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I blogged Barack’s ballistic bromide back in the day. In fact, the last time the CIC’s pro-2A note to a “sportsman” was on the block I offered Alexander Autographs a grand for ownership. And lost. I guess the autograph’s owner has hit hard times in the Obama economy. Or maybe he or she realizes that the Prez’s lack of initiative on the gun control front limits the note’s future value. Anyway, it’s listed at $6k – $7k. Worth it? We shall see. Meanwhile, Barack’s a Jr.? Who knew? Make the jump for the fascinating if slightly misleading story behind Sale 48 Lot 1214 . . .

BARACK H. OBAMA, JR. (b. 1961)

The 44th and current President of the United States, and the first African American to hold the office. Very rare A.L.S. as President on his White House correspondence card, 1p. 8vo., [n.p., n.d.].

Obama replies to letter dated Feb. 18, 2009 (copy included with the lot), penned by a gentleman who had expressed concern about the newly-elected President’s stance on the Second Amendment. The writer, a sportsman and conservationist, asks of Obama:

“…I’m a strong supporter of gun safety and mandatory hunter education lessons…We (sportsmen) already almost entirely support wildlife conservation, through present hunting license fees, taxes, waterfowl stamps, habitat stamps…If you make hunting ammo/guns so expensive that we cannot afford to hunt…where will the funds for wildlife come from?…Are these (legally bought sporting guns and ammo) a primary contributor in the majority of crimes?…Are we law abiding Sportsmen going to have to pay the price for another problem?

I only hope that prior to your making decisions on bans, excise taxes, laws, etc. that you look at the facts proven historically by other countries’ attempts to control gun violence. Most recently…Australia imposed a ban/surrender law forcing individuals to give up their firearms, which the Government then destroyed….The Results? Within 1 years’ time, homicides up 3.2%, assaults up 8.6%…homicides with firearms are now up 300%! Can you please put my mind at ease…“.

Obama responds , in full:

I believe in the 2nd Amendment, and the rights of Sportsmen like you. Period. Sincerely Barack Obama“.

With original envelope, fine. Obama’s pre-election anti-gun stance led the NRA to actively lobby against him. Indeed gun sales soared after his defeat of John McCain. Less than a week before this letter was penned and in the wake of a shooting which left five dead on Northern Illinois University’s campus, Obama took another aggressive stance against gun violence, stating that the country must do “whatever it takes” to stem the tide of senseless shootings.

However, he had also famously expressed his support for individuals’ rights to bear arms, adding that “commonsense regulation” was also necessary, leaving Americans – particularly hunters – questioning whether his support of the Second Amendment was actually genuine and guessing as to whether he would eventually yield to gun control advocates. With similar shootings in 2012, both candidates Obama and Romney have remained silent on gun control.

Estimate $ 6,000-7,000


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  1. A democratic, lame duck president is no friend to the gun community. Especially not one as liberal with his use of Executive Orders as this one. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Okay, he believes in the rights of hunters. I take him at his word. I also take him at his word when he adds “Period.” It may mean that there’s nothing more to be said, but I think it means that he believes in hunters’ rights and no others. Meaning no right to self defense. No right to carry. No right to semiautomatic firearms. No rights. Period.

    • In Obama’s world hunters can only have their single-shot firearms in their possession for hunting season and scopes are the tools of assassins so they are banned. Afterwards, the guns must be checked back into a government armory. Fishermen who fly to Alaska to fish do not need a gun for protection against grizzly bears since the fishermen have gone to Alaska to fish.

  3. According to John Lott, Obama has stated that he believes no one has a right to own a gun, period. He has not rebuked this statement or added any additional details.
    Obama has never sat with John after that day, despite requests and has remained silent.
    Like many have speculated a second term would be dangerous to liberty and the American people.

    • Like many have speculated a second term would be dangerous to liberty and the American people.

      Warning – extreme “what if” speculation ahead!

      Honestly, maybe that’s what we need? We’ve seen that as a whole, Americans are more than willing to be good little sheep and allow their rights to be taken away with only a small amount of complaining. Maybe we need Obama to get a second term and go all out against the American people. Maybe he gets a second term and tries to declare himself President For Life – we know that would definitely be the last straw and spark a rebellion. With the way our government keeps going with both parties acting against the interests of citizens and both parties colluding with the media to prevent third parties from being taken seriously, it’s looking like a revolution is the only way to get real change.

      So yes, while it would be horrible, maybe it’s exactly what the USA needs in order to return to being the land of the free.

  4. Back in’98 the NRA had bumper stickers that said “my President is Charlton Heston”. It hasn’t changed for me.

    52 days and counting.

    • I await the announcement of the election results in 52 days not with the bated breath of joyful anticipation, but the dismal satiation of morbid curiosity…

    • News flash!
      To my great dismay ‘Chuck’ aint running in 2012!
      This all reminds me of the story about the guy on the roof in the Katrina Flood praying for rescue: 2 boats come by and he says THE LORD will rescue me!
      Then a dog on a door floates by and the dog says: I gave you 2 chanceses; You expect a 3rd?

  5. Why would any one want this or anything from this LIEING piece of camel spit? Except for his REAL certificate of verification that he has assumed room temperature while in an ice box.

  6. Worthless in so many ways. He believes? Good for him. What’s he going to do? That’s all that matters. As said above and elsewhere, the Second Amendment ain’t about hunting.

    This is what gun control people never can understand. We don’t trust them. We never will. All their begging and whining is for nothing.

  7. This election is not about 2A. Our president has much bigger issues to address. 2A is here to stay, so relax. That said, only a pancake flips more than Mitt.

  8. Cool! This must mean that my rights to own ARs, Benellis and SIGs are protected because I’m a sportsman who has (informally) competed in 3-gun challenges. Oh yeah, my right to own .338 Lapuas and .50 BMGs is also protected because I (informally) competed in sniper challenges.

    I’m sure glad I’m a ‘sportsman!’

    Or am I wrong in wondering if this is what the President meant?

  9. Cop-out. Obama does not believe in the 2A for the people. He only believes in it for limited use by black powder hunters provided the state agrees to let people hunt.

  10. I spent almost four hours riding around one of Portland’s more liberal areas. I literally saw only one Obama election sign on someone’s lawn. I saw no signs in anyone’s windows about the election. The only one election bumper sticker that I saw was for Obama and was a holdover from 2008. I did not see Romney’s name anywhere.

      • Actually I was on a Bridgestone MB5 bicycle. I did have a U-lock if necessary for self-defense. By comparison, last election Obama signs were on about half the homes and bumper stickers. This year it seems like almost everyone is apathetic.

    • The reason you didn’t see it is because those of us that don’t drink the kool aid and believe in Obama are shunned, abused and beaten. There were plenty of cases where Romney signs were ripped apart, torn out of the lawn or had crap flung on them. Actually that goes for any Republican sign.

      Portland is the most intolerant city of tolerance around, believe me I wanted to put a Romney sign out but, I like my car the way it is and my windows in tact.

  11. Congress is the bigger threat to the 2A. It’s where the laws originate, the restrictions are buried, and bundled with other legislation. Who runs the DoJ is a big part of this, along with ATF.

    Look who runs these organizations for more incite on gun rights in the US

  12. That autograph could be worth millions! That might be the only known case of the liar-in-chief ever telling the truth. Period.

  13. Did he seriously put that “period” in there? As in “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. Period.” ?? Heck, you know he’s lying when he says that…


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