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“A Toronto woman hopes to curb gun violence by urging women to withhold sex from men who carry guns,” reports. “Following the devastating Danzig Street shooting in July, Nicole Osbourne James started the blog, ‘Got a gun? You get none!’ with the hopes of curbing gun violence.” The site’s missionary—sorry, mission statement says “Women. Mothers. Lovers. We need to use our own power and have a BAN on SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS with men that have guns. We need to stop HARBOURING and ENABLING our sons with guns.” Ironically (or not), Ms. Osbourne’s picture [above] shows her with a gun, so she gets none. In a post on a radio interview Ms. Osbourne gets increasingly, uh, distracted . . .

During the call-in portion of yesterday’s conversation on CBC radio’s Ontario Today, the issue of rape and domestic violence was raised a LOT. Many listeners felt that “withholding” sex from men who have guns (we had to specify up front that we are talking about guns that are meant to be used to shoot other people) — saying NO to being with a man who is a negative element in our communities (aka. “thug gangster”) could result in violence against women from these men who seem to have a propensity for violence.

Seems there are other issues in play in Toronto’s gang banger backyard besides gun control. The same thought occurred to Ms. Osbourne.

Overall the conversation raised a lot of great points: the possibility of the rise of prostitution, mothers in denial, social programs, calling the police on your loved ones, stronger gun laws, self-esteem and mental health issues, legal gun ownership, absentee fathers, poverty, even sex as a commodity. I hope this conversation is continuing in the living rooms (and bedrooms). Especially for people who think it’s a crazy idea because they can even raise other strategies or help to strengthen other areas that the rest of us may not be looking at.

Maybe the gun control debate has to go from the ridiculous to the sublime. Meanwhile, I’m boycotting sexual contact with women who don’tlike or own guns. At my stage in life, it’s just not worth it. FWIW. [h/t Aharon]

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  1. I agree with boycotting woman who don,t own or like guns just as I would boycott them of they don’t like sports lol

    • It’s canada. Boycott won’t change much, odds are she wasn’t putting out to men in the first place.

  2. Ridiculous idea and fundamentally flawed. Women everywhere take heed: do not associate with thugs and criminals and you will not have to make these kinds of choices or ultimatums. Are we to assume ladies, that you will “put out” for any stranger that gives up his gun. Some new perverted gun amnesty program?

    If you are anti-gun, would you even consider a relationship with a gun owner? Do you automatically assume they are flawed? Then why create a “cause” where the need does not exist?

    Desperate plea for recognition from a desperate women with hollow aspirations to be accepted by someone…anyone.

    • I can say from experience that many women will consider a relationship with someone who professes a love for shooting, then demand that the guns be removed once things get serious. “I wouldn’t fell comfortable with it in the house” etc

    • “Is that a spear? Or are you just happy to see me?”

      Much of the humor in Aristophanes’ play comes from the fact that our everywoman, Myrrhine, has a tough time sticking to the strike.

      Verisimilitude is the mark of a great poet.

  3. I decided long ago not to waste my valuable time with women who are anti-gun. They just don’t meet my standards. And there are plenty who do.

    Hey, isn’t this Nicole James technically enacting a form of selective breeding? And is that a bad thing?

  4. I’m a little concerned that she is saying no to sex to prevent her sons from having guns… Is incest ok in Canada now?

  5. Top Ten Reasons Why Men Prefer Guns Over Women

    And here we go…

    #10 – You can trade an old 44 for a new 22.

    #9 – You can keep one gun at home and have another for when you’re on the road.

    #8 – If you admire a friend’s gun and tell him so, he will probably let you try it out a few times.

    #7 – Your primary gun doesn’t mind if you keep another gun for a backup.

    #6 – Your gun will stay with you even if you run out of ammo.

    #5 – A gun doesn’t take up a lot of closet space.

    #4 – Guns function normally every day of the month.

    #3 – A gun doesn’t ask , “Do these new grips make me look fat?”

    #2 – A gun doesn’t mind if you go to sleep after you use it.

    And the Number One reason
    Why Men Prefer Guns over women…..

    #1 – You can buy a silencer for a gun!

  6. To quote one of my favorite books. “It was then the Angela realized something which horrified her. P***ies are as common as noses.”

  7. Well, it’s nice of her to specify she means guns “used to shoot other people” so as not to smear hunters and target shooters. But what about the police and military? I’m betting she never thought about that. In fact it seems that what she means is to boycott violent criminals – but gun control culture has sufficiently scrambled the concepts in her brain that she no longer understands the difference.


  8. Since a disturbingly large population of females still choose men based solely on “bad boy syndrome”, i.e., preferring aggressive and unstable men who will guarantee lots of drama in their “relationship”, I can’t see how owning guns will do anything except help men obtain sex. And those men who run into a woman who decides to “punish” men who own guns will simply look elsewhere.

    And good luck with this in my rural community, where EVERYONE owns a gun. A woman like this wouldn’t get any for a LONG time.

    Besides, any woman who’d use sex as a leveraging tool to get her way is a clearly a moonbat, and most sensible guys would just move on and do what I did…marry a level-headed woman who can outshoot me.

    • This was not my post! Who is this evil trickster using my username? 😉 Probably just a new guy who didn’t know the name is taken.

      Robert Farago, you need to put some kind of filter on the usernames. If a username has been taken, then a new user can’t use it. Tell the new user that the username he selected is taken, and he needs to try another one.

      Watch for the same name with different case too. Someone used “BOB” (all upper case) a few days ago, and I had to ask him to select a different username to avoid confusion with me. I haven’t seen “BOB” since, so I think he did select a different username.

      I know. As the popularity of TTAG continues to grow, you will see many more little problems like this…

  9. No self respecting man would ever tolerate a woman who would manipulate a man she supposedly loves by witholding intimacy.
    G’head and give it a shot, sweetheart. If it works, you know you have yourself the sad-sack you apparently want.

  10. I would like to state for the record that I fully, 110% support Ms. Osbourne. She and others like her should withhold sex from any gun owners. I’m sure _that_ would curb gun violence in… TORONTO? Wait a minute. In gun-free Canada??? Why, that’s impossible given Canadian gun laws! We all know how gun control laws prevent gun crimes, no?

    Hmm, well, crap. Look, maybe Toronto and the Canadian government should think about repealing all of those gun control laws, and sending the money used to enforce them to Ms. James so she can really promote her “Got Guns, Get None” campaign. It might be more effective. Why not find out? 🙂

  11. I can see this plan working real well in the ‘hood.

    “Ray-Ray, you ain’t gettin none o’ dis if you have a gun”

    **’bi–ch you ain’t gonna live if you don’t give me somethin’ **(two strikes RayRay points weapon at empowered female)

    As for the law abiding gun owners out there, there are 3 billion odd women in the world.If she’s anti-gun, she’s anti independence-and a house divided cannot stand.

    • Yeah, what ST said.

      I suppose there’s something good to be said about her intent, since clearly the target of her boycott is not “gun owners” but more accurately thugs who carry guns as part of their “thug life.”

      But my immediate thought is, as ST pointed out, the guy who carries a gat as part of his thug life is likely to be the same guy who might “coerce” a woman into giving up what she was attempting to withhold. That story ends badly for everyone.

  12. Never thought I’d see the day when my home town made the pages of TTAG. I moved to the west coast of the U.S. several years ago, but today I’m reminded of how far I’ve come, not just geographically, but politically as well. In fact, I’ll be heading over to my FFL later today to pick up my 8th firearm (yeah, this bug bites hard). I’m even starting to get grumpy about having to wait for a ‘proceed’.

    Thankfully, when it comes to guns the only grief I get from my wife—who is also Canadian—is the same as I give her whenever she buys a new pair of shoes 😉 And truth be told, she’s got the nicest gun in our safe.

  13. It’s so funny when women try to assert that their sex is something special. Maybe when all you consort with is sleazebags, you become used to them and their one-track mind, but I guarantee that any woman who tried this on a self-respecting man would find herself out the door in no time at all.

    • Because of the attitudes and behavior of most modern womyn, and the laws in America that put men into a sex-based subordinate legal class I don’t let women in the door. It’s safer, less stressful, and less costly. Living with a woman can be as risky or more so than dealing with a home intruder.

        • Unfortunately, it means that I usually avoid intimate relationships. I’m not going to risk the quality of my life now and through the future. The legal power that society grants women over men is too much of a high-risk gamble I am unwilling to take. Investment wise, the potential for a small to medium value gain in the relationship is offset by the greater potential for loss of most of your assets, indentured financial servitude for years or decades, and false allegations leading to the loss of your liberty and/or loss of your guns too.

          Living in Portland, Las Vegas isn’t far away.

      • Have you considered moving to Saudi Arabia, Aharon? No feminists, any gun you can afford at the bazaar, no womyn drivers, womyn are obedient, tough laws on crime….not a bad place to be. Looks a like a fun place until the oil dries up. This is coming from a PALEOcon. No liberal snark here.

        • I don’t think I’d be welcome putting a Mezuzah on my front door posts in Saudi Arabia. Besides, I need access to really good smoked salmon, bagels, and cream cheese.

      • God is Allah is Jehovah, Aharon. You’d be a man of the Book. Good food can be shipped anywhere on Earthi. Shi’a Islam was founded by a Yemeni Jew so Iran might work. Mahomet had two Jewesses for brides. You’d be fine.

  14. Take it the other way lady. Give your thug so much sex he’s too tired to go out looking for trouble. Maybe he’s out on the street because what he’s getting at home ai’nt that much or good.

    • Good advice though women that live in Westernized countries often now lack the common sense and wisdom of earlier generations of women and of those women who still live in more traditional societies.

  15. First post, July 18 2012. Not one comment on any post. Methinks the campaign is either a failed effort, or the moderator has had to remove all posts due to the lack of support in the messages.

  16. This article is just creepy. Here’s what I got out of it. Stop having sex with your sons if they carry guns. Maybe I need a re-read, but I’ve thrown up enough today.

  17. Withholding sex from you partner means you don’t get laid either. And if you don’t share the same views on freedom and self defense you should NOT be a couple. Oh,does this relate to the gay community as well? And just how would you work that out, no pun intended.

  18. Hey wait one minute. Toronto? Canada? Tell this woman that there are no gun rights in Canada, Eh. So she can hop back in da sack. You may fire when ready Gridley!

  19. Someone else beat me to the Lysistrata observation, but what we see here is a woman who obviously has bigger problems than men with guns. She and I are not in a relationship, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

  20. When my wife and I were just initiating our courtship, we went out to the range, she with the autopistol HER DAD gave her and I with my handguns. Downrange went the lead, with her grouping very tight. I knew I had made the right choice after thirty-five years of bachelorhood.

  21. Guns or what? Whoa. Easy now. Let’s not go off half cocked here.

    No sex, no food, no home and no family’s not really all that much of a problem.
    It’s when a fella starts runnin’ low on shot, patches and powder and then his horse comes up lame he can just about figure hard times are comin’ his way.

    The best thing about being able to move a discussion forward is to learn about what some of the pitfalls might be. Like for instance, coming up with a notion that makes masturbating a mountain lion with a handful of nettles sound like a better idea.

    Just to be certain, someone outta let that woman know that nowadays in most states, it’s no longer legal to use a hogleg to do a vasectomy.
    Maybe just go with a loaded auto instead, and tell him if he cleans it right he’ll get some for sure.

  22. My wife, on a bad day, shoots WAY better than me, and looks SO MUCH PRETTIER than Nicole Osbourne James. Ms. James can take a hike.

  23. A woman who does not support his man’s passions/hobbies does not really love or care for him. Can we say selfish?

    Secondly, men with firearms or those who know how to properly shoot them actually give the women another blanket of security. Why would you not want to be with a man who can protect you better than the next guy? The lady in this article is obviously a babbling idiot.

  24. From what I can tell, there are too many men commenting on here. So as a woman, here is my response to the original article.
    Another fricking liberal who thinks she knows what’s best for the world. Shut your pie-hole, your opinion doesn’t mean any more than anyone else’s; you’re not THAT special, and you certainly don’t speak for all women. Even if I didn’t have my own weapons (which I do), I would prefer a man who could take care of me and keep me safe if the need arises (and he does). Guns are not the problem in the world today, it’s lack of responsibility and accountability. My husband and I train regularly with our weapons and both feel much safer should anyone threaten our lives. More gun control will only make criminals more powerful.

  25. I’ve seen relationships where women tried and use sex as a weapon, it always blew up in their faces if the man stood strong and said ‘ok then’. Seems that the women couldn’t handle it.

  26. lol….. this is a joke right? Ok, don’t put out. You’ll be more of a woman for it, and less of a slut. Which apparently you are.
    And, if your man who owns a legal gun suddenly finds that he is no longer getting any from you…. then that’s ok too. He’ll just find another woman willing to love him for who he is. Not what you want him to be. And he will be better off for it. Keep that nasty idea, and love spot to your self!

  27. That’s funny, she doesn’t understand how it really works. It’s really like this:

    her: Dear, I love you dearly but I feel there is a need for a BAN on SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS with men that have guns. Therefore, I will no longer have sex with you until you give up all your firearms.

    him: Peachy dear. I too love you dearly, and I appreciate your position, so here is mine. I will not tolerate this emotional blackmail. Therefore, I will purchase a firearm for each week that you refuse to have sex with me, or until our savings account runs dry. I hope you will reconsider your position and make a case for your viewpoint without resorting to this, a tactic any decent psychologist would find reprehensible.

    her (right there, or after 2 or 3 purchases): want to get it on now?

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