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Plenty of folks have shoehorned the 7.62x39mm round, made famous by the AK-47, into AR-15 platform rifles. Most of those use a unique version of the AR-15 magazine rather than AK mags.

Georgia-based 21st Tec has just released an AR-10 chambered in x39 that accepts effectively every standard AK-47 magazine available. They say it’s stronger and more reliable than AR-15-based x39 guns, and it does have some unique features.

21st Tec’s press release follows . . .

21st Tec is proud to announce the release of the TEC47, a true AR10 (DPMS/LR308 size) rifle that melds the power of the 7.62x39mm cartridge with the precise  engineering of the AR platform. Tailored for both enthusiasts and professionals, the TEC47  stands out by accommodating standard AK magazines, all while retaining the trusted and  familiar components of the AR10 platform. 

The TEC47 Rifle has a Direct Impingement gas system while featuring a 16-inch barrel with a  1/10 twist. Ensuring durability, its receivers are made from Billet T6 Aircraft Aluminum. The gas  block is adjustable, catering to suppressor use, while controls remain standard with safe and  semi modes. For the user’s comfort and customization, the TEC47 is equipped with a Mil-Spec  buffer tube, a 6-position adjustable CCS Carbine stock, a THRIL RTG grip, and a 15-inch M-LOK handguard, integrated with a MIL1913 Rail. 

The TEC47 has a weight of 8.5lbs and an overall length varying between 35 to 39 inches. The  rifle comes with a 2 Stage Match Trigger and a Flash Hider with 5/8×24 muzzle threads. In terms  of aesthetics and durability, customers can choose between two colors: Type III Hard Coat  Anodized Black or FDE. The rifle includes a standard Magpul PMAG® 30 AK magazine, but it’s  also compatible with regular metal AK47 magazines. 

Central to the TEC47’s innovative design is its Bolt Carrier Group (BCG). While maintaining the  DPMS/LR308 length, this BCG is specifically designed for the 7.62x39mm cartridge and AK  magazines. To safeguard the upper receiver from cam pin wear, it includes a cam pin wear plate.  This innovative combination guarantees dependable performance and preserves the versatility  of the AR platform. Production of the TEC47 is in full swing, with shipping starting on September  29th, 2023.  

MSRP $1399

PARTS compatibility list with DPMS paQern LR308/AR10 .308 Rifles: 

– Firing Pin
– Cam Pin
– Gas Key
– Upper Receiver
– Dust Cover
– Forward Assist
– Charging handle
– High Rail/Handguard/Barrel Nut
– Lower Parts Kit
– Mil-Spec Carbine buffer tube assembly, buffer and recoil spring for .308

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  1. “The TEC47 Rifle has a Direct Impingement gas system…”
    The point of 7.62×39 is to run cheap Russian ammo, DI does not do well with Russian ammo.

  2. “They say it’s stronger and more reliable than AR-15-based x39 guns”

    It probably is more reliable than trying to shoehorn tapered x39 into straight-top AR magazines, but AK-mag AR-15s exist. What about the mild x39 round makes “stronger” worth another pound and a half? And who decided that the post-Russian-ammo-ban market was a good target for a pricy new x39?

  3. You want an AK? Buy an AK. You want an AR? Buy an AR. People have been trying to cross breed them for years. It never quite works out.

    • My AR 15 in 7.62 x 39 is a hog killing machine. No malfunctions , no mis- feeds. Not a long range round but in South Texas , we hunt them close up and it has been devastating. The 5.56 has been good also but my range has been around 80 feet. All about shot placement. Looks like someone just invented the wheel.

    • Agreed!
      If I get an AR10 sized gun I want it in more potent .308 or 6.5 CM, not the much weaker 7.62*39. These days, I’d just get a Palmetto State AK if I didn’t already have something else in 7.62*39.

      • I do miss my SKS. I liked it better than any AK I’ve used. It was a Russian arsenal refurb that was like new and I only paid 99 bucks for it. Sigh.

  4. It really is about the compromise you’re willing to make. If reliability and durability are your primary concerns, they should be, it’s the AK. Hands down. If you want accuracy, ergonomics and accessories it’s the AR. Or, you can get off your wallet and have both and buy a Galil.

    • The XCR also asks more from the wallet, but AFAICT there are no other compromises except weight (compared to the AR, though an AR with a monolithic upper like that would be similar).

  5. Another solution for a problem that didn’t exist. I wish them the best, but the black rifle market is already flooded pretty deeply.

  6. Umm, I don’t care how much the XCR costs, or doesn’t. Anything else iis a pale comparison to a Galil. A Galil works. They don’t break. They’re very accurate. They’re reasonably ergonomic.(Bolt should lock to the rear after the last shot) But, they are expensive. At least the ones worth buying.

  7. Eh why? the CMMG Mutant is 1.5 lbs lighter. Stronger? How much stronger does it need to be, it’s aluminum, the Barrel and bolt is strong enough? Answer to a question that’s been answered already. and It uses custom parts, meh. Buy a Mutant or a PSA.

  8. psa complete lower with enhanced polished trigger and magpul furniture in your choice of any color that they make it in shipped and transferred: $200
    bear creek arsenal complete 16.5 upper with 15 inch mlok rail shipped: $250
    four 28 round c products 7.62×39 mags: $100
    i have 2 of these exact rifles
    they both run like a top and have shot 1 moa groups with tula ammo
    meanwhile an equivalent quality and similarly equipped ak is well over $1000
    and even with all that extra money spent just to get an mlok rail and a receiver cover pic rail optic mount
    its still left with the same problems that most ak owners would fix if they could:
    1 the safety lever
    2 the mag release
    3 the right side only reciprocating charging handle
    4 no last round bolt hold open
    theres no good reason to buy an ak at this point
    other than nostalgia
    and the emotional and psychological need to spend twice as much to get less

  9. While I hate to poo poo companies that are trying, this is ridiculous.

    You can now get smaller, lighter 308’s (SFAR) than this gun. If NOTHING else, an SFAR in x39 would be unique and maybe worth having for some. Not a gun that weighs more, is less capable, and is probably more expensive than a 308 gun.

    Hard pass.

  10. PSA states that the Gen2 KS47 Complete MOE EPT lower receiver is compatible ONLY with the PSA KS-47 upper receivers so I’m wondering how the Bear Creek upper “sound awake” used managed to work. Just sayin’. Inquiring minds and all that…

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