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“An 18-year veteran of the Nederland (Texas) Police Department is home recovering following an incident where he shot himself in the foot.” That’s the report from And no, that’s not a metaphor. He really did blow a hole in his hoof. How? Well…”Officer David Odom (not pictured above)…was off duty at Delta Downs in Vinton, La. on Wednesday, Oct. 24, when his gun fell out of his pants. The weapon discharged while he was picking it up.” Never mind the whole Mexican carry thing, that gun only fires if you, well, pull the trigger. So we’ll be sending Officer Odom an IGOTD trophy to admire between chiropodist appointments. The gun safety refresher course will be up to his bosses at the cop shop.

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    • Yes. I’d be giving him sh!t for a long time. My maturity level comes and goes, but I can (more or less) be trusted with a bad and a gun.

  1. I would have more sympathy for a negligent discharge if someone would just cop to it – just say, “hey, a made a stupid mistake and I will learn from it, glad no one was hurt”. I would respect that more than perpetuating this myth/lie that guns just go off by themselves.

  2. Oh man!! I have to call my cousin who lives in Nederland and tell her about this. She really hates inherently stupid stuff like this!!
    Might ask her if she can send us a photo of him holding his IGOTD trophy too!!!

    • Good question jwm. Must be one of them thar fancy plastic double striker doohickey guns!! 😉
      All 4 of my semi auto’s and three of my revolvers have manual safeties.
      Just my preference for them and the fact I really like the 1911 platform.

      • I know a guy who shot himself in the leg on a qualification day, was drawing a 1911 from a Serpa holster and his finger hopped from the release button to the trigger. Not on its own, obviously, and he admitted fault.

        Not criticizing the platform either, I carry a 1911 on duty… although I’m thinking of switching to a revolver.

        • I had a cousin shot himself in the leg with an old school Ruger .45 blackhawk revolver. Single action he had the gun pointing down against his leg and thumbcocked it with his finger on the trigger, thumb slipped and down his leg and out his foot went the bullet.

          And yes, every family gathering he get’s to relive his moment of brain fart, over and over.

        • Me personally I have never liked the Serpa or Kydex in general. Love my Milt Sparks holsters for my 1911’s and my Uncle Mikes for my revolvers.
          Finger just naturally lays along the slide or the bottom of the cylinder when drawing but don’t normally do a lot o speed draws or quick draws.

    • I’d also be curious to know if it had a 12# trigger. I’d think it’d be nearly impossible to fire one of those while merely “picking it up.”

    • Barney’s gun handling skills were certainly poor, but I don’t believe he ever shot himself or anyone else for that matter.


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