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It might not be necessary for the president to receive large numbers of votes from those five million new gun owners, or even a significant number of them, to win reelection. He is expanding his support among evangelicals and independents. He is receiving help from the Democrats as they try to prop up their candidate who is clearly failing mentally. With COVID infections declining and the economy improving, the Democrat-supported riots, along with calls to defund the police, are providing a wake-up call to undecided voters about the stark difference open to them in November.

Democrats are about to reap the harvest of their evils — the unintended consequences of hoping the riots would damage the president and learning, too late, that those riots are working against them and their candidate.

With an estimated 150 million gun owners in the U.S. owning more than 400 million firearms, a little nudge from new gun owners would be welcome in November, especially if the Democrats are able to subvert part of the voting process.

– Bob Adelman in Could Five Million New Gun Owners Swing the Election?

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  1. Most of them won’t change. They will need to have more of their cities burned and looted. But I think about 10% of the 5 million new gun owners have learned their lesson. And will vote republican in November.

    “It takes a hard heart to let cities burn and people’s lives be destroyed in the short term to gain a strategic advantage in the longer term.”

    “Did Trump’s Federalism Just Win Him the Election?”


      • I wonder who said that???
        I think a lot of big (L) or libertarians and big (C) or conservatives talk big sh*t about Federalism. But very few have the stomach for it in the real world. “The Donald” is that bitter medicine you had to take sometimes when you were a kid. Castor oil???
        Trump 2020.

        • I did get an old Ithaca 12 gauge pump yesterday for two fifty. The kind that doesn’t have the trigger disconnector, it’s fun.

        • Sleepy Joe probably doesn’t know that he can get Caliber Adapters for his break action shot gun. They go from 22 LR up to 308 Winchester. Both rifled and smooth bore. They even come in “the Judge” size.

        • Possum gots a shotgun, well wadda you know.
          It gots dual hammers so you don’t have to shoot to slow.
          Put dem hammers down someone heard the possum say.
          If it’s aimed at you you better start to pray.
          And with this missive ol No poet and I know it will depart.
          I wrote 5 bad poems you might say I polluted the art.

    • “Most of them won’t change.”

      So say the rocket scientist, always cynical “TTAG election experts” from their basement bunkers…

      You all predicted Hillary would win in a landslide 4 years ago, too. I even believe some of you would love to see the idiot Biden team win just so you could have “I told you so” bragging rights around here rather than get off your dead butts and go out trying to court and educate some of the new gun owners.

      What is the average TTAG cynic’s chosen method of birth control?

      Their personality…

      Surely a large nuimber of us around here know, work, live next to, worship, are related to, etc. etc. many of these newbies. Stop all the moaning, whining and awfulizing, act like a real human being and talk to some of them in a non-political, non-threatening manner. Offer to take them to the range, help them with safety, cleaning their new gun, tips on marksmanship, EVERYTHING someone else did with you when you were just getting started.

      Some of you/us think it’s always up to someone else, or someone else is always to blame. Get a clue!!

    • If every Gun Owner, especially of Semiautomatic Rifles, Shotguns, AR’s and pistols, reads this and does any background checking on the Voting records of the Biden, they will realize he is the most anti-gun presidential candidate we’ve ever faced, as well as the vice-presidential candidate, as well as those he plans on putting into his working arena – you will realize that he and she plan on banning all ARs, putting severe restrictions on all Semiautomatic weapons, even to the extent of everyone who owns one having to register it, which could mean a possible confiscation of all them in the future. All there past records and verbal announcements on gun control/confiscation have been proven both verbally during their campaigning and in past Senate and the ex-Vice-presidents records. I strongly urge everyone to get out and vote for the current president. He may not be the best, but he is 100% better than the 2 attempting to come in to office as well as his incoming staff. Don’t let the rest of the states become another state like California, Oregon, Washington State or the District of Columbia on gun control.

      Biden’s plan includes bans on magazines that “can hold multiple bullets in them” and all “assault weapons”. The plan will give individuals who now possess assault weapons or high-capacity magazines two options: sell the weapons to the government” or register them under the National Firearms Act,” which would require a $200 federal tax on each firearm and each magazine. So if you own 5 firearms and 20 magazines, you would owe $5,000 in taxes!

  2. The Left’s ace in the hole is Big Tech. Suppression of speech they don’t agree with and the manipulation of search results is more than enough to overcome new gun owners.

    • The democRat Party is a marxist’s waterhole however the Achilles Heel for the democRat Party is its legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, The KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities that the democRat Party has not been held accountable for. Instead people who are obvious gultons for punishment allow the democRat Party media to set the agenda and now everyone in America who is not a democRat is a racist.
      There is something seriously wrong politically with people who sit around whining about childish issues instead of calling out the democRat Party and holding them liable for Reparations.
      The democRat Party has been allowed to become so arrogant that they have no shame calling for Reparations. Rest assured the democRat Party calls for Reparations exempts them and holds everyone who is not a democRat accountable.
      To sit around and continue rolling over and playing dead for a Party that is bogged down in a long despicable history of race based atrocities is to condone it.
      Some ho-hum clowns will say that happened a long time ago. Sans the democRat Party in sheets their tactics today are straight out of their Jim Crow playbook. What the democRat Party tried to do to the POTUS is what they would do to Blacks running for office or holding office. Jim Crow democRat Party Solution? Concoct lies and schemes to have the duly elected Black American removed from office, etc. It went from Black skin to Orange skin.
      When a pompous democRat talks Reparations simply tell them to stfu and Pay Up.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      • ‘democRat Party is its legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, The KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities that the democRat Party has not been held accountable for’

        This is all true, but they will continue to project this on the Republicans and the media will be their willing accomplice. It isn’t their Achilles Heel unless somebody learns history. Trump is accused of inciting racial strife, and the riots are for “racial justice” and opposed by white supremacists, and it’s not mainly white Marxists trying to disrupt the country and thugs getting free stuff.

  3. The Leftists are already planning on throwing the election via the mail-in ballots that will mysteriously show up days or weeks after the election.

    They will be sly about it, flipping the election in close districts.

    If Trump shows a solid victory on election night, look out – his victory will evaporate in the days following…

    • There’s a reason for all things. Democrats love loose rules regarding voting because it makes it easier for fraud. If anyone calls them out, they just scream racism, just like they do with everything else.

      “A top Democratic operative says voter fraud, especially with mail-in ballots, is no myth. And he knows this because he’s been doing it, on a grand scale, for decades.”

      “A Bernie Sanders die-hard with no horse in the presidential race, he said he felt compelled to come forward in the hope that states would act now to fix the glaring security problems present in mail-in ballots.”


      • Although this means yet another federal government agency, but perhaps something like the Australian Electoral Commission whose job it is make elections fair by controlling the size and boundaries of electoral districts to prevent gerrymandering. They also make the process as fair, open, and accountable as possible.

        But too many vested interests, particularly from the Dems, would veto the idea.

      • Soap Box, Ballot Box, Cartridge Box……and now Mail Box. Only cartridge box wins and preserves Freedom….lost at the others. Regardless of which way the election goes, there will be massive domestic terrorism as never thought possible in America by Burn/Loot/Mayhem and AntFarts. If Trump, to de-stabilize and oust him. If Biden, to implement promised Socialist agendas. Current “peaceful demonstrations”….aka terrorism….are merely the initial probing, de-sensitization, coordination with local Lefty government functions, training, tactic development in preparation for post-election domestic terrorism from the Left. You’ve got enough guns. Hoard ammo. It’s gonna be a TRE coming to a street in front of your house.

        • If the, talk big sh*t crowd, of gun owners had gotten off their collective fat or skinny Asses and gone out to vote. We as a country would not have to be making the decision, of whether or not, to use extreme over whelming violence to stop these communists. Simply voting, volunteer to help a pro freedom candidate, is a non violent way to change things. Or fight politically to get 2A education and rifle teams back into the public school systems.

        • to Tom in Oregon
          We are all at some point in time going to have to make that decision. The “cards” are now in play. Sadly.
          Stay safe out there in the “Welcome to Oregon. Please don’t stay” Highway signs. I remember this from my time in California.

        • I’m still encountering low-information voters who tell me they won’t vote for Trump (thereby aiding the transformation of our country into an authoritarian one-party state) because they don’t like his . . . tweets. Scheech. How I wish you could fix stupid.

    • And friend of mines mother died two months ago, he got a mail in ballot addressed to her yesterday, she’d have voted Republican. I ask why could not the mail in ballots work for the Republicans as well as the Democrats? My girlfiend says it’s because the Democrats cheat better.

  4. Given the push for mail in voting and other massive voter fraud by the left, I don’t think the losing side will accept the results of this election no matter who wins.

    • This right here.
      Normally a life of comfort would prevent all out rebellion but thanks to the COVID over-reaction we’re supposedly setup to face unprecedented unemployment, mortgage defaults and evictions in the next few months.

      Millions of angry, unemployed, hungry and homeless people mixed with a questionable election whichever way it goes is going to make for a long winter.

      • Shire-Man,
        I’m very worried. There are no “bread lines”, nor any change to spending habits as far as I can see.
        I think we are going to crash hard, very soon.

    • Hillary is already saying that no mater what, Biden should not concede on election night.

      Almost like she knows the score already.

      This must be seen from their view – They perceive Trump must be re-elected, no matter what, whatever it takes…

    • The Gateway Pundit is reporting a Democrat Data Firm, Hawkeye, (funded by Michael Bloomberg) is saying that on Election Night it will appear Trump wins by a landslide. However, when all “Mail-In” ballots are finally counted Biden will win. This could take weeks.


      It may not matter how new gun owners vote. In Orange County CA in 2018 two or more House of Representative Elections were flipped from Republican wins on Election Night to Democrat win about a week later because “Harvested Ballots” threw just enough votes to the Democrat Candidates to win the Election.

      Your State/County has an Election Department, which should have a website. All of us should check the our Voter Status via those sites and make sure our Party affiliation is what we want it to be and if there is checkbox to allow/decline Mail-in voting only and decline it. If your status allows it, you may not be able to Vote at a polling place. This may vary among the States, so check your own State’s website and verify your Voter status is exactly what you want it to be.

      The New York Post published an article about a Postal Employee confessing anonymously to manipulating mailed-in ballots for decades:


      There is enough evidence floating about to become suspicious and err on the side of caution. Look at it this way, if the Democrats want it so badly, it probably means they are planning to cheat the hell out of this Election with Harvested Ballots and dead people voters.

  5. I’ll keep sayin this, how many of these new gun buyers are NOT us, and are actually antifa and BLM thugs arming up?

    • It’s their right.

      We, on the other hand, know the value of training and marksmanship… 🙂

      • Affirm. Discouraging how quickly people flee to the rights for me, but not for thee camp.

        Line ’em up, and put them down if they choose that route. Irrespective if they chose to arm themselves, or not. I’ve zero patience for those that would destroy the core tenet’s upon which this country was built.

  6. most will even vote against their own rights…they are OK with banning/regulating guns other than what THEY own…the classic FUDDS
    they will start with the scary BLACK rifles (seems racist, but OK)…
    when shootings and deaths don’t go down…they will look elsewhere
    the ultimate goal IS the elimination of ALL guns
    eventually they will get to water guns and NERF guns…wait and see
    these are the SAME people that said only military and cops should have guns…now they want to defund the cops…
    waiting for Beto to go in person to take an AR or AK…

    • Yes, they may vote against their 2A rights. In the past 100 days the “peaceful protestors” have gotten away with any conduct they choose to engage in. Burning, looting, physical assaults, murder, clubs, lasers, Molotov cocktails sharp objects and, in Kenosha, firearms. Gaige Grosskreutz, they guy that got a portion of his right bicep blown off, was in illegal possession of a handgun that he threatened Kyle Rittenhouse with. Grosskreutz was a convicted felon and prohibited person.

      The Lefties are arming-up, whether legally or illegally, because no matter who wins the Election in November they intend to continue the violence in the streets. Their “war” is against America and the American Middle Class. Trump or Biden is equally unacceptable to them because they intend to destroy the American Constitutional Republic entirely. If Biden gets elected they feel there will be little or no opposition to their “Revolution”. If Trump gets elected, he could invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 against them, so voting for Biden is the best option…and they will.

  7. If they aren’t so far into the Leftist kool aid, if that is the case they are functionally brain dead and there is no amount of reasoning that can bring them out of the stupor.

  8. As the election nears, watch for Biden campaign staff to begin dissociating themselves from the campaign. As their “man-caused” electoral disaster becomes clear, no one will want their name attached to that hot mess.

    • I disagree. A lot of these people have already doubled down so many times on their beliefs and ideology that they are past the point of no return. We see it every day. Any shift or challenege to their world view will lead to either suicidal depression to escape reality or violent revolt against the truth to maintain the lie. The Democrats have propped up the lie for so long that their fate is intrinsically entwined to the lie. When (not “if”) it collapses, we’re going to see massive violence, death, and insanity. I still think we’re at the beginning of the “Bleeding Kansas” and the real problems won’t start until next election cycle. The people who work for Biden won’t back away from him, write it off, and say, “Oh well. Better luck next time.” They’ll embrace the loss, double down, and convince them selves that they were cheated. They’ll say to themselves that they weren’t fervent enough. They weren’t radical enough. They didn’t bend the truth enough. They didn’t cover up enough lies. And then they’ll blame us.

    • Perhaps, but even if that’s true, they’ll have a new appreciation for 2A, which oddly, will gradually nudge them into our camp. One day they might even get a job!

      • “Perhaps, but even if that’s true, they’ll have a new appreciation for 2A, which oddly, will gradually nudge them into our camp.”

        Wrong, wrong, *wrong*.

        That’s the same mistake Nixon made in assuming greater freedom in China would lead to democracy. China used it to create a monitoring state intolerant of dissent.

        And we know who is intolerant of dissent…

        • Agreed. Tim doesn’t know enough liberal gun owners to have an appreciation for their insanity. Case in point: California is the 2nd largest gun market on Earth (behind Texas) and one of the most hostile states toward gun owners. Those are liberals and Democrats buying those guns who turn around and vote for politicians who call gun owners “domestic terrorists” …. oh…. and the politicians are all gun owners too.

        • Some people don’t welcome freedom… remember Monday, June 15, 1215, King John signed the Magna Carta. Then on Tuesday, June 16, 1215, efforts began to render it worthless.

    • Marxist? In Marx time human labor had value. That’s what his planned revolution was based on. Machines took that away, capitalism won’t work as it once did. With birth rates up and and already overpopulated world I can see there’s only two solutions, a total utopian social system or a mass extinction of humans. I’m guessing the “Powers That Be” will pick the latter.

        • And the younger the better.

          Why do you think there is a push to lower the voting age? The age of consent will also be lowered, if not eliminated.

  9. I hope for the best. I try to prepare for the worst. The leftards didn’t accept the last Presidential elsction. And WE shouldn’t accept S L O W Joe & Kamaktoe stealing this one!

  10. These new gun owners are going to vote the same way they have before. I bet the majority of these folks bought that gun, one box of ammo (if they could even find one) and put it on the top of the closet never to be seen again. They got scared and they reacted. When the dust clears, some of them will sell their evil gun and continue yelling gun control. Do no count on these new gun owners to make any difference.

    • What makes you so certain? The McCloskeys were Democrats until they had their now-famous “come to Jesus” moment with agitators, and ended up flipping over to the Republican side. They even spoke at the RNC last week.

      Assuming that at least half of these new gun owners were already conservative minded anyway, and that only 1 out of 5 of the other half will flip, the math tells us that 500K votes will be added for Trump.

      We’ll take it.

    • “I bet the majority of these folks bought that gun, one box of ammo (if they could even find one) and put it on the top of the closet never to be seen again.”

      With any luck, a Leftist will try and hide it, and their little ‘woke’ bastard kid will find it and sterilize the family gene pool.

      (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not a very nice guy… 🙂 )

      • “I bet the majority of these folks bought that gun, one box of ammo (if they could even find one) and put it on the top of the closet never to be seen again.”

        That is not abnormal. In the 1960’s or 1970’s the gun industry did a study and found out that the average gun buyer is like that. They buy a gun and a couple of boxes of ammo and twenty years later they still have most of that ammo left.

        • Ordinarily I wouldn’t be like that, but I have a case of cheap PMC that was designated for break in duty. Except the intended recipient is currently in lock down in the evidence room over a bs charge related to a DGU.

          Don’t ask, I can’t speak of it except sideways, as the case is ongoing.

    • I posit that a vast majority of the new buyers were scared by the riots and took self-reliant actions to protect themselves. If they remain scared and blame the Dems, their tacit approval, and their defund the police language, the buyers will tend to vote Republican. If unrest isn’t their primary issue, they’ll vote whatever their previous views were (economy, environment, abortion, etc). Some smaller portion will have caught the bug and become POTG that will vote 2A.

      • IDK, Anymouse. the rush started well before the civil unrest. I think the new gun owners expect a fight to the death for toilet paper.

  11. How many of the 5M are Antifa who realized you can’t make a revolution with baseball bats and fireworks?

    • I’d bet most if not all Antifa armed themselves. My guess is there are not very many real Antifa members, and they are being trained in places like Portland and Seattle to be sent elsewhere. This is not meant to downplay what they are capable of if not stopped. Remember, there were only a few hundred Bolsheviks who unleashed modern Communism/Marxism on Russia, and then on the world.

  12. How many of the 5 million will bother to vote?

    Of those, how many will consider a candidate’s position on gun laws when making their choice?

    Of those, how many will allow that consideration to override other positions that a candidate has that might be more deeply held? Really, you’re expecting someone who has never owned a gun to all of a sudden become a one issue voter?

    Of those, how many will look at Trump and see someone who supports gun rights? Because he doesn’t. The only thing he has going for him on gun rights is that he’s not as bad as Biden.

    To get a vote in the Trump column, you’re going to reduce that 5 million pretty radically.

    The other factor to consider is, of the small percentage that meet each of the above criteria, how many of those are located in a swing state?

    Let’s not forget: Trump lost the popular vote by 2.7 million last time. The reason he won was because of PA and Michigan. Those states are both likely or lean D in 2020. Arizona, Ohio, and Wisconsin are toss ups now, even though they went for Trump in 2016. Add in NC and GA, which are both toss ups now. Now, take a look at each of those states and think about how many of them have a long history of gun culture. Answer: all of them.

    So, here’s the million dollar question: if you’re a resident of a state with a long history of gun culture and you’re still leaning towards Biden, and you bought your first gun this year, are you going to suddenly change from D and vote for Trump as a result? I seriously doubt it.

    Personally, I don’t think you’re going to get many folks who’ve never owned a gun — most likely of the more D persuasion, quite honestly — to have even the slightest inclination to support Trump. Sure, maybe it helps the likely turnout among otherwise R voters who didn’t vote in 2016, but I think that’s probably your only chance of increasing Trump votes as a result of gun buys in 2020.

    • A lot of the people who had their businesses Burned Looted and Mangled never thought it would happen to them either. Their enter Life and Livelihood gone. Even the Liberal one’s who have supported the Burn Loot and Menace Movement. They were led to believe their appeasement was all it would take to keep them safe. The Politicians they supported said this could never happen in Our Utopian city because We are Woke and Support the Cause. The when the SHTF what had they gained. A Government that stood aside while their Woke City burned along with all their Hopes and Dreams. If that isn’t enough to Truly Wake people to the Reality of their Situation then they aren’t worth saving anyway.

  13. I think you made a mistake. You should have written “Republicans are propping up a president who is failing mentally”. Please don’t forget Trump will sell out all gun owners if he decides to change his mind yet again. He’s already banned bump stocks. Don’t believe for a second once we get a competant president, Biden who is a centrist candidate, that all those new gun owning Democrats will let him take them away. I won’t.

    • Biden is an “Empty Shirt”. Even if he isn’t Mentally Incompetent. He’s already shown he’ll go along with what he’s told to support. Simply look at the people he is surrounding himself with as advisors. He’s adopted Bernie Sander’s Economic platform, Kamala Harris’ suddenly Woke stance on Criminal Justice Reform, AOC and the Squads Environmental Platform, Obama’s Foreign Affairs platform and Beto O’Rourke’s Anti 2A platform. There’s nothing centrist about any of that.

      • “a ‘competant’ president”

        A ‘competant’ president? Sleepy Creepy Joe is that you? Must be you, as you misspelled ‘competent’.

        • Obviously you are from the Core education crowd. Caant Spellz, No coprension, 1Plz1 is whatevers makz me feelz gooder. Kaant Reed gooder alzo. Obviously Incompetent.
          See definition
          adjective: competent

          having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully.
          “a highly competent surgeon”
          (of a person) efficient and capable.
          “an infinitely competent mother of three”
          acceptable and satisfactory, though not outstanding.

    • Quote: “Jeffrey Hunt says: September 2, 2020 at 11:19
      Biden who is a centrist candidate, ….”

      If you think Biden is a “centrist”, I would like to know who you consider to be leftist.

  14. Those “new” gun owners fall into several categories.

    First, those who couldn’t buy a gun before, because they were too young or didn’t have enough money, etc. There’s a good chance that they will be with us.

    Second, those who want a gun to support the insurrection. They won’t be for us.

    Third, those who had their heads buried deep in the ground or so far up their collective butts that they couldn’t see what was happening all around them. I don’t expect that they’ve gotten any smarter politically. They will vote exactly the way they voted before.

    Finally, those who believe that they need a gun to defend themselves against cops. What side do you think they’ll be on?

  15. I have a safe that is full of assault rifles as well as 5,000 rounds of ammo. I’m a wealthy man. I’m voting for Biden just to get that lying, fat orange pile of scum off the throne. I will go back to the Republicans in 4 years if none of the slimy Trump shitgang is running for office. You people are so fucking dumb….

      • Hey, he’s a wealthy man. Saves his used toilet tissue I bet. Got a basement full of old newspapers that he values highly. Maybe some mummified remains in the attic too.

    • In four years there will not be an United States to go back to. Biden and Harris promised open borders and Free Everything if you come across.

      Biden and the DNC have been infiltrated and consumed by radical Marxists that seek to destroy the U.S.. The burning rioting and looting is just the beginning, Phase 1.

      This infiltrated DNC can not talk about their agenda with any truth, so they attack Trump with four years of false attacks.

      Lastly, I thought McCristal hired better Trolls than you, it’s blatantly obvious that “AK47” isn’t real, and is merely a stereotype of what a leftist troll thinks a POG is.

  16. My opinion is this if they vote right all will be fine….., if they don’t we are in a world 🌎 of shit pig🐖 Losi will win along with Frankenstein ( friendstien) same nonsense same panties thinking 🤔 the same need bigger manhole 🕳 covers

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