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Springfield Armory has introduced the Ronin Operator 4.25″, a 1911 pistol available in 9mm and .45 ACP. MSRP $849.

The Ronin Operator 4.25″ has a forged carbon-steel slide, lightweight forged-alloy frame and a forged barrel. The pistol features a traditional barrel bushing system that matches up with its 4.25-inch match grade barrel. The barrel itself is fully supported and ramped.

“Since its release earlier this year, the full-size Ronin Operator has been extremely popular,” says Steve Kramer, vice president of marketing for Springfield Armory. “The new Ronin Operator 4.25″ adds a lighter, more compact option for those who love carrying the 1911.”

The Ronin Operator 4.25″ sports a two-tone finish, with the alloy frame featuring a satin aluminum Cerakote finish and the slide a hot salt blued finish. It weighs in at 29.5 ounces in the .45 ACP version and 31 ounces in the 9mm variant.

The gun has many features shooters expect on a modern 1911, including a beavertail grip safety with “memory bump,” fiber-optic front/tactical rack rear sight, and extended safety lever deliver. Other features include a pair of Crossed Cannon premium laminate wood grips, stainless steel checkered flat mainspring housing, Springfield Armory 2nd Generation Speed Trigger, forward slide serrations and a basepad-equipped magazine (9+1 capacity in the 9mm model and 8+1 in the .45).



Springfield Armory 1911 RONIN Operator 4.25 9mm PX9117L Specifications

Caliber: 9mm

Color: Satin Aluminum / Black

Barrel: 4.25-inch Forged Stainless Steel, Match Grade, Fully Supported Ramp, 1:16

Slide: Forged Carbon Steel, Blued

Frame: Forged Aluminum Alloy, Satin Aluminum Cerakote

Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Tactical Rack White Dot Rear

Recoil System: Commander Length GI Style

Grips: Crossed Cannon Wood Laminate

Magazines: (1) 9-Round

Weight: 31 oz.

Length: 7.9 inches

Height 5.5 inches

MSRP: $849


Springfield Armory 1911 RONIN Operator 4.25″ .45 ACP PX9118L Specifications

Caliber: .45 ACP

Color: Satin Aluminum / Black

Barrel: 4.25-inch Forged Stainless Steel, Match Grade, Fully Supported Ramp, 1:16

Slide: Forged Carbon Steel, Blued

Frame: Forged Aluminum Alloy, Satin Aluminum Cerakote

Sights: Fiber Optic Front, Tactical Rack White Dot Rear

Recoil System: Commander Length GI Style

Grips: Crossed Cannon Wood Laminate

Magazines: (1) 8-Round

Weight: 29.5 oz.

Length: 7.9 inches

Height 5.5 inches

MSRP: $849


SHOT Show: Springfield’s New Ronin 1911 in .45 and 9mm

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    • Biatec beat me to it.
      I was going to say “queue the Springfield haters in 3, 2, 1…”

      • They probably never bought anything from Springfield anyway.

        Makes me want to go out and by one just to stick a finger in their eye.

      • They might be snowflakes but you’re my little chocolate starfish. Thanks for last night! 😉

      • If by snowflake you mean someone who holds a company to a certain standard of behavior, then yes. Also if you mean someone who expects a company do better than rest on the marketing of their name while turning out substandard products targets at either fudds who love them a two tone 1911 and an M1A, or gun shop geniuses who think grip safeties on striker guns is remotely necessary.

        Ok, boomer.

      • They actually don’t teach grammar anymore.

        In that time slot is now a compulsory class on gender and race sensitivities and feminist theory.

    • Then maybe you didn’t live in Illinois and have these jerks sell you out for their own carve out on a gun control bill that shut down most of the gun dealers in IL. Springfield and RRA, both companies I purchased from since I was supporting local businesses. But they sold us out and never again.

      • @ KD: Finally, someone states the right reason to hate Springfield Armory. I don’t wish them to go out of business because there are probably good, decent people employed there, but that was a really SLEAZY thing the company did……and didn’t care who it hurt.

  1. They keep re-introducing it and now it needs no introduction.
    The movie though was pretty darn good.

        • To do full justice to DeNiro, psychotic TDS-infected bastidge that he is, he carried at least two different pistols during the film ‘Ronin.’

          At the beginning, his pistol was a Colt M1991A1 Series 80. In the latter part of the film, he carried an SiG P228.

          Oh, and also a SiG SG551. And an FN Minimi-Para Mk2 machine gun. And an HK69A1 Granatpistole 40mm launcher. And a mock-up LAW 66.

          And a coffee cup.

        • What is your name? “Spence.”

          What is your quest? “To seek the Box.”

          What is the color of the boathouse at Hereford? “Blue. No. . . Aaaaaaaargh!”

          What’s in the box? Ice skates. Plutonium-fueled nuclear ice skates.

          And a coffee cup.

  2. A gun for those who would believe and vote for Francis O’Rourke if he said he was really sorry and liked the constitution now.

  3. Pretty, but I am not in the market for another handgun at this time. I am still waiting for the Christensen Arms Ranger 22 to show up on the market. It was supposed to be out in the spring, but for whatever reason it has been delayed until this month or next. After that, another long gun, maybe a Ruger No.1 in 45-70.

  4. Except for the fact that it is made by a company who trashes the 2nd A, how is this different than the dozens of other models made by SA, or the 100s of other models made by other manufactures?

  5. I’m sure someone will go into a store, see it, think it looks good (it does) and buy it.

    Not me, not from SA until they clean house.

    • Same here.

      I’m running on the assumption that TDS-enraged Leftist scum will hold all 3 houses in Nov. and I’m spending my money accordingly. If that happens, the 2012 ammo run will look like a fond memory…

      • I have enough ammo to hold but not enough to shoot (except .22) so I guess it’s time to actually start reloading (something I have been telling myself for years, even have the press) even though components are similarly through the roof from what I hear.

        The best time to buy was a year ago but now might still be better than in six months…

        • “I have enough ammo to hold but not enough to shoot (except .22)”

          I know exactly how you feel. I can’t really put a finger on how much is enough to shoot, but I”m pretty sure I don’t have it since what I shoot can’t be replaced.

  6. Tactical Tupperware is much more reliable, lighter and much higher capacity. I can’t understand why anyone would carry a 1911.

    Don’t tell me it’s about the trigger. In a defensive situation, there is no difference between a single action trigger and a striker

    • Then there are places like California, Massachusetts, New York (and maybe New Jersey) where the maximum capacity allowed is 10+1. There goes that capacity advantage! At that point, you pick the one you shoot best. Personally, I never liked the Glock grip angle, and never shot them that well. I shoot 1911s and 1873s much better. Each to his own.

      • I would rather have a S&W M&P 45 with 10+1 than a 1911. Higher capacity, more reliable, less maintenance, and lighter

        • I have both. Shooting +p rounds out of my M&P 2.0 is more uncomfortable than shooting full power 10mm rounds out of a 1911. Lighter is not always better.

        • “Lighter is not always better.”

          Just ask those that carry Airweight .357s and actually shoot them…

        • “Just ask those that carry Airweight .357s and actually shoot them…”

          I’ve done that and found it unpleasant.

          The single most unpleasant shooting experience I ever had was shooting .38Spl +P from an Airlight. It was an exercise in pain management and actually made me bleed.

    • Like Taffin says: (to paraphrase) “If you don’t understand, no explanation will suffice; but those who do understand, no explanation is necessary.”

  7. Not a real “Ronin” unless it was in the movie!

    So it was about three years ago that Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms were seen to be making a special deal in Illinois for exemption from a new law infringing upon SA rights, specifically but forcing additional licensing on gun sellers (but not themselves). Social Media went ape shit.

    Springfield Armory quickly reversed course and did a lot of stuff trying to un-suicide their reputation. Some people have accepted their apology and some have not. Some have accepted their pro-gun rights lobbying efforts since, and some have not seen it to be sufficient.

    Ya’ll can Google “springfield armory gun rights” and read all you like, make up your own minds.

    I’m just not into their hardware. If their guns interested me I’d take a deeper look at what they did and how they have behaved since.

    • DeNiro?

      That POS is welcome to attempt self-replication with a rabid porcupine…

  8. Sellout Armory’s FUDD Operator! Comes with Gun Control Lobbyist challenge coin!

    G t fudd o h

  9. For all of Springfield’s political (for lack of a better term) gaffes as lefty I will never purchase a 1911 of any caliber without an ambidextrous safety. Just my own personal preference

  10. Oh, another 1911. Just what everyone was waiting for. Oooo… this one is only for certified “Operators” though.

    This seems like it’s for a certain demographic. Probably one that has a lot of overlap with the demo that thinks buying SafeLife soft “rifle rated” armor is a great idea.

    • Ouch, followed shortly with assuming ambient temperature.

      On the other hand, Dr. Matt at ‘Demo Ranch’ tested some Chi-Com Cheap Body Armor that (kinda-sorta?) worked, on the lower calibers…

        • It’s the tiny fibers that eventually kill you. You can’t find those on X-Rays or MRI’s.

    • All SA knows how to do is copy 1911s, AR’15s, and M14s, or import guns from Croatia. If they’re going to announce something new, it’s going to be one of these.

  11. 5% of you antis even know that story.

    But you’d buy a Gluck or a freaking commie rifle or steel case crap ammo. Or chicom/PLA optics/misc gun stuff. Check your headspace and timing.

    • Despise Glock, would not own one and do not accept the little operation they run in the USA as good enough to be marking those guns “MADE IN USA”. Raw materials, tooling, so much is imported from Austria it’s a sham that Glock puts on just well enough to make the legal limit and export from the USA to countries that will not accept Austrian product.

      I buy only MADE IN USA guns and ammo. No commie crap, no Chinese Chit. No Turkish stuff either, not with Erdogan kissing up to both Putin and Islamists at the same time will sticking it to NATO.

      Some of us are very aware.

      Others just eat up whatever crap the approved talking heads are spewing.

      • So….I’m guessing you watch a Magnavox tube tv, surf internet with a C64 and talk on a AT&T dial telephone and drive a ‘64 Chevy truck?

    • The haters are cool with Glock wining, dining and providing hookers to anti-gun politicians to make a sale. If you want to be pure about it the only major firearms company that unambiguously supports the 2nd Amendment is Beretta. How many of you bought the APX instead of the P320?

      • Hookers, booze and coke as payola are an American business tradition… 🙂

        • Dang! What was I doing wasting my time in the military – where we had to pay for our own hookers and booze! Shoulda tacked on that business degree earlier and got out sooner 🤪

      • What’s the source on the hookers and antis?
        Not saying you’re wrong, just haven’t heard it or seen anything on that.

        I did choose the APX, love the grip and overall uniqueness of the look.

  12. Wouldn’t spend that amount of money on Any Handgun. Regardless of who made it. Don’t get me wrong i appreciate quality. It just reminds me of an old saying from my riding days. Chrome Don’t Getcha Home.

  13. Import the croatian VHS Bullpup springfield you Garbage Mother Fuckers 👌👌👌

  14. I like old school, so I like 1911’s. And I like old school 1911’s, no ridiculous cuts and milling and such. So this is what I would buy. Sadly, it is made by SA. As an Illinois resident I’ll have to pass.

    And as for the silly name, SA has nothing on Sig.

  15. SA’s upper echelon desk jockeys can take a toothpick and place it ever so carefully under there big toes toenail dead straight, then find a big statue of George Washington and kick it.

      • Not that easilly. Springfield uses an odd grip safety radius, and since the part itself is cast or MIM you can’t really machine the bump down very well either.

        By the time you are done changing the grip safety you’d be into it for half again the price of the pistol.

  16. I’ve always liked the Commander sized 1911 pistols. I just won’t buy something with ‘Ronin Operator’ stamped into the slide. Otherwise it looks like a nice pistol.

    I’d like to suggest a Gecko45 Commemorative edition. I wouldn’t buy one, but it would beat a Yeet Cannon any day.

  17. Sure glad we have yet another 1911. There was a shortage of models and names to choose from LOL

  18. I guess I’m in the FUDD category but I own a striker fired pistol for carry AND I own a 1911. I love shooting the 1911, not so much the other one…. Also, I bought a M1A Scout rifle years ago and I love it. And so does everyone who shoots it including our Marine Infantry NCO son who shoots expert. I also have an AR so I can hang a couple gadgets on it. So unless you’re paying for my guns, quit bitching like women. I don’t degrade anyone for what they shoot and neither should you! Grow the fuck up… Have a nice day now…

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