Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal
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It’s entertaining when the Mexican government chirps up, complaining about weapons that flow across their northern border (frequently facilitated by US government agencies). Sure, the drug cartels that actually run our neighbor to the south find ways to move acquire firearms up here and move them south, but when your own military “loses” about one-third of their guns they’ve been entrusted with, the Mexican regime doesn’t have a lot of room to talk.

Which brings us to…Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love is doing its level best to become the next Chicago. They may not have elected (yet) a doctrinaire socialist who wants to further defund the police and open city-owned food stores, but give them time. They’ll probably get there.

The city’s feckless mayor and Soros-backed prosecutor who’s never seen a criminal he’s wanted to prosecute love to inveigh against the Founders’ original sin of protecting individual gun rights. The problem is never the rampant recidivism, the decarceration, the zero bail, or the flash mobs looting stores. As always…it’s the guns.

So when it’s revealed that Philly Sheriff Rochelle Bilal had “lost” 101 guns, it’s hard to take anyone in city government seriously. The Sheriff said she’d found most of them, but that was apparently just the usual bureaucratic ass-covering.

From . . .

According to the City Controller’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office stated during the 2024 budget hearing with City Council that all but 20 of their original 101 missing service weapons had been found. The Controller’s Office said they weren’t provided the necessary documentation to support those claims when they did a follow-up investigation, however. 

The missing weapons include 71 handguns, four semi-automatic handguns and one shotgun, according to the Controller’s Office. 

The Controller’s Office said another review in August 2021 accounted for 16 of the original missing guns. The Sheriff’s Office provided sufficient proof for nine weapons as part of their most recent review, leaving 76 still missing, according to the Controller’s Office.

What are the odds that some of these mysteriously missing firearms somehow found their way into the hands of local gang members and other assorted miscreants?

Philly has had north of 1000 shootings so far in 2023. But the people who continually blame the city’s problems on law-abiding gun owners and try to further restrict their rights are the very same people who can’t account for dozens of duty guns they’ve been entrusted with. It’s all probably just an accounting problem. They’re sure to turn up any day now.

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  1. Since they appear to distinguish between “handguns” and “semiautomatic handguns”, I wonder how many of those “handguns” are retired revolvers that went home with a retiree.

    • Have some experience with government operated inventory systems it cold be just lazy inventory clerks. I was hired part time by a city parks department and first job was doing an inventory. Found 100s of errors all related items not being categorized correctly. Big 1 was valves. In many cases there was no distinction made between brass, SS, cast iron, or PVC.

      • I worked at a large company with a lot of laptops being issued to employees. A bunch came up missing, like a dozen, and they were like $5K each (They were pretty much top of the line machines back then). I worked nights and was the number one suspect. Cameras, and “bait PCs” were put in all over, and there was a huge investigation that cost a ton of money. I was asked to take a polygraph, and they seemed shocked when I said, “Sure!”. Then one day, the supposedly stolen laptops appeared with a shipment of desktop PCs. Oh no, they were DOA and sent to the HP repair facility to get fixed. They were gone all that time waiting for parts. The bosses went crazy. The guy who set up the PCs when they first come in was confused as to why nobody simply asked him about what happened to them. He had come in on a Sunday, and set a bunch up, so he could go on vacation without having to worry about being gone, and a bunch of them refused to boot. So he sent them to the repair place on Monday. He knew that a bunch of laptops were missing, but he never connected them with the DOA laptops he sent back. I have to admit, I had a good laugh when I heard about the mystery being solved.

      • I would definitely trade her hohos and twinkies for handguns. I’d give her a whole box of Swiss cake rolls for the shottie.

    • Mark N, where did you come up with that one? The clouds? Retired officers of any department turn in their department issued equipment including weapons when they retire and are presented with their retirement shield and ID. It is better not to speak when you don’t know what you are talking about, “counselor”.

      • Don’t be so galldarn SNARKY dude. He may be correct. At least with some of them. So shut your claptrap until you can be nice. And respectful. Dude.

      • Really? Because I know someone fairly well who retired from Philthy PD several decades ago who still has his issued and marked revolver.

        • Crimson, that may be so in Philidelphia, but the VAST MAJORITY OF PD’s require that your PD issued firearm(s) be turned in.

  2. Few years ago the Dallas Co. sheriff ran for Texas governor against Abbott. She had to resign to run, and as a result, had to turn in her issued Beretta 92. The Beretta was lost for about 9 months, they found it and said it had been in the property room all that time, even though it took two audits to figure this out.

    Remind me why Democrats are in charge of so many things?

    • Because feelz, silly wabbit.

      Oh, and grift.

      Oh, and election cheatsies.

      Oh, and takes yer thingz.

      Oh, and mandates the masks.

      Oh, and confyuzed lipstik library story hour.

      Oh, and tell the little kidz about the sexy without parents in room.

      Oh, and…

  3. here comes BLM again …. BLM tries to get the gravy train flowing again in Los Angeles >

    “After a seemingly years-long hiatus of indulging in the mansions, luxuries, and millions of dollars in wealth they obtained by exploiting the ‘white guilt’ of many liberals, Black Lives Matter resurfaced this week in Los Angeles in a desperate attempt to regain relevance and once again restart deposits to its bank accounts.

    The financially exploitative group disrupted a meeting of the Los Angeles Police Department Board of Police Commissioners earlier this week to demand the removal of Michel Moore, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department.

    The basis for the group’s latest phony fundraising scheme? BLM claimed that Moore didn’t protect black people in Los Angeles and failed to demonstrate leadership, the Washington Examiner reported.

    ‘We are here because our community continues to be abused,’ Stephen ‘Cue’ Jn-Marie of the Row Church said. ‘We have family, after family, after family — we’ve been coming to this commission since 2015, and some of us even before that.’

    ‘We’re here today to call on Michel Moore’s removal,’ said Melina Abdullah, a BLM organizer and current professor at California State University Los Angeles. ‘We’re here today because the stolen lives have to stop. The killing of black people and killing of Angelenos at the hands of police has to stop. We’re now saying we can’t let another day go by, another life be stolen, without rising up as a city and saying Moore must go. No more Moore.’

    These are the same kind of hollow accusations the group used to promote deceitful lies such as ‘Hands up, don’t shoot.’ BLM’s actions at this week’s LAPD meeting are nothing more than a money-making scheme. The group must need a new revenue stream because its bank accounts are probably drying up — a point made by the board of directors of the Los Angeles Police Protective League.

    ‘With all the published financial and nepotism accusations swirling around the BLM leadership, we suggest they get their own house in order and focus on actually accomplishing something, anything, that will make LA safer,’ a statement from the LAPPL read.

    Meanwhile, innocent black people in the city are being terrorized by criminals who are black, yet the group has said or done nothing about that. Recent statistics show that black people make up 8% of the population in Los Angeles. Yet, they account for 24% of violent crime victims and 39% of homicide victims, according to ABC 7. Furthermore, black people are the reported offenders in 41% of violent crimes, 39% of homicides and 50% of robberies.

    The data showed that black people disproportionately commit violent crimes at shocking rates, but BLM has yet to acknowledge this. Why? Because the organization cannot rake in millions of dollars fundraising by acknowledging these facts. White-guilt liberals who repeatedly profess their concern about the welfare of black Americans keep their wallets and purses shut when black people are the victims of black criminals.

    BLM’s actions surely are dictated by profit, not principle, as evidenced by their repeated misuse of funds and mansion shopping spree. The group’s banal demands do nothing to help black lives or show that black lives matter.


    • It never ceases to amaze me how often people in positions like this with sweet pay and impossible benefits are willing to throw it all away for some chump nonsense like stealing a few thousand from the till or selling department equipment or taking bribes or groping the help.

    • Hmm, isn’t there a Federal agency tasked with investigating and prosecuting the mass black market distribution of firearm’s? I swear there is one, I just can’t recall the 3 letters. Nah, they couldn’t do that, lol.

  4. She is an affirmative action hirer. Just like the white lesbi@n in parkland that established a perimeter. While people were being murdered inside a school.

  5. What you get with an affirmative action/quote hireling. See also Obiden’s new Chairman of the Joint Chiefa of Staff. A unqualified Obama creation. But then every O6+ on active duty is a post purge creation of Barry’s world.

  6. What are the odds that some of these mysteriously missing firearms somehow found their way into the hands of local gang members and other assorted miscreants?

    Hrm. Depends. The Santa Fe County Sheriff back about 13 years ago was running a scam where he took GWoT gear grants for body armor, plate carriers, assorted soft goods (pouches and such) and sold it all on Ebay. Then a couple years later the Police Chief got caught doing the same.

    I’m sure there’s a relatively similar scam for “losing” firearms but at a much higher markup.

    Also, just call them “Commies”, that’s what they are. Non-prosecution and revolving doors are one of their trademarks, as is releasing as many people from prison as possible.

    They need you to want the police state they intend to oppose. There are basically three ways to fight this and the crowd here won’t like any of them.

    • Dang it, strych, don’t leave me hangin’. What are the three ways?

      Btw, “They need you to want the police state they intend to oppose” resounds loudly. I’d never thought of it that way, thanks.

      • That’s a typo. “oppose” was supposed to be “impose”, but for short-term political purposes, the typo is correct too. That’s both lucky and hilarious.

        The three ways to deal with this?

        1. You defund basically all LE except, maybe, Sheriffs. Completely. It all goes away at every level, local, state and Federal. You can’t have a police state with no police.

        Which means you’re basically 100% on your own at all times and life’s going to get “nasty, brutish and short” for most people in this country real fuckin’ fast. Dangerous freedom and all that.

        Over time, this is a sorting algo that separates the wheat from the chaff by putting the chaff (and the unlucky) in shallow graves. Lot’s of people will tell you they like this and then shit themselves and cry if they get it.

        2. Buy a piece of land in the sticks, learn to farm, ditch all your modern electronic conveniences and basically go hermit as much as possible. Probably for life. Most people couldn’t deal.

        3. Prepare to repel boarders, meaning criminals of all stripes, including weaponized “LE”. Yes, that means “fuck the blue line, FAFO and die applies to cops too”. You shoot any and all comers, shovel and STFU.

        There is, however, a forth way. It’s the least likely to happen. Conservatives could get off their collective asses and actually organize to get some shit done at the local level and rebuild police departments in a manner that makes them resistant to intrusion and corruption.

        This way is the right way, but like deal with Social Security or Medicare, it’s not going to happen because it’s a political impossibility as long as Conservatives believe they’re entitled to a world where good prevails over evil.

        • strych9
          Personally I think the trifecta sounds good.
          I’ll come down off the mountain in ten years or so and see how it all worked out.
          Probably turn right around and go back up.

        • My wife has a shirt that says “I came, I saw, I returned home immediately” in Latin.

          Cracks me up every time she wears it in public.

    • “Commies…Non-prosecution and revolving doors are one of their trademarks”

      …And persecuting their opposition.

  7. Perhaps hiring and promoting people based solely on competency and merit, you’d get people with the ability to do their jobs.

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