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Arianna Huffington (courtesy

β€œI call it crusading journalism in the spirit of Upton Sinclair.” – Arianna Huffington,Β Gun vote triggers media outcryΒ [via]

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  1. Seems like no one in “journalism” wants to just report facts and news anymore. They all want to change the world to conform to “their” personal agenda.

    • That doesn’t happen outside of new media and Fox most of the time old media is Obama’s Joe Gerbils for propaganda.

    • Exactly! The Ilks of Huffington Post and Fox “News” sicken me with their biases thinly presented as news.

      • There is the moral equivalency argument. On Fox News, opinion is clearly labeled. They present the news as the news. And where did you get this notion that the news media has ever been unbiased? What utopia of information do you inhabit? Do think that TTAG is unbiased? It would be worthless if it were

        • Media in this day and age need to be looked at through the same lens as the old days: do whatever it takes to make money. Roger Ailes is worth hundreds of millions of dollars through Fox. Arianna sold the Huffingandpuffingpost to AOL for north of $300 million. They both win.

  2. The HUFFPOST like TTAG is an opinion journal. Nothing wrong with that. Even people who are wrong have First Amendment rights

    And I don’t care if she is lefty. Arianna is still pretty hot.

      • Your youth is showing. When you are a “mature” guy like me then what you see as old, I see as attractive. When you get to be my age you will understand. As tempting as the 25 year old beauty is nobody wants to date their own daughter or granddaughter

        • The young ones look tempting….until you try to have a conversation with them. And the women that are age appropriate to me were hippy chicks in the 60’s and 70’s. They don’t come any wilder or more adventerous than that.

        • I’m an old fart & I gotta side with Jesus, yeah shes got feinswine beat(really nip & tuck there), she doesn’t do it for me though, Randy

      • In case you missed the post above I am an old Bull so an old Cougar is just fine for me.

        She satisfies the Law of Perverts: half your age + 7.

        My rule is got to be in the same generations. So my requried minimum age for consideration is 45.

    • I got your back on this one Tdiinva. Im 28 but when I saw her pic the first thing I thought is, I would. She isnt bad at all, of course I also have a 43 year old girlfriend.

      • She looks like an aged version of Sabrina’s aunt Zelda. Seriously, I’ve seen mummies that look better than her.

    • Maybe 20 years ago.. But even then I bet her voice would peel stucco off a house.

    • A friend of mine in who is an old hand in California politics told me a story once of how he was face to face with Arianna naked boobs.

      He was at her house for a meeting with her ex, a Republican Congressman, and as the three of them were sitting in the living room, she gets up to go grab her crying baby, comes back with the baby, sits down and whips her boobs out to nurse. My friend was a bit shocked at first but she didn’t even think twice about it. I guess for her the old country roots made it perfectly normal to do that.

      He mentioned that she had a pretty nice rack. This was early 90’s I think.

      • Most nursing mothers have a decent set of jugs. Tack 20 more years on and it’s a different story.

    • Uh, I would not want to see what you thought ugly was. She a wrinkled old HAG. Damn your eyes!!

      • Around 1990 she wasn’t too bad looking – if you like the Greek look. Not too sure about her lactating at 40+, but hey, maybe she just needed the attention. Hubby was just this side of openly gay even back then.

        Of course, she was a hardcore con/neo-con in those days, which should illuminate even better that she ain’t ’bout nothin’ but the Benjamins. She ran Indy against The Ahnold in his recall election.

        • I was going to mention this, 16v.
          A good friend of mine is very active in politics in D.C.

          According to him (and he’s never led me wrong before) she’s still a hardcore conservative. She just realized that she could make far more money off of the Left.

      • I agree 110%. I prefer my woman a bit older than me (I’m 32) but banging that lady is bordering on necrophilia.

        BTW I thought she looked familiar. They have the same hair!

    • My final word:

      When you reach OFWG status and the babes Robert keeps fantasizing about laugh in your face Arianna well look a lot better to you.

      • I’d spank her good for being such a bad girl with all that Progressive nonsense over at Huffpo. That’s it. I’d bet Aharon would take over after a few minutes! πŸ™‚

    • Crazy bitch used to be on the right. Who the hell goes from right to left? When your young, your more of a ignorant libtard, then you grow up and get real.

    • Sinclair’s 1906 book, The Jungle, used to be commonly read in high schools. At least when I went in the sixties. I’ll bet most of the so-called journalists who fancy themselves as modern day Sinclairs would allow their own fragile children to read his work.

      • It should also be noted that The Jungle was aimed to show the horrid living conditions of immigrant workers in the meat packing industry. The book got people worried about what was going into the food they ate, which would lead to the creation of the FDA.

        • Yes, except much of the book was a complete fabrication. So if this so called journalist writes in the spirit of fabricated info. I could understand that.

        • Yes, it did. The book was important. But the current anti-gun bandwagon is not propelled by the “spirit of Sinclair.” For most journalists, it’s fashionable and the easiest train to ride at the moment. It’s an easy way of fulfilling the requirements of their careers without much research, investigative work or even a basic knowledge of what they are reporting on. They’re not held accountable for outrageous lies and errors (?). They have nothing to do with the “spirit of Sinclair.”

        • I think Sinclair is the perfect example for Huffington. He wrote The Jungle to agitate for Communisim. In that regard the book absolutely failed. However, his excellent use of language and research (plus some fabrication) engrossed the nation in the horrors of meatpacking hygene. Just like HUFPO has some of the best reporting, despite their costant leftwing spin.

        • Sinclair championed for women’s rights in California, which may be why they’re mired in with the likes of Pilosy and Feinstein.

  3. My favorite quote in the article is : ” I guess the liberal media get annoyed when Senators listen to their constituents and think for themselves, rather than doing the media’s bidding,” Bill Kristol, the editor-in-chief of the Weekly Standard”

    There is hope- obviously the MSM is not all-powerful- at least not yet

  4. The Bloomberg News Editorial Staff ( are in high dudgeon over this, with two different editorials excoriating both the Second Amendment and “Rural America”

    Please join me in adding to the commentary rejecting and correcting their petulant, foot-stomping tantrums

  5. The Bloomberg News Editorial Staff over at are in high dudgeon over this, with two different editorials excoriating both the Second Amendment and “Rural America”

    Please join me in adding to the commentary rejecting and correcting their petulant, foot-stomping tantrums

    • Rural America should go on strike. When the shelves get empty at the supermarkets in the cities maybe the city folk would show a little respect.

  6. The Bloomberg News Editorial Staff over at are in high dudgeon over this, with two different editorials excoriating both the Second Amendment and “Rural America”

    Please join me in adding to the commentary rejecting and correcting their petulant, foot-stomping tantrums

  7. The papers in NH arent being too kind to Ayotte today. In fact the editorials are quite hostile.

  8. Good ole modern America, where politicians proudly flaunt their treason and those whose jobs it is to present unbiased fact proudly flaunt their bias.

    • You’re a hypocrite. You (rightfully) protest when people try to take your rights, but seem perfectly happy to turn around and take theirs.

      • You are naive. Unlike you I am not a brainwashed sheeple of the politically-correct and radical-fem religions. Unlike you I have studied and learned from history. Passing the 19th Amendment created a progressive spearhead that has pushed its way deeper into America’s culture of liberty, self-reliance, and strength. The social carnage since then speaks very clear and loud.

        • Women unable to be self reliant, strong, and have a spirit of liberty? There are foolish, radical people in both sexes. Why not just ban any liberals from voting? That’s similar to what you propose, since you lump all women together.

        • I haven’t met many sexist that also weren’t racists. Nothing like picking on someone weaker than you. If it makes you feel any better I am ok with taking away your right to vote Aharon.

        • Peter,

          You need to learn how to read since you stated that I have lumped all woman together. I did not do so. Women vote in accord with their values. Consider the values of women and how that has contributed to the political and social environment. Go back to the more modern kick-off date say 1970 and take it from there.

        • Greg,

          You haven’t met many people at least not with your eyes open. Women as a group are politically and socially stronger than men as a group. That’s not picking on anyone. Yet, are you a progressive mangina or a white knight social conservative?

          I always get a kick out of foolish men rushing to defend modern American women much like some slaves of the past who would rush to defend their owners. Does the word sheeple mean anything to you?

        • Sadly, it’s true. I know many women that think that the 19th Amendment was the worst thing that happened to this country and you can check data on government spending and see that the 19th Amendment caused a huge jump in spending.

          But few here will look at it objectively, they’ve been conditioned for too long that anything critical of a female is evil.

  9. If Arianna hadn’t boinked a multimillionaire and stolen his money, she’d still be working a street corner in Athens.

    • A raisin trying to sell herself as a grape on a corner of a broke Greek city.
      with a horrid snare/screech of a voice saying “me love you long time”.
      Damnit Ralph, there goes my breakfast,
      no appetite for lunch.
      Thanks a lot………………..

    • Don’t forget, according to him anyway, she knew of his ‘proclivities’ well before she married him.

      Nothing quite says ‘I’m in it for the money’ quite like a woman marrying an (almost) openly gay millionaire.

    • No she wouldn’t.

      The Greeks are completely out of money and have an unemployment rate of 28%.

      She’d be working a street corner in Berlin, instead.

  10. The only “crusading journalism” HuffPost engages in is its pathological incitement and bias against the U.S. military, Israel, Jews, conservatives, the Tea Party and the U.S. Constitution. Arianna has been lying about what it is and does since it began:

    Examples of its incitement and bias against the U.S. military:

    …and against Israel and Jews:

    … and the Tea Party:

    And Arianna dares to lecture FNC about “inflammatory claims” and “conspiracy theories”:

    Perhaps one day, some reporter will have the courage to ask Arianna about all this.

    • Did you just figure this out? Let me tell you another secret: the sun will rise in the East tomorrow morning.

  11. Who elected these empty talking heads? What expertise do they possess to make rational comments on any social issue? They are not a branch of government in the sense that they are empowered by the Constitution, but they have the effect of a branch of government when they carry out the propagandist efforts of the Progressive party now in power. They are bending over backwards to tie terrorism to the Pro 2nd Amendment movement. The countdown to calling the NRA a terrorist organization is nearing 0, if not already upon us. As I said and will expand from just barry to the entire Progressive/Collectivist crowd. The are hard core, down and dirty political street fighters and they are in charge at the moment. 2014 will be more important and corrupt an election than 2012. Look for 100%+ voter turn out, voting and ballot shenanigans, none of which will not catch the attention of this particular AG of the US.

  12. Let’s keep in mind that Arianna sold Huff-Po for HUGE dollars. It is now owned by America Online, a company that seems committed to taking America offline and is entirely responsible for Huff-Po’s raging propaganda BS.

    • How’s about deep background checks for reporters ( you can turn that as you will). The pen being mightier than the sword, and all that. As I see it journalism is a far more potent weapon than a crate of your favorite evil gu-gu-guns (almost wet myself just saying it, it’s sooooooooo scary). These talking skulls are on the verge of hysterics, and that makes them even more irrational (I know, hard to believe) and there fore more dangerous.

      • There are plenty of “background checks”, what do you think “journalistic tips” are? Who ever has the money gets their story.

      • And ThinkProgress and about 27 others.
        Follow the money and read his published ideology.
        The implications are alarming, and what even scarier, is you dont read much about it in the MSM.

        But, sorry for going slightly OT here, as I am setting tin foil hat aside, and awaiting the next gun review, or 3 gun report.

  13. Sooo no one’s mentioned that Upton Sinclair was a Commie and virtualy invented “Social Justice”?

  14. Well, at least the meatpackers in Sinclair’s book were paid… Unlike the solipsistic scribblers who labored to create content for Ms. Huffington’s web site.

    She’s much more of a 19th century robber baron than a progressive.

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