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LOL, yeah it’s pretty much like that. Math and physics — you gotta calculate for the rotation of the dang earth! — and a calm mind and body.


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  1. Speaking about math, how many guns could 87 million dollars worth of military equipment left in Afghanistan have bought for Americans? I’m thinking at least a hundred and fifty million guns and some ammo to go with them.

    • “…the long-range shooter is more of a light artilleryman than a marksman.”

      Preach it.

      As it was explained to me, a far away shot is more like an underhand softball pitch and it’s trajectory…

        • I can vouch that wind at 1000 yards is great fun, particularly if you ever get it right once! Particularly reading mirage and translating that into clicks, such that the FIRST shot is a good one.

  2. Rotation of the earth ? , the hard part is figuring out the wind speed of gasses escaping from Uranus.
    Timing is everything and kazoos make me smile

  3. Size of target in inches x 27.777/ size of target in Mils= Range to target in yards. Geez it’s that simple of math. Even us Marines who eat Crayons can figure that out.

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