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Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

As Chris Matthews furiously Googles to see if — somehow — the Boston Chechnyan bombing suspects were members of a nascent Tea Party cell in Grozny, we’re getting conflicting information as to how long the suspects have been in the country. The media, in its fog of mal- and mis-information, have mentioned everything from one to ten years since the brothers Tsarnaev immigrated. Be that as it may, the thoughts of pro-2A types turn to the question of how this drama will be used — and make no mistake, it will be — by civilian disarmers to bolster their deeply wounded cause . . .

Is it possible these two were already on the terrorist watch list? If so, how did they pass a background check to buy their firearms? They’ve engaged in at least two firefights this morning, if news reports are to be believed, killing an MIT security guard and gravely wounding a police officer. One apparently also knocked over a 7-11, probably with a handgun. Were their firearms obtained illegally? Clearly all of Massachusetts’ strict gun control laws didn’t prevent two alleged terrorists from tooling up.


Nick took a ration of shit in the comments section for speculating — only minutes after the marathon bombs went off — that the terrorist act could lead to calls for restrictions on reloading components. There’s apparently no truth to the reports that he was last seen running through the streets of San Antonio shouting “neeener neeener neeenr!” when the cadaverous Frank Lautenberg, in what’s hopefully one of his last legislative acts, announced that he’d introduce a gunpowder control bill in the Senate.

Are we speculating based on early, possibly bogus information? You betcha. So go ahead, flame on. But keep an eye on the usual suspects as they contort themselves to make their case that this is all just another example of why we need common sense gun control.

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  1. There has already been one report that he has an assault rifle.

    I think it would be interesting if he doesn’t have a modern sporting rifle, and everything he has would be mass compliant.

  2. On the flip side, I can imagine a *really* good number of people in Boston thinking “I’m on lockdown….how the heck am I going to defend myself?” We may actually have some future supporters.

    • Am I the only one seeing MSM firmly and unabashedly calling the 19 year suspect “a man”, yet whenever there is some woe-is-me story 19 year olds are “just kids”.

    • My not-so-pro-gun wife commented something similar to me this morning – If this were happening around here, she would not be worried given the protection we keep around the house. Some minds may be changing…

    • I can also imagine a large number of people in Boston thinking “How am I going to pay the bills this month when I can’t get to work to earn money?” Gotta love a government that thinks it owns you.

  3. Expect lots of spin here by the media. Not just on guns but also protecting Obama as this was a Muslim terrorist attack that occurred on his watch after spiking the ‘Osama’s dead’ football so many times.

    • DHS will be in full “cover your ass” mode. They’ll try and paint these guys as homegrown sympathizers, and that’s how they missed it. However, I’ll bet these guys have made several trips overseas for training and support from an overseas network. The FBI will also be in CYA mode, after failing to identify a guy who had a “Facebook” type page and another one who’s had several articles written about him and his boxing career. These guys didn’t hide very well, were local, had an online & public presence, and still couldn’t be found?

    • I love how you’ve completely insulated yourself from your own hypocrisy: you recognize that the vast majority of gun owners are not responsible for the actions of monsters, while vilifying an entire religion for the actions of… wait for it… monsters. Bravo.

      • Go easy there Pete – the truth is that in the area of Chechnya, the vast majority of the terrorists are of the Muslim faith. Don’t believe it? Do some Googling. I’d start with the Beslan School attack. I understand how you might read tangledhorn’s comment as referring to all Muslims as terrorists, but I don’t think that was what he meant. Let’s face it though – right now the guys running around blowing up our boys in the middle east as well as committing a fair number of terrorist attacks around the world are Muslim. 30 years ago, a bombing in London might well be traced to Catholic Irish Republicans, but today, it is adherents of Islam that are doing a committing a large percentage of the terrorist attacks against civilian targets. It sucks for those Muslims who don’t subscribe to the jihadist ideas, but that is unfortunately the state of the world right now.

        • Chechnya is traditionally a Muslim region, and vast majority of citizens there are Muslim. However, there is a split. Historically, Chechens were Sufis, of the Qadiriyya tarikat (the last name of Chechnya’s current president, Kadyrov, is derived from the same root). However, during the Chechen war for independence in 1994-96, many jihadists from Afghanistan and Saudi preachers came into the country, and started to spread Wahhabism (aka Salafism, the state religion of Saudi Arabia), which is a fundamentalist, literalist, “pure” form of Sunni Islam. Chechens were not actually particularly religious before, but during the war religion grew more prominent, especially among the youth, and in particular the more “pure” Wahhabism, followers of which were generally more fanatical.

          Later on, those Chechens who were converted to Wahhabis renounced their earlier struggle for an independent Chechen nation-state, and proclaimed instead a jihad for the sake of creating an Islamic Sharia state encompassing the entire Caucasus and surrounding areas.

          The terrorist suspects in this case seem to be Wahhabis, based on the evidence from their social networking profiles. So they do not represent the majority of the population in Chechnya.

      • Well Blinky, I guess that’s what it’s come to.

        The gun grabbers and MSM have been demonizing us for so long that we’re pushing back and in the process have begun to demonize them. Ye reap what ye sow!

        Law abiding citizens have grown weary of being cast as the problem that won’t go away. Push back is a M_F_!

        If Obama and all his followers and apologists can’t handle it, they should have shut their lying rhetoric filled yaps a long time ago!

        At least we mostly keep it civil and don’t go shrill and hide behind “the babies” like the gun controllers do.

        But every once in a while, even we must vent just a little.

  4. Pretty easy when using progressive logic:

    If the NRA = white people,
    and terrorists bombers = white,
    therefore member of NRA and NRA = terrorist organization

    Illustrating Chicago’s Murders, Homicides, Violence and Idiocy at

    • Reminds me of this:

      Penguins are black and white
      Old TV shows are black and white
      Therefore, penguins are old TV shows

      The left can’t wait to attribute this tragedy to some Tea Party NRA gun toting guys, no matter how ridiculous that sounds.

  5. Americans need to keep an eye on their elected officials to put a stop to reactive legislation like Explosive powder control- the bill is a backdoor to gun control via ammo control.

    It’s up to the people to keep the pressure on Congress- right now there is momentum to build on– unfortunately the Anti 2AM crowd will never stop, but we can give them fits as they pile up failure after failure if we stay vigilant.

  6. We didn’t Nick was immoral for the posting he made after the bombing, just that we need to be better then the other side on covering these things.

    I’m about as politically incorrect as it gets, but I do have some respect for the dead and the grieving. I’m not gonna stop reading TTAG because of Nick’s post, but I was worried that it would negatively affect those readers we are trying to pull to our side. Anyone already on our side is already thinking exactly what Nick was, but a posting like that might make those we can influence think we are dancing in the blood of the dead just like the libs do.

    • Being better than the other side doesn’t do anything but make us lose. They come out as early as they can in favor of gun control no matter what happens, and we can’t afford to sit around out of respect for the dead while they make headway.

  7. It wont matter that these guys made their initial assault with BOMBS just that they made their last stand with guns. I mean why would it matter that they could kill a lot of people without guns and they proved they could, it will only matter that they had guns.

    • Definitely. Just like Zimmerman was labeled a “white” hispanic,
      these guys will also be labeled to keep the narrative from the
      anti-rights crowd going.

      • Man this gets old. Hispanic is an ethnic/national origin category, white is a race. There are white Hispanics, black Hispanics, Asian Hispanics, etc, etc, etc.

      • These guys are Caucasians. As in hailing from Caucasus. How much more white do you need? 😉

        (American racial/ethnic designations are so damn silly)

  8. Am I the only one seeing MSM firmly and unabashedly calling the 19 year suspect “a man”, yet whenever there is some woe-is-me story 19 year olds are “just kids”.

  9. Their names sound muslim rather than ethnic Russian. As to whether that is really the case and whether some sort of religious motives may have been a factor in their actions, it’s always better to wait for the facts rather than speculate.

      • Our posts crossed, I wasn’t writing in reply to yours. I just hate the way the media likes to jump to conclusions, usually in a politically correct way, so I’ve trained myself to wait for the facts when events like these occur.

    • They are Chechens. Amongst the jihadis, the Chechens have a rep for both cunning and viciousness. Do your research on the Russo-Chechen Wars of the 1990s-2000s and you will see what I mean.

        • They been reigning terror in Russia for a long time. They are not ethnic Russians. In fact Russians hate them. To what I understand its like if we had Iraq as one of the states…..

    • No speculation, they are muslims, as evidenced by their social media sites that are loaded up with Islamic stuff, including ALLAH IS THE ONE.

      The older one was interviewed about his boxing in college, and said he basically didnt understand America and thought it was a cesspool of sin. Of which a reasonable person may concur looking at the buffoons in DC. Of course reasonable people dont attack joggers because society is going down the tubes.

      • he basically didnt understand America and thought it was a cesspool of sin.

        Bah! That’s only Las Vegas, those lucky dogs. Here in the Midwest we’re lucky if we can find a latrine of naughtiness.

      • Their names are indeed distinctly Chechen (Dzhokhar Dudaev was the Chechen leader and self-proclaimed president in 1994-96, during the first war).

        The younger brother is a member of two Chechen separatist groups on the Russian social networking site VKontakte. He also has “Worldview: Islam” in his profile (which is curious, because that’s usually where you put your political affiliation and such; religion has a separate field).

        The older brother has a very interesting playlist on YouTube. He has several videos of various Islamic preachers of Salafi strain, one of which explains how Sufi muslims (which are the traditional majority of Chechens) are not “true muslims” – this is highly indicative, as this is precisely the ideological basis for Wahhabi/Salafi insurgency in Chechnya.

        He also has a music video in that playlist which is of Timur Mutsurayev, a Chechen bard who composed and sang songs praising jihad. This particular song is titled “We will dedicate our lives to jihad”.

  10. Remember,a University police officer was killed by this POS already.
    Once the dust settles,Obama and Co. will certainly point out that this is why we need more gun control-to protect our LEOs,their surveyed frontline opinions be damned.

    Public Service announcement to Mass gun owners :reserve your Uhaul trucks tonight.Deval was on the warpath for civil disarmament because of Newtown,and this mess will only galvanize the Massachusetts antis.New York might be safer once the Massachusetts government gets done with their session.

  11. From the article, “Is it possible these two were already on the terrorist watch list? If so, how did they pass a background check to buy their firearms?”

    A bureaucrat placing someone’s name on a “watch list” is NOT due process and is not a sufficient basis to deny anyone of their rights — whether it is their right to speak, vote, or purchase firearms.

    • Agreed. The point is, if someone is on the watch list — rightly or wrongly, justly or not — you’d think that would show up on a NICS check. No?

      We don’t know if they were on the list. We don’t know if they bought the guns legally. Just positing questions.

    • Fourteenth Amendment Section 1:

      “Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

      If they are not native born or naturalized US citizens they are not granted protection of the Constitution. They are covered by immigration law as defined by Congress under Article 1 Section 8 paragraph 4:

      ” To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;”

      It is a misconception that Non-US citizens have the same Constitutional protections as citizens.

      • Legal resident aliens get the Constitutional benefit of the Equal Protection Clause. State laws that treat legal aliens differently from citizens are often (but not always) subject to strict scrutiny. This area is complex, but suffice it to say that legal resident aliens are fully protected by most elements of the Bill of Rights.

      • >> If they are not native born or naturalized US citizens they are not granted protection of the Constitution.

        This is plainly not true. All rights and freedoms outlined in the Constitution, except for those that are explicitly restricted to citizens in their wording (e.g. the right to vote or be elected), apply to everyone under US jurisdiction.

        It’s precisely why Constitution uses “people” in some (most) places, and “citizens” in others.

  12. “… when the cadaverous Frank Lautenberg …”

    That is priceless. I would have spit my morning drink all over my keyboard had I actually been drinking when I read that.

  13. I predict that the propagandists will link the guns to some sleepy little town in Maine and lay the blame on gun laws in free states. In fact, I bet they’ve already got the press release written and are salivating to release it.

  14. You can bet your bottom dollar Holder & Obama are, this very minute, scheming a way to use these events to disarm us.

  15. Since blackpowder is saltpeter, coal, and sulfer, and saltpeter comes from dripping hot water through dirt, coal comes from burning wood, and sulfur comes from rocks, they really need to ban dirt, water, wood, fire, and rocks.

  16. It doesn’t matter if Nick was right on or not in his post. It was still inappropriately timed. I also think it is better to not hand out ideas to the gun banners. That said I still like TTAG and Nick is a good writer. If we can’t disagree in a proper manner then we are no better than the Antis.

  17. Was anyone else disgusted by the NBC call in interview from a journalist named Robin, who’s nephew went to school with the younger suspect? She went on and on about how good he looked in his tuxedo for prom, his beautiful, curly hair, etc. She just could not believe this act of terror was committed by someone so “beautiful”. The inability to let go of your preconceptions in a situation like this is appalling by the liberal MSM, not being objective should cost your job. I understand shock affects everyone differently, but it will be interesting to see the spin that is put on this entire situation. Not facing reality is delusion, not having disgust at an action like this is appalling, not being objective as a journalist is unethical…… /Rant complete/

  18. Has anyone considered that these two may have entered the country under President Obama’s strategy to support Islamists against the Libyan and Syrian states? If they immigrated in the last year or two or received special treatment they could very well be militants who were not properly vetted or who developed an agenda against the USA after something went south during their comrades’ operations.

    There is an old video of Zbigniew Brzezinski landing in Pakistan in the 80s to give the Muj a disingenuous pep talk. I can’ t stop thinking of it, given his support for Obama.

    • They immigrated to USA in 2002, under Bush.

      It doesn’t surprise me, either. Remember that it’s a long-standing American government policy that Islamist insurgents are “freedom fighters” until they actually start targeting USA. This didn’t start under Obama – it was also the case under Reagan with respect to jihadis in Afghanistan, and with respect to Chechen Islamists and Albanian KLA under Clinton and Bush. As such, they were always provided shelter as refuges.

    • That Twitter account has since been shown to be fake.

      And radical Chechens love guns in general. Heck, they try to get them in Russia – which has ridiculously tough gun laws (as in, complete ban on handgun possession) – by any means possible.

  19. Nick was right on a technicality. There is no chance that Lautenberg’s bill makes it out of committee. It is no different than the two Missouri legislators introducing a bill to confiscate all firearms in the state. The administration may try to use this as a way to reinvigorate their civilian disarmament efforts but this incident doesn’t make their case. It should be abundantly clear to anybody sitting in their house in the Boston area that being disarmed is not a good thing. If anything it might kill the immigration bill.

    The last two weeks spells the end of the Obama administration as a political force.

  20. The solution to this isn’t more gun control, or powder control.

    It’s immigration control. Western democracies need to prohibit immigration from Islamic countries. Period, thanks for playing, don’t call us, we’ll call you when you give evidence of achieving modern civilization.

    If people would do some research and historical study of Islam and the Muslim invasion of Europe in the period of 1100 to 1700 or so, they’d see that allowing Muslims to immigrate into your country is cultural suicide.

  21. Okay, here’s a question:

    Why didn’t these two guys run like hell? Why hold up a 7-Eleven? Why shoot a cop? Why not get in your car, and drive to Mexico, or Alaska? They had at least a 24-72 hour head-start, why didn’t they use it?

    If I had just set off a large bombing in a major metropolitan area, the last thing I would do is go back home. I’d be gone. I’d find a nice hole in some unpopulated corner of some fly-over state, and keep my mouth shut.

    I’d change as much about myself as I could. Depending on how I look I would: Grow out my hair, grow out my beard, or shave it all off. Get a tan, or stay totally indoors and become pasty-white. Take up smoking, or quit it entirely. Become a vegan, or eat nothing but meat. I’d steel someone else’s license plate off their car, and replace my own car’s plates with it. I’d up and quit my job. I’d skip town, and never look back…

    These guys aren’t very smart criminal masterminds.

    • This is starting to sound like the plot from Shooter! Perhaps they are innocent and the government wanted their take on how a terrorist would have staged an attack, and then they were framed as perps. Mind = blown.

  22. Dyspeptic Gunsmith: You’ve couldn’t be more right.

    BTW, origin of Boston bomber Tamerlan’s name:

    Tamerlane: A descendant of Ghengis Khan, a Mongol Muslim who conquered most of Russsia and a star in the realm of mass murderers. His Mongol hordes got as far are India and killed millions of innocents. He delighted in tearing some of his victims limb from limb. Looks like Tamerlan has followed in his Islamic, demonic footsteps.

  23. Yeah, while immigrant bombers and shootists rampage through our cities and suburbs, let’s disarm Americans so they can hide in their houses, behind closed doors’, as recommended by the authorities. Now, they’ve got us just where they want us. Ask the average Bostonian if they’d like to have a gun right about now, as they hunker down in their basements with their souvenir Reds Sox baseball bat.

    • You export more shootists than you import, bombers too. You’ve still done more to yourselves than an foreigners have done to you. Mob rule is also a terrible way to design laws for the safety of everyone, fear does NOT lead to sane or healthy actions.

  24. How did they get the guns and explosives? I’m afraid the anti gun crowd is going to use this for a new gun control bill.

  25. It seems awfully convenient these guys were found so quick, but as another commentator noted… criminal masterminds they are not. One of them apparently had a scholarship to Dartmouth. Can we all repeat these words? IVY LEAGUE IS OVERRATED.

    No doubt the authorities were probably tipped off by someone in the Russian / Chechen community who recognized these guys. So are we going to now have a post 9-11 style calls for a mass invasion of Chechnya and the public lynching of anyone who’s Russian / Chechen / Muslim, or all of the above? Sigh.

    Russia’s problems are now our problems… again.

    • The Russian /Chechen communities are less friendly than the Italian/black communities in NJ.

      As to invading Chechnya, well as part of Putin’s Playhouse it’s kinda under control for a minute anyway. Separatist leaders have been killed and a pro-Moscow government has been installed for a few years now.

      • Secular separatist leaders have been killed, but Islamist insurgency is still alive and well in Chechnya. It’s very hard to root them all because half of the country is basically mountains covered in thick forest, a perfect place for guerrilla warfare. And they manage to recruit a lot of young Chechens to join them and “prove they are men”.

        Dokka Umarov, the present Chechen Islamist leader, has held that position in 2006. And he periodically records videos with various messages where he can clearly be seen in Chechnya still.

        But yeah, if there’s talk about invasion, it would probably be more about demanding such from Russia, and providing support to it.

        • You’re completely correct, which is why I used the qualifiers ‘kinda’ and ‘for a minute’. (My sarcasm can often be a bit, well, vague.)

    • What the hell is a “Russian/Chechen community”? Russians and Chechens don’t get along very well, what with two bloody wars in the last two decades…

  26. ABC “news” stories all morning trying to compare the terrorist to Columbine killers etc….working so hard for something that just isn’t there. Barry must be proud of George Stephonallovus

  27. I think some diversity is good. Too much is a bad thing especially when immigrants choose to remain more foreign and not join in to American society. Immigrants used to give up their past citizenship and to embrace their American citizenship. Now, it’s different.

  28. Locked down, unarmed, martial law…. Cops outside shooting at terrorists, Terrorists shooting back… Killing people in a GUN FREE ZONE.

    Do you STILL think you do not need to defend yourself?

    Welcome to the GOA and NRA

    • Damn you, you’ll have to pry my pressure cooker from my cold dead hands, it makes good food with little effort.

  29. “Is it possible these two were already on the terrorist watch list? If so, how did they pass a background check to buy their firearms?”

    Oh dear. Please TTAG/Dan, use your brains. Even if they were on a so-called watch list, as long as they are not actually a “prohibited person” as described on the ATF site, they should not have been blocked. What should have happened is a more pro-active stance by law enforcement. DHS sucks up tons of money, and the only thing we see is pretty military geared up police, loads of airport TSA “agents” working a clueless system and a reactive attitude to whatever happens.

    The “terror watchlist” is a list compiled and maintained by an executive branch and you get on it without due process and have little to no possibility to see whether you’re on it (until you get your sphincter stretch-tested by said TSA agents at an airport) and no way to get off. If you want this list to guide the NICS checks, you’re pretty much giving the executive branch carte blanche to disarm the population. Just make everybody with an interest in firearms a “person of interest” on this list and we’re done. Once that happens, the next step can be to have some of the guys donning the black gear to start confiscating firearms from people on the “terror watchlist”, because hey, you know, terrorism and shit.

    Due process is key and I find the quoted statement above eyebrow-raising (to say the least), coming from a TTAG writer…

  30. WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS WHY CRAFT INTERNATIONAL HAD A SQUAD AT THE MARATHON, a few months after their founder and president Chris Kyle was murdered? If you look at the FBI video released if the suspects walking by single file, if you look on the right side of the frame there is a man standing in the doorway talking on an ear piece, then from the other angle they blur his face?

  31. Before these guys were identified, the bombings were attributed by many to right wing extremists protesting gun control or taxes. You gotta love the irrational knee jerk reactions.

  32. Gun control should have nothing to do with this tragedy as guns could not prevent what happened unless we had known of their plans however you are right everyone will focus on the guns rather than the real issue at hand the bombs.

  33. Did you actually frame your argument against “common sense gun control laws”. So you are so unreasonable that laws that are just common sense are abhorrent to you.
    Brandy, although gun control wouldn’t have done anything about the bombing themselves, probably would have helped with the FIREFIGHTS they had with cops, you got something against the Boston PD not getting shot at by terrorists? How very patriotic of you. Joe, the reason people thought it was right wing nut jobs is because of the date, apparently, they have a pattern of attacking on that date, and your country is pretty full of right wing nut jobs. Yours is the democracy that has suffered the highest percentage of Presidential assassinations, not to mention other right wing crazies like the KKK and Manson family (trying to start a race war automatically makes them right wing). Let us not forget what happened in Oklahoma City 18 years ago today. Every non-domestic terrorist attack on my native land of Canada has also been committed by right wing Americans attacking foreign (Cuban and Turkish) embassies in our capital Ottawa. You can see how the rest of world sees you as terrorists right?

    • “trying to start a race war automatically makes them right wing”.

      What about the New Black Panthers and their leader’s calls to “kill all the crackers. Kill cracker babies”?

      What about all of the race-baiting by Obama, Sharpton,Jesse Jackson, the Wrong Reverend Wright, the Congressional BLACK Caucus, and on and on.

      I wouldn’t exactly call these groups and individuals “right wing”.

      Canadian Moron.

  34. I guess a zillion good guys with guns have trouble stopping a bad guy with a gun.
    I guess that NRA theory that good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns does not hold water. The bottom line is that any felon or nut job who can get his hands on the cream of the crop guns offered at gun shows can easily get the drop on good guys with guns if he has the element of surprise. I am all for responsible people having the right to own and enjoy firearms. However I am against anybody being able to walk into a gun show and buy what ever weapons they want often without even presenting id. Yes that happens. You can buy firearms at gun shows without even presenting id. I want bad guys to be forced to go on the street and get crappy guns under dangerous circumstances. I dont want to make it easy for the bad guys to get guns. That goes for nut jobs as well. Why as a gun owner do I want the bad guys to have the same access to high quality firearms as I do.

  35. Fellow TTAGers, I can see the fallout of this incident happening not only in the US, but also in Australia as well. If it isn’t used as a direct justification, it will certainly influence future legislation or restrictions to our sports. In the mindset of the local anti-gun groups, restrictions on firearms, ammunition, and components down under would have help prevent the Boston bombing. Don’t ask how. It is the hoplophobe mindset. I did ask on a talk-back radio show how would local laws prevent an incident happening overseas and the reply was “It would help”. I asked “How?” and was immediately cutoff from the call. Progressives don’t like their perspective from being challenged, no matter how illogical or unbelievable it is.

  36. Does anyone else find it incredible that a single, solitary 19-year old punk terrorist had an ENTIRE CITY, and its surrounding suburbs on lockdown – and that this occurred in Boston mayor Mumbles Mennino’s gun-free “zone of peace”? I mean, compared with the 1972 Munch Olympic bombing, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing, 9-11-2001 and the 2005 London attacks, this is the only time I can recall an entire city’s populace was ordered to stay indoors, because of a terrorist attack.

    I’m glad they dealt with the terrorists, of course; but if one wants to see what a police state looks like in “Amerika”, Mumbles Mennino’s Boston is it.

    Almost as frightening was CT Senator Chris Murphy actually demanding that Fox not air the NASCAR race from Texas last week; not because of what he considered “objectionable programming”, but because NRA paid NASCAR so it could sponsor the race. A politician demanding censorship of a privately-owned media communications outlet, because he didn’t like the fact that a group fighting for our constitutional rights paid private money to sponsor a stock car race.

    I hope and pray Civil War II won’t be fought in my lifetime.

  37. If I remember my history I didn’t learn in school correctly…it goes…
    Carter starts funding Mujahideen. Reagan goes apeshit over this idea. We all remember the term “freedom fighters” from the 80’s. Or as the other term they were referred to in the mass media then, Arab-Afgans. Or as the mass media calls them today, Al-Qeada. Those same forces that were funded by CIA to give Russia its Vietnam were then used to Islamify satelitte Soviet states, SEE KOSOVO ETC, to further destablize the big bear. That was the CIA funding the KLA, of the whabbi jihadists, that was the “Arab Foreign Legion” that William Casey thought he could control. Of course, lets not forget the control of the heroin trade by these networks. Nor that CIA funded KLA while KSM was a commander in their forces. So here we go with these two clowns…are they somehow bad hangover of KLA connections and/or AC? Are they linked to CIA trained Jihadists? Are they tied into this swirl of Al-Qeada, 9/11, KLA, Afgahn, intelligence service crap that is thrust on the public daily? I am not a betting man, but these same patterns always seem to appear. What and how bombing the marathon ties into anything, you can draw your conclusions.

  38. These dudes were just expressing their 2nd amendment rights… Ok it went a little over that maybe.

    We need to support Senator Obrasso from Wyoming.. he is sponsoring a bill that would make tracing guns illegal or impossible.. We should take the serial numbers off the guns maybe..


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