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By John Velleco

The 2020 election is fast approaching, amid choruses of the old cliché about this being the “most important election in our lifetime.” But this time, the evidence is impossible to ignore. If Democrats catch any sort of tailwind on Tuesday, November 3, the three branches of government will be at risk and the stage set for all-out destruction of the Second Amendment.

Of course, all over the country there are Democrats and people from every party who cherish and respect the Second Amendment. The point remains, however, that at the federal level the agenda of national Democrats is to annihilate the right to keep and bear arms.

Let’s start with the White House.

Joe Biden has made his intentions clear. If elected, he will push for:

  • A permanent ban on many semi-automatic firearms (so-called assault weapons);
  • An executive ban on semi-auto imports;
  • Treating existing “assault weapons” the same as full-autos by placing them under the National Firearms Act;
  • A mandatory “buy-back” for those who choose not the register with the NFA, after which time a person in possession will become a felon;
  • Limiting gun purchases to one per month;
  • Imposing Universal Background Registration Checks;
  • Banning Social Security recipients who the agency deems “unable to manage their financial affairs” from possessing firearms (aka, say goodbye to Grandpa’s gun collection);
  • A gun prohibition for misdemeanor convictions of amorphous “hate crimes”;
  • Extending the time in which the FBI must complete a background check from three days to ten – and prohibit FFLs from transferring a firearm without first hearing back from the FBI, which can result in de facto gun bans lasting weeks;
  • Ending all online sales of firearms and ammunition;
  • A national Red Flag Gun Confiscation law;
  • A national gun licensing scheme, and;
  • Believe it or not, even more anti-Second Amendment initiatives!

If there’s any doubt that Sleepy Joe has the energy to accomplish all of this, he has promised to appoint 47-year-old Beto O’Rourke as his “Gun Czar.”

Who can forget Beto’s proclamation from the debate stage in Houston on September 12, 2019: “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!”

But Biden would need more players on his team to be able to destroy the great work of the Founding Fathers. Most importantly, he needs the United Stated Senate to be led by Chuck Schumer.

Control of Senate Crucial for Firearms Legislation, Courts

Currently, Republicans hold a slight edge, 53-47, in addition to a tiebreaker in Vice President Mike Pence. How tenuous is the majority? Virtually all national election experts and pollsters agree that there are seven senate seats in either the “tossup” column or likely to switch parties.

One is in Alabama, where Democrat Sen. Doug Jones will have a tough time defeating the popular former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville.

The rest of the competitive seats (Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Montana, and North Carolina) are all currently held by Republicans. Two of those seats are already predicted to flip, meaning Chuck Schumer’s team needs to win two of the four remaining tossup seats (three if Donald Trump is reelected). A Biden victory at the top of the ticket would all but ensure that Democrats have enough momentum to carry the Senate.

Mark Kelly
Giffords gun control org founder and Arizona Senate candidate Mark Kelly (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

What does a Schumer-led Senate mean for Biden’s agenda? Only everything.

There is no doubt that, as Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer would tear up the Senate rulebook and get rid of the filibuster.

This little piece of arcane parliamentary procedure is a powerful protection of the rights of the minority party in the Senate by requiring a super majority to pass any controversial legislation.

By way of contrast, the U.S. House is run by majority rule. So, by definition, the majority party can pretty much do whatever it wants, as long as most of its members agree. For many years, pro-gun Democrats helped to keep that party in check when it came to gun rights, but those days are long gone.

Bill Clinton made 30-35 Democrats walk the electoral plank when then-Rep. Chuck Schumer and then-Sen. Joe Biden rammed through the Brady Bill and the so-called assault weapons ban in the 1990s.

Barack Obama finished off the “Blue Dog” Dems when ObamaCare passed without a single Republican vote. This means that in the current Congress, hardly any Democrats would vote against the most extreme gun control agenda.

We know this for sure because on February 27 this year, the House passed H.R. 8, a Universal Background Check bill, with only TWO Democrats voting in opposition. Suffice it to say, a Democrat majority in the House can pass just about anything Nancy Pelosi wants.

Which brings us back to that funny little word, filibuster.

By requiring a super majority of sixty votes to pass legislation, this rule was designed to slow down the torrent of legislation that can come from the majority party in the House.

Or, as George Washington is said to have told Thomas Jefferson, “We pour our legislation into the senatorial saucer to cool it.”

Under Schumer, the saucer will be smashed into a million pieces, and the Senate will be run just like the House. The Biden gun control agenda will have a green light to get through the Congress.

Furthermore, a Democrat majority will be able to alter the playing field and make it difficult for Republicans to ever take back that chamber.

On the table is a fifty-two state strategy that could “permanently change the political map.” Simply by granting Washington, D.C., statehood status, Democrats would be guaranteed two additional senators. Statehood for Puerto Rico could mean an additional two senators, as well as five House seats.

Meanwhile, amnesty for illegal immigrants will result in millions of new voters who, according to a Pew poll, would vote for liberal, anti-gun Democrats by an 8-1 margin.

At that point, the road to victory for Senate Republicans, or any other party, will be steep indeed.

Pelosi’s Anti-Second Amendment Factory

Nancy pelosi gun control background checks HB 8
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

We have already touched on how easy it is for the majority party to work its will in the U.S. House.

No legislation even gets to the floor for a vote unless it is blessed by the Speaker, and the current Speaker (not to mention those waiting in the wings to replace her) will push to ban guns.

In addition to passing H.R. 8, much of Pelosi’s anti-gun agenda is laid out in H.R. 5717, euphemistically named the “Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020.”

This is an anti-gun wish list that, for the most part, mirrors Sleepy Joe’s Second Amendment destruction plan.

Make no mistake. If the triumvirate of Biden-Pelosi-Schumer are in control, H.R. 5717 might be considered a warmup act for the damage to come.

SCOTUS and the Second Amendment

Last, but far from least, is the third, coequal branch of government.

On the judiciary to date, more than two hundred judges nominated by President Trump have been confirmed. On the whole, these judges have been more pro-gun than those appointed by the President’s Republican predecessors.

But there is more work to do, particularly at the top.

We recently ran a three-part series on the danger looming for the Second Amendment at the Supreme Court. For the past decade, the Court has neglected the Second Amendment and therefore allowed the lower courts to, according to Justice Clarence Thomas, “[yield] analyses that are entirely inconsistent with Heller.”

Even though five of the nine Justices on the Court were appointed by Republicans, the Second Amendment is slowly being eroded because the High Court refuses to hear any cases that would provide guidance to lower courts on Heller (which recognized the Second Amendment is a right held by individuals, and not a state militia) and McDonald (which incorporated the right to the states).

GOA is reviewing firearms-related decisions by virtually every nominee likely to be selected by President Trump for the Supreme Court in order to sound the alarm against any anti-Second Amendment jurist.

However, if Biden wins, he will follow in the footsteps of Obama and nominate activist justices who would leap at the chance to rewrite Heller and McDonald, and rubber stamp whatever comes out of an anti-gun Congress.

This is some, but by no means all, of what is at stake in the 2020 election.

Is this “the most important election in our lifetimes?” Could this really be “Armageddon” for gun rights? Let the reader decide.

But Second Amendment supporters must go into this election informed and with open eyes. Register to vote, and make sure the millions of new gun owners are also registered. The stakes are simply too high for even a single gun owner to sit this one out.


John Velleco is the Executive Vice President of Gun Owners of America, a national grassroots lobbying organization with over 2 million members and supporters nationwide. Follow John on Twitter @velleco




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  1. I would have appreciated a trigger warning before scrolling down to the horrendous photo of Pelosi. Having a hard time cleaning the barf out of my keyboard.

    • Thank you. Please – for the love of all things good and decent – stop posting her face. It gives me hives.

      • Depends. For me, it woke me out of my morning grogginess faster than a foglifter coffee. My eyes went from half-closed to wide as saucers.

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  2. Sadly, too many people will scream “but trump said take the guns first!” And “he banned bump stahks!” and will think that somehow voting for Biden will be better.

    • Or voting for some 3rd party candidate that is “ideologically pure,” but less than 1% have even heard of. Voting for other than Republican or Democrat this year is just letting other people pick.

      • Agreed. The personal purity test and nihilism around here is laughable. It has no bearing what so ever in the reality of politics.

        • Yes because both Republicans and Democrats have done such a fine job of running the country and protecting our rights. Let’s just keep voting for them, that will show um!

          Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. May the chains rest lightly on all of you.

        • Oh yes. Voting for some third party unknown will make you “feel” so warm and fuzzy. And get Groping Joe elected. Well, don’t bitch when HIS STORMTROOPERS show up to take your AR or AK.

    • Of late I’ve been gently asking acquaintances about their political opinions. These are reasonably well educated, reasonably affluent folks, and yet they tend to be astonishingly under-informed/disinterested/in denial about the coming election. Recently I had a conversation with a friend who customarily votes Democrat. When asked the portending socialism in the Democrat party, gun-confiscation, censorship of political speech, her comment was, “Oh, they wouldn’t do that”. She simply refused to even conceive of what’s coming. As we talked, she followed up with, “Besides, Biden’s only going to be office for 4 years” . . . Duuhh.

    • “Sadly, too many people will scream “but trump said take the guns first!” And “he banned bump stahks!” and will think that somehow voting for Biden will be better.”

      Or, being the pompous, self-righteous, uber individual, unable-to-understand politics, all or nothing and non-compromising ever (can you say GOA), proudly non-partisan voter that some “real” 2A supporters claim to be- they won’t vote at all, or for some 10th party candidate just to prove some sort of point, all the while kissing MY rights away with their own…

      • Oh the Republicans are coming for your guns too, just wait. Especially when it becomes a threat to their power and wealth.

        • The Republicans have never voted for any gun control. They have worked on earning the support of the NRA since I was a kid 50 years ago. Confiscate your lies!

        • @Xoxo

          Dear sir you are mistaken. A republican legislature and governor (Shady Rick, now senator 🤦🏻‍♂️) took away the rights of 18-20 year olds and imposed “red flag” nonsense on Florida.

          It’s like this- there are two busses, hurtling towards a cliff. The only material difference is the democrats are driving their bus faster.

  3. Despite the vote counts, the communist mainstream media will declare the election for Biden to sow chaos, confusion and rioting. They are that pathetic and evil.

    • I’m betting if we look back that you’re one of the people that said the same thing about 2016 and that there is no evidence in the world that would be sufficient to convince you that trump lost, if he does.

      • There is very little election fraud in the USA, it is a minor problem at worst.

        If Trump loses and contests the loss on the basis of election fraud, it will be his attempt to steal an election.

        Of course, it could all be part of the larger conspiracy for Obama to dissolve the Constitution and declare himself President for Life.

        • By your logic, the Green Party was attempting to steal the 2016 election on behalf of democrats. Jill Stein cried foul, but they actually found election fraud in democrat controlled Detroit.

          “The Detroit News found voting scanning machines at 248 of the city’s 662 precincts — 37 percent — tabulated more ballots than the number of actual voters counted in the poll books.”

          Don’t worry though. Leftist apologist fact checker, Snopes, said it wasn’t fraud, just a mistake. Well a bunch of mistakes. It’s funny how those “mistakes” always go in one political direction. Things that make you go Hmm…

          Per Snopes (explaining blatant fraud with a straight face): “The discrepancy did not involve Detroit’s recording more votes than registered voters, but rather precinct poll workers miscounting the number of people who voted.” Oops! (Honest mistakes usually don’t favor one political party above another)

        • Gotta disagree with you there, enuf.

          For our CA primary election a few months ago, Gov. Newsom mandated mail-in ballots only, and one arrived in the mailbox for my adult son who moved to another state several years ago and has never voted in CA. Somehow, not only was his name magically registered, but a ballot was sent out in his name. If I were so inclined, I could have easily filled it out with my own choice of candidates, signed it in his name, and mailed it in.

          How many people actually did that, I wonder?

        • Dude,

          The very sources you are quoting report no election fraud was found. Instead, the manual head count by poll workers had small errors where they miscounted the number of voters. The optical scanning voting machines were found to have accurately counted the votes, and no advantage or disadvantage went to any candidate from the human error of counting how many people passed thru the voting location.

          Just one of your own sources that reaches the opposite conclusion you claim it does:

          Vote Fraud is rare in the USA and a minor problem. Even so, everyone should be required to show proof of residency and citizenship. Politicians who claim that requirement excludes certain poor or disadvantaged people should explain how that works and propose solutions. Which, as a taxpayer, I would be happy to see tax money pay for.

          Everyone should vote in every election.

          People who refuse to vote deserve to be fined. At least a dollar, nothing too crazy.

          Those of us who do vote should all receive a share of that money.

          See? Problems easily solved.

        • “Ninty-five poll books, lists of people who cast ballots, were delivered late to the board. Five of those precincts NEVER did turn in a poll book, according to a memo from the Wayne County Clerk’s Office to state election officials.”

          This was in December 2016, over two months after the election. How many elections, have these people been through? And they still can’t figure out how to do it. How is that confidence inspiring for you?

          As far as the existence of election fraud, it’s real. It’s very telling that’s it’s always democrats pushing for looser voting regulations while pushing the myth that fraud just doesn’t exist.

          “Congressman Joe Garcia’s former chief of staff will head to jail for orchestrating a fraudulent, online absentee-ballot request plot during last year’s elections.”

          Election Fraud Cases

        • “There is very little election fraud in the USA, it is a minor problem at worst.”

          There’s a good reason why they are hyping the COVID-19 ‘risks’. “We can’t open the schools!” they say.

          They will push *hard* for mail-in voting in November. That’s the easiest route for them to stuff the ballot-boxes.

          Oh, and I’ve found the *perfect* way to get national voter ID passed. Since voting is a civil right, if I don’t need picture ID to vote, then I don’t need picture ID to buy a gun… 🙂

        • “There is very little election fraud in the USA . . .” Until there is. Whereupon we’ll have a one-party state. It’s therefore important to make sure we’remove the possibility of electron fraud by requiring face-tp-face voting and strict identity confirmation.

        • “There is very little election fraud in the USA, it is a minor problem at worst.”

          Agreed! Why, election fraud is as uncommon as murder. A minor problem indeed.

        • Horsepucky! Voter fraud exists and it has swung elections. Christine Gregiore stole the governorship from Dino Rossi in Washington State. Rossi was ahead on the first count, Gregiore contested the result and after multiple recounts edged Rossi out. They kept finding boxes of ballots in car trunks and back rooms that magically all broke for Gregiore and she eventually got more votes in King County than there were registered voters. The State Supreme Court, comprised of partisan Democrats, naturally, saw nothing wrong with that. Similar fraud took place in Orange County, CA where Republicans were ahead in Congressional races until enough votes were “found” that went Democrat and the districts flipped.

          There are plenty of anecdotal accounts of people casting votes in multiple districts, people receiving multiple ballots, dogs and cats receiving ballots, illegal aliens casting votes, ballots being “lost”, and the list goes on and on.

          Anyone who says voter fraud doesn’t exist and that it doesn’t swing election results in certain areas has their head in the sand.

        • You should be wary of all government ID plans now. *They* want to track everyone through implanted microchips, facial recognition, barcode tattoos, “smart” devices, etc. None of that should be allowed to fly.

          The only ID anybody needs for non-tyrannical purposes is a driver’s license or state-issued card (the kind that poor people and kids get that doesn’t let you drive).

  4. Not a single issue voter and no way in hell I am voting for Orange Traitor. Will wait and see what the write-ins look like. Vote a Republican down-ticket and continue donating to GOA and SAF. If the NRA would get rid of the traitor at the head, I’d donate to them again as well.

    But no way in hell will I support the scumbag, incompetent, lying, deceiving, cheating, narcissistic, deranged, Putin ass kissing, small handed, General hating, Gold Star Family insulting, pussy grabbing piece of authoritarian filth now staining the Resolute Desk.

    Fuck Trump and all the lies and the Kool-Aid Tsunami he rode in on!

    • Yes maybe I changed my mind and will vote for Trump instead of a third party. Keep talking, its helping Trump.

    • ” But no way in hell will I support the scumbag, incompetent, lying, deceiving, cheating, narcissistic, deranged, Putin ass kissing, small handed, General hating, Gold Star Family insulting, pussy grabbing piece of authoritarian filth now staining the Resolute Desk. ”

      Good thinking! So instead you’re going to vote for the scumbag, incompetent, lying, deceiving, cheating, narcissistic, deranged, Putin ass kissing, small handed, General hating, Gold Star Family insulting, pussy grabbing piece of authoritarian filth who wants to stain the Resolute Desk — and confiscate all your guns in his spare time.

      I feel your pain, man.

    • So much hate… it blinds you.
      Since when is politician’s ability measured by the size of his hands? All those sanctions against Russia are only to show affection to Putin, right?
      Write-in, huh. Then you don’t matter. You might as well wipe with your ballot and flush it down the toilet.

    • Assuming that your unflattering characterization of Trump is accurate (and it may well be), how is that different from any other person who served as President of the United States?

    • I put the above post in as a marker so I would know if my “I’m not going to vote for Trump” post was deleted.

      It was deleted.

      Still not going to vote for Trump.

      • I think you had too many martinis today: I am still seeing your post that you say someone deleted.

  5. I outlined this democrat strategy for getting and keeping power in a comment on here recently. You left out two parts, doing away with the Electoral College and increasing the number of justices to the Supreme Court. Once the democrats have accomplished all of these goals, their focus will be destroying the Constitution and starting over. They’ll do it right this time.

    • And one more important bit….making at the very least, DC a state as well as possibly PR. That would give them a permanent senate majority well before we lose Texas thanks to uncontrolled Mexican immigration. Yes, the 2nd amendment is screwed at the federal level. I will choose to be a felon, but that will not matter much if they simply win by attrition like they have with automatics. The only way to save our rights is to move for peaceful secession. Market it as a win/win – they want to be rid of us, we want to be rid of them.

      • But they don’t want to be rid of us. They want to convert us like relentless evangelical missionaries they seek to absolve us of our past sins and baptize us in the pure waters of leftism.

        Simply leaving us alone to do our thing was never an option. They’d sooner burn the world to ashes than adopt a live and let live philosophy.

        • Alternatively, we see them pass these gun control bills, and more states sign onto the 2A Sanctuary movement. That could create an irreconcilable tear in the fabric of the country, result is a lot messier. Let us hope it does not come to that, because I wish for a peaceful solution, but I have a feeling it will as you are correct in your analysis that many on the left wish to impose their wills on everyone else or we will simply be subjugated if there are not enough conservatives of principle left to stand up to the federal monstrosity. It will require real leadership though, something we are not seeing much of in the current crop of republicans.

        • If they had their way, they would prefer nonbelievers to be shipped off to work in a Nike factory in China.

        • “…..by granting Washington, D.C., statehood status, Democrats would be guaranteed two additional senators. Statehood for Puerto Rico could mean an additional two senators, as well as five House seats…

          History seems to be repeating…..

          “……..That could create an irreconcilable tear in the fabric of the country, result is a lot messier. Let us hope it does not come to that, because I wish for a peaceful solution, but I have a feeling it will as you are correct in your analysis that many on the left wish to impose their wills on everyone else……..”

          It is not in their nature to leave people alone. A peaceful solution is probably not possible based on the observation that metro areas are burning every night. It will spread until there is no choice but to get messy.

        • I disagree. I think they want us not as converts to their ideals but as mere tax cattle. Their pie in the sky socialist plans require lots of other people’s money. People like us.

        • Polarbear101,
          But Sanders and Warren told me only the billionaires would pay for that stuff. You mean I’ve been lied to? /s

        • I came to post exactly what PolarBear101 said.

          Progressives will not leave us alone because they want our money and nest eggs.

      • PR is one question, but if the residents of DC wish “representation” as is being explained, they should be annexed into VA and MD, we have more than enough tiny states like DE and RI, smaller than San Antonio.

        • Larry,
          That would be a very logical way to solve the so called problem. However, that isn’t the “problem” that they want solved. Then, there’s the reason why it’s a District in the first place. The state(s) that make up the DC area would be heavily favored. It’s very telling that Washington D.C. was expanding and thriving when the rest of the country was in terrible shape after the Great Recession.

      • “Peaceful secession” is not on the table. Their grassroots folks are authoritarian communists. Their power must be extended into every aspect of every life in the world for the glory of the Party. A BLM protest flag encapsulated this nicely, depicting the Gadsden snake being crushed by the black power first, saying, “We Will Tread”. The only possible result from a Biden/Democrat victory will be civil war. And, for that matter, a violent leftist insurgency (that might grow into a civil war) is practically guaranteed if Trump wins.

        My main hope for the future is the potential of collapse of the Three Gorges Dam. It would be such an apocalyptic scenario that I don’t see how the CCP could hold on to power or continue extending the tendrils of their influence into our society. Many “American” companies like Google and the NBA kowtow to China to curry their favor. Just try to get a custom jersey saying “Free Hong Kong.” Google once worked on a special censorious search engine for the Chinese intranet. To what degree are they willing to censor Americans to prop up Chinese interests and subdue the questions of dissidents?

        We don’t know the extent of Chinese infiltration in our society, and they’re burning all the documents in Houston to make sure we don’t find out. If the CCP collapses with the dam, how much financial and directional support will the commies here in the states lose? Apocalypse in China may be a blessing of God on America, as it may be the only way to avoid a very ugly future for us.

  6. This election could go either way. Pretty good or down right horrible. The reality is that if these new gun owners had been voting Democrat before becoming gun owners, then they most likely will still vote left wing. If that is the case, it would be far better if they didnt vote as they would just undermine civilization if they did. Even if Trump wins in November( which he very well could, dont get me wrong) he will probably be one of the last if not the last right wing presidents. This is largely due to the fact that legal immigrants to this country(never mind illegal immigrants) vote more than 2 to 1 left wing. That means that we are importing millions of people every year that are undermining our civilization. In other words, soon enough, the republican party will never be able to win another election just because of immigration. Most leftists will never change their thinking no matter what and we cant even get right wing folks to agree 100% of the time. Ultimately, we are going to have to find other ways of accomplishing our goals besides elections.

    • Demographics favor the left even without illegals.

      The education system has been turning out millions of well indoctrinated socialist snow flakes for years. They will be able to take complete control by 2030 unless there is a major event to prevent it.

      If Trump wins in November it will just delay the disaster for a few years. Then, conservatives will have to decide if they are going to stand up and actually do something to resist the socialist disaster the left has planned for all.

      Be Prepared !

      • “Demographics favor the left even without illegals.”

        When it gets to the point where we may never hold the White House again, that’s when the nation must split, peacefully, or not so peacefully. To quote a document :

        “–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”…

      • “The education system has been turning out millions of well indoctrinated socialist snow flakes for years.”

        Do you think it’s a coincidence that they think everyone needs a college education?

      • “The education system has been turning out millions of well indoctrinated socialist snow flakes for years.”

        Yup, since the early 1960’s. (Shhh… don’t tell the older folks, they’ve spent their life thinking they got a “bettah edumacatshun” and the truth hurts the feelz they pretend to despise. But you know it’s true just from looking at a graph of inflation and then hearing them talk about how they “hAz MoNiEs!” while they spend their kids and grandkids (whom they love!) into slavery. Now, STFU and hate whom you’ve been told to.)

  7. We will be in a curious situation with regards to semi auto guns.
    Register them and it’s not what you bought but what you currently own. 4473 And purchase records don’t prove you currently possess anything. But registries tie you to a machine. That is the first step to confiscation which we all know is on the horizon.

    Keep the gun hidden and you’re in trouble should you use it in defense, or even if it’s discovered after a fire or burglary. This is the UK situation. There arre legal consequences they will pursue, despite the soft stance on real crime and criminal. Gun possession crimes will be maxxed out on sentencing to send a message.

    It’s unlikely we’ll be able to defend ourselves with registered guns anyway. They currently got the backs of the radicals and just like England the use of arms willl be seen as being a Bad Gun Owner. Dont expect mercy or fairness, we see how it works today.

    Mail in virtual voting is the plan to put Joe Biden in the Whitehouse. It won’t be just the cities, it will be entire states with grossly exaggerated totals for Joe. How long until the Veep takes over is a question. They will use Joe to sign the really ugly anti constitutional laws and then replace him with someone to remake the supreme court to cement it. Maybe with 15 just to be sure.

    Unless the orange man wini we’re screwed.

  8. What a difference 4 years makes. HPA? Carry reciprocity? Now it’s an inescapable doomsday.

    I’m kinda hoping these left wing conspiracies of martial law come true. Harness the power of authoritarianism to round up and exterminate the lesser authoritarians.

      • I guess you could call it a token effort. They did file bills for consideration, but none of them went anywhere; I don’t think they were even considered in committee.

        Republicans are a bunch of damn jellyfish. Spineless drifters who will only sting if their cushy personal position is threatened.

      • House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday said Republicans have no scheduled plan to vote on a bill that would ease rules on gun silencers, in the wake of the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history.

        Reports had suggested the House could vote on the National Rifle Association-backed legislation, known as the SHARE Act, soon.

        “That bill is not scheduled now,” Ryan told reporters. “I don’t know when it’s going to be scheduled.”

        Let’s be honest. It was never a priority for snake in the grass Paul Ryan. He was happy he had an excuse to kick the can down the road, and retire.

        • It was never a priority because we didn’t have the votes in the Senate.

          Why is that so fucking difficult to understand?

        • That never stopped the Dems. They file their bills, get some of them through commissions and push for voting on them. If they don’t succeed, they file ten times more, rinse and repeat. Every time they manage to push something through, it moves the ratchet in their direction.

          We lose 100% fights we don’t fight.

  9. If the un American Marxist Left doesn’t affect the election thru the use of voter fraud,which they appear to be more than willing to do, let the results fall where they may.

    Remember last election where Hellary the miserable skank was a shoe in to win, all the polls said as much and she’s still howling about her loss.

    If the results of the recent NSSF poll are anywhere near correct, it would appear that gun control isn’t a winner for the un American DemoCommies.

    NSSF Poll


  10. Sleazy democRats are out to get everyone from kids to moms to grand parents onboard the communist train of destruction and despair. If you want to help turn America into graffiti lined chap zone sewer all you have to do is roll over, whine about Trump and play dead on election day.

  11. I am trying to educate people who believe they have enough problems that they are not interested in what is going on. If we do not win this election we might have re-education going on in America. Sort of like what is going on in Seattle where all white employees are being required to attend whiteness classes. If you do not submit to their training they will blackball you and make you unemployable. They will remove most gun rights before this occurs.

  12. Meh. No matter what I will not comply. And I live in ILL. For now. There’s a certain comfort in being old. The pansies who run my town,township,county and state can’t(or won’t!)control a bunch of BLM/antifa scum. I can’t imagine where they’d scurry to with heavily armed patriots fighting back?!?😕

    • Oh that’s coming, if these gun control measures are put into place we will have no other option to resist, if we don’t we lose everything.

  13. Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden will put gun owners in chains. If you don’t think that is acceptable for democRats you don’t know the history of Gun Control and the democRat Party. Scumbag democRats threatened to put people in jail who did not comply with obamacare…What Filth.

  14. Poor poor AOC got her little bartender feelings hurt when some mean Republican called her a name. Never call anyone a name. Call them what they are. KGB AOC = POS.

  15. Will y’all knock it off with the fear porn already? I’m not giving money to the NRA.

    • If you don’t believe the left is planning to destroy the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment you are not paying attention.

      Either that or you are a left wing provocateur.

  16. Weird seeing as how many “democrats” bought guns recently and we just saw 2 “democrats” defending their home with “gasp” an AR15 and the proverbial shiny Saturday night special.

  17. seems like 2nd civil war already blooming anyway. Not sure if it matters who wins the whitehouse at this point.

    • Call me cynical, but I don’t see it yet. People aren’t going hungry en masse, nor are we seeing the kind of crap that’s happening in the North West taking hold in red states (seems like every time they try, it gets slapped down by state and local government).
      And even if shit gets hinky, I’d imagine it would be more along the lines of “the Troubles” than a legit civil war.

      • Even what’s happening in the Northwest isn’t happening in the Northwest — just in a couple of urban holes infested by vile leftists and progtards.

        The state of Washington as a whole is nothing like Seattle (if the Marxists had tried to make CHAZistan happen anywhere other than Seattle, they’d have been shot on the spot by residents and business owners), nor is Oregon on board with Portlandia’s insanity.

        Make no mistake, these people are *everywhere* (https://crimethinc.com/2020/06/20/a-letter-from-the-other-front-on-rural-anarchist-participation) but they’re vastly outnumbered virtually everywhere. They’re exploiting Americans’ goodwill and, yes, laziness, to make it look like they’re more potent than they really are. It’d take only a small percentage of normal people waking up and refusing to put up with the anarchist/leftist shit to make sure these people get nowhere other than jail or maybe, if that’s how the traitors want it, an early grave.

  18. Also…they will repeal the Lawful Commerce in Arms Act….which will allow every left wing ambulance chaser to sue gun makers and gun stores on behalf of every gang member shot by another gang member…..they will put gun makers out of business and close down just about every gun store. Then they will use the Department of Justice to sue whoever is left for likely Civil Rights Violations or some other nonsense, to again, bankrupt them or make them give in to whatever demands the democrats want………vote Trump because our country can’t take the democrat party taking complete control of the country.

  19. I see that TTAG censors posts that are too anti-Trump. Vanishing posts is supposed to be a practice of the censor-happy Left.

    Oh well.



    Also, that word that Debbie W gets so upset about … feel free to visualize …

    • Try posting it again. There are plenty of both left and right wingers around here that are anti-Trump and I see their comments.

      Also, you and Debbie should just get it over with and get a room.

      • Most of the time I ignore her posts, likely I don’t see them all anyway.

        Every once in a while, the response does leak out.

        Something to do with fecal matter pretending to be the “POTUS”?

    • I don’t think you have a lot of truly pro-Trump support here. Heck, I didn’t vote “for” him; I repudiated the other choice (like the elections before 2016).

      Unfortunately, it’s time to focus on legislators, hold your nose on Trump, and push for decent human beings in the next primary.

    • We don’t censor anyone’s political opinions. We delete posts with obvious racist language and threats or those that advocate violence. As your own catalogue of contributions here makes clear, we allow any point of view on the political spectrum.

  20. This post is really old news. Many people, myself included, have been saying this since the Corona Virus began. Unfortunately, keyboard commandoes just don’t listen or heed the warnings. The deck is stacked against Trump. The Democrats have the high ground and they are using their powerful friends in the media to deliver a crushing blow and overwhelming defeat to Trump. Is that so f___ng hard to see? Get ready for Obama the puppet master and his circle of bitches. While Beto is taking your guns, Biden will be taking away your rights. Not only will the vaccine be mandatory but you’ll have to kneel on a prayer mat to receive it. I hope you all know what’s coming down the pipe and fight or get ready for a fight.

  21. I’ll take my chances with the democRATS. With all that’s happened under Trumps watch, were even closer to having to actually the worst government over reach, and is more totalitarian than any democratic presidential regime.

    Don’t forget, “republicans” failed to get national CCW and reciprocity when they had both chambers of Congress and the presidency. Instead they sat on their hands and did NOTHING, and good ol’ Trump went after guns…so much of an ally he’s supposed to be

    Maybe now that we’ll lose the presidency, republicans will actually grow a backbone and step up for the 2A. I’ll vote red down the ticket but Trump is worthless weight for 2A rights unfortunately, and just about everything else in America now

  22. As long long as the majority of the country chooses to believe that the problem resides with “them” rather than “us” the problems will get worse across the board. The internet has only made this problem worse. It could or maybe even should have been the best thing people ever invented. At this point I kinda suspect it might be the worst.

    Gun rights are but a symptom of the overall problem. We’ve spent decades placating a number of crocodiles only to realize that the line leading to their mouths is now getting rather short.

  23. The National Socialist Party expects to ride the coat tails of death and destruction into the ownership of the country. They could very well succeed. We barely dodged the bullet that was hillary last election. Half the country voted for her. All Biden has to do now is get the right politically correct VP and he’s in. Once done it can never be undone. It will not be a loss of this “right”, or that “right”, it’ll be the end of The Constitution in it’s entirety.

    • You prophets of doom would be hilarious if you were not so silly and uninformed. You display no comprehension of how legislation comes to be, how our Constitution works, how it can be changed or frankly much of anything else about American Government.

      Major Clue here …. Biden is not a Wizard. If he wins, he will not be able to wave his magic shotgun from his balcony, fire off two blasts of dehydrated unicorn poop-sparkle dust and make America over into some sort of dystopian nightmare.

      No President gets their way. They run into the brick wall of Congress and learn they have far less power and influence than they thought they did. Trump ran into that right quick, and still displays no comprehension of how the government he was elected to “run” actually works.

      No secret to it. We learned it back in school. Some called it “Civics 101”, among other titles and levels of learning.

  24. There was a bit of humor in the article:

    “One is in Alabama, where Democrat Sen. Doug Jones will have a tough time defeating the popular former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville.”

    The author’s definition of “tough time” is off a bit. Enuf has a better chance of being voted “favorite poster on TTAG” and allowed to censor the site for a week than Jones has of winning.

    I just wish some of the other descriptions of possibilities were equally understated.

  25. The picture says it all…… Our nation needs voter ID and ballots only in ENGLISH. One vote per living US citizen over the age 18.

  26. Even if the dem’s win in November. Even if they enact all their gun control measures, who do they think will come to your house to take your guns? There are the some of us that took an oath to defend the constitution and we meant it. Some things are worth dying for. I am ready to die for my ideals, are they ready to die for theirs?. After the first 30 or so all out fire fights no one will be coming for your guns.

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