed by now but has chosen to leave in place and not address. Suffice to say we’re circling the drain if this clownish liar is the savior of the Republic in the face of naked Marxism.

  7. “Even as criminals are being released en masse — probably with gift cards — over a common cold virus.”

    For fuck’s sake –

    The ‘common cold’ doesn’t have a death rate 4 times that of the seasonal flu, or do permanent damage to the lungs and heart…

    • Wu-flu doesn’t have a death rate 4 times that of the regular flu either. Get away from the news and all their big scary fake numbers…

    • “The ‘common cold’ doesn’t have a death rate 4 times that of the seasonal flu…”

      True, but it’s highly unlikely that CoV-2 has a death rate four times that of the seasonal flu. And in this case the people who died were, mostly, a foot in the grave already anyway.

      “…or do permanent damage to the lungs and heart…”

      Define “permanent” and “damage” and then outline the acceptable thresholds for these things. All respiratory viruses damage lung tissue. That’s what viruses do and it hits the lungs when the virus is in the lungs. That’s the nature of a virus. All viruses that attack ACE-2 receptors hit your heart to some degree too, as they do all cells that lubricate us. We don’t tend to worry about these too much in the big scheme of things.

      The real questions about CoV-2 are not about how dangerous it is immediately. We already essentially *know* that the infection rate is, and has been, at least 10x higher than testing has found. Serological and PCR studies all over the world find this and generally put the IFR around 0.23%. The real questions are what it does later on down the road. Can it hide in cells like varicella-zoster? Does it significantly raise cancer risks like human papillomavirus? We don’t know. There are some scary correlations between the way CoV-2 acts and these other viruses but we really don’t know and we won’t know for five to 10 years. And, really, there’s nothing we can do to stop this at this point anyway.

      Also, btw, we also know that the UK’s NHS has failed spectacularly yet again in relation to CoV-2. They’re some of the worst in the developed world for cancer, T1 and T2 diabetes, depression, CoV-2 and… well just about anything that kills people.

      • “Define “permanent” and “damage” and then outline the acceptable thresholds for these things.”

        Google COVID-19 ‘Ground Glass Opacities’ : ‘Ground Glass Opacities’&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiNgJjQ1eTqAhXyRt8KHaRbBYoQ_AUoAXoECBQQAw&biw=1138&bih=506&dpr=1.2

        Scarring of lung tissue that does not heal, leaving you with fewer alveoli for gas exchange. Damaged heart tissue.

        And what we’re hearing about probable immunity after recovery lasting only a few month’s time. Making it a seasonal thing. Meaning damage accumulates over time, weakening you until it kills you.

        Someone paranoid might begin to think it’s almost like someone built the thing to cleanse the Earth of overpopulation…

        • Yea, imagine a disease so seriously deadly you have to get tested for it to know you have it…

          Dude, the stats are lies. It’s been exposed for months now and getting more apparent. COVID kills less than 1%.

        • Again, define your terms.

          Lots of things do what you’re talking about to one extent or another. I mean 13 million Americans have latent TB, notable for such scarring. TB encapsulated therein can even break loose from those tissues and become active. That’s lethal 15% of the time with treatment. And no one gives a FUCK about TB right now because CoV-2. Yet the rates of such scarring are far, far lower with CoV-2 than with TB, even in people who actually beat TB for good. Shit, Gingivitis can scar up your heart and, again, no one screams about that. Well, except dentists who get made fun of for pointing this out.

          Context matters here. A lot. Much ado was made of “decreased pulmonary function” with CoV-2 for two weeks after “recovery”. People flipped that 57% displayed such symptoms. Yet over 90% of people have the same problem two weeks after a moderate chest cold and no one finds that odd at all. The truth is we don’t really know how all this works for this disease but what we do know is that our ancestors and we ourselves have battled viruses, and generally won, every day of our lives for literally billions of years.

          Everyone wants to know all this shit about CoV-2 that, if we’re being honest, we don’t know about other diseases but people assume we must know it. It’s entirely possible that like many previous pandemics it’s rapidly mutating to the point of instability and will go extinct in a few years on it’s own. We don’t know at all. This might stick around or be like whatever caused the plague of Athens in 430BC. Ran around the Med with an astonishingly rapid pace and high fatality rate, disappear for a year, came back and then disappeared forever.

        • “It’s entirely possible that like many previous pandemics it’s rapidly mutating to the point of instability and will go extinct in a few years on it’s own. We don’t know at all.”

          A persuasive argument…

        • A persuasive argument…

          Facts are facts. The fact is that we don’t know. Anyone who says they do is either stupid or a liar. I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that I know things that no one can know at this point in time. That’s scary because we, as a species, don’t do well with novelty. But the truth is that there are a bunch of diseases the media and people in general ignore that are way, way more dangerous than we have any reason to believe that CoV-2 is at this point in time.

          What I will tell you is that the vast majority of what the media puts out is horseshit because there’s exactly zero context to it. Fuck man, if I put out a notice on TTAG about every time my wife has to inform the CDC of something “dangerous” that comes through her lab, found in the general population or pet population, ya’ll would think the world is ending via a new pandemic every day. (It’s not.)

          I’m waiting for the media to find the studies out of the UK and spin them into “CoV-2 is airborne late onset T1 diabetes!”. Total fucking bullshit but I betcha it happens because that will sell copy.

      • Yes, the United Kingdom doesn’t rate very highly on many health indexes, let’s take a look at life expectancy.

        The UK is only number 35 for life expectancy, how sad for them!

        Here in America, we are number 43… That is better, a higher number is better, right?

        1 MONACO 89.40 2017 EST.
        2 JAPAN 85.30 2017 EST.
        3 SINGAPORE 85.20 2017 EST.
        4 MACAU 84.60 2017 EST.
        5 SAN MARINO 83.30 2017 EST.
        6 ICELAND 83.10 2017 EST.
        7 HONG KONG 83.00 2017 EST.
        8 ANDORRA 82.90 2017 EST.
        9 GUERNSEY 82.60 2017 EST.
        10 SWITZERLAND 82.60 2017 EST.
        11 KOREA, SOUTH 82.50 2017 EST.
        12 ISRAEL 82.50 2017 EST.
        13 LUXEMBOURG 82.30 2017 EST.
        14 AUSTRALIA 82.30 2017 EST.
        15 ITALY 82.30 2017 EST.
        16 SWEDEN 82.10 2017 EST.
        17 FRANCE 81.90 2017 EST.
        18 NORWAY 81.90 2017 EST.
        19 LIECHTENSTEIN 81.90 2017 EST.
        20 JERSEY 81.90 2017 EST.
        21 CANADA 81.90 2017 EST.
        22 SPAIN 81.80 2017 EST.
        23 AUSTRIA 81.60 2017 EST.
        24 ANGUILLA 81.50 2017 EST.
        25 NETHERLANDS 81.40 2017 EST.
        26 BERMUDA 81.40 2017 EST.
        27 NEW ZEALAND 81.30 2017 EST.
        28 CAYMAN ISLANDS 81.30 2017 EST.
        29 ISLE OF MAN 81.30 2017 EST.
        30 BELGIUM 81.10 2017 EST.
        31 FINLAND 81.00 2017 EST.
        32 PUERTO RICO 80.90 2017 EST.
        33 IRELAND 80.90 2017 EST.
        34 GERMANY 80.80 2017 EST.
        35 UNITED KINGDOM 80.80 2017 EST.
        36 GREECE 80.70 2017 EST.
        37 SAINT PIERRE AND MIQUELON 80.60 2017 EST.
        38 FAROE ISLANDS 80.50 2017 EST.
        39 MALTA 80.50 2017 EST.
        40 TAIWAN 80.20 2017 EST.
        41 EUROPEAN UNION 80.20 2017 EST.
        42 TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS 80.00 2017 EST.
        43 UNITED STATES 80.0 2017 EST.

    • It’s obvious that the “coronavirus” epidemic is a sham of the highest proportion. It is totally political in nature, with “blue state” governors perpetuating business-damaging “lockdowns” in their respective states.
      Both professional and political arrogance is responsible for the present state of the world economy and world population as well.
      A common annual “flu virus” was promoted as a “pandemic” by the “smartest” and “best and brightest” people in positions of power, both in the USA and in the rest of the world. It’s actually a “plandemic” foisted on the American public to bring down the Trump administration. It will fail…
      These “best and brightest” convinced political “leaders” to impose mandatory business closures, “lockdowns” and “quarantines” on healthy populations, which is contrary to every common sense and scientific principle.
      These “business closures” were not imposed “across the board”, but were picked by political hacks as “winners and losers”. Liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, lottery retailers, and certain “big box” home improvement and sporting goods stores were permitted to remain in operation, while churches and just about all small businesses were forced to close.
      In some states, the political arrogance was so great, plant nurseries, seed distributors, and other businesses were deemed “non-essential” and forced to close. Even “big box” stores were prohibited from selling lawn and garden supplies. Many restaurants were also put out of business by these clearly unconstitutional edicts.
      Imposing “quarantines” and “lockdowns” on healthy people does nothing to insure public health, and in fact delays necessary herd immunity.
      Public health is further damaged by business closures, especially small businesses whose owners rely on continuing business as a means of making a living, both for themselves and their employees.
      A major problem is that these “best and brightest” and political “leaders” are so arrogant that they refuse to admit that “they screwed up, big time”. Instead, they “double down” and inflict further pain on the public by refusing to insist that “they were wrong”. None of them will pay personally for their arrogance, stupidity, and just outright dishonesty and criminality.
      All one has to do is look at the “coronavirus hospitals” that were created to handle the “overflow” of coronavirus patients which never materialized. These “hospitals” were a waste of taxpayer dollars and did absolutely nothing to promote public health.
      At the same time, local hospitals were required to cease admissions, even for those of an emergency nature. Although not specifically stated, people with real health problems were covertly “encouraged” to avoid hospitals at all costs because of the phony “coronavirus” claims.
      Health professionals are also responsible for the current state of affairs, also refusing to admit that “they screwed up, big time” as well, and continue to insist that this annual flue is a “pandemic”.
      Then we have the “heavy hitters” with money, such as Bill Gates and Stephen Fauci who claim that they have “solutions” to our (artificially contrived) health problems. Gates is so arrogant the he feels that he can get away with genocide by using mandatory vaccinations to “cull” the world population.
      Gates “vaccination” programs in third-world countries failed to adhere to good medical practices, and the Nuremberg principle that “informed consent” must reign supreme in the administration of all medical procedures.
      Gates’ “vaccination” programs introduced polio into children in India for which he and his program were banned from the country. Gates’ African “vaccination” programs surreptitiously introduced sterilization and birth-control compounds as part of their vaccination program without gaining “informed consent” from the recipients.
      According to these moneyed types and even “health care” officials, we are to be branded, tagged, and treated like cattle with no means to make informed choices about our health or health care decisions.
      Wearing masks and “social distancing” are no different than the “security theater” that we experience at airports with the TSA.
      It’s “medical tyranny” at its best and scientific dishonesty at its worst.
      There are no valid reasons for “mask-wearing” or “social distancing” for healthy people. In fact, in the coming months, look for an increase in respiratory illnesses affecting mask-wearers, especially those who are forced to wear masks for extended periods of time. In hospital settings, masks are supposed to be worn for only 10 minutes at a time before they are replaced.
      “Lockdowns”, “business closures”, and “quarantining” of healthy people is being used for “control” and nothing more. The “powers that be” are desirous to see “how far they can go” to get the world population to accede to their demands.
      Fortunately, there are a lot more of us than there are of them. We (still) have the power of the internet to bypass the “filters” that they put in place to keep us from seeing their “real” motives.

      • Right, patriotic Americans will not be muzzled with those fake masks to stop the democratic hoax virus!

        Don’t believe main stream media, go on out there and mingle with your friends, especially the Republicans! Pack the pews at your church all day Sunday, don’t forget prayer meeting Wednesday night!

        Freedom in America means being free to go to the Golden corral and belly up to the Buffet, sneeze guards are the only protection a real American needs!

        • Mmmm. Golden Corral. Sounds good. You stay home and stay alive. For the greater good.

      • Your overuse of “quotation marks” is a travesty in itself. But largely I agree.

  8. Nothing is inevitable, merely probable or improbable.

    It’s improbable that Biden wins IMHO. Very improbable. But I don’t pretend to actually predict the future.

    Usually the really big things in history start out appearing small and then escalate. It seems that we’re only really capable of grasping the big shit when it’s in the rear-view. “Seemed like a good idea at the time” is almost our species tag-line.

    However, considering the variety of problems arrayed in front of us and the variety of immediate issues for individuals, now is probably a time for caution… or a lot of cheap beer. YMMV.

    • Strych, someone in TTAG posted this link, and is *seriously* powerful stuff.

      Please see it all the way through :

        • She’s rather direct on what must be done about it…

          (Happiness is – Another 2K of .22lr for 6c shipped. 🙂 )

      • Yep, seen such FACTS numerous times. Even older men and women who survived NAZI Germany said similar things about our government, surprisingly, one made a reference to OSHA even.

      • You’ll hear similar things from old Ukrainians. Really, that story has been written many times before. Slight variations on the specifics but the same story arc.

        The issue at this point is that I don’t much think it matters. I’ve said here before that IMHO TTAG has a much higher average intelligence than most other online groups and yet many here still can’t just let the trolls starve. That is disheartening but it’s also revealing. I simply don’t think there’s time to get a rational message out to enough people, especially with the panic over CoV-2 and the issues coming down the supply-line pike to boot.

        Again, as I said elsewhere earlier today. I think that JWM is right and probably right about the timeline provided something doesn’t accelerate it. I suspect, based on the totality of data and the people that I am acquainted with on that topic, that Biden is meant to lose. He’s meant to lose while the story is sold that he cannot lose. When he does shock and anger are the inevitable result and those can then be directed to some degree. And voila, “the scramble” commences.

        • “I’ve said here before that IMHO TTAG has a much higher average intelligence than most other online groups”

          I’m sure it feels that way to you.

          Oh yeah, person woman man camera TV, you know it!

        • Damn.

          I think it may be a good idea to pick up enough 5-gallon cans so I can get myself trans-continental with zero stops for fuel…

        • “I simply don’t think there’s time to get a rational message out to enough people”

          How would you do it even if you had more time? The Left controls 90% of media and academia. They’ve done such a stellar job of indoctrinating everyone, that those people will refuse to believe what they’ve been told, even if you show them real evidence to the contrary. I’ve personally dealt with these people. It’s scary how they’ll ignore reality.

  9. “But that was then and this is now. And if you believe polls, he’s going to win.”

    So was Hellary and that miserable witch is still sniveling about her loss.

    “There is a third option, and you’d better be ready to exercise it.”

    Damn right, the exit clause.

    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

    • There’s a lot more than three options.

      I’d say the third option is to ignore the law temporarily while pursuing legal means of redress — challenging it in court AND making sure that you get your people back into office asap with a mandate to clean up the mess and start liberalizing things again (which is how we got the 30 years of second-amendment progress we’ve been enjoying).

      The escape clause is also always an option…but way down the list. Maybe the very last option, as it would inevitably require shooting a lot of people. I’m not eager to jump into that.

        • Well, if that’s the cartridge box, I’m still all for putting additional options in between it and option #2.

      • “challenging it in court”

        Clearly you haven’t been paying attention. The courts are no friend to the BoR and have adopted the position that public safety supersedes individual rights. This means that from this time forward the BoR’s time is severely limited and it is already for all practical purposes irrelevant.

  10. We are watching a cultural shift that had it’s beginnings on college campuses some twenty years ago. The élite were trained that America is tainted, irretrievably broken and needed to be fixed. A whole race of people were taught that they have been held down and needed to have a rebellion to get their just desserts. Another race was taught to loath and hate themselves to be better than their predecessors. Marxist leaders used a one off incident to start the process that would lead to a country they envisioned. Democratic leaders allowed the process to spiral out of control to achieve their goals.

    We can only hope that we can stop the democrat party from taking full power in these turbulent times. The first amendment is being gutted by cancel culture and democrats promise to end the second if they attain power. If we are disarmed we will have no way to prevent our country from being crushed by these forces.

    • Assuming those who would disarm it also disarm themselves, not likely. Military brass and like minded leaders would just as soon say “Nah, fuck that” and side with the people. Keep in mind this is the side who wants to defund and demilitarize everything, so who would they use to come and take them? The vast majority, probably well over 99%, would not endanger their own or others lives to take innocent peoples property and rights to self defense. It would not end well for them.

    • Democrat party had full power 2008-2010, fucked it up so bad it’s unlikely again for decades. Let’s not assume armageddon unless it shows up.

  11. This will give individuals who now possess assault weapons or high-capacity magazines two options: sell the weapons to the government, or register them under the National Firearms Act.

    ….. uh….. what guns?

      • Yea, fuck denying it. What good is denying it if you can’t defend yourself publically? You’d be fucked either way. The small chance you are attacked in public and you present that gun you “never had”, you just fucked yourself. So why not just sack up and refresh that tree of liberty instead.

  12. Common Cold Virus? What a dumbass. I had it. Nearly died and and my lifespan is greatly shortened. Just turned 40. Kidney damage, six months of dialysis and I still have a port in my chest.

    • You probably had other underlying health conditions other than Coronavirus before. That is assuming you are not making this all up. And yes there are numerous strains of Covid and are related to the common cold and so on. It’s also rumored that the test only tests for Covid and not which one of the 20 some strands of it that you might have. Thus you have people suffering from Covid 5, 10, whatever all added to the Coronavirus totals even if it is not the 19 strand.

      Regardless this whole exercise shows how inept both the Governement and Medical Profession is. But hey cover your face with a cloth, that will stop it!

      • No underlying conditions other than mild hypertension. Was Perfectly healthy and a daily runner. Wife is an M.D. Want to see a picture of tubes hanging out of my chest?

        • Please don’t bother the POGG with facts, it gets their undies all in a wad.

          “More likely, he is genetically more susceptible to COVID than some other people.”

          Yep, they’ll come up with 1000 lame brain ‘explanations‘, while ignoring the facts before them.

          Hey, you guys are right, those masks are nothing but muzzles meant to silence the truth!
          Go right ahead, truck on down to your favorite watering hole and get elbow to elbow with all your pals, pack the pews for church morning, noon and night! Go on, line up at Golden corral buffet all you can eat, the sneeze guards provide all the protection any real American needs.

          Of course, Trump will cancel the convention in Jacksonville but everything is perfectly safe for your kids to return to school, it’s not like kids in school ever bring home any diseases for mom, dad, grandpa and grandma.

          Already almost 145,000 dead in five months, at this rate we’ll have all you Trump voters cleaned out in about six months.

          Like that old liberal socialist Mark Twain once said, “I have never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”

        • That’s a good point – I would read your obit. with great pleasure… 🙂

        • ‘Like that old liberal socialist Mark Twain once said, “I have never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” ‘

          So you celebrate death when it’s someone you don’t agree with? That doesn’t sound very inclusive or loving.

        • “Want to see a picture of tubes hanging out of my chest?”

          And of course, we would know it was really you because…you say so? Your previous posts have usually been antagonistic in nature which means you’re likely one of the usual trolls around these parts that posts under multiple names.

        • “So you celebrate death when it’s someone you don’t agree with?”

          Goodness, no! I understand for Christians, death is a celebration, when one will join their Savior in heaven for an eternity of praising God.

          Of course, Mark twain had some thoughts about that as well, may I suggest ‘captain Eli stormfield visits heaven’.

        • And now you’re mocking Christianity. You’re like the stereotypical, cookie-cutter leftist, which is the way they like it.

      • More likely, he is genetically more susceptible to COVID than some other people. Until an effective vaccine is developed and mass produced, such people will become casualties. There are cases of very elderly patients, with major health issues, surviving the virus. There are lots of others, perhaps 10 times more than we find out about, who never get sick enough to seek medical treatment or who never exhibit any symptoms at all. They just have the right DNA.

        Masks do help. The virus is a parasite dependent on new hosts for its continued survival. If you are contagious, a mask reduces the distance over which you spread the virus, especially when you cough, sneeze or shout. So does keeping your distance. They aren’t so important outdoors because wind disperses the virus and weather and UV radiation kill it. Masks and distancing are important indoors because wind, weather and UV aren’t available there. Certainly, there has been dumbassery in establishing and enforcing these procedures. Someone out by himself on a lake, where he could affect no one, was cited for not wearing a mask. In the northeast, an idiot cop stopped cars and accused the occupants of trying to murder his grandmother. Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering Hanlon’s Razor: Don’t attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity.

        • You must be right, and you really don’t need any evidence to back up your opinion because you’re just so right.

          But it is tough to keep the faith when the main stream media keeps printing lies and deception like this:

          “A doctor at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas, has highlighted a story that many young people could learn from. A granddaughter contracted coronavirus at a party, then killed her grandfather by giving him the disease.

          Chief medical officer Dr. Joseph Chang treated 170 patients with COVID-19 on Tuesday. He said one of them had gone to a party with friends and contracted COVID-19.
          “Before she was symptomatic, she visited her 80-year-old grandparents and they got sick,” Chang told local news outlet WFAA.
          When the granddaughter got sick she was treated in the hospital’s intensive care unit, where she was put into a medically induced coma and was given a ventilator to help her breathe.”

          A doctor from Texas named Chang? Obviously he’s part of the conspiracy, I’ll bet his hospital is totally empty and there’s not even one Covid patient, not one!

          And you can tell he’s lying because he claimed that the granddaughter got sick, was moved to ICU, and had to be in a medically induced coma. Those are obviously lies, President Trump has told us that young people have strong immune system’s and do not catch Covid.

        • No one in your fable claimed the girl was young, like no one claims you have much sense.

    • You are not the numbers. The numbers aren’t you. (Sounds like you did get very unlucky, though.) The statistics don’t dictate what happens to you individually, nor does your individual case have any bearing on the validity of the statistics. The two just don’t connect.

      There’s a subset of vulnerable people whose mortality rate is *very* high — and yet on the whole, we really are looking at something that’s just about as deadly as the flu. The biggest problem so far isn’t that it’s deadly, but that it’s so wildly infectious. The biggest problem posed by the disease itself, I should say. The problem posed by our government and media’s mismanagement and magnification of the threat is a different story.

    • Why didn’t you quarantine and mask, social distance and hide? From what we’re told, it’s all your fault!

  13. Geez what a whiny be-otch(not you princess Debbie). I’ll still vote Trump as there is no alternative. Period. I’m ready in more ways then one for that 3rd option. I’m not registering chit,turning in guns or kowtowing to marxist scum. My wife gets a check if I’m gone too!

  14. “Inevitability, Then and Now”

    A whole lot of crybaby, sniveling, bedwetting, fear driven, panic soaked whining in that rant.

    The USA has seen far worse times than this and come thru alright. We shall do so again.

    If you can’t take the stress, there’s always alcoholic beverages, legalized happy weed, prescription pharmaceuticals to enhance your calm or you can move to some other country that appeals to you.

    If they’ll let you in that is.

    • enuf won’t even change his mind when the Thought Police come to his door to haul him to an empty cell most recently occupied by a mass murderer the Leftist federal government just set free. He won’t change his mind when he’s taxed into oblivion, loses his house, his spouse divorces him, his children revile him, and he’s left on the street with nothing. He won’t change his mind when his every purchase, movement and thought is tracked by the Leftist federal government and used against him when he tries to get a job or climb out of the gutter into a flop house.

      Why? He hates Trump and won’t vote for him.

  15. “And if you believe polls,….”
    Let us at least *pretend* to learn something from 2016.

  16. did the author of this get paid for it…?

    even if it was done for free … seems like he should give some money back

  17. I wont sell my guns or register them under any circumstances. I could be persuaded to donate ammunition however.

    • Hell I’d even donate guns. Weapons manufacturers would too rather than see their businesses crushed by democrats. We wouldn’t have to take british cannons this time, there are plenty of home grown options that will support the people.

  18. There will be no gun confiscation in this country…The Japanese and Germans would not even strike that iron when it was hot… back then they knew a gun behind every blade of grass…It would be far far worse now…Besides the morons can’t even control a bunch of pansy leftist rioters..If Just a fraction of American gun owners decided to start shooting it would be the biggest bloodbath in the history of the world…

    • And yet you remained home when they told you and did whatever other BS they told you would keep you safe.

      We have comedy gold on here tonight, where is Chris or Tidviaa, even better Powersurge, I really need to laugh.

      • “ …I have proven myself on the battlefield and in the streets… “

        Asserting facts not in evidence, call of duty victories do not count.

  19. Inevitability is Joe Biden urinating himself on stage. Which is why there will be no debates.

    • Would you care to place a small wager on your assertion that there will be no debate?

      • Trump is *relishing* the thought of a Biden debate.

        He will sucker-punch his ass and leave him a stammering fool under the hot lights…

        • MSM, Schumer, and Pelosi will still spin it as a Biden triumph! They’ll pick Joe’s few lucid moments and piece together a video that makes it look like Joe held his own but they’ll mostly just bash Trump’s answers even if he says the same things they said yesterday.

      • I bet they’ll at least try to get out having them, or having as much of them. If they have them, look for the most one-sided moderation in the history of presidential debates.

  20. If Biden wins its the VP who will end up running the show with Pelosi and Schumer pulling the strings. If that happens it’s likely the conservatives and 2nd amendment folks will be protesting aggressively against the left and the government. I am going on 70 and I may see and participate in a civil war. Things are accelerating to make it a real possibility. Go out and by ammo, then go out and buy some more ammo. Things will be getting real interesting here folks if Biden wins. The left will put an obviously senior citizen with mental health issues.
    His wife is so selfish to prop him up to run this country. Unforgivable, unpatriotic, and shameless.
    Trump is not perfect but he loves this country and can take all the heat thrown at him. The pressures he is under from the media and hateful democrats he takes it and still gets sh–t done is remarkable. Not a lot of people are capable of doing that. Most would wilt and run away. he is so anti-politician its refreshing his off the cuff remarks. Battling the media they can ask him any question and you will get a direct response or extraneous comment. Trump 2020 !

    • More like our last co-presidents, Georgy Schwartz aka “George Soros” and Valerie Jarrett, they’ll be calling the shots.

  21. Yugoslavia? Ukraine? Hell “the Left” are attacking not only “the system” (police) but all our institutions including places of worship (save for mosques, funny that), it’s reminiscent of The Spanish Civil War.

    Like I said here at TTAG in 2016 the Revolutionary Communists would/will and now have allied with the Democratic Socialists and Anarchists in addition to the new players on the block ie. Earth & Animal Liberation Fronts, the radical LGBTQ-ers, BlackLivesMatter crew, LaRaza, AFT/UFT, and of course the Moslem Brotherhood/Sisterhood (under the CAIR/Nation of Islam banners).

    Their, the Marxists, grafitti spells out their intent clearly, what’s in store for their allies ie. “Liberals Get The Bullet Too” complete with a red Hammer and sickle. Let them purify their ranks using the time honored “ditches” and “brick wall” method or whatever else manner they choose for in the end, when we patriots must get involved, there will be less of them for us, the righteous, the nationalists, to have to deal with, this of course after police are overwhelmed and depleted thanks to the elected officials hampering their efforts by issuing “stand down” orders. Just whom will be left or willing to arrest us for doing our duty to preserve our nation?

  22. As this long list of comments attests, there is a very large silent majority in this country that so far has not bought into the propaganda that the MSM spews out everyday. Propaganda is simply defined as a controlled narrative. Most (not all) media outlets – print and electronic – are owned and controlled by very rich and mostly liberal individuals, or corporations managed by very rich and most liberal individuals. Don’t think for an instant that any media outlet can, or will attempt to publish anything other than what has been laid out for them by their owners/handlers. Which means a steady diet of propaganda. So the media combined with our education system, now even at the K-12 level, have been pushing a socialist agenda for many years. Many corporations (not all) will push for the political side that benefits them the most, which is the side they can make the most revenue and profit. If US taxes are raised above what a company must pay in another country, then the company exports its supply chain to that country. Jobs are lost and the population becomes more dependent on the government for survival – just what the socialists want. But it’s worse in that these many corporations are actively contributing to our nation’s decline. Many of them (most?) are in it for special interests. This could be competitive advantage, or monopoly status, or ??
    I agree that Trump is not perfect. Hell, the RINOs are still working against him along with the Dems. But it’s not a function of personality but of policy that is important. He has really shaken the political system to its core, and we really needed it to happen. The Bushes with their old-style republican tactics of furthering the military industrial complex with endless wars and countless lives lost and hero warriors injured; Obama with his near successful attempt at transforming the US into a European socialist state. Trump’s nationalism has been mislabeled as fascism but it’s actually the opposite, and his nationalism is refreshing (at least to me). We have let the world take advantage of us for far too long, and our standard of living has suffered as a result.
    There are those of you out there that are screaming about wealth inequality, but if you think that Biden and gang are going so solve that problem then I have a bridge I’ll sell you. Why do you think the rich liberals out there are pushing to get him elected? The truth is all of them are incorporated and use the corporate veil to shield their tax burdens. The brunt of tax increases always fall on the middle class that do not have the armies of lawyers and accountants.
    Trump’s agenda is different than any other republican president in my 66-year lifetime. He is bringing back jobs. When people have jobs they spend money and save some of it too. This money goes to the companies that provide the goods and services needed (or wanted as discretionary items). This creates revenue and taxes are paid on this revenue. People with jobs pay taxes. Simply put, his agenda is to let the middle and working classes keep more of their money whereas the Dems want more of this money as a wealth transfer to the underclass. And its doubtful that much of this money ever gets to the people who need it. A lot more people working and spending and paying taxes (albeit slightly less tax) brings in more revenue than what the Dems want.
    Under Trump the 2nd Amendment will never go away, and so the 1st Amendment will remain protected. He has installed nearly 300 federal judges that are conservative, which helps fight against states like VA that are hell bent on installing gun control laws. And if he wins we will get a third supreme court justice that will neutralize Roberts’ erratic rulings, as RBG will not last another four years.
    So please think at the macro level and don’t get mired in the little stuff like bump stocks. And don’t worry about the polls. There is so much bias in these polls that they can’t be accepted. Hey, it’s possible that Biden can win but only if the Dems cheat, and we know they are really good at it so we must prevent fraud at all costs. Remember the silent majority? The operative word is “silent”. I have never responded to a poll and will not respond to one. I’ll just vote.

    • “Why do you think the rich liberals out there are pushing to get him elected? The truth is all of them are incorporated and use the corporate veil to shield their tax burdens.”

      You of course were talking about the Trump organization? When Donald Trump listed his hundreds of thousands of dollars in payoffs to his prostitutes as a business expense of Trump organization, is that the corporate veil shielding his tax burden you mentioned?

      I’m glad to see you don’t let your pesky religious beliefs get in the way of laying down with whore mongers…

      • Personal insults are unworthy of a response, and your liberal politics shine through brightly. Either that or you are obsessed with Trump the man, not the President. But just for kicks and giggles, I’ll ask you to reread my comment where I say, “I agree that Trump is not perfect. Hell, the RINOs are still working against him along with the Dems. But it’s not a function of personality but of policy that is important.” Obviously you believe in God, otherwise it would not bother you that Trump, or anyone (man or woman) laid “down with whore mongers.” I didn’t mention what were my religious beliefs, and they have nothing to do with my commentary.
        Trump is a brash, uncouth NY businessman who has survived one of the toughest business climates in the world to succeed in business, and as this President. Personally I don’t like his style but it has worked to undo many years of harm from both parties thrust onto this country. I don’t need to remind you that Kennedy was a known philanderer. And Clinton? At least Trump (as far as we know) does not play with cigars in the Oval Office. And BTW many powerful, rich men have been subject to extortion.
        I offered many reasons to vote for Trump. I don’t care what he does on his (very limited) free time, and if I were married to Melania I would not be looking to cheat on her. Chief among these reasons is his protection of our 2nd, and then 1st Amendment liberties. Along with McConnell (who I also don’t care much for), they have quietly installed a framework of judges that will prevent the undoing of 2nd Amendment rights, and will reinforce it with a third Supreme Court Justice that will tip the scales in favor of these rights.

        • “Personal insults”?

          The facts are the facts, no insults.

          No, I don’t believe in any particular sky daddy. The problem with Trump is that he is a liar and people like you support him, allowing him to continue to hoodwink the ones he loves most, “the poorly educated”.

          And it is enlightening that you have no compunctions about supporting President Trump, even though there’s much reason to believe that he is guilty of multiple federal Felonise regarding his financial dealings. And as the Deutsche bank subpoenas play out, we’ll learn more about his ties with the terrorist bank and the financing of Trump Tower in Moscow.

          Trumps attempt to silence Michael Cohen have been struck down by the judge, trumps personal attorney will be releasing a book soon with the details. Enjoy!

        • Show me one politician that doesn’t lie. Everything you said can be said for the opposite side. Also, I believe Ben Shapiro interviewed the person who released that book. Doubt you will ever research that interview, but it was very recent and can be found on his YT. The guy was not “exposing” trump as your leftist media has made you believe, he was exposing politics. lol. The problem with people like you, is you exist and are the exact same as the people you criticize, only a polar opposite. Calm the fuck down and get a life.

        • Trump is a liar? Really? How about you show us one Trump lie of the same league and importance as “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.”, or maybe that the assassination of a US Ambassador on 9/11 was all about a protest over a video.

    • If we have free rein for Biden and the like, they actually WILL eliminate wealth inequality everywhere except between politicians and everyone else. All persons, young or old, male or female, black or white, will end up with the precise same income, and the same net worth as well! That would be best expressed as “nearly nothing”, not sufficient for a decent dinner at Burger King, if Burger King still existed. Very much like all the *current* third world shitholes.

    • “Potatoe-Head”

      You really are as ignorant as Dan Quayle.

      But that’s OK, Donald Trump loves the poorly educated so you’ll fit right in.

      • Oh, such a witty retort!


        You ain’t from around here, if you were in Iraq and Afghanistan which side were you on?

  23. “This will give individuals who now possess assault weapons or high-capacity magazines two options: sell the weapons to the government, or register them under the National Firearms Act.”

    No, there is a third option. Use those nasty assault weapons and high capacity magazines to implement the Second Amendment to take our country back from the insurgents and their Useful Idiots. Hoping to see Butto O’Dork be the first through the door to take America’s 2A implements.

  24. Do some fact checking here. Biden has never said “defund the police.” All research of mail in voting so far shows VERY LITTLE fraud has occurred. Just because Fox news and Trump repeat these thing constantly doesn’t make them true. If Trump wasn’t the other candidate
    I would not vote for Biden, but Trump has crapped all over us, and it’s obvious he could care less about the body bags of US soldiers or Covid 19 victims which he is very responsible for.

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