Chicago's Coming Twice-Daily Criminal Free-For-All
Image via Chicago Tribune
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In “The Purge” movie franchise, cops take a day off and society has a free-for-all. With the Jason Van Dyke murder trial wrapping up, Chicago Police have a plan to bolster the numbers of cops on the streets to handle any potential outbreak of (more) violence. If you haven’t been following the action, Van Dyke is the first Chicago police officer in decades to face a murder charge (for the shooting of Laquan McDonald) for an on-duty incident.

However, their plan has a big hole: the morning and evening shift changes have no overlap. That means no police coverage for a time, leaving residents virtually on their own twice each day.  In other words, criminals will enjoy a real-life free-for-all thanks to no police presence on the mean streets of Murder City USA.

For weeks now, the media have eagerly covered the Jason Van Dyke trial. In part, the attention comes from certain people shamelessly using the case to promote their particular ugly political agendas. We all know how Chicago already has a violent crime problem. Obviously, the locals will suffer even more if protests following a verdict turn violent.

The case

Seventeen-year-old aspiring career criminal Laquan McDonald was shot and killed in October 2014. Nobody disputes that then CPD officer Van Dyke pulled the trigger. Instead, this trial focuses on whether Van Dyke’s actions met the legal standard for the justifiable use of force. Cook County’s prosecutors have no love for the police and are seeking a murder conviction.

On that fateful morning, callers reported seeing a teenager breaking into cars. Police responded and were directed toward McDonald. Police found him carrying a knife, acting erratically and violently.  McDonald, armed and high on PCP, ignored police commands for several minutes. McDonald attacked a responding police cruiser, slashing a tire and damaging a windshield with his blade.

He continued to act menacingly toward police and bystanders alike. All the while, he kept walking as if police should simply let him go and he ignored police orders. A short time later, the knife-wielding suspect died in a hail of Van Dyke’s police gunfire.

The department initially ruled the shooting justifiable.

The family sued, seeking a big payout. City fathers gave them a $5 million to go away in 2015.

Meanwhile, community agitators succeeded in making the incident a political football. Murder City Mayor Rahm Emanuel, trying to save maintain some portion of his constituency in the black community, became more and more desperate. Finally, he threw the police superintendent, Garry McCarthy, under the bus.

Chicago's Coming Twice-Daily Criminal Free-For-All

In the end, it didn’t work. Ironically, McCarthy (above, right) now leads the field of candidates vying to replace the failed Emanuel who has announced that he won’t run for reelection.

A lot of folks expect unrest and even rioting if former officer Van Dyke is acquitted. In fact, over at The Federalist, one jackwagon named Robert Tracinski even wrote that Chicago deserved rioting at the release of the video.

Chicago is bracing for riots after the release of a video of a black teenager, 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, being shot 16 times by a Chicago police officer.

And you know what? I have a lot of sympathy for the protesters’ grievances. If any city government deserves to be torn down brick-by-brick over its contempt for the rights and well-being of the majority of its subjects, it’s Chicago’s Democratic Machine.

So just imagine what people like this would say to an acquittal of the cop who shot the drug-dealing, gang-banging, high on PCP, 17-year-old who was armed with a knife. Not only that, but the deceased teen’s family have called for protests, no matter the verdict.

The Chicago Police plan to keep residents safe

At shift changes, the professional sheep dogs across America hand off their equipment – including TASERs, body cameras, radios, patrol rifles, phones and yes, vehicles to the fresh officers. Usually, departments of any size will stagger at least some of their officers at shift changes so the sheep don’t have to graze unprotected.

Yes, plenty of folks expect “unrest” and violence at the end of the Jason Van Dyke trial. And the Chicago Police have come up with a plan to minimize the chaos. Here’s the gist of Chicago’s crisis management plan, per Second City Cop:

  • 1st and 2nd watch will be on 12 hour shifts in the Districts;
  • Hours at 0730 to 1930 and opposite for 1st/3rd;
  • 3rd watch is a mobile force, deploy-able citywide;
  • Hours are 1330 to 0130 for 3rd

The plan will go into effect Monday, September 24th or shortly thereafter.

How long do you think it will take criminals to figure out that the CPD will all be in their station houses at 7:30am and again at 7:30pm? Criminals can act with impunity, knowing a delayed law enforcement response will give those same bad guys a chance to get away scot-free.

And how much longer after that will criminals decide to take advantage of the lack of police presence?  Knowing that across the city, at 7:30am, the entire city will have, at best, a delayed law enforcement response? Without a doubt, a potential free-for-all without police will prove all too tempting for the city’s criminal class.

Once again, no matter the time of day, the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun. If Chicago’s professional good guys with guns are all in a shift change, Chicago’s residents better tool up. Otherwise they may become the latest victims of Chicago’s active and opportunistic criminal culture – even further emboldened by a near complete lack of police at certain hours.

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  1. The democratic .gov of the city of chicago does need to be torn down. They are 99% of the problem in the city. But the destruction needs to be at the ballot box.

    When the cop is found not guilty the decent folk of chicago better be armed and off the streets.

    • “Those who wish to destroy, will be given space to do so.”

      Former Democrat mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

    • … the decent folk of chicago better be armed and off the streets.

      And hope the rioters don’t set the homes of those decent folk on fire, as rioters are apt to do.

      • That’s why you keep a shotgun loaded with number 6 shot handy. Any burning object in a rioters hands is likely to be a gas filled bottle. A molotov. Hit it in his hand with a load of 6s and he becomes a human candle.

        Trap and skeet and bird hunting translate into anti rioting training. Just make sure you have a couple of back up handguns and a rifle to go with it.

        • This is going to make Baltimore and Ferguson look tame by comparison. They can’t co troll the violence under normal circumstances.

        • Is there bus service between the ghetto and Rahm’s digs? Maybe it should be free for a week or so. Molotov cocktail in your hand? 00 buck to the face will fix it.

    • “The democratic .gov of the city of chicago does need to be torn down.”

      The corrupt cop thrown under the bus by ‘Tiny Dancer’ is leading in the polls to replace him.

      A corrupt cop as mayor of Chicago – What could possibly go wrong?

    • Yes, the entire Chicago political system needs to be torn down. What Chicagoans fail to realize time and time again is that you can only do that effectively through voting. Go ahead a riot. Nothing will change when you continue to elect the same jackwagons or their party into office.

    • We will be ready to defend ourselves, but I know having my blue lights on in front, may put us in the crosshairs, they will be shining for the police and have been since Obama sactioned Cop Murder.I will always support the police, some are being executed in their cars, this entire week cops are shot somewhere. Several yesterday thank God only one died.No thanks to the perp, he was a bad shot

    • Keeping the decent armed people off the streets. Is the Alinskyite policy that got the city in this position in the first place.

  2. Cook County’s prosecutors have no love for the police and are seeking a murder conviction.

    Huh. I thought the ruling class loved their enforcers.

  3. How would a jury even come to a verdict on this case?

    On the one hand, the deceased had a knife, hacked at a car, and was ignoring commands.

    On the other hand, the deceased was in the middle of the street (not near people and not moving toward any people) and therefore was not a credible, imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm in my opinion.

    Perhaps they should send the cop up the river for manslaughter rather than murder???

        • Assuming what I heard is correct, there were no lesser charges included, story was deliberately to facilitate a “not guilty” verdict. And the city will burn.

      • Tueller rule: I absolutely agree in the general case where you have to realize that someone is rushing you with a knife, draw, aim, and put shots on target. When you already have your firearm drawn, steadied, and aimed at the potential attacker, I don’t see where the 21 foot rule would apply — especially if you are behind cover (police car).

        Furthermore, the deceased was not rushing anyone when the cop shot him. I don’t see how this is a justified use of deadly force. And I definitely cannot justify a magazine dump in this particular case.

        As for how to subdue such a person without killing them? I have no idea. Taser? Shotgun with beanbag rounds, if one was even available?

        (In both cases — taser and beanbag rounds — cops with firearms and lead bullets would have to be right there and ready to pull the trigger if the dude with the knife shrugged off the taser or beanbag rounds and rushed the cops.)

        • In a local incident some years ago a fellow was swinging a hatchet around at a local trade school. Cops smacked him with one of those bean bag rounds out of a shotgun and before he could recover they dog piled him.

          He took a beating, but he lived.

        • U_S, while I agree, I’m afraid that sounds to me like a good reason to fire him, not so much to put him in prison for life.

        • He should be convicted of wasting ammunition and forced to pay $ 25.00 restitution and given a raise. If there is a conviction any stronger than that then the police should have a sick in for one week.

    • From the tone of the article, you’re supposed to conclude that he was a worthless criminal not entitled to due process, so we shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads about trigger-happy police.

      • You pretty much surrender your right to due process when you’re high on drugs, armed, and refusing to submit to LE’s lawful commands.

        • Oppressive government doesn’t extend their reach starting with sympathetic victims. If being drugged, armed with a knife, and non-compliant is accepted as today’s threshold for being gunned down by police, where will they push it in the future?

  4. Maybe just maybe the enforcer class will stop pants-shitting their magazines into the non-compliant (or furtively gesturing). It looks really bad watching the lifeless body twitch on the ground multiple times.

  5. That shooting was not justified. Fine he had a knife and was breaking into cars earlier. He was walking down the street, away from cops and not a threat. There were dozen’s of cops there and not a single one even fired a shot except van dyke who fired 16 including many when mcdonald was laying on the ground not moving.

    If any of us were involved in something like that, we’d be going to prison and we should be. If there is not a threat, you cannot use deadly force. I understand cops have more leeway on this than the general public but in this case there was zero reason to shoot mcdonald.

    • Watching the video without sound (as it was originally released), it doesn’t seem “too” bad, but once the sound track was added, it was game over. There was no justification for the officer to unload his weapon on McDonald while McDonald was on the ground (which you don’t really recognize until the sound was added.) Then let’s make it worse–not one officer’s body cam was functioning at the time pf the shooting. This way too convenient. They either turned them off or they erased the taps (which apparently they are able to do. In and of itself this could be argued as a recognition that it was a bad shoot and an immediate coverup to protect a fellow blue.

      • When I saw that the first time a few years ago, I was in shock. I couldn’t understand why a cop would shoot there and when you see him go down and he mag dumps, I was speechless. You are responsible for each and every bullet you fire. van dyke is guilty of at least manslaughter but likely murder depending on the exact standards of IL law

  6. Call out the riot police, arm them with shotguns and 00 buck, and give them a free fire command. That will not only take care of the violence problem, it will assure that a bunch of republicans get elected in the next cycle. Or is that too cynical?

    • Just like they did in 1968 and the Democratic convention? Chicago has always had goons for cops and it looks like they always will. What is with this changing of shifts? In Los Angeles, there are staggered shift changes. The worst time to do a crime is that shift change period, because there are actually more police ready than at other times.
      I smell a police union rule here, rather than staggered shifts like any other police department that has a true force.

    • Not cynical. Too simple. I never fired a SHOTGUN in the line of duty as a LEO(pistol? Another story, another time), but I’ve cleared many a street, parking lot, crime scene, FILLED with nar do wells, with the sound of a racking shotgun and some “situation appropriate” words. No shots, no injuries, no back talk, no body went to jail, no complaints. See? Simple.
      I would like to think that it was my charm and boyish good looks that alleviated the problem, but c’mon, realistically, we ALL know what saved the day. If you say differently, you’re either lying, or you’re just plain stupid.

  7. “If any city government deserves to be torn down brick-by-brick over its contempt for the rights and well-being of the majority of its subjects,” Subjects? The city government has “Subjects” That says so much about the mindset the the Jackwagon.

  8. Given the level of crime and violence in the Windy City, it doesn’t seem that criminals are too concerned about the law disturbing their activities anyway. Carefully planning their antics around shift changes isn’t the behavior that I’d expect.

    “Hey! Let’s knock over the 7-11!”
    “Nah. Give it 10 minutes until the shift change….”

  9. Prosecutors going for a home run when they could get the cop on excessive force/ manslaughter. Duh…got my shotgun ready and handguns. I wish I’d gotten that rifle! I live about 10 miles south of Chiraq but it seems like half of the Southside is here. And Meh-he-co. Fun times in Chicagoland😦😩😡 Oh and Kavanaugh sez he was a VIRGIN for years after high school!

    • Some say Kavanaugh was a real party boy, apparently, but I think they lie. His GPA then and his accomplishments since tell me he very rarely attended any parties because he did not have time. Pretty obvious, as is the circus being put on by the Dems. They really are pretty stupid, they apparently don’t understand that there will never again be a liberal justice confirmed by a GOP senate. In the future, Sotomayor and Kagan would suck hind tit, they would have never been confirmed.

  10. They’ll stagger lots of officers and probably hold most (if not all) of the shift late. The 12 hour deployment is straight time but everyone will expect overtime (and the subsequent overtime checks the city will have to cut).

    “If any city government deserves to be torn down brick-by-brick over its contempt for the rights and well-being of the majority of its subjects, it’s Chicago’s Democratic Machine…”

    Somehow, I bet City Hall will be well-guarded. The business districts will likely also be okay. Largely residential neighborhoods? Not so much. And in a year we’ll see another report questioning why no stores want to move in to such areas and how it’s racist for existing stores to have ballistic glass and\or bars protecting the employees.

    • Good call Hannibal. It’s nearly impossible to imagine rioters organizing around a supposed shift change anyway, but, like you, im certain the standard model is a staggered or rolling shift change…and it’s not as if on duty cops will leave a crime in progress to go clock out because their shift is over, or that an oncoming officer would wait at the station for his time to clock in while a riot was in progress. In fact, who would believe any of those things? The article seems like much handwri going from people who know little about their subject.

  11. From the video, I don’t see a justification for the officer to shoot. It’s one angle, but I don’t see how he was a deadly threat.

    • The justification was “officer safety” of course. Same shit different day. Those two words are a magical talisman that justifies any and all supposed “misconduct”. Of course we “civilians” (how I despise cops who think they’re not civilians; if your behaviors is not dictated by the Uniform Code of Military Justice you are a civilian by definition) just wouldn’t understand


    • Depends on the way you look at it. Someone acting aggressively- and he was, though the media doesn’t like to show context when they can use a video edited down to five seconds- with a knife is pretty dangerous within easy running distance. Did he have to shoot him? Probably not, particularly with several other officers around. But was there a reasonable basis for fear of great bodily harm? Could be. That’s what juries are for.

      It’s Chicago. Nothing is going to change either way. Sacrificial lambs here and there so the people in charge can stay in charge long enough that, when they finally leave, they get highly lucrative careers in politics or ‘consulting.’

  12. Who cares…Let Liberal progressive Chiraq burn 🔥 🔥 🔥….It’s full of crime, political and police corruption…Bring the apocalypse to this liberal Democratic Enclave…Maybe a well placed low-yield nuke would take care of the problem…Next on to Kailfonia, same thing… Sodom and Gomorrah…..

  13. Reasoning: You CAN’T tell the difference any more in Chiraq between the people or the government and THEIR agents…They all look like a bunch of criminals to me…Quick get the nuclear football 🏈 🏈 🏈!

  14. This is murder plain and simple. Cops can’t just go killing people who don’t comply. If anyone thinks they can then I have a Nazi Germany to show you. They did the same thing there.

  15. There are no “good guys” in Chicago, least of all, the Chicago Police Department.

    Just ask Carolina Obrycka and the family of Michael Pleasance.

  16. Surely they can find a better start for charging cops than an armed career criminal. Not like there aren’t more solid cases.

    • Excessive force is excessive force. I’m sure that if van Dyke had shot somebody for merely wearing an NRA ballcap, Dick Durban (and the Chicago FOP) would defend it.

      As to more worthy cases:
      1. Why was Alvin Weems never charged for the murder of Michael Pleasance, even though he admitted that the shooting wasn’t justified?
      2. Who else knew about the SOS home invasion and kidnapping ring? Who got a cut?
      3. Why wasn’t DICK Dale deposed under oath about Burge’s torture ring? Why wasn’t HE charged with perjury like Burge?
      4. When is somebody going to get indicted for the coverup of the murder committed by Daley’s nephew?
      5. Why were none of the cops who took part in the intimidation of Carolina Obyrcka and her co-workers and employer indicted?

  17. > the deceased teen’s family have called for protests, no matter the verdict.

    And yet, the article that you link to says nothing of the kind:
    – “McDonald’s family said they simply want justice and will accept the verdict.”
    – “‘We don’t want any violence before, during or after … the verdict in this trial,’ he said. ‘Give the judge a chance to do his job. Give a jury a chance to do their job.'”

    It looks like a very misleading citation. TTAG, either help me understand why you are claiming this or edit the article.

  18. The Chicago PD has been a shit-show for decades, their politicians worse, and their sheeple Citizens are morons.

    They ALL deserve everything that comes to them.

  19. Yeah, excessive force is exactly that but the entire incident could have been avoided if the guy would have just complied to begin with. It would have defused the entire situation. Simply do what the cop tells you and you will live to see another day and tell your side of the story.

  20. No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to give a SH*T.
    That will be the future of every liberal democrap city so get used to it!


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