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Boston bombers

“With a bomb strapped to his chest, one of the Boston Marathon suspects was killed early Friday after he and his accomplice brother robbed a 7-Eleven, shot a police officer to death, carjacked an SUV and hurled explosives in an extraordinary firefight with law enforcement,” NBC News reports. “The second suspect — the one in the white hat in photos released by the FBI — was on the loose. Police ordered people in the Boston suburbs to stay inside and businesses not to open, and began a house-to-house search. Boston shut down its buses and subway system for the hunt.” Might be a good time for area homeowners to be armed (and discreet) no?

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  1. And you wonder why police have all that “defensive” gear and look like military. Cause shit can happen anytime any place. Could be a small incident, could be WWIII….don’t know till your there.

    • So if Boston PD and other law enforcement agencies are searching door to door for this person, would you let them in your house without an warrant?

  2. The left-wing loonies were right about one thing: these guys were/are literally Caucasians.

    • They are Chechen dirka dirka scumbags. Please don’t associate them with the rest of Europe.

      • “these guys were/are literally Caucasians.”

        lololol have you seen any pictures of these guys? if they are Caucasian, then i’m from the planet mars.

        • I see they don’t teach basic Earth geography on Mars, otherwise you’d know where the Caucasus is.

    • Too bad 90% of what are referred to as caucasians are no such, and this will still get wedged into the fight against “ofwgs” and their eeeeevil guns.

      Proud barbarian of Hibernia here, it makes my skin crawl every time someone calls me white. If one of my ancestors in NYC were heard referring to him or herself as “white” they would likely have been killed, as many Irish were.

      • Um. Caucasian refers to the Caucasus mountains. You know, where Chechnya is. You should know something before you display ignorance and bigotry. Hate people for what they do and think, not for where they live. It’s pathetic to rely on where your dead ancestors once lived as the basis for your own self worth.

        • Um I never said it didn’t. I wasn’t talking about who the term is actually supposed to refer to, I was saying that the media uses caucasian the way it used to use the N-word back in the day. There are plenty of americans who believe the term refers to anyone who is considered in modernity to be “white” and nobody else and what I was saying (I’m not sure how either of you missed this) is that that is wrong.

          And nothing I said implies my self worth comes from anywhere but inside. The fact is that Irish people were treated as subhuman by Britain and they were treated as subhuman by the meat grinder here, Lincoln only wanted cannon fodder. The fact that I know that and acknowledge it means absolutely nothing for my self-worth, your comment only implies that you are the one with self worth issues.

          I was talking about how this is going to be used by the media, whether correct or not (key part you guys missed) to promote their racist anti-rights agenda. They are going to be talking about “caucasian radicals” and everyone is going to go into histrionics about americans with guns, again. Seriously how you thought anything else is very indicative of why this group can’t cohesively fight for its goals.

      • Ahhhhh good ol’ racial stereotypes. Love ’em! Fellow Irishman here. There was a time when the Irish were called and treated as the ‘n(ggers if the white race’. Blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus is a good look for a Jewish man from the Middle East. My French teacher in college was old enough to be a Gaul.

    • Is chechnya considered caucasian? Either way they weren’t here or a long time as the news reports. Probably on a visa or something but the gov let these foreign military guys into the country with out tracking them? And they wonder why we want our borders locked down?

      • Look at those men. They are Caucasian. Chechnya is in the Caucasus mountains. You really can’t get more Caucasian than that.

        • Fantastic. Doesn’t change the fact that the sheep in this country mostly know “caucasian” to mean “those pale dudes with the swastika flags and guns everywhere and stuff” and that the media will use that to death. And that was all I was saying. You are starting an issue where none exists by being purposely disingenuous.

        • Yes, Skyler, that is exactly the point I was making. My point was despite this firm reality you seem to think everyone here is denying, the media will use their origin to demonize what they consider to be the stereotypical american gun owner, white and hateful.

  3. yeah, until we find out that they bought their firearms legally from the LGS. Then we’re screwed.

    • We’re already screwed. The progressives are going to use this incident to justify more gun control.

      • Can they? They just blew it yesterday, how much political capital are they going to spend on this issue?

        In the grand scheme of things, they have so many other pressing issues to deal with.

        • They may not in Washington, but they have the MSM to do it for them. I predict that once what is ever happening in Boston is over, some politician in Boston or some Senator from Boston, will call for “something” to be done because it is “common sense” — they cannot help themselves.

    • Legal firearms, illegal firearms — does it matter? When the progressive agenda is all that matters they will spin a way to blame the NRA and gun owners even if it is not true. They control the media and will spew lies bigger than the Old Faithful Geyser. There is no more objective media, it is all propaganda to the cause. The MSM has no more validity these days.

      • Pretty sure that they can only if they have a resident alien card (which makes them not a foreigner, per se).

        Of course, if the firearm is pre-1898, then anyone can buy.

    • Impossible. They were here on a visa. You can’t buy a firearm legally unless you are a legal resident.

  4. Odd that these a$$hats were still in town, robbing convenience stores.

    Guess they hadn’t counted on surveillance cameras all over the place, and figured they’d just go on as normal. But…

    “We gotta get outta town fast, man!” “We’ll need some bread, dude!”

    Gods bless the alarm industry.

    • Gotta think about this man, they probably weren’t trying to get out of town. If that was their objective, they would have hopped on a train to another state hours after the bombing.

      Looks to me like they saw their pictures go up on the news and decided they would be caught soon anyways. (they have to live somewhere, by this afternoon someone would probably have id’d them)

      So, they decided to go out shooting cops and killing instead of being trapped in an apartment and being raided. Probably they wanted this all to go down at night. Even if they didn’t plan it that way, it let one of them escape.

    • Suggests they didn’t have network support, were acting alone…otherwise they’d be long gone by now.

      • …and they wouldn’t have needed to rob a convenience store. It’s a sign of poor planning on their part.

        • I very much doubt they robbed a 7/11 with suicide vests on just to get money.

          Most likely they wanted a fight with the cops.

  5. The government wants you “armed” with two arms to do what they tell you…”Lift that bale; tote that barge…” like a good slave should.

    But a big government does not want its citizenry to have the “nuclear option” of replacing a government, by force if necessary. The Second is our “nuclear deterrent” against a tyrannical government.

    A government that fears an armed citizenry is no longer a government “of, by, or for the people.”

    A government grows incrementally. The income tax was sold and implemented as 2% on the top 10%. No reason to think that recent proposals on “gun control” wouldn’t have gone down the same path. Especially given the very words of Democrat leadership.

  6. Agreed, but sadly the other side will view this as evidence of the opposite. Can’t change world views.

  7. Police are currently doing evacuations of a building. The news has stated that one lady doesn’t know how long she will be displaced.

    No one had a bug out bag?

    • I will admit, I’ve been wrong. Your comment and this woman’s displacement just brought out the importance of a bug out bag. I never saw a real need because I always associated them with extreme SHTF scenarios and the doomsday prepper types. This is proof that even a more “minor” incident could require one.

  8. The progressives will use this incident to justify disarming the population in order to protect the citizens from terrorists.

  9. Not only does this post-bombing shootout and surrounding events add to the long list of strong arguments for the 2nd Amendment being in place, we should also remember …

    These guys are Chechens. Some of the nastiest islamic terrorists in existence. Back in 2004 (pretty sure but not certain) Chechen terrorists took over a school in Beslan. The death toll once they were finished was in the hundreds, almost 400 dead.

    The Beslan Massacre should have been a wake up call about the idiocy of gun free zones, and unarmed schools. Our side in this fight against civilian disarmament has never made the connection in the public debate. What if these animals had gone to a school, you know, a typical school in America with a “Guns Not Allowed” sign out front, and not one teacher, not one administrator, not one staff member armed for the defense of the kids there ?

    Why on earth do liberals insist on leaving kids vulnerable to the worst animals out there ?

    Liberals’ policies get innocent people killed.

    • “Why on earth do liberals insist on leaving kids vulnerable to the worst animals out there ?”

      Because they would have to admit that evil exists within man’s core being, that the only way you can deal with a violent person is with force, and that changing our environment does not change the evil in man’s core being. Those very facts stand in the way of the “Progress” that they want. (That is why they call themselves “Progressives.”)

  10. NBC (and now fox too) has reporters with video up close to where the boston cops are surrounding a house.

    Reporter talking with one of the cops says they’re pretty sure they have the 2nd brother trapped in there, but there may be others inside.

    Also, a 3rd person who was living with the brothers (and reportedly a relative) has just been arrested. Word out with the cops is that the mass transit shutdown is because of relatives of the bombers being unaccounted for.

  11. Those high cap mags the police are carrying in their M4s are illegal in Mass. If people have no need for them because they are dangerous, why do the cops have them???

  12. I wonder how all those smug anti-gun liberals in Newton (my sister & brother-in-law included) and elsewhere in the Boston area are feeling right now, trapped in their homes with no effective way to defend themselves and their families. Karma is a bitch. It is very possible Suspect #2 forced his way into someone’s home and is holding some poor people hostage right now, waiting for the cops.

  13. These guys had guns,have light skin, and did bad things.They are therefore “white”. Remember how Zimmermanns Latino heritage was left on the cutting room floor?

    As to the MSM, I only have this to say;may God,Buddha,and Socrates have mercy on us should we discover these pricks bought their guns face to face.Go directly to ban on Private Transfers,do not pass go, do not collect $200.

  14. By the way when the gun grabbers ask their inevitable question, “Why do you need a semi-automatic rifle with a 30 round magazine?”, we have a good answer now. Something like this:

    “Why do I need a semi-automatic rifle with a 30 round magazine? Oh, I don’t know. How about when two guys are running around town detonating bombs and shooting police officers? Is that a good enough reason?”


    “Why do I need a semi-automatic rifle with a 30 round magazine? You mean the semi-automatic rifles with the 30 round magazines that the police had in hand when they were scouring Boston searching for the guy who detonated bombs and shot police officers? Those rifles?”

    • Here’s my answer:

      Because bad guys have that 30 round mags, ARs, full auto, etc. If criminals only had .9mm squirt guns, carrying a knife and brushing up on Tae Bo would be fine. Criminals have access to 30 round mags, Glocks with no serial numbers, stolen guns, buying guns with cash, guns with no background checks, and ARs that were sent to them free of charge by the US government.

      So if I carry mags that hold more than 10 rounds when I’m on duty and have armed backup nearby, why would I limit myself to 7 or 10 round mags when I’m off duty and not wearing body armor? And why would would I support the good guy allowing himself to be disarmed when the bad guys are clearly choosing targets like gun free zones?

  15. Dispatch from Beantown

    I live in the city and we have been asked by the Governor and Mayor to “shelter in place and stay indoors.” My workplace is closed (a University) as is my doctor’s office at a major hospital, at which I had an appointment. I was out earlier and even a chain restaurant out of the closure zone in nearby Dedham on Rte. 1 was closed, which was probably a prudent economic decision given the fact that the streets are very nearly deserted. I did visit a Starbucks and I hoped that a garden variety criminal doesn’t deduce that today might be a good day to strike, given that most of the police resources are otherwise deployed. The good news was that everyone gave everyone else a thorough look-over and seemed to have decent situational awareness. I hope they all continue to maintain that indefinitely.

    As an NRA instructor I do have a CCW and always carry (and home carry!) wherever I am legal to do so.

    More than most, today is a good day to carry.

    Stay safe everyone.

  16. Just talked to a coworker as we watched the news unfolding and I made the comment “talk about a valid reason to own a gun” and her response was “no! no way, I don’t think everyone should be running around outside shooting at everything that moves”.

    I said “who said anything about that, but if this guy kicks in your door, do you want to be hiding in a closet or be able to protect yourself.”

    her response was “but he’s not going to kick in a door, why would he do that.”

    there’s literally no talking to some/most anti’s.

      • All good – now when you realize that guy at your door who bought that gun legally at a gun show has a history of mental illness and domestic abuse in his past, maybe you’ll think it might have been nice if he had a background check before he bought it to kill you with, as you miss hitting him with your little “gat” because you’re so scared you’ve pissed your pants. Jus’ sayin’.

        • And if the background check stops the guy with a history of mental illness and domestic abuse in his past from buying the gun legally at a gun show, then he’ll just buy the gun illegally and still show up at one of our doors. The difference between you and I is you’re the one who will be so scared you’ve just pissed your pants because you’re too stupid to own and train with guns to prepare for this situation and you realize that by the time the police state shows up to save you you’ll be long dead. Jus’ sayin’.

  17. I’m pretty sure some of these residents wish they had a gun to defend themselves with if these criminals were to kick in their door. I wouldn’t want to be one of the sheepish gun grabbers hiding in the corner with a butter knife.

  18. My sympathies to the MIT Officer killed (Shawn (Sean?) Collier, age 26, and his family and the Law Enforcement Officer that was critically injured and his family.

    If these guys represent “sleeper” Terrorists already here with the intent “to kill people” on a mass scale, we had better consider our Public Schools as potential targets and take drastic measures to effectively secure them immediately. Bombings, like at the Boston Marathon Massacre, in an Elementary, Middle or High School could make the Newtown, CT massacre pale in comparison. If the POTUS and Federal Government does nothing to protect our School Children and College Campuses, it will be inexcusable (to put it mildly).

    It may be too early to speculate on what the Government may do to us gun owners/reloaders as a result of this terrible incident. It is undeniable, however, that those locked down in Massachusetts where this suspect is on the run must be wishing for a gun, if they don’t have one because of Mass. Gun Laws and Prohibitions.

    I really cannot support the notion that armed Citizens at the sight of the Marathon Bombings would have prevented it because no one whom these guys mingled with interpreted anything suspicious in their behavior. At the time, their greatest asset in perpetrating this monstrous act (if they are in fact the guilty persons) was, apparently, their ability to blend-in with everyone else unnoticed. Now, that we see their faces clearly, they pretty much look like “the kid next door” as did Jarod Loughner and James Holmes. This opens a whole new aspect to terrorist opportunities which, uncomfortably, makes anyone and everyone a terror candidate by appearance and emphasizes the need for public situational awareness going forward. I hate to say we must be ever suspicious of each other from this point on, but that seems an inescapable possibility, at the moment. Too many people in this World mortally hate us Americans these days, and are willing to commit the most heinous acts against us. There’s always someone wanting to bring down the top dog…

    I am just thinking out loud while watching developments on Fox Cable News Network and after reading previous comments. Much to think about, but we had definitely become complacent since 9-11-2001. It sorrows me that so many had to pay such a terrible price to wake many of the rest of us up.

  19. time for Boston area homeowners to cower in fear and if necessary, bend over and kiss their unarmed arse good bye.

  20. Oh wow – makes total sense – see if you just had a gun you’d be able to defend against a suicide bomber with a bomb vest or an improvised explosive device you discovered because if you shot it…oh wait…

    • Your comments are irrelevant. Not everyone who tries to break into your home to harm you is going to be a suicide bomber with a vest or an improvised explosive device. Owning a gun will give you a chance to defend yourself against a good number of likely home invaders. That it will not allow you to defend yourself against every conceivable perpetrator is not a reason to not own one. And what guns I choose to own is my business. If you want to remain unarmed that’s your business. Funny how you liberals want to impose what you want for your life on everyone else.

  21. So these terrorists lied their way into our country screaming they are political refugees. Got freebies galore, university scholarships, etc. The liberals running this country are brain dead. God help us all. Everyone who voted Democratic has done the rest of us a huge disservice.

  22. These guys were let in during Bush’s term. Get facts straight. You people make true conservatives look stupid.

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