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A lunatic armed with a hand saw attacked a number of people in Portland last Friday afternoon.  Among his victims:  two unarmed women at a laundromat.  The suspect, Shane Vordelmicha Green, walked in and began using the saw as a slashing weapon upon two woman.  He soon left and continued his rampage outside.

As is commonly the case, the victims failed to take action to save themselves.  The young blonde woman in the black t-shirt saw the man coming.  She should have recognized that a man carrying a hand saw with an angry demeanor as a huge red flag to her safety.  Given the intensity with which she watched him approach, it surely looked like her subconscious was telling her something bad was about to happen.

Screencap by Boch. Via YouTube.

Instead, she just watches.  And then her attacker Mr. Green slashes at her with the saw.  Sadly, she just froze up at that point, probably due to her denial response to the attack.

“This can’t be happening to me!” she probably told herself.

Screencap by Boch. Via YouTube.

Finally she starts to flee her attacker, but he managed to slash at her some more before abandoning the attack against her.  For that, she’s very lucky.

With a little better situational awareness of a suspicious-looking person, she might have saved herself by putting obstacles between herself and the lunatic with a saw. Distance and obstacles buy time, and time gives a person options.  And options often mean safety.

Additionally, if she had carried a firearm for self-defense, that might have convinced Shane Vordelmicha Green to find a less determined victim to accost.

So what is “suspicious?”  Read Left of Bang for the college-level course on situational awareness.  But for the layperson, you might best describe suspicious behavior as “anything outside of the baseline of normalcy.”  Clearly someone wielding a handsaw along with a very surly demeanor fits the bill anywhere except at a construction site, home improvement store or a carpenter’s convention.

Someone with a gun might well have punched Mr. Green’s ticket instead of letting him slash at them a few times.  Even in a “progressive” utopia like Portland, the use of deadly force against Mr. Green would likely have been ruled justified by prosecutors.  And if not prosecutors, then it’d be time to “put 12 in a box” for a trial.

KPTV has more from the story:

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A man was caught on camera attacking people with a handsaw inside a Portland laundromat, according to police.

Officers were first called out to the 2700 block of Northeast Weidler Street at 4:12 p.m. July 17. An initial 911 caller stated the suspect had hit their car with a handsaw before continuing west on Weidler Street.

More 911 calls came in, including reports that the suspect assaulted people with the handsaw and a belt – including two people in a laundromat – broke the windshields of several vehicles and threatened additional people with the saw.

It took cops a while to take Mr. Green into custody.  As it happened in Portland, of course anti-police bystanders had to interfere with the cops doing their job of taking a dangerous and violent offender into custody.

Police said they continued talking to him to deescalate the situation, however, “several bystanders interrupted their conversation with him by screaming and taunting the officers, only increasing his level of agitation again,” according to the Portland Police Bureau.

Eventually, police said “calm conversation and active listening” led to the suspect being safely taken into custody.

Shane Vordelmicha Green, 58, was arrested on charges including second-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, attempted assault, strangulation, menacing, harassment, disorderly conduct, reckless endangering and disorderly conduct.

Listen to your intuition.  It always has your best interests at heart.

Not only that, but if you notice something outside the baseline of normalcy in your environment, you should prepare for the possibility of taking emergency action to flee or fight to save yourself and your loved ones from great bodily injury.

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    • Problem is in these george soros controlled cities, a defensive gun use is going to be prosecuted to the fullest possible most absurd interpretation of the law. Don’t worry though, the attacking criminal won’t be charged.

        • Why rely on a government agency, especially the fucken CIA, to do such an easy task?

          • CIA wouldn’t want to do that to their asset… the only thing you could show me about the CIA that would surprise me is if they WEREN’T working against us. They’re playing their own twisted games with no oversight.


      Charges of assault in Oregon are largely driven by the level of injury sustained by the victim. It doesn’t look like he made that much contact with the saw on either of the women, I’d bet that the injuries didn’t meet the standard for serious physical injury.

      If all that is true, the better question here is why he wasn’t charged with Attempted Assault I. Kind of doesn’t matter a ton, Assault II is still a heavy charge with a presumptive prison sentence in Oregon (M11 mandatory minimum).

      If we’re placing bets, I’d venture the DA will drop the Attempt Assault I on later and they’d deal out on the Assault II in the end.

  1. Guns do not solve every problem. But they solve more than enough to make them the first tool in your tool kit. Especially if you have to be at places like laundry mats. Such places tend to be in less upscale neighborhoods.

    • There is a laundry next to the funeral home in Chicago where the mass shooting took place.

    • For the year I was stuck in CA, I had to use a laundry mat. The majority of the time there I carried illegally. Surprisingly, I did the legal bullshit and applied for concealed carry, and actually got it. This was 2015 in San Diego. That said, I saw so many altercations there. So many crazies. So many disgusting people. And that was at a “not so bad” laundry mat. I tried every within a 20 mile radius, maybe more. I would rather buy 2 tubs – hell, even a bucket like I used in Iraq, heat up my own water, pour some laundry soap in and rinse in the clean one then air dry anywhere possible than ever go to another laundry mat again.

  2. The nutbags are comin outta the woodwork! Arm yourselves people, nobody else is gonna help you!!!

  3. “Instead, she just watches. And then her attacker Mr. Green slashes at her with the saw. Sadly, she just froze up at that point, probably due to her denial response to the attack.”

    We should all be thankful for the silly, oblivious sheep. Otherwise, the wolves might be attacking us instead.

    • The wolves should be thankful for the sheep. Otherwise they’d have to attack us. Poor wolves.

        • There are still a few of us here. About 25% of Multnomah Co., which contains Portland, votes Republican in pretty much every election that has one on the ballot. I’m known in my neighborhood as the token conservative though I prefer the term Late 18th Century Liberal. It confuses the ‘liberals’.

    • In Portland you can only take a saw to a saw fight. Something about using a gun to defend yourself against a larger, stronger, taller, and toxic masculine attacker being an excessive use of force.

      Besides, the man would have just sawed her hand with the gun in it, and used her own hand and gun against her.

  4. Slashed with a handsaw…that makes an ugly jagged wound…and the AntiFa a**holes (or sympathizers) were taunting the PoPo who were trying to de-escalate the attacker (which is exactly what the *protesters* have demanded) in order to effect an arrest without DRT’ing this “alleged” criminal.

    I almost feel sorry for the Portland Police…however, they helped create this inexcusable BS in their city by not taking action at the beginning of the AntiFa madness two+ years ago.

    I wonder if all Portlandians are this crazy or are there a sane few who have been intimidated against voicing their opposition to the takeover of their city by paid agitators from Seattle and elsewhere.

    • Unfortunately there are enough. Even people in apartments that have to live above these riots night after night blame the police.

      I dont know what the fix is, at this point I’d rather the police simply dont show up, warn all the good people to leave the city, and let them burn it to the ground. Police cant win, good citizens cant win, business owners cant win. And there seem to be a lot fewer “good” people in the city, than woke morons.

      Hell the mayor was told he had to get out and listen to the rioters. This being Mr TDS. They jeered him, fought his security team, and threw things at them. People like him deserve the fires that will result in the marxist utopia they desire.

      • “Warn all the good people”….it appears that, much like Diogenes’ quest, that may be a fruitless search.

        “Simply inconceivable”
        — the Sicilian

        • Eh, there are a few good people left there. Just like there are in Seattle or San Francisco. Not enough to keep the idiots out of office though.

          “I do not think it means what you think it means” I.M.

      • “People like him deserve the fires that will result…” People like Portland’s mayor deserve to BURN in the fires that will result from their feckless utopian wishfulness. They’re causing more than enough damage already, and they’re going to get a lot of people killed if they continue.

  5. “Clearly someone wielding a handsaw along with a very surly demeanor …” who is not carrying laundry into a laundromat gives you 99% certainty that he was there to harm people.

    The way to be sure is to start backing up (or moving to put objects between him and yourself) while assertively and loudly telling him to, “STOP!” If he keeps coming, then you know that he does not respect you and you should be ready to act assertively to protect yourself.

  6. Said scumbag should have ended up DRT,as he has proven himself lacking any redeeming qualities other than worm food.

  7. I watched the video. I can kind of understand the blond woman in the black t-shirt failing to act and freezing initially. What I don’t understand is why she just stands there after the Shropshire Slasher wacks her with the saw and makes it easy for him to slash her again.

    If it had not been for the other patron who stepped forward and partially blocked/blunted his continued slashes, Mr. Slasher might have easily killed that women in the black t-shirt.

    • “What I don’t understand is why she just stands there after the Shropshire Slasher wacks her with the saw and makes it easy for him to slash her again.”

      It’s a surprisingly common response. It is so far out of what she expected to happen that the mental gears just lock up.

      There is an *excellent* book on the subject – ‘The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why’ by Amanda Ripley :

        • Remember a few months (years?) back the Texas church shooting captured on hi-res video?

          One of the defenders drew his weapon, but just stood there. Did not aim or fire. Some suspected that was an example of the ‘ Magic Talisman Syndrome’ where subconsciously his brain was telling him the drawn gun somehow would protect him.

          People can get training, but will never know if their brain will let them aim and fire when the chips are down and lives are on the line…

  8. .. “.”several bystanders interrupted their conversation with him by screaming and taunting the officers, only increasing his level of agitation again,” according to the Portland Police Bureau.”

    It’s long past time to arrest a holes like this and charge them with interfering with a police officer and whatever else they can be charged with.

  9. Her subconscious was probably battling between her natural instincts saying GTFO and woke programming saying “don’t wanna appear raaaaacissss.”

    • Her brain asked, “I thought only Guns kill people. Can saws kill people, too? Why does that saw want to kill me?”

      The other women asked, “Why is that saw trying to kill that lady?”

  10. Lock the worthless bystanders in a room with perp and his saw. Bystander problem solved.

    • Not fair, Deborah.

      Some people have what it takes to react properly, some don’t…

  11. “Police said they continued talking to him to deescalate the situation, however, “several bystanders interrupted their conversation with him by screaming and taunting the officers, only increasing his level of agitation again,” according to the Portland Police Bureau.”

    What the heck….Portland, what is wrong with you?

    • I would prefer if they did it the other way round. Taze the instigators first, The perp will see that cops are not going to put up with stupid shit and will comply in short order. Both problems solved with one action.

    • enuf,

      Honestly? I don’t think we have mental institutions (e.g. insane asylums) any more in our nation.

      • Down here, an entire local hospital floor is known as the ‘psych floor’.

        Controlled access in and out. That’s where they get taken for a mental evaluation…

      • I think we do but they are extremely rare and require you to pretty much kill someone and be declared mentally unfit for trial before you’ll actually end up in one for an appreciable amount of time.

      • Sure we do. They’re called prisons. Unfortunately, they keep letting the crazies out as soon as they get there. It’s all part of a strategy…

    • There are no mental institutions left in operation. Crazy people cost the states too much, so they are left to fend for themselves. There are just a few facilities left for the most severely mentally impaired (retarded/brain injured). The rest end up in for profit, group homes, basically adult foster care. Minimum care at minimum standards plopped right in the middle of residential neighborhoods.

  12. That dude would not have made it 10 feet close to most of us. I think that is the point of this article. Stay alert folks. If someone has their eyes locked on you and is moving towards you, look at their hands. Create distance any way possible (in the laundry mat there was TONS of options and obstacles). Defend yourself.

  13. This is what your white privilege deserves….
    These people want white people dead…. when will you people realize this???
    They do not like you, they don’t want you to be their friend, they aren’t impressed by white people who shout “black lives matter”…. how fkn dumb are the majority of white people????….
    It’s time to choose sides…. and those who don’t or won’t choose sides, will eventually get their share of diversity….

    • mmm no. I mean, yes, the ones who shout BLM are idiots, but that goes for all races who shout it. Not just whites or blacks either. And wrong again, only assholes like you – and them – make it about race. You are not on anyone’s side here, stop acting like we give a fuck about your racist bullshit. It’s one thing to point out some demographic shit like in the recent article about the shooting of 3 or 4 people by one thug, but to make it entirely about race as you constantly do is just naive. You are sheltered as fuck.

  14. Over 30 years of democratic rule in Oregone has totally screwed this state.
    The I-5 corridor controls the whole state.
    If you live outside that corridor your vote means nothing.

  15. Somebody please notify me when Portland begins burning to the ground. I’ll make popcorn.

    • It’s already burning! I’m on my second bucket of Orville Redenbacher, and that’s before the cancel culture labels Orville as a deplorable. The statue tippers will probably change the name to something more woken, but not before Portlandia burns to the ground.

  16. Pepper spray would have been sufficient to stop hand saw man and it’s legal in every state.

    Portland has always been a strange place. I went there on several business trips in the 1990s and thought it and the state would be an attractive place to move for my retirement. One of the first things I noticed was a seedy trailer park nestled in a grove of mature Douglas firs. Back in Omaha, trailer parks are located where the land is cheap because no one wants to live there. Flood plains, which got inundated early last year, are an example. Many well educated people willingly tolerated below average salaries and an above average cost of living in order to live in Portland. I didn’t know about the politics at the time and it’s become obvious that their naivete has let the place turn to shit.

  17. She wasn’t wearing her BLM shirt, so he be like “I’m gonna get me some white privilege racist mofo…..

  18. 1) There is no way I’d be in portland, under any circumstances. I have a business and I will not service portland.
    2) If I did, for some incomprehensible reason, be in portland (plane crash perhaps), I’d not shoot anyone. I’d take my chances and hope I lived through whatever attack came. There is a zero percent change any self defense firearm discharge would be recognized as legitimate in that city. Better to go to the hospital, or take chances on morgue, than the 100% certainty of impoverishment and prison at the hands of perhaps the most corrupt government in america.

  19. We must ban assault hand saws! No training is required to buy one. No background checks are required. In a civilized society how can we allow this kind of unrestricted weapon. There is NO reason for the average person to have access to these dangerous weapons of mass injury and possibly murder, particularly when one can hire a trained carpenter or or cabinet-worker who will not lose control with the impressive and dangerous power in their hands.

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