Honest Abe's Illinois Concealed Carry License (courtesy aoarms.com)
Courtesy aoarms.com
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Honest Abe's Illinois Concealed Carry License (courtesy aoarms.com)
Courtesy aoarms.com

Curtis J. Tarver II, is an Illinois state representative. His accomplishments include voting to make it tougher to get a Firearm Owner Identification Card, letting his FOID expire, and then getting arrested for failing to surrender his revoked CCL permit.

Tarver was busted in a routine traffic stop Thursday night on Chicago’s south side. One of his headlights was out. When asked by the officer if he had any weapons, he turned over his concealed handgun and his CCL.

A CCL which he’d been notified had been revoked, due to his lapsed FOID. A CCL he been ordered to surrender to the State Police, but hadn’t.

Tarver says the entire kerfuffle was due to a silly clerical error.

From the Chicago Tribune . . .

In his statement, Tarver said he renewed his concealed carry license this summer and when his Firearms Owner Identification card later expired Tarver said he renewed it too. Under Illinois law, a person must have a valid FOID card to have a concealed carry license.

Tarver claims that when he received notification of the revocation, he immediately renewed his FOID (something that’s going to be a lot tougher under the SB1966, a bill he voted for). He says that the revocation of the CCL was merely a “clerical error.”

Not so. He renewed his CCL in August. Then he let his FOID lapse causing the CCL to be revoked. And only then did he renew the FOID.

He apparently neglected to do anything about the revoked CCL. He didn’t appeal the CCL revocation by filing a Request for Administrative Review. So yes, he was carrying a concealed weapon without a license. His thinking seems to be that renewing the FOID card automatically reinstated the CCL.

Like so many politicians, this guy is working on gun control laws that even he doesn’t understand. Or obey.

Tarver has been hit with a misdemeanor failing to surrender a concealed carry license. That’s it. Some people aren’t so lucky. But some people aren’t part of the Illinois Democrat Machine.

I wonder if he ever carried that firearm in his own office:

Image source Tarver Twitter feed.


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  1. What does one do with a clown like this guy, votes for gun control but can’t obey the law? He should lose his job. Are these misdemeanors or did he, in the past, vote to make them felonies?

        • Although I understand everyone’s negative attitude towards this dirtbag demoncrap, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to hope he is severely punished for violating UNCONSTITUTIONAL Illinois laws?! Maybe if he gets off easy, then others who have been severely punished for similar infractions can use this moron as precedent to beat their cases.

        • It’s been said that the best way to get an unjust law re-appealed is to follow it strictly. This guy can have his life ruined like the underclass would have if they got caught in the same situation. He’s not even getting charged with UUW for crying out loud which he should be.

          Much like the inventor of the Brazen Bull and the Guillotine got to experience their work he should be no exception. If he can’t abide by laws he supports he shouldn’t make or advocate for them in the first place!

      • As crazy as it sounds, I agree.
        20 years ago I couldn’t think of a person who I thought should die because of what they believed. It’s un-American.
        But today, when half the country wants to strip the other half of their civil liberties, I’m coming to the opinion that the only fix is to put them up against a wall. It’s not just guns. It’s the 1st, 4th and 9th at least in addition to the 2nd.
        I don’t recognize the country I grew up in.

        • It does sound crazy andafter much reflection I can’t say I disagree. I don’t know where this goes

    • And they are above the law. I’m surprised the officer didn’t let him go. Either way, the result is the same. Another irresponsible idiot that has a firearm when he shouldn’t. And I’d imagine he’ll still have one when it’s over. Here’s hoping that isn’t the case.

  2. Why does a guy who wants to make it harder for regular law-abiding people to get a carry permit believes he needs one. Does he believe he is more important or valuable to society than everyone else? But politics being politics, he will get a slap on the wrist when other people would be headed in on felony charges. I could be wrong, but…

    • ” Does he believe he is more important or valuable to society than everyone else? ”

      Yes. He does. And it’s not just him. It’s every G-D Democrat in the country, starting with Hillary and her demonization of the “deplorables”.

  3. It does not matter if it was a felony. If he is a demoncRAT he has his “Get out of jail free card”. DemoncRATS do not fall under the same laws as everyone else, especially and demoncRAT involved in politics or the government. You will sooner see pigs fly than a leftist demoncRAT face punishment under the law. Just look at those fazist-antifa goons. The police practically work hand in hand with these violent leftist terrorists. So don’t hold your breath for this leftist putz to face justice.

  4. if found guilty doesnt that make him a felon? i hope illinois gun owners dont let this slide. he needs to be kicked out of office like the rest of his criminal constituents as well.

  5. He’ll get a slap on the wrist for being a “good” pol on the Democratic side in a friendly Democratic court. He should be charged with UUW as well since his FOID was invalid at the time too.

    Is he a lawyer? Someone should reach out to the Illinois Bar and make sure they’re aware of this.

        • That’s what I’m saying. It just disappeared right after I did it. Wonder if he got his license pulled.

        • This web site is funky. You have to go look him up it seems you can’t link to his entry. He’s there though.

          ARDC Individual Attorney Record of Public Registration and Public Disciplinary and Disability Information as of November 22, 2019 at 1:14:09 PM:

          Full Licensed Name: Curtis Jeffery Tarver, II
          Full Former name(s): None
          Date of Admission as Lawyer
          by Illinois Supreme Court: November 9, 2006
          Registered Business Address: Tarver Law LLC
          1 E. Wacker Drive Suite 510
          Chicago, IL 60601
          Registered Business Phone: (312) 858-1674
          Illinois Registration Status: Active and authorized to practice law – Last Registered Year: 2019
          Malpractice Insurance:
          (Current as of date of registration;
          consult attorney for further information) In annual registration, attorney reported that he/she has malpractice coverage.

  6. ….And what’s going to happen? If your a democrap Absolutely nothing! Move along nothing to see here….

  7. As an ILLinois resident I believe we would do well to follow the Indiana model. Since we DON’T f##k this asswhole. Homie should lose his “right’s” and spend some time in the slammer. He won’t. And he’ll likely be reelected by his dumbazz ghetto constituents…

    • Many years ago Brazil had a ex police team that would eliminate criminals the court would set free on a technicality it work great I wonder if we should

  8. LMAO!!!!!…After reading the article, I did a google search on Tarver…..One look and it removed any doubt of what kind of an individual we are dealing with. It figures. His “look” displays an individual who are mostly irresponsible, and continually demonstrate a clear disregard of laws, even ones they make up with the common mantra being Do as I say not as I do..Then top it all off he is an attorney who obvuiously got his law degree to dodge scheme and weasel his way through life with the law degree going to his head..Lastly I have a theory that continues to prove its accuracy in sizing people up. Anyone who wears a Bow Tie with a suit is neurotic and liberal in their thinking. They are born this way and they will die this way, you cannot change the stripes on a Zebra

  9. Hang on everybody. Tarver is a black democrat. Surely you should know by know that black democrats get to pick and choose which laws and principles of behavior they will obey.

  10. This is a good case for the ISRA and GOA and GSL to follow. Is this going to court? Perhaps we could carry picket signs outside the courthouse that day. The anti-gun public needs to know this, and know what he voted FOR-and what he did. The Chicago Tribune probably won’t follow it. We could get Shannon Watts to carry a sign….lol.

  11. He should lose his FOID Card and CCL privileges after that; but, do you think people would respond the same way if this happened to a Ratpublican???? Remember, no one should be Above the Law? Right Dump? Errr…, I mean right Trump???

      • “there is no 2nd amendment ”
        If there is no 2A, what are you guys always bitching about? – A**H***.

    • Oh I see what you did there; you said “Dump” instead of Trump…what an incredible word-smith..

      Oh how wonderfully… Troll….errr I mean…droll of you!

      • Yep, I guess he wasn’t “Made” right! Even in America we sometimes have a reject. They usually don’t get past the quality control though.

  12. Throw the book at him. I’d like to see how his punishment compares with other people that have done the same.

  13. On May 1, 2017 I was served with a TRO went to te hearing with an attorney. Was not arrested or charged with any crime. I am 59 years old . NEVER been arrested for anything No calls to our property we lived at for 18 years. NO domestic charges NOTHING ! My FOID CARD was revoked even though I have NO criminal record or charges . It was done without any proof of wrong doing or reason. I have appealed this to ISP and got my state representative involved . The ISP wants all my serial numbers and descriptions of my guns along with my FOID card to be surrendered to them BEFORE they even consider issuing me another FOID card. I had to let a friend take possession of all my guns even though I did nothing wrong. I hope they hang this liberals ass out to dry !!! They need to mae an example out of these Democrats that believe they are above the law!!

      • Considering how poor his spelling and grammar are, my guess would be a temporary restraining order. I can understand leftists having a piss-poor education, but it’s really sad how many conservatives are content with their poor writing skills. This is what our nation has become, a nation of half-asses!

  14. Quote: “Tarver has been hit with a misdemeanor failing to surrender a concealed carry license.” What about the other, more serious, charge? Carrying a concealed weapon without a license? Sounds like this guy would be a prime candidate for the Red Flag laws. No respect for the law, obviously he is a danger.

  15. Whose “clerical error” might turn out to be a most interesting question. The answer might be even more interesting.

  16. Actually, we (Tarver included) should view this as a good thing. I wonder how many of our elected officials pass legislation without due consideration on many topics. We’re all human, even elected officials. Since Tarver had the will to carry, perhaps this has enlightened him…albeit a little too late for the BS legislation he helped to pass.

  17. I no longer have a need to keep up with CCL laws in Illinois. But, I recall the statutes explained the requirements to obtain one. However, they hardly mention a thing about early termination. He had a valid foid when he renewed. They accepted. His permit should have remained valid until expiration. Sounds like the administrative process deviates from the actual legislation.

    • You may have omitted some vital information or entered some information incorrectly.
      Missed spelling, wrong/missing dates., etc. Check it out.

  18. You lying piece of shit. Just like Juicy Smollet. Two lying fucking democrat. What the hell di you need a gun for anyway given you’ve deemed none of your constituency is worthy of having one.

  19. Tarver is an attorney. Sounds like he needs to lose his law license along with his foid & ccl for life. But he’s a demonRAT from Shitcago so nothing will happen.

  20. Just when my faith was starting to falter. There really is a Santa Claus. If only he could deliver on making Calipornia fall into the Pacific. But he delivers the baby rock I put on my Christmas list right below the ocean one I will forgive him till next year.

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