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Police try to secure businesses after protesters set fire to an office in the background late Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, in Kenosha, Wis. Protests have erupted following the police shooting of Jacob Blake a day earlier. (AP Photo/David Goldman)
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The law enforcement officers of Kenosha, Wisconsin have been busy arresting “protestors” (read: rioters) and Sheriff David Beth has revealed that more than half of the people arrested haven’t been locals. WISN reported:

The Kenosha County Sheriff says 205 people have been arrested since protests began last week.

The suspects have not been identified, but Sheriff David Beth said they were from 44 different cities.

“There were 40 law enforcement agencies from throughout the state here,” he said. “I don’t know the exact states that people came from.”

Beth said 114 suspects were from outside of Kenosha.

Suspects were arrested for everything from breaking curfew to weapons charges:

“I know some were arrested for burglary, some were for weapons complaints,” Beth said. “We had some people who were felons who were carrying guns.”

Police said they seized more than 20 guns.

“Those would be processed evidence,” Beth said. “I don’t have those. I don’t know what kind of weapons they were.”

Beth said some suspects were arrested for making death threats.

“I don’t know how we found out about that group of three that was coming down from northern Wisconsin, I don’t know how we found out about that one,” he said. “I want the people of Kenosha to know there’s a huge amount of resources here to protect you.”

The LEOs of Kenosha still have backup in town:

About 1,500 National Guard troops from Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Alabama remain in Kenosha.

A curfew there has been extended until at least Thursday morning.

This answers some questions regarding whether or not rioters were locals. Unfortunately, Sheriff Beth remarked only on their coming from 44 different cities, but declined to address the issue of what states they were from (as you can see above).

It also raises some interesting talking points regarding how common it is for protestors — specifically rioters — to be from other cities and states than the one they’re busy looting and burning down. From past protests/riots we know participants are often out-of-towners. Does this make it less surprising some of the guys trying to protect businesses would also be from out of town?

Would you travel to another city or state to protect local businesses, especially smaller mom-and-pop type stores, from rioters? How far would you go? Would you go armed? And for the rioters who traveled to, well, riot…should they be charged more aggressively than the locals who were arrested?

Discuss. That’s what the comment section is for.


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    • No surprise that LEO’s would claim problems came from “outsiders”, but it’s generally not actually true.

      It plays well to voters to pretend that “outsiders” are the problem.

      I believe similar statements have been made and debunked even earlier this year, after the first riots this year. Weeks or months later, the truth comes out.

      • sounds like a true democrat because there have been lots of reports of people saying they were from other places at many areas where these riots have taken place some even being bussed in and some paid to go there

      • I’d suggest that if we began shooting them, we’d be much more able to discover whether they were local or not, without a bunch of crap claims one way or the other. It’s not that important, you say? Then, who cares?

      • @Mickey: The “RIOT FOOD TRUCK” that was arrested was from Seattle. They admitted that they were traveling as a caravan to DC and decided to stop in Kenosha to “demonstrate” there. They just so happened to be filling lots of containers with gas, carrying helmets, clubs, gas masks, fireworks, and other riot items. But it’s a total coincidence! I swear! They weren’t out of towners looking to spread their brand of marxist riot to other towns. /sarc

        I guarantee you someone is funding these people. How else can they afford to take time off work to go riot in other cities on the other side of the country? Add in the pallets of bricks being dropped off just in time to be used by the rioters, and this whole thing reeks of Soros and a larger terrorist network planning these things in advance. Where the hell is the FBI? Antifa crossing state lines to commit acts of terror seems like something they should be looking into.

        • A bunch of aging trust fund hippies, looking for the next cool thing, and you believe it’s the legions of doom sent by the international bankers?

          And the ‘pallets of bricks’ have been debunked, so I’m wondering, is there a particular stack of bricks you’re thinking of?

          And if you think Portland is on fire as Trump claims, perhaps you should check out the interview with the fire chief for a dose of boring reality.

        • Miner49er says: “And the ‘pallets of bricks’ have been debunked, so I’m wondering, is there a particular stack of bricks you’re thinking of?”

          Debunked you say? Even though numerous pictures and videos have shown that the pallets have been placed in close proximity to riot areas. Even though I and my kids have seen them ourselves. Even though my friends that are Denver LEOs had to go around with city maintenance crews and remove several pallets of bricks spread around the downtown area.

          Sometimes you lie, just a little. Sometimes Miner49er, you are as blatant as CNN.

        • @ Ragnar

          Typical of him, show proof to counter his lies and Miner flees the scene. I don’t know why he persists, except that he’s paid to. He’s been taken to the woodshed of truth more time’s than it’s worth counting.

          That’s not the mark of a true believer, but a patently dishonest ‘person’ skulking about disseminating propaganda & rhetoric acting as though he isn’t fully cogent of the lies he pushes. He’s not a troll, in the classical sense. Never answering charges, but replies with shallow whatabout-ism’s as if that somehow negates the point at hand. A bundle of logical fallacies all in one, no, this one is a paid instigator smearing the facts & twisting them into falsehoods.

          The main question is who’s funding him and scum like him? Who’s agenda is he following? No conspiracy tin foil hat necessary, you’re getting a real life demonstration here.

      • Mickey…so you’re saying that these violent people are so dumb they’re shitting where they eat eh? Sure does water down their position…unless, on course, logic would indicate these wonderful humanitarians are actually a bit smarter than to burn down their own neighborhoods.

        Feel free to pick a side on this one. 🙂

      • PROVE it.

        All of the official statements of out-of-state even out-of-country agitators have been proven absolutely true even if Leftist AG’s have generally dismissed charges.

        You are just another Leftist LIAR.

    • The riot tourism industry is strong in Kenosha. It should bolster the local economy with all those people coming in to spend their hard earned money.

      • Maybe they need a bumper sticker that was popular around here back in the 70’s.
        ” If it’s tourist season why we can’t shoot them?”

        • I never heard of that bumper sticker from wayback. It’s sure a good funny one!
          I only remember the Colorado bumper sticker “Native”. They’re all Californians now.

        • “I never heard of that bumper sticker from wayback.”

          Remember “America, love it or leave it”?

      • That $600 a week in surplus unemployment was a terrible idea. It’s paying for these rioters and unrest.

        • Be fair. A number of the rioters have been public school teachers, who are being paid to stay home from their teaching duties. It’s for the children, of course (despite evidence that almost no K-12 aged kids have died as a result of COVID-19).

      • Building supplies looks like a good investment. What can be used to destroy can then be used to build.

        And why aren’t people reporting suspicious behavior such as pallets of bricks being dropped off where the is no construction?

        • Did you ever consider the possibility that no one is talking about pallets of bricks being pre-staged because there are no pallets of bricks pre-staged?

          They don’t have any bricks to spare, they are all being used to build a submarine base on Joe Biden’s island…

          Geewhiz, you people are all soft in the head, you would believe anything if it was on the Fox boob tube.

        • Gangs of fascist troopers have been let loose from prison. Look at the records of the 3 that tried to murder Kyle. Joe average citizen might simply be afraid of drawing their attention by reporting on their activities.

          And then you have their cheerleaders and supporters like miner that would swat you in a heartbeat.

        • @miner You remind me more than just a little of a scientology cult member. Different words but same mindset.

    • To those who don’t believe that many rioters were from out of town just watch your own TV and see the “feed” provided by professional protesters( I think the name “bgonthescene” will be recognized. One night bgor cg is on the scene in Wi., next night he’s on the scene in DC. What a coincidence! Some body knows where the action will be and where the Republican senator will exit the event. Riots must be scheduled like clockwork to get this kind of coverage by the leftist/ansrchists.

  1. Uh oh, I heard that people coming from even 15 miles away had no right to be there and that’s proof they only came there looking to murder people. I wonder if we’ll hear any “mainstream” media coverage on how it’s well over a hundred radical Leftwing rioters doing so…..


    • I think the town is effectively dead. If I lived there I would be moving. Detroit would be an improvement.

      • Keno is really a nice city. It has/had a nice downtown area with lots of good shops, small businesses, a ton of wonderful restaurants, etc. Also wonderful museums, a nice lake front area, a nice open farmer market. It is really sad what an incompetent mayor who would not protect his city allowed to happen there.

        • Sparky, Those are the exact type of places the left wants to destroy. “Nice” things have no place in the “new frontier”.

  2. “Suspects were arrested for everything from breaking curfew to weapons charges“

    Sure wish you’d been a few arrests for curfew and weapons violations a few nights before…


    all bull, when the facts come out.

    “I watched a number of public statements given by governors and mayors of large cities regarding the ongoing riots in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Atlanta, Chicago and elsewhere. If you did also, you probably noticed one interesting feature that all of them had in common. Now, I’m not saying that they held some sort of meeting in advance to plan out their strategy, but virtually every one of them included statements blaming “outsiders coming into our city” for all of the violence and destruction. Our fine citizens would never behave so reprehensibly. These are outside agitators and Left/Right-wing radicals.”

    • I can believe several things.

      1, that Mayors, Governors, and even Sheriffs are likely to exaggerate any amount of outside influence

      2, that big cities are more likely to be able to contain enough people to run riots than small towns or midsized cities.

      3, that someone from outside the city is more likely to be looking to commit arson, ect than a local resident

    • However, in this case the claim is about people arrested, so there are records to show who they are and where they’re from. That’s quite a difference in verifiability compared to a claim about rioters overall. Perhaps visitors are stupider and get arrested in a higher proportion than the locals?

      • Not entirely true, we haven’t seen how many of the arrested gave false ID, actually no idea where they are from. If I were going to riot, loot, and kill, you can be sure my ID would be fake.

  4. There’s truth in it but it’s not going to be so clean cut a thing as getting away with saying outsiders did it. Yes there are groups that travel to trouble points, left and right wing groups. Looking to up the action, pull in the news media, “GET THEIR MESSAGE OUT!”. Some of those are violent and want to start fights, burn buildings, or shoot people who start fights or burn buildings.

    Locals are there two, representing the same notions from peaceful protest on both sides to violent morons itching to beat each other up. If the entire nature has that mix of behaviors, any town or city has the potential too. Just give people a reason.

    Listen to Agent K, he’s got it nailed:

    • The same people who 5, 10, 15+ years ago would fly around the world (on daddy’s frequent flyer points or credit card) to protest climate change, occupy wall street, poverty, for and against global trade, and whatever cause was “in” that week. There is an irony in there, if not hypocrisy.

  5. That has been true of virtually all riots.

    In contrast, we have Richmond, Va. I’m not going searching for links, but Richmond has had ongoing demonstrations. But, the city isn’t burning down. Locals have been demonstrating, you don’t see fires, you don’t read of people killed, things are quite peaceful in comparison. One night, they had a city truck set ablaze, and all those little local groups were quick to blame outsiders. They claim it was Proud Boys who set fire to the truck – maybe, maybe not, but they were outsiders.

    If local cops can keep outsiders out, most people aren’t stupid enough to burn their own neighborhoods down! I say most – there really are people that stupid. But, outside instigators who don’t have any skin in the game don’t care who suffers, all they want to see are the headlines.

    • If you’re imagining that there’s an ANTIFA HQ, why not just imagine the raid to take it out?

      • ANTIFA have learned from other insurgencies to operate in a loose cell structure with no real chain of command. Communication and organizing happens through social media.

        • “ with no real chain of command.“

          Well, it looks as if antifa has your panties all in a wad, that must be a very effective technique.

          Maybe we can try that in this country, let’s just get rid of President Trump, and we can have that distributed leadership you seem to fear so much.

        • No miner. ANTIFA are a bunch of wannabes who couldn’t pick Karl Marx from Groucho. They’ve read the theory but don’t understand the history. And with so many factions they would be at war with themselves soon after their revolution.

          They’ve tried some protests downunder but they are not well attended.

  6. Out of towners should be handled more severely. They are burning down neighborhoods that people depend on. Why sht in your own backyard when you can do it in somebody else’s backyard. I would hope that all the people in the town rise up and demand that justice be done.

    • People should answer for their actions, regardless of their zip code. Don’t be ridiculous. The point is that NOBODY is paying any price for this destruction.

    • You do that marxist and nazistuff dont mix right? Like gasoline and open flames right? Need to pick a side there bro!

      • “You do that marxist and nazistuff dont mix right?”

        Yes, they can, and sometimes do mix, when it benefits both the Marxist and the Nazis.

        It’s a practical application of “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”…

  7. A week ago (8/24/20) A group calling itself “Detroit Will Breathe” decided to try and block off traffic in Detroit. FB post “Detroit Will Breathe is occupying the intersection of Woodward and John R to demand the immediate end of Operation Legend and the withdrawal of federal agents sent to Detroit by the Trump Administration to criminalize and terrorize Black and Brown communities. We aren’t leaving until the feds leave.”

    Detroit Police Chief James Craig “…We don’t retreat here in Detroit. We’re just not gonna do it. … We weren’t giving up ground to the radicals. We just didn’t do it.”
    Police responded with 44 arrests, yet only 16 were from Detroit, 27 were from other Michigan cities and one was from California.

    Detroit may have it’s problems, but rioting is not one of them. We are not putting up with that shit here.

    • Good. It sounds like he means business, and the powers that be aren’t tying his hands behind his back like in all of the other democrat run cities where people are dying. Blood is on the hands of how many democrat mayors and governors at this point? I’ve lost count.

  8. Let’s be honest and say none of us are surprised about this. Arrest them, charge them, make them post large bonds and tag them so you know where they will be awaiting trial. Then make sure they make restitution for damages. Garnish 50% of their future wages and benefits until full restitution is made.

    200 arrest ain’t enough. Get the former sheriff from Arizona and set up a tent prison to hold them awaiting train and post trial. Most will be snowflakes thinking they are entitled. Let them worry about being entitled when winter hits.

  9. Insightful perspective on rioters from Mike Tobin:

    “I’ve heard people say things like, ‘Looting is fun.’ And in Minneapolis [and] some other locations, I’ve watched them pre-party in the parking lot for hours and then come out for the big show of destruction. So for some of them, it’s a game. And things got real serious that Tuesday night in Kenosha, and it changed the parameters of it.”

    “You get these Antifa protesters who fancy themselves somewhere between the [civil rights] marchers on the Edmund Pettus Bridge and the rioters from the ‘Joker’ movie. And they can take their own motivation because there isn’t anything to disagree with, with Antifa.

    “So …they show up, they do their thing. They enjoy the destruction. They enjoy shaking their fist at the man. They enjoy pushing back at the societal structure, and they can be very efficient … You can work very fast if all you want to do is be destructive.”

    • You can talk about the National Guard all you want, and I’m sure it had an impact, but I also believe once these “peaceful protesters” figured out that people would fight back, it had a lot to do with the decreased violence the very next night and every night hence. It’s all fun and games until a 17 year-old rains hell down on you.

  10. Imagine someone raped your child. Now imagine piles of liberals complaining because the rapist was shot and killed trying to attack another minor.

  11. Why is it that the arsonists attacked businesses in the black and brown communities if their avowed purpose is to protest the ill treatment of people of color? It just doesn’t make any sense. The only way to make it sensible is two ways: 1) shear stupidity, or 2) a conspiracy to ignite a race war. (As a purely political statement of opinion, it appears that Antifa loves the blacks as much as the Democrats–they love them as a means to an end.)

    • You got it ! Why are they destroying minority areas? To make minorities madder and to try to turn more voters against Trump. Most of antifa or whoever they may be are just instigators to get it started then the real pawns roll in.not even knowing what the real end game except Trump bad. white bad. And blm are racist fools that have been known to destroy their own neighborhoods

  12. Considering that organized scum like Antifa and BLM arrive in hard to conceal bus caravans and it’s known up front that they aren’t coming to play marbles, why can’t the police just pull over the buses on the interstate and start checking ID’s and warrants and generally harassing the hell out of them before they show up somewhere?

    • Because police is ordered by local/state Democrat politicians to leave the rioters alone. Left thrives on violence and chaos.
      See where the riots happen and who rules there.

    • Most of us here support the constitution. Driving/riding in a bus on the highway does not meet the “probable cause” criteria. They truly could be “peaceful protesters” and, therefore, should not be harassed.

  13. Are those pictures of The Bronx in 1970 or modern urban renewal in Kenosha? Either way, it’s coming soon to a Democrat rathole near you.

  14. If the whites in town had reached out to the Blacks, through the churches and other organizations to band together and save their town from outsiders, I bet that many blacks would have been with whites. Sadly, neither group will even try to support each other, so the disenfranchised follow out of towners. They watch the news also, many are good people and will band together(given the chance) with other locals.

  15. “Large swathes of the city are indistinguishable from a war zone.”

    Ignorant and/or overwrought sensationalists commonly refer to scenes of natural disasters–earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc.–as “looking like a war zone.” I have observed no one using that descriptor who looked as though he or she had ever been in or anywhere near an actual war zone.

    The essay’s quotation I pulled above is an improvement. However, it would be spot-on accurate if the words “indistinguishable from” were simply excised. For the US is in the throes of internal warfare. And our burning cities are not at all facsimiles of war zones. They’re the real deal. Period.

    Would I travel to such a zone? It’s quite enough for me to prepare to defend my own home and neighborhood. Besides, I’m well past the “Kyle of Duty” age.

    • “The Kyle of Duty.” I like that.

      I was happy to see Kyle of Duty, because we’re going to need more in the next few years — but I’m too old to effectively play it now. Too tied down to job, family, and life-sustaining medications.

      I don’t plan to leave my house or my immediate neighborhood.

      If I ever did decide to go defend some other place, that’d be because my house is really close to some of the places that would be under attack. And similarly, I ever did cross state lines for that kind of purpose, it’d be because (like Kyle Rittenhouse) I live only a few miles from the state line; the community on the other side is a mirror image of the one I live in. I know people there whose homes and businesses I’d be willing to defend…if I was asked. The state line is just a concept, not a real divide.

      • “The state line is just a concept, not a real divide.”

        Fascinating, do you really believe the stuff you post?

        • Considering that I drive across that state line several times a week and the people on the other side are just the same as the people on my side, it’s not a matter of believing anything. I know it because I live it.

  16. I’m not putting myself in danger for someone else’s property, let alone travelling elsewhere to do it. I have no interest in being part of this circus on either side. I do understand why people would make the decision to do so, however.

    Might make an exception for my neighbor’s house. He’s kind of an asshole, and I don’t like him much(I get along with his dog, though), but his house is close enough to mine that spreading fire would be an issue.

  17. Easy fix to this, anyone arrested rioting in a state or city they aren’t from gets an additional fine or imprisoned in Mexico!

  18. Once they destroy their own city. They will travel far and wide to come to your town. And then destroy it too.

  19. And for the rioters who traveled to, well, riot…should they be charged more aggressively than the locals who were arrested?

    Yes they incite violence & should pay for damage or work on the local chain gang cleaning up the mess they made, then paint the new store labor free. If they do not do a good job then jail time should be added to they prison sentence. If they or their friends can pay, they should still be forced to clean up the mess for no less than 30 days, showers & sleep in the jail or bused to prison
    until they are released over the state line & told if they return during their 12 months probation period they will spend it in jail & clean & paint the whole term of their probation period.

  20. It’s a good thing coronavirus hit and they released all the criminals, the can can only hold so many Sardines

  21. I like dogs and guns and I like to mind my own business.
    I pity the fool who interferes with my pursuit of happiness.

  22. Please, provide whatever evidence you may have to support your claim.

    A purchase of multiple pallets of bricks, drop shipped to various areas would leave a trail of invoices and bills of lading.

    Come on, what are you got?

    • Pay cash for a pallet load of bricks at a place like home depot. Load it into the pick up or van set aside for just this purpose and then drop it. All the store has is a purchase was made.

      Are you really this stupid or do you believe we are? Besides, it’s not up to us to prove anything. The DOJ will be the ones handling the investigation. Wonder what they’ll find on your computer?

  23. For the last time, Kyle Rittenhouse might as well have been from Kenosha. He had a job there, he lives 30 minutes away in a bedroom community. Kenosha is the closest population center to the small town he lived in. For everyone who says they would defend their homes, what about your place of employment? Law enforcements hand are basically tied. Until normal folks start standing up for the communities they live AND work in, we will continue to lose a town everytime the cops shoot some serial sexual predator violating a restraining order and resisting arrest. Enjoy your house and it’s near zero value after your town has been burned down and everyone moves on.

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