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It’s safe to say we’ve had a few challenges since putting our new look into service. And while we’ve turned some of the best minds in the bidness loose on them and made lots of headway, some of you are still experiencing, er, anomalies. So please take the opportunity to vent here in the comments. If you’re still experiencing a problem let us have it. Just be sure to include where you’re seeing it (Mac, PC, iPhone, Galaxy, etc.) and the browser you’re peering through. We’ll use the info to run down the remaining glitches and dispatch them with extreme prejudice, just as quickly as we can. And thanks for reading.

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  1. At least twice a day I just get what looks like summary bars for the articles, rather than the pictures and scroll down lists. Essentially, I see the article title in graphics box, another one below it, etc. PC, WinXP, Chrome.

  2. Sometimes while I browse on my PC, it capriciously switches the website to the “mobile view” instead of the regular site. For example, I pull up the site, and read a story. When I hit the “back” button it takes me back to the home page, but it is the mobile home page. I’m running Chrome. (and this is my first post 🙂 )

  3. Been a TTAGer for about a year now, love the new layout. My only issue is when viewing on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone in Chrome, the layout and comments get squeezed to a single one word column, therefore usually unreadable. I know you guys will work it out.

    Thanks for the improvements!

    • Same issue on Samsung Galaxy S4 w/ Chrome, single column comments. On my iPhone also on Chrome the site works fine.

      Haven’t had an issue on either desktop, one is a PC and one is a Mac and I use Firefox and Chrome on both.

    • The same thing happens on my Galaxy S3 with the dolphin browser in mobile mode. The issue seems to be when multiple replies occur thus where you’d normally see a stair step look when it hits the edge of the phones browser you get one word only on each line. The problem lies in the indentation of each reply since it work as it should up to about 3-4 levels of replies.

        • Exact same problem on iPhone 5. The comments get to be a single word giant column of almost unreadable text. Not sure what you can do about it though since your comment system uses indents and there is only so much horizontal space available.

  4. I get the occasional anomalies on my RAZR M, but I don’t sweat it. Besides, it has seemed to clear up, for me at least. Love the sight and reading other people’s opinions on the stories.

    • That’s the main problem I have also. Often there seems no rhyme or reason to it. It’s not related to hardware, software or system issues on this end, though. It’s specifically the spam filter, and it’d be great if someone knows how to tweak it.

      • I’m trying. In the meantime, some things that will definitely get you filtered are the f-bomb, anything with ‘cock’ in it (I know, it’s a gun site, I didn’t write the filter), anything with ‘anal’ in it, anything with ‘whore’ in it, and more than two hyperlinks in a single comment.

        Oh, and I recently noticed that ‘FOAD’ gets filtered, too. I’m trying to get access to tweak it, but in the meantime, avoiding those six things will eliminate 75% of the reasons people get filtered.

  5. I am very occasionally greeted by the main webpage being loaded in the mobile format of the site, and very often what should be the mobile format of the site is the regular style webpage.

    Before pages load I am often greeted by a blank page with a semi-colon in the corner.

  6. Chrome browser on Android phone. There is a semicolon on the top left of this page. It’s the first thing to load, and sticks around.

    • Same here, Chrome, Win7. Replace the semicolon that holds the grey bar up top with a non-breaking space (& nbsp;), and it should work.

  7. The mobile version won’t display
    Candy crush ads

    Chrome on iPhone 5

    Mobile site occasionally shows on a desktop browser

    Chrome on mac

  8. Like the others, I get directed to the mobile site sporatically instead of the normal desktop one. I’m using Win7 and Firefox on a laptop computer.

    Also the mobile site when viewed from my BB Torch2, there’s a ; at the top of the page.

    • This.

      And it works both ways…. I randomly get the mobile theme on the dekstop AND I randomly get the desktop theme on the mobile(s).

      Chrome on all three devices, desktop, nexus 7, cheap-ass metropcs smartphone.

    • ^ This. Whatever article is center of my screen the title disappears. I have to scroll so the article title can barely be seen on the page for the title to appear.

      • Would love to switch but this is a work computer and I don’t have admin rights… I have to deal with the helpdesk just to get flash upgraded….

  9. The one thing I have noticed recently is that I will write up a comment and hit publish and it will disappear into the ether. The ‘comment was published’ box comes up but the comment never actually shows up. I’m on an android phone.

    • Curious, as that’s usually the opposite of what most people experience. For most folks, they get a “did not publish” note when it actually did.

  10. For the last several days I have been getting no graphics and all the side bar content is below the regular content. Win XP, IE7.

  11. For those folks getting the mobile version of the site on their desktop, please double check for a switch. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and look carefully for a switch (or a link) that says “Mobile Site On/Off”. It will be at the very bottom, and it may be way off to the right side.

    A few of the people that have had this problem have found that switch, and it fixes their issue. If you do not have it, don’t fret. There’s still likely an underlying issue that’s being worked on.

    • I view in privacy mode as my default, so perhaps this is why I’m still clicking that switch.

      Thats right, privacy mode all the time. I’m soooooo secure. (adjusts tinfoil hat)

  12. Not able to view the mobile version of the site when viewing through Opera Mobile in HTC sensation. Also keep getting pop ups to install candy crush.

  13. I have a personal computer with Windows operating system and I use Firefox version 23.0.1. I also have an add-on that disables Java scripts (which makes almost all websites load about 10 times faster). When I have Java Scripts disabled, a lot of TTAG’s content appears in mobile format. Even after enabling Java scripts, a page that originally appeared in mobile format often continues to appear in mobile format. It would be nice if that problem went away.

  14. In MSIE 10 title captions seem to not display consistently. The site seems to crash MSIE 10. I can almost rely on this occurring. It is not machine related as this is consistent on other platforms with the same version of MSIE. I will say this and that is that WordPress in general can be very quirky and MSIE 10 has issues with several things so it may be more an issue with the browser and how it interacts with WordPress.

  15. Occasionally, Explorer just decides to shut down when browsing TTAG. Hasn’t happened for a day or two, but it has happened recently.

    • Same here, and the reason I sent an Email to TTAG last week. I wonder if it prompted this article. However, today TTAG seems to be stable, no crashes (IE9 Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit). I only get the sporadic mobile look when I use chrome.

      • Spoke too soon. Three times the site has gone tits up, once when commenting. I’d look to the scripting on the adverts if I were you.

  16. Mac OS, Chrome, Macbook Pro and iMac:

    1. Site sometimes comes up as mobile version, sometimes not. Seems random.
    2. Right side boxes sometimes display content, sometimes not.

  17. Complaints? Really? No complaints from me, but every now and then the website gives me the mobile theme while i’m on my cpu lol

  18. I’m getting random mobile/fullsite on Android with Chrome. I am also getting candycrush ads. I can live with the mobile site glitch but that candycrush ad feels an awful lot like virus/malware.

  19. Galaxy S3, Android, Crhome Browser.

    I don’t use the mobile version of the site on my phone since pictures and summaries of the subject matter of the posts do not accompany the title. I often don’t know if I am interested in the content of an article unless I read the blurb at the beginning or see a picture that interests me. Therefore, I only use the desktop version of the site on my phone. However, when viewing the desktop version using the above browser-OS-phone combo listed above, the pictures accompanying the title and blurb never load, so I rarely view the content unless the title itself really interests me.

    • Yup. I am getting pretty tired of the site winking at me…. All that winking will not make me like the new format so give it up.

  20. On the home page, I videos from previous blogs show up on one of the newer blogs. I usually have to go to the page of the blog to see the correct video. It sometimes correct itself after an hour or so, but its pretty annoying.

    I use windows 7 with chrome

  21. Windows XP, Chrome and Firefox browser.

    No images will display, and no formatting appeards (ie text goes across the entire screen, instead of being organized into neat columns.) However, this only happens at work because for whatever reason they block the site you host your pictures on.

    On a personal note, I don’t care for the new look.

  22. Specific issues: No mobile format on Safari in iPhone or iPad.

    General comment: I’m not a fan of the new layout at all. Poor layout and use of screen real estate. The previous design remains an improvement.

  23. A lot of times when I’m trying to post, either the baby starts screaming or the wife starts complaining that “I’m on the damn TTAG again.” Sometimes the puppies howl ar me also, and won’t stop until they get food or a big hug. I’m using an iPhone 5 or Safari. Any suggestions?

    • Soothe the baby, console the wife, feed the puppy them stay up later than normal playing on TTAG.
      Not that I’ve ever done any of that.

    • Ongoing issue. The posts publish to the site on schedule, but they don’t go “live” until someone hits the Update button on the back end after they’ve published to the main site. That means one of four people have to push a button after every. single. post. Ugh.

      If that happens to you, the good news is you won’t lose your comment. Just hit your back button and it will still be there. Give it a few minutes for someone to fix it.

      Sorry for the hassle, but know that this particular issue is at least as aggravating on the back end as it is on the front.

  24. iPhone 5 (occurring on both iOS 6 and ios7 beta6.

    Mercury browser.

    Every page lays out different. Your responsive design style sheet is jacked up.

  25. Droid phone, Firefox browser, and just this afternoon I seem to have lost my ability to view in mobile mode. The button that previously at the bottom of the page is now gone.

    • Check the settings in your Firefox browser: Main Menu > Settings > More and make sure that Request Desktop Site is unchecked.

      I don’t use Firefox, I use Dolphin, but since there’s a setting in Dolphin for Desktop Toggle as well as a switch on the site itself, sometimes things can get confused. For my part, I always leave the site switch in Mobile mode, and if I want to go back and forth to Desktop mode I use my browser’s setting.

  26. No complaints, firefox over android or chrome over linux. it works just fine.

    Just get rid of that semicolon (;) that gets rendered as the first character in the header. top left corner.. its even in the screen shot posted above.

  27. I was stuck on the mobile theme until now, after relogging my account on Dolphin Browser running on a DROID Mini.

    Semicolon on top left corner.

    Before it switched back to the old mobile theme i got Candy Crush popups, and I totally swear, a redirect to a porn site.

    Also still hating on the language filter.

      • Tell me ’bout it. I don’t have a problem with porn, and there is a place for it, just not while reading about guns, and especially not on my smartphone. Anyway, I think it went to a site called Watch My GF or something like that.

  28. I’ve always used my phone and the mobile site, now I’m stuck with the desktop theme and can’t find the button to change it.

    Android, Casio commando 4G, opera Mobile classic.

  29. Well, for what is worth, I’m able to read everything just find on my Android and iPhone, I do get a pop up for some kind of game spam on the Android from time to time.

    Coming through loud and clear on all my Macs.

    Facebook page is great, no problems linking to site.

  30. Dolphin Browser on DROID Mini here:

    Got switched back to the mobile theme after logging back in, but now it’s on the new layout.

    Semicolon stuck on the top left corner, mobile and new layouts.

    While previously on the new layout I got popups for Candy Crush and I swear, got redirected to a p-rn site.

    Hate the ridiculous language filter, ate my post bc of the p word. Please dump it.

    Lastly, if I start scrolling down while an article is still loading, it jumps me back to the top once it’s done loading. I almost never see that anywhere else.

  31. On a PC using win7 and chrome/firefox and even InterwebExploder I often get the mobile site instead of the desktop site.

    I mostly look at the site on an iPad with safari. I hate to say it, but the site looks… Well, it could look a LOT better.

    I only get half the display for the text of the site, typically in a really large font. The remaining half of the screen is taken up with ads. I understand that you need to pay the bills, but how about 80/20 text to ads and not 50/50? Seeing the site come up in a default font that is not intended for the vision impared would be a nice plus too.

    Thanks for looking into this for us.

  32. UNO mas!

    On the latest story “If Self Defense..”, the pitch is about an 8 where a half page of real estate is blank on the other side of the ads. I did no zooming. All the other stories today where normal readable size.

    Check the authors layout/publishing settings. I’m on the Pad with Safari.

  33. I primarily read TTAG on my iPhone and I absolutely HATE the new changes. In “desktop” mode all you can see are headlines – no content at all. If you switch to the “mobile” view it’s pretty much the same story – only with smaller, mobile friendly fonts. My gripe is that it takes at least 2-clicks to ready anything: one to load TTAG and then a second to click through to an article.
    I have two gripes about that:
    If you’re on a 3G network, that takes a lot of time. I much prefer getting a full page – with complete articles in a single click.
    The mobile view doesn’t give a preview of the article at all – just the headline. So now I’m forced to make a second slow click-through before I have an idea if the article is something I want to read.

    I hate to say it, but I read TTAG a lot less than I used to before the site changes.

  34. Keep up the awesome work, it is appreciated many times a day.

    I run firefox on a Macbook with javascript turned off. Your standard “next article” and “previous article” controls require scripts, and there is no non-script way to advance through the controls.

    I actually like it when the mobile site loads on the Mac, there are no ad placeholders in that format.

    One of the biggest problems is the excessive indenting of nested comments.

    Right side column is too big a percent of the total width.

    When you had the DNS issue you should have posted a note on TTAK about the outage.

    iPhone w/Chrome – top nav bar lists as a column instead of a row.

    How about a way to switch between the desktop and local versions?


  35. A lot of the time when I access the site from my phone, it will come up in desktop view. As I use the arrows to navigate back through the stories, they will alternate randomly between mobile and desktop view. Motorola Droid Razor Maxx HD using Chrome.

  36. I am having a miserable experience viewing on my Android phone with Chrome. The mobile version of the desktop view loads most of the time. This is the mobile version of the red theme, but with no article summaries or right side ads. But on some pages, I still get the old mobile view, with no red, or images in the article list. I actually prefer the old mobile layout. It was way easier to read.

    When I do get the new (red) mobile view, I almost always get the “Install Candy Crush Saga” pop-up ad. Not too classy.

  37. Want to fix that annoyimg semi-colon. Look in your theme templates for the code block for your mPulse analytics (a waste of money in my opinion). The code blcok that you are looking for looks like this:

    var dom,doc,where,iframe = document.createElement(‘iframe’);
    iframe.src = “javascript:false”; iframe.title = “”; iframe.role=”presentation”;
    (iframe.frameElement || iframe).style.cssText = “width: 0; height: 0; border: 0″;
    where = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0];
    where.parentNode.insertBefore(iframe, where);
    try {
    doc = iframe.contentWindow.document;
    } catch(e) {
    dom = document.domain;
    doc = iframe.contentWindow.document;
    } = function() {
    var js = this.createElement(“script”);
    if(dom) this.domain = dom; = “boomr-if-as”;
    js.src = ‘//’ +
    BOOMR_lstart=new Date().getTime();

    See the semi-colon at the end, after the script tag? Remove it.

  38. Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, Android 4.0.4. Chrome browser both platforms. TTAG keeps flip flopping between mobile and full versions of the site, with no rhyme nor reason.

  39. Lately when I open your website, I have been getting a black hole warning from AVG anti virus. TTAG is one of my favorite websites and don’t think it has to do with your site, wondering if someone isn’t tracking your hits. Not a computer geek , or paranoid but maybe your geeks can check it out. Thanks kc

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