Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown via AP
Chicago Police Superintendent David O. Brown responds to a question during a news conference Thursday, July 22, 2021, in Chicago. Brown spoke about multiple shootings Wednesday, including the drive-by shooting wounding eight people who had been riding on a party bus, just one of several fatal shootings in the city. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
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The chickens may be coming home to roost for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx (D-Soros). With the anticipated termination of 4500 of almost 13000 sworn police officers in Chicago, officials have issued a plea to neighboring jurisdictions to send manpower.

About one-third of Chicago’s sworn officers have declined to submit their personal health information relating to the COVID vaccinations to the city by the deadline set by the hapless mayor and her corrupt regime. They now face termination for refusing a direct order from department brass. Their pending firings will leave the department very thin. And the State Police in neighboring Indiana are trying to recruit as many CPD officers as they can.

The response to the department’s plea for help hasn’t been overwhelmingly positive. At least two nearby departments have publicly rejected those pleas. They have no plans to send their officers into Murder City, USA to help cover for soon-to-be fired Chicago cops.

The Center Square has the story:

Police agencies from around Illinois are being asked to pick up the slack after thousands of Chicago police officers didn’t report their vaccinations status before a city deadline, but some are declining to offer help.

The Kane County Sheriff and the DuPage County Sheriff send they wouldn’t be sending officers to Chicago.

The city required employees to be either vaccinated or to get tested two times a week by October 15, and then report their status by that same deadline. Those who did not report their status risk being put on unpaid leave.

Kane County’s Sheriff Ron Hain was the most vocal in his rejection of the request for providing mutual aid to Mogadishu on Lake Michigan.

“I will not send my personnel to Chicago unless an officer is under direct duress because I cannot support this slanted agenda,” Hain said in a statement posted on the department’s Facebook page. “I also will not allow my deputies to be subjected to use of force in the city and be under the prosecutorial jurisdiction of the Cook County State’s Attorney.”

Huh…departments aren’t thrilled with the idea of exposing their officers to second-guessing and persecution prosecution by the criminal-friendly, Soros-funded Kim Foxx?  Who could have possibly seen that coming?

What will firing one-third of the police force mean for the little people of the Windy City? It will mean Murder City USA’s gang members and other violent criminals will face even less of a threat from law enforcement. Which means they’re going to be even more active and brazen than usual.

If you live, work, or travel to Chicago, you would be wise to make sure you bring a gun. Or three.

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  1. “The chickens may be coming home to roost..”

    Wooo Hooo!

    Now THAT’S how you start out a story!

    I love Chickens!

    Like really really love them…

    Can’ya feel my LOVE?

    • The Left seems to really like needles. And the Libertarians seem to like them as well. At tax payer expense.

      “San Francisco safe injection site mock-up” video 3 min long

      • How did you get libertarian out of that? Either libertarianism nor the Libertarian party were mention at all in that video. The libertarian position would be that no drugs should be illegal but your ha it shouldn’t be supported by money stolen from others (taxes).

        • Neither Conservatives nor Liberals like Libertarians because both sides want to enforce their views and values on society. Libertarians just want to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit with minimal government interference.

          Libertarians oppose gun laws as well as restrictions on abortions and prohibitions against drug possession and use. So the ideologues on both sides hate us.

      • Why go through all that? Just put a lazy-boy recliner in the rest room, give ’em a bag of cotton balls and a bottle of alcohol and it’s all good — they can supply the rest of the stuff on their own.

  2. Prosecutors, many of them, should be tried and executed. This story warms my heart. Good luck
    sheeple of Chicago! No sympathy for any of them.

  3. I’m just sad it wasn’t 10,000 Chicago cops that refused ‘the jab’ instead of 4,500…

    • One third, that’s huge!

      And they didn’t necessarily “refuse the jab” they refused the reporting requirements of their personal health information.

      Remember, your body your choice? But like most things from the feminist left that only applies to killing babies.

  4. “If you live, work, or travel to Chicago, you would be wise to make sure you bring a gun. Or three.”

    … and a fire team and a Quick Reaction Force on stand by and the ability to call for air strikes.

    • Unless you are an Illinois resident with a CCW or an out of state resident who has the time and money to get a nonresident CCW (an intentionally difficult process), carrying in Illinois is a nonstarter. Fortunately my 91 year old mother lives far enough west of Chicago and its crime that only being able to carry a pocket knife isn’t an issue if I go to visit her.

      • Laws were made to be broken. I’ve carried into several states where it is forbidden. If they can ignore the constitution then I can ignore their illegal state and local laws. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  5. Lightfoot will probably try to hit all the outside volunteers with Chicago city taxes too. Because gratitude is a foreign concept to progtards.

  6. Perhaps federalizing the blue city/state police forces will set the tone for a national divorce of sorts. I imagine federal shock troops patrolling towns across America would be a sticking point with quite a few municipalities president dementia ultimatum on his fake oval office set hasn’t been very good at nuance and subtle encouragement lately.

    • I’ll bet she has already been talking to the governor about getting the stats national guard deployed to Chicago.

    • Shire-Man…….I think that is one of the end goals to put their people in to create an obedient Gestapo style force and to federalize it.

    • “Perhaps federalizing the blue city/state police forces will set the tone for a national divorce of sorts.”

      Biden today was making noises about “Fundamentally changing” or abolishing the filibuster.

      There’s a very good chance if they did that, the divorce will begin…

  7. So they want to get other police departments to help fill in. So does that mean other police departments are not having shortages? It’s only Chicago police not jabbing?
    Or is it a union thing?

  8. This is great news. You have no right to police protection. The people who hate cops are getting the utopia they have dreamed of for decades now. The majority white population of Chiraq voted for this. And have always voted for this. They didn’t learn from the destroyed cities of Detroit or Baltimore.

    Seattle, Portland, and San Fran Sicko will soon be joining them.

  9. If only these officers were as diligent about upholding the constitution and bill of rights. Their refusal might garner more support or empathy if they stood the high ground on other issues.

  10. [Firing one-third of the Chicago police force] will mean [Chicago’s] gang members and other violent criminals … [are] going to be even more active and brazen than usual.

    Probably true until the little people realize that they are truly on their own and tool up. Then I predict we will observe the “Bernhard Goetz effect” and violent crime will plummet.

    The really fun question: if the Bernhard Goetz effect occurs, will Far Leftists poo-poo armed citizenry and claim that their reduced police force caused the drop in violent crime?

    • “…if the Bernhard Goetz effect occurs, will Far Leftists poo-poo armed citizenry and claim that their reduced police force caused the drop in violent crime?”

      Leftist Scum will choose to allow the criminal element to remain armed before the ‘little people’. They will tell the gangs as long as they don’t target the wealthy gated communities, they will be free to prey on the middle classes.

      That’s just how fascists roll…

  11. The Libertarians, Liberals, the Left, and the voters of Chiraq, wanted this to happen.

    “Chicago Sees SKYROCKETING Shoplifting As Attorney General Chooses Not To Punish For Less Than $1,000” video 11 min long

    • From the comment section.

      “So you can steal $900 per day for 365 days?”

      “That’s over $328,000 worth of stolen goods with no crime committed.”

      You can always check this person’s math for yourself. I’m not talking about you Slap Ing. But the rest of the Libertarians have never supported private property rights.

      • That’s already happening in San Fransisco. Major drug store chains are closing the few remaining stores in the inner-city…

    • I live in southern Cook county. I lived in the city some 35 years ago. It’s always been dangerous. Didn’t have 24/7 “news” then. Look up homicide levels in the 70’s throughout the 90’s. They ain’t close to a record…btw the county Mounties & state po-leece will take up the heavy lifting.

        • They already do Larry. Illinois is neck deep in redundant law enforcement. Federal,state,county,TOWNSHIP and City. Oh don’t forget Forest Preserve. And private chit. And campus cops. All sucking $ big time…you guys commenting on Illinois are usually clueless. Including Boch.

  12. The purpose of the civilian owned firearm is to provide protection during the interval between the beginning of a criminal attack and rescue by armed police. Fewer police simply means the civilian will be on his own for a longer time.

    For the past two years, the biggest on duty killer of police has been the COVID virus. The last number I heard was 62%. If a cop is too stupid to understand this and get himself vaccinated, he’s too stupid for me to trust to investigate my self defense shooting. I’ll have a better chance of a competent investigation that reveals the truth if he doesn’t show up because he quit or was fired.

    • Kendahl… I live in Chicago and maybe the last two years has been the virus but suicides have been the leading killer of cops for a long time and still is rampant!

    • The Supreme Court has ruled more than once it is not the Job of the Police to protect anyone.
      You really should read the Weapon shops of Isher.
      A.E. van Vogt

      • Correct the police are not liable when a criminal commits a crime. The criminal is responsible. of course if you want guaranteed protection the government can hire 2/3rds of the people in the country to watch the other 1/3 day and night 365 days a year.

        The court rulings mean you cant blame the police when they are unable to stop a crime from being committed.

  13. I’d like to give mayor Lightfood a little bit of my covid vaccine injection if you know what I mean. It’s not FDA approved but it will help relieve some of her tension during this trying time.

  14. I’m in Chicago and i know quite a few P.O.’s… They and their union are digging in on this requirement. And for some of the commenters here, a lot of the cops ARE vaccinated but they refuse to provide their medical history to the city… I have a CCL and I carry religiously but I’m thinking about throwing a rifle in my car! Crazy times!!!

  15. Remember, the “secret” leftist plan is to REPLACE local police departments with “nationalized” police forces, i.e. – special SJW police directly funded and controlled from Washington DC. Starting in their biggest bluest democrat strongholds, this is the left’s solution to all those patriotic cops (and military personnel) who would refuse unlawful orders and/or refuse to comply with or enforce unconstitutional law. Simply replace them all!

    They couldn’t just arbitrarily fire all the cops and send in their own goons to replace them as far too many people would object, so they first must simply encourage and allow as much lawlessness and chaos as possible, while making it impossible for those big cities to hire and maintain enough police officers to have any chance of restoring law & order. Just as the CIA has done (and is doing) in various foreign countries to collapse & overthrow undesirable governments, the left and their foreign backers are working WITH organized crime in this country – who have a lot to gain from the defunding of police and the loss of law & order – to help get the destabilization job done.

    Soon, just as planned, the left and their complicit media will be able to claim “they have no choice” but to install their own “nationalized police forces” consisting of militant leftist thug social justice warriors with absolutely no concern for the US Constitution – or any uppity citizen’s rights – just as they have wanted to do all along. That is the plan in a nutshell. Communism must come at the point of a gun and so the communists must control all the guns. You already know all this stuff, or at least you should.

    And their plan seems to be progressing right along as our cities burn, with many on the right mistakenly thinking that leftist leadership must be stupid for allowing all this criminal violence and chaos to continue and grow, when the reverse is far too often unfortunately true. The surest way to die with a shocked look on your face is to make the fatally mistaken assumption that your opponents – or more specifically your opponent’s leadership – must be stupid. The communist Chinese hiding behind many of our nation’s domestic enemies of the US Constitution, could never keep their own 1.4 BILLION (1400 million) people in a state very near to virtual slavery without a cruel & keen understanding of basic human psychology. They know what exactly they are doing, and they are exploiting our open society to great effect. Watch for mention of nationalized / federalized police forces as the left’s “new solution”, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

    The more you know…

  16. So the city is willing to fire non-documented proof of COVID first responders, but want neighboring police departments that don’t require proof of COVID to step in? Something, something trust the science.


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