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Mayor Michael “Mike” Patrick McGinn admits to the Fox News host that “if someone’s determined to come in [to a store displaying a gun-free zone sticker] with a gun, decal or no decal, I mean that’s going to happen.” So WTF? McGinn proceeds to argue that the GFZ stickers will prevent spontaneous gunfights. Greta keeps after McGinn about the stickers’ appeal to hardened criminals. McGinn: pay no attention to those gang bangers racking up the body count! [paraphrasing] The Mayor keeps insisting and insinuating that Emerald City’s legal gun owners are a serious threat to public safety. According to Hizzoner, his “voluntary” campaign to promote gun-free zone stickers is all about preventing reverse Cole Porter (from minor to major escalation). In other words, Washington’s legal gun owners are ticking time bombs. Politically speaking, he may be right.

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  1. I think gun-banners fear of people “settling arguments with a gun fight” says more about them than us.

  2. Maybe it’s because I’m under the weather but I can’t fathom what it is Hizzoner hopes to accomplish with GFZ stickers. Clearly it’s not public safety, since even he admits they won’t stop people from continuing to carry guns. Could it be that he actually believes what he’s saying and thinks CCW holders will break out in spontaneous shootouts? If that’s the case he has a rather dim view humanity in general, not just those who carry guns. I think that sort of thinking rises at least nearly to the level of paranoia.

    • That is very precisely the thinking of the left: Distrust of your neighbors, distrust of your fellow citizens.

      That’s why they don’t want anyone carrying guns.

    • He is proving that he doesn’t like guns and neither do the people who have these stickers so neener neener.

      That’s it. That’s all.

      They are sticking out their tongues and stamping their little feeties.

    • You guys are WAY out of line! I TOTALLY agree with Mayor McCheese here. If we would have had giant stickers on the side of the World Trade Centers that said, “No Planes Allowed!”, we would have saved 3000+ in the buildings, a trillion dollars in war debt, hundreds of thousands of military and civilian lives and Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, etc. would have all been happily sharing tea and crumpets together!! LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!

    • He is hoping to accomplish reelection. And he is failing miserably. Mostly because he is an idiot.

      • Eh – I wouldn’t underestimate his intelligence. This seems like a pretty smart political move that would get quite a bit of positive attention from the less intelligent majority in that mayoral district.

      • Ah, you forget that idiocy is a requirement for political office in liberal paradises such as Seattle.

  3. You like his example of a 15 year old shooting himself. He is not allowed to have a gun!!!! How many of these fights break out and a CCW holder is the one shooting? Glad she argued her point as she was dead on!

  4. The next time Newtown comes up in connection with “Gun-Free Zones”, I hope someone will be quick-witted enough to point that Sandy Hook was a “Gun-Free Zone”. For all the good it did.

  5. In Washington, businesses can’t prevent licensed CCW holders from legally carrying while on the premises. If the premises is “21 and older” because it’s primarily a bar, then you can’t carry in the part of the business with the age restriction… Otherwise, if they see the gun, they can ask you to leave and you can be charged with trespassing if you stay, but that’s about it.

    Nobody can see that I’m carrying. I don’t tell people that I’m carrying. These stickers achieve nothing except to make a few people feel better while in fact making them less safe.

    • +1 So far the list of participating businesses seem limited, and not any place I frequent. Not that I would give them my money anyways, but even if I happen to be conceal carrying, it’s not like I’m going to out myself just because they have a sticker.

    • My favorite restaurant chain down here has these signs talking about GFZ. I smile inwardly at them as I am seated.

      “don’t support that restaurant”

      I would if another wing joint’s wings were 3/4 as good.

  6. McGinn is a moron. His opponent in the mayoral race is no better on guns, unfortunately. As far as guns go, Seattle city politics is a lost cause. Washington state, however, is definitely a fight we can win.

    • Yup, and thank goodness for that. State pre-emption on gun restrictions has saved the day so far. To all of the people in east Washington: there are a few sane people to the west of the Cascades and my vote counts with yours to keep this state free(er).

      • McGinn and his fellow bigots want to eventually eliminate state pre-emption. That’s a goal they think they can attain, so they then can turn Seattle into one big GFZ/unicorn zone, with the force of law behind it.

  7. No no no. They realize that the more GFZs there are the more of an inconvenience EDC becomes and carrying becomes less common/frequent. Its not about safety or spontaneous gunfights its just gun-banning.Its the same strategy used to make it harder for people to smoke…

  8. So are there repercussions for carrying in a place with a GFZ sticker? Like for instance, if someone tried to kill me and I shot them in such an establishment, would I be in extra trouble? Do they frisk everyone who comes in? If not it’s totally pointless IMO.

    • The left doesn’t let the fact that something is “totally pointless” stop them from implementing their feel good measures.

      C’mon. you know that.

      • Because, for them, symbolism is as (if not more) important than actually achieving something concrete.

      • I know that indeed. I just forget sometimes that half the country has absolutely no grip on reality, they have abandoned reason for madness.

    • Actually, no. Washington’s gun laws are very good. State preemption, shall-issue CCW with no training requirement, open carry without a permit, no restrictions on non-NFA items, and silencers are now legal to own and use. About the only things left are the rest of the NFA items and bar carry.

      • My point was: the Californians are infiltrating and trying to push their agendas on the natives.

        They have already succeeded in CO. WA is only a matter of time … They flee their own state because of the leftist policies, move elsewhere and then push to implement the same policies they left behind.

        If that is not the very definition of stupid, well … what can I say?

  9. Is there a demand that these businesses carry extra liability insurance for when they fail to provide the security that they are assuming?

    • We need to print our own stickers asking this question and place them under the gfz stickers. Or maybe a “Dear spree shooter unarmed victims guaranteed here” sticker.

    • I’ve started carrying the “No guns = No money” business cards to let business owners know they are loosing my patronage for their stance. Luckily, I’ve only had to hand out two in the last few months since I printed them out.

  10. It’s nice to see that the good and charitable folks in Seattle have found gainful employment for their village idiot.

  11. Whats funny is I would use his exact same argument defending it to show that it is at best useless and at worst a map for criminals on what places to rob.

  12. Fucking mindless logic of an elected official. THE ONLY WAY to snap him back to reality is vote him out of office.

    How about a sticker that says No Stupid Mayor PERIOD.

  13. The Mayor’s fear of guns clearly shows he has feelings of inadequacy. He just compensating for his small size.

    I am surprised that Van Sustern did not point out that most of the shooting and ND incidents he refers to were gang or criminal related. It isn’t the permit holders who are getting into disputes, its the gangbangers. The very people who will ignore the gun free zone stickers. I truly believe that these these anti self defense fanatics really believe that the gun free zone stickers will act as a talisman to ward off the criminal element.

  14. The point of the sticker campaign is not safety, nor is it that McGinn and the other “progressives” are actually stupid enough to think a sticker will keep a criminal from bringing a gun into a place, with ill intent. They can’t actually *not* know that a sticker or campaign doesn’t change the law from one day to the next. The sticker has no legal weight more than a sign the day before that said “no guns allowed on premises” – the owner can ask someone to leave for breaking the rule, and call the cops for trespass if he refuses to leave. Same as before. The intent is something else.

    The point of the sticker is to make gun owners feel like second class citizens, “separate but equal” to their enlightened, unarmed “progressive” counterparts. We are supposed to use the back entrance, the other water fountain, the back of the bus, some other lunch counter. We are supposed to feel unwelcome, ideally, in more and more businesses, until we get the picture and leave, and take our cro-magnon redneck attitudes about guns, freedom, and everything else with us. We are supposed to feel shame for how we are and what we believe, and the liberals who see the sticker are supposed to feel superior for being in line with the cool kids and against us outcasts.

    This is how they want to fight the battle – by shaming us, telling us we are unwelcome, calling the NRA or NRA members “child murderers”, trying to get our friends to shun us for our beliefs and our practices, calling guns a “public health” issue, having our doctors and psychiatrists ask us if we own them, as they do about whether we smoke or have suicidal thoughts.

    IMO, looking at the anti-gun movement as “hoplophobes” or gun haters, people who really think guns make society less safe, etc. is possibly true in some cases, but mostly not. They seem to hate guns, but what they really hate is a man (or woman) who is armed and ready, because they understand a man with a gun can’t be ruled, and they want to be the ones ruling us. They want us to bend like they do, know our place, get with the program, and go along with the great project of improving humanity by using organized force. Or, at least leave, or die, so they can get on with it. We are in their way, and the gun (besides its obvious practical uses) is a symbol of how we refuse to submit.

    I guess I’m kind of ranting here, but this leads me to believe one of the best strategies for our effort is to take interested people shooting, and show them that:
    1) a regular person, even as weak or out-of-control as they may feel they are, can safely handle lethal force and not go on a killing rampage
    2) a gun has other purposes than killing white schoolchildren, like… fun, for example
    3) shooting or owning a gun doesn’t change a regular person into a psycho
    4) everyone who likes guns is not crazy (after all, now they probably like guns a little bit, and they are not crazy)

    The more people that understand these things, the less effectively the culture war approach will work. Sort of like the effect of racially integrated units in WWII. When we have even most people who mostly consider themselves “progressives” thinking that people who like guns aren’t all bad, and might be even be reasonable friends of theirs, we won’t have to worry so much about laws, or stickers.

    Rant over, for now.

    • Well said. He wouldn’t be in office if he was dumb enough to think this would make an actual difference – hell, as others have surmised, it may actually invite crime. Though, I doubt they thought as far as the social implications, guessing it’s just a simple pandering to the Seattle hippie electorate majority – likely envisioned by a campaign strategist.

  15. Been keeping up with this buffoon,all I can say is if I lived in Seatle and carried concealed and came across these signs,I would ignore them.Plus I would not spend any of my money in the places of business that have these signs posted,if you are going to ostracize me because of me carrying a weapon legally by state law,then they don’t deserve to make a profit off of me.It is like I have said before I will not vacation in New York State,Kalifornia,Conneticutt,Maryland,New Jersey,Colorado,or Hawaii and now Seatle,though I would vacation in Spokane,due to I have heard that they are pro-gun.I will not order anything from any company in these areas I have listed also.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  16. Poor mayor, cant escape facts.

    Gun free zones since 1982 (Mother Jones report, updated June 30, 2013)

    62 incidents, 997 total injuries = 16.08 per incident

    Gun Free zone incidents where self defense occurred since 1991

    20, 53 total injuries = 2.65 per incident

    16.08/2.65 = 6.08 times less body count

    If people were carrying in those 62 gun free victim disarmament zones they could have saved up to around 832 people.

    All the background checks in 2010 alone saved maybe 1 person, for nearly $300 mil in salaries and benefits for the approx 3,000 people employed to run the background checks in the FBI, BATF and state levels….

    The sticker should read…

    GF Zones = 832 unnecessary extra victims since 1995 and counting!

  17. From my point of view we are doing fine living without conflict or say minimal conflict. He is basically trying to stir up conflict, if not hate. You can pick the subjects can’t you! I bet Bloomberg is involved somewhere in there also.

    • Bloomberg wouldn’t waste his money getting involved in Seattle politics. People here are already off the deep end (i.e. the left end), thus, he has no need to intervene…

  18. Gee, with the sticker being so small, it would be difficult to spot. Unless I were wearing my glasses, I would be hard pressed to read it. When Oregon first got its conceal weapons permit, businesses all over the place put signs up banning guns. After the progressives got bored and went onto the next campaign, the signs quietly and quickly came down. Malls still ban firearms, but none have proper signage. Most businesses with policies against conceal carry do not have signs.

  19. Question for the mayor: Mr. Mayor, is your city hall a gun free zone, or are there armed police officers providing security in that building? Same question for your residence – is that a gun free zone?

    Or are you a flaming hypocritical POS?

  20. Lol Mcginn is hilarious she asks him a relevant question and he is like “im glad you asked that let me go on some completely random other tangent”

  21. Seattle doesn’t have a crime problem (comparatively speaking):

    2010- 19 murders
    2011- 20 murders
    2012- 26 murders

    Chicago has the same number of murders on one bad weekend that Seattle averages ANNUALLY. The people who live in Seattle (especially politicians), are completely out of touch with reality and with the rest of the state.

  22. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Defenceless people make for great victims. If there’s a will to hurt people there’s always a way regardless what rules you make up for criminals to follow.

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