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“About a year ago, when CU’s long-standing gun ban was being challenged in court, economics adviser Ken Bonetti posted a sign that stated absolutely no guns, concealed or otherwise, were allowed inside his office,” [via] reports. “Since then, the campus gun ban has been struck down by the state Supreme Court. “Earlier this month, Bonetti softened the language after his sign was brought to the attention of CU’s administration. ‘We advised him the wording of the sign would be better if it were made as a friendly request,’ campus spokesman Bronson Hilliard said. Hilliard said that employees have free-speech rights and they are allowed to request that guns not be brought into their offices or classrooms. The requests, though, cannot be demanding or intimidating.”

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    • Psshhh. A 1911 on each hip and an AR slung across your back. “Hey, teach. I wanted to talk about my grade on that last exam…”

    • “Yeah, concealed means concealed, so I’d ignore it.”

      Of course you would – because that is the mentality of the entitled FLAME DELETED. It is also why ultimately you will be stripped of the right to carry at all. If you want to trample on the rights of others so blatantly then don’t come crying when your own “rights” are removed.

      • Hmmmm,

        Check that as an unnecessary restriction which was struck down by the Colorado Supreme Court, and therefore without legal force.

      • Let’s review what the word “right” means. Protected by the US Constitution and reaffirmed by the court ruling, students have the right to carry on campus. The professor is asking that students give up that right to meet with him. He can certainly ask, but what right is he asserting?

      • “trample on the rights of others so blatantly. . . ”

        How “blatantly” ? Not with a CONCEALED weapon.

        What “rights of others” are being “trampled”? Is there something in the BOR about a right to deny people Consitutionaly stated and guaranteed rights when you are either frightened by, or ‘uncomfortable’ with them?
        I find the imagined right to deny the Constitutional rights of others, because of personal objections to the exercise of the right, to be a juvenile idiocy.

      • Hmmmmmer, It’s nice that you’re in an enlightened institution that allows you time to use a computer. Our “rights” are not going to be removed. They get better with each passing election and court decision. But you keep believing that you’re important and having a real say in the outcome. If it helps with your therapy I’m all for it. Get well soon.

    • I’m with Carlos. Rubbing your rights in people’s faces doesn’t accomplish anything, nor does picking fights. Let this crank have his dumb little world… no sweat off your sack.

      • …and playing nice got us the NFA, GCA, and the worst branch of federal LE, the ATF. No thanks.

  1. And even a year from now, when there’s been NO gun-related deaths and/or accidents at the hands of law-abiding students and faculty, the liberal gun haters will still be wringing their hands.

  2. Love how some of these god-professors think they can set terms on their obligation to teach and instruct their paying students. Of course, these profs’ liberal ideals are far more important to them than their obligation to their students. A**holes, Inc.

  3. I would stand in his office door and talk to him and when he invites me in point at the sign and say its a mixed message then

  4. Utterly bizarre to even put such a sign up. Since it has no force in law or regulation, what possible argument is the teacher making? That the presence of a holstered gun frightens him?

    If so, as an educator (*cough*) he ought to cite his reasons on the sign. Show his work, so to speak. Maybe the sign should read, “Guns scare me so much that I can’t focus on my lecture, so please indulge my hoplophobia by leaving your boomsticks unattended in your dorm or locker.”…where they’ll be much safer from theft, for example.

  5. Sure, he can put a sign up that says “Please check your guns at the door” or “I would appreciate it if you left your gun with the receptionist” as long as he understands that his request means nothing and I have no obligation to abide by it.

  6. As an economist, I am sure he knows that concealed weapons carriers are significantly more law-abiding that the general population. The only logical explanation is that he wanted to make sure his students were disarmed because he was planning on assaulting them.

  7. God I love the comments section on there. It never dissapoints.

    “Im not against conceal carry. Open carry makes me nervous.”
    So… it should be illegall?

    “My state OK, just passed open carry. So now all the meth heads down the street are well armed and packing.”
    Uuhh….. smh.

  8. I’m torn on this one. I am not sure who to dislike more. Gun owners who assume they are better than everyone else, or Professors who think they know more than everyone else. I’ll call this one a draw, for now.

  9. I had a college professor make the following statement during a “civics and law” class back in the early 90’s.

    “In my opinion one should take great care to ensure that you do not waste time trying to create rules and laws that are completely unenforceable. Your efforts would be better spent finding real solutions to problems as opposed to hoping you’ll get compliance with a sign.”

  10. Wait, so the 1A trumps the 2A? His free speech “no guns” sign forbids someone who is legally allowed to carry, to bring a concealed gun into his office, yes? Interesting.

    • It, like the signs in Arizona (unless it is in a place that serves alcohol and the sign is properly posted), is meaningless. The person must be asked to leave. Anything less is not a reasonable request.

  11. My institution has exactly the opposite rule. My Colt Agent stays locked in a trunk safe in my car when i am in my office… (Unless it doesn’t…)

    However, if i had the office next to Mr Bonetti, my sign would cordially invite lawfully cc-ing students to feel free to leave their heat with me.

  12. The office space is property of the school, not him. He can line the bird cage with that sign for greater effect. The best solution is for him to resign for his own safety, this way he won’t be near any firearms.

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