Romney: Yes on CCW National Reciprocity, No on AWB

The NRA’s Chris Cox interviewed GOP hopeful Mitt Romney at, asking about all things firearm-related. Clearly, the governor knew his audience. And unlike some, he avoided pissing off an important constituency in the middle of a campaign. That’s a big ‘no’ on new regulation of gun shows. Gun owner licensing? Nyet. Federal gun registration? As if. Hunting on public lands? He’s for it. UN weapons treaty? After a rambling non sequitur on making this another American century, he’s agin’ it. The candidate, though, was much more concise about national reciprocity and a new assault weapons ban . . .

Cox: Would you support legislation to provide national reciprocity for Right-to-Carry permit holders so that they can protect themselves when they’re traveling outside their home states?

Gov. Romney: Absolutely. Fundamental rights don’t disappear when we cross state borders, and self-defense is a fundamental right.

And given his track record in the Bay State, Mitt’s apparently had a road to Damascus conversion on scary black rifles.

Cox: Would you support the reimposition of a federal ban on semi-automatic firearms incorrectly called “assault weapons?”

Gov. Romney: No. I do not support any additional laws to restrict the right to keep and bear arms.

Feel better?