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No, it wasn’t your computer that prevented you from accessing The Truth About Guns over the last day or so. Or a DNS attack. Or the NSA. In fact, TTAG’s recently taken measures to make sure that we can stay online come what may—not including asteroid strikes, mega-tsunamis or Yellowstone blowing up. Although maybe those too. In his effort to upgrade site security, someone (whose name rhymes with snow caddy) pulled the plug and killed us dead. For a while. The new servers are propagating, so y’all should be seeing us now across all your favorite devices and platforms. If not completely, hang on. We should be back to normal by close of play tomorrow. Meanwhile, I apologize for the interruption of service and thank our dedicated readers for emailing us a heads-up that it was lights out in TTAG-land. With a bit of luck we’ll return to 99 percent uptime and the quality of service you’ve come to expect from our talented team of writers.

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  1. I was having fun telling stories about hamster uprisings to the people that emailed in, though.

    • Hahaha. Well as of 8/29 at 2:00 PM Pacific my local ISP still doesn’t work for getting to the site here. Just an error message on a blank page. I had to get into my computer’s DNS settings and take it off of auto and input Google’s public DNS ( in order to get to TTAG. …so whenever it went down yesterday until now, Comcast here still hasn’t updated the DNS info…

      Of course, I’d suggest the manual DNS change to thing (and as secondary) to anyone still having issues, but anyone still haven’t issues isn’t reading this.

      • Don’t feel bad, Jeremy. RF and Dan are doing all their blogging from Starbucks today, from what I understand, because neither of them have access from home yet. That’s dedication, right there!

  2. wow…I thought my world was coming to an end….welcome back my friend to the show that never ends…

  3. Does this mean my normal method of assimilation through Feedly (my RSS reader) should go back to normal?

  4. Thank Gaw!

    Last night, I panicked when the site went down. I’ve been all over the place screaming “THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN! THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN!”

    This was the scariest part:
    ================================================================== registrar whois
    Updated 17 hours ago
    — #YAML:1.0
    # GANDI Registrar whois database for .COM, .NET, .ORG., .INFO, .BIZ, .NAME
    # Access and use restricted pursuant to French law on personal data.
    # Copy of whole or part of the data without permission from GANDI
    # is strictly forbidden.
    # The sole owner of a domain is the entity described in the relevant
    # ‘domain:’ record.
    # Domain ownership disputes should be settled using ICANN’s Uniform Dispute
    # Resolution Policy:
    # For inquiries about ‘by policy’ protection, please check directly
    # with the appropriate registry (Eurid, AFNIC,

    French Law?????

    I was saying, “The first shot in the War on Liberty has been fired!” and “It’s time to jump out of the frog pot, folks!

    Now I feel a little silly, but I couldn’t email Mr Farago to ask (TTAG was down, duh!) – I’ve signed up for twitter, but don’t really know how to use it – Robert, did you get my tweet?

    • Not me, Nuh Uh.

      I know the signs of a False Flag attack when I see one. I’m hunkered down in my anti-hampster/frenchman blast bunker dug out of an old Chevy Nova in the backyard.


  5. I thought it was me … I’m on a business trip to NYC and … well … you-know-who’s home turf and all…

  6. Yesterday morning when I went to read your blog I was directed to a Petsmart Jobs page? Problem was fixed by about 10 AM, but weird nonetheless… Glad you’re back up and running

    • I got the Petsmart page too. My first reaction was “Wow, MAIG *DOES* have a sense of humor”

      • That was part of my hamster story. They staged a revolt because they wanted bigger accommodations, and they redirected to Petsmart as a source for their new home.

        Fortunately, hamsters do not have the right to keep and bear arms (no thumbs), so the revolution was easily put down and order restored. I think there’s a cautionary tale there.

    • I got that one as well. It was working shortly after so I figured SEA had hit TTAG and the crack team of network gurus hand thwarted the SEA attack.

      Maybe I need some new tin foil.

  7. Same here, redirected to Pet Smart.. As a result, I now have a paw-print favicon on my TTAG bookmark (Firefox).

    • That’s just the hamsters leaving their last, defiant mark on the site. Kind of like William Wallace screaming “FREEDOM!” at the end of Braveheart.

  8. Rats, and here I had already begun to develop elaborate conspiracy theories about the situation, with Farago and Zimmerman as some kind of super-secret agents of the NSA, how this was all an elaborate cover story and how each story actually is filled with encrypted code for agents around the world.

    But then again, this may still be true.

    That’s what I’m going with.

    • Those little buggers can be tough, but we outlasted them at the table. They finally settled for a 2009 Chevy Sonic (low miles) Sony ear buds and Kahr PM45s. They have to buy their own holsters. Heh. And it’s a 3-year contract. Winning!

  9. I’m still seeing the semicolon on the desktop version, and the Feedly feed still appears to be broken, with the most recent article being from 8/27. I deleted all the cookies & subscriptions from my end and resubscribed, so it’s not on this end. The feed is working correctly again on Flipboard, though.

  10. As of 7:45PM 8/29, CenturyLink in the Seattle area still hasn’t picked up this change.

    Suggestion for the future: Put a sticky at the top of your FB page telling people what’s going on, so people don’t have to hunt through all the FB crap to find the posts related to the outage.

  11. I was unable to connect with TTAG starting on the 27th and just got my connection back on the evening of the 29th. I went to TTAK and asked Matt in Fla. what was happening. His was a soothing voice in the wilderness.

  12. Your new format throws me into mobile mode upon opening your page, have to change it each time I visit. Love ttag, big fan. Also the commercials that automatically open and I can’t turn off are annoying. Never happened before in the old format. I often clicked on ads because it produces revenue, but now I am spending more time trying to turn them off. Go back to the old ways. ckc

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