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“A great democracy doesn’t make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon.” – Bill Clinton addressing the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington [at]

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  1. Oh so to buy a gun all I need is to go get an state ID. Wow I have been doing it wrong this whole time.

    • Where are you voting that you even need an ID? Not here in PA. We keep passing voter ID laws and the courts keep passing injunctions. I practiacally get a cavity search to buy a firearm (and then PA keeps a registry of those guns) but the huge influx of illegals in my area all vote every election…..for Democrats…..

      • It’s not a registry, it’s a SALES DATABASE! Gosh, don’t you know that calling it something different makes it something different?

      • I love the way there has been nary a peep about Rhode Island’s voter ID law from the left.

        RI’s law zipped right through our overwhelmingly Democrat General Assembly. And why was that? Because the establishment Dems recognized that illegal voting had gotten out of control in certain quarters of the capital city and was threatening their hold on power…so they snuffed it out despite the howls from our Hispanic community. No one else cared one bit, and the issue is dead here.

  2. My God!

    This picture captured the exact moment before he expelled bullsh*t rays out of his fingertips!

    • Never quite figured out how he could bend the first knuckle of that finger while keeping the rest of it straight….then again, I suspect someone else got a hold of it.

  3. So would the licensing fees that most (all?) states have be considered a poll tax? Because if so my civil rights have been violated many times. (I keep buying guns, and they keep falling overboard)

  4. So nobody told this bozo that we are a Constitutional Republic, NOT a democracy? And as such, in the past, it was easier to arm oneself than to vote, and this was a good thing. Today, every idiot can vote and votes are basically canceled out in a popularity contest. The Founders were very skeptical about democracy as a tyranny of the majority, hence that’s not what they opted for.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Wasn’t it Ben Franklin that compared democracy to two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.

    • When the people you are aiming your remarks at are essentially uneducated, brainwashed Democratic stooges….you don’t have to be too careful about the words you use because they don’t know the difference and they get easily confused…if he uses the correct word “Republic”, they think he’s calling them “Republicans” and get all worked up…

        • Better watch out, only terrorists use terms like “republic” and “freedom.” Might have to report you to the thought police. My daughter turned me in for thought crime. I’m proud of her. Its funny, I didn’t even realize I was guilty of it.

      • “… essentially uneducated, brainwashed Democratic stooges…”

        You are referring to the allegedly “mainstream” media and their jello-brained consumers, yes?

        • Yes! And others, like people who voted for Obama the second time, people pawning their multiple “Obama-phones”, people who are telling us how great “Obama Care” is, people who are saying “Obama is the greatest President we ever had.”, people who want to repeal the Second Amendment, and other “archaic parts of The Constitution”, people who make their career figuring out how to siphon more and more money out of the taxpayers’ pockets instead of being productive and anyone who thinks they are now “entitled” to decide for me what I can own and cannot own, how I may exercise my Natural and Constitutional Rights, how I should feel about God and what I can say, print or do (within reason, of course) in Public….I’ll stop here, but you get the idea and can add a lot of stuff I didn’t for the sake of brevity I am sure.

    • In modern English, the term “constitutional republic” defines a subset of “representative democracy”.

      • In ‘modern English’ a “clip” is a “mag”. While the beauty and functionality of the English language (esp American English) is the ability to create new words and redefine old ones – that still doesn’t redefine the old ones in historical context.

        Ergo, a ‘well regulated militia’ still means now, what it did when written…

    • Dear Mr. Clinton,
      What did you do in office to make voter’s registration easier? Nothing? OK, please explain how registering to vote has become more difficult since your time in office.
      Thanks for nothing.

  5. Spread a false meme enough and eventually people will believe it.

    Voting is simple. I go online, request a ballot from my home state it arrives in the mail. A gun? Forms, phone calls and waiting. Then I have to pay taxes on the firearm and taxes on the ammo. No taxes on voting last I checked. Additionally, depending on the state I have to read a bunch of Byzantine laws to make sure I transport the firearm in a way I don’t get a victimless felony.

  6. what a lying sack of crap that idiot is .. he voted for Hillary, RIGHT? I had to come up with THREE forms of positive ID, one of which HAS TO HAVE A PICTURE ON IT, to purchase a so called ASSAULT rifle. All someone has to cough up to vote is their great grandma’s gas or water bill, and they can vote, wait a minute .. in Chicago it was FIVE TIMES???? He didn’t lie about Monica’s dress either .. RIGHT HILLARY ????

  7. I live in Florida, home of the Butterfly Ballot, so maybe my perception is skewed somewhat….. What is so hard about voting? Down here in the dick-end of the map we have about two weeks of ‘early voting’ as well as mail ballots. The only way to make it any easier to vote would be to have the Supervisor of Elections bring the ballot to your front door, which I hesitate to say in case they get a new great idea.

  8. Voting: Mail in form for free. Card comes in mail free. Go to polling place and vote., or fill out absentee ballot and mail in for free.

    Purchasing a firearm (going with dealer purchased because I don’t know about ACORN voter registration)
    Find firearm dealer within reasonable distance, could be up to a hundred miles or more. Select firearm that meets your needs/ budget while allowing money for gas to return home (in California this may be the deal breaker). Fill out forms per federal/ state/ local requirements then wait for background checks to be performed ( note… This could range anywhere from twenty minutes to six months). Pay for your firearm, and if buying at a big box store, get escorted to the front like you got caught stuffing merchandise in your shorts. Then in some states you now get a background check for ammo.

    Much easier, I see what old slick willy is talking about. Perhaps he should go smoke a cigar.

  9. This is why the antis are extremely dangerous. No facts or reality can break through. They are trying to fool the public into believing reality is the opposite and know the media will just amplify and repeat the fiction. All in the quest for ultimate power and control over the public. They are leaving us two choices: surrender to their whims or fight to the end, even if it means dying.

    • Yep, the statists in power know exactly what they are doing.

      As Stalin so aptly said, it’s the “useful idiots” that statists depend on to run towards and embrace the goverment that will enslave them.

  10. Can we go at it the other way around too, slick? Make purchasing “assault weapons” as easy as voting???? Heck I would love for that to happen. Of course that would mean we would be allowed to purchase “assault weapons” in the first place… so thumbs up on selective fire and ditch the barrel length restrictions. That would be beautiful

  11. I think the Demos have succeeded in making Americans believe that the US is a democracy rather than a democratic republic.

  12. Guys, guys, he was comparing legal voting to illegal gun purchases, and everyone knows that you can buy an illegal assault weapon on any street corner just by snapping your fingers twice. There’s no black market on voting (Except ACORN. And Chicago.), so it will always be harder than that.

    Seriously though, only someone who’s never actually bought a gun themselves would make such a specious claim.

    Stately McDaniel Manor did a piece on this yesterday:

    And it’s harder to vote than to “buy an assault weapon”? That’s what we in English call a “damned lie.”

    Even in states that require photo ID to vote, the process is not slowed down, but is actually accelerated. A quick showing of an ID allows election officials to more rapidly confirm that the voter is indeed a properly registered voter eligible to vote. A signature here and a stamp there, and the voter is on their way to a booth or carrel to register their votes. Elapsed time: 5-10 minutes at the most, with most of that time completely up to the speed of the voter in casting their ballot.

    In virtually all states with voter ID requirements, the state provides the ID card free of charge, and the proof of identity required to obtain such ID cards is often surprisingly casual.

    On the other hand, buying any firearm is a much more involved process. Not only is photo ID required, for all intents and purposes, a valid driver’s license, rather than a state-issued ID for the purposes of voter identification, is the minimum form of ID accepted. The purchaser must fill out a two page federal form, swearing that his or her answers are correct under penalty of perjury and federal prosecution. The firearm dealer also has related paperwork that must be completed before the customer is allowed to leave the store with their purchase. In addition, a federal background check–done by computer–must be submitted and cleared before the transaction is allowed. This process normally takes at least 20 minutes to a half hour, and if the federal computer system isn’t working properly, which happens, it can take a day or more. If the system returns a false positive–most denials are mistakes–it can take days.

    In some states with waiting periods, purchasers must return days later to take possession of their firearm, again producing a receipt and photo ID. Such provisions may be overridden only if the purchaser also has a state issued concealed carry license, which also requires federal and state background checks, substantial cash payments, photographing and fingerprinting, and often, mandatory and expensive training classes.

  13. I’ve seen that look before on Willie. It’s the “I did not have sex with that woman” look.

    • Being said while his political machine was gearing up to completely trash Monica. He was just going to let them run all over her. Good thing for DNA evidence, otherwise she too may have committed suicide, like the Clintons’ other “friend”.

  14. That would be awesome if all I needed to buy a gun was my driver’s license, my cash/debit card, and to stand in line. The AK line is on the left, the AR line is in the middle, and the FAL/M14/Other line is on the right.

    Or maybe he meant that we need to make Form 4473 a requirement before voting?

    • Can you imagine that? Before you vote:

      are you white, Hispanic, AA, native American etc….?
      Do you plan to use your vote for yourself or someone else?
      Have you ever committed a felony?

  15. There are no democracies. They tend within two election cycles at most to elect themselves a corporatist nightmare, for their own good of course.

  16. It is harder to buy a “Rifle” than it is to vote jack@ss…
    Voting= Name look up and ID
    Firearm= FFL forms, FBI contacted (which is a background check btw), Contact the ATF(background check) fill out ATF forms then wait 9 months (for my sbr)

    Oh and by the way the US is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy

  17. Thought this was ‘sposed to be a democratic republic. But his statement is grossly inaccurate. A great democracy is one where the people can vote not because dictators give them a false sense of choice, but because the people can use “assault” rifles to forcefully remove power hungry bastards at a whim (if they refuse to stand down willingly).

  18. Looks like the regular gang has already excoriated ol’ slick Willie for his bold lies and apparent confusion regarding what sort of government we have and what an ‘assault rifle’ is.

    Write what you know they tell me so I’ll stick to Ohio:

    Unless I’m terribly confused I was asked to show my drivers license to vote in the last major election. I’m not sure if that’s the law or if the poll workers do it just to speed up finding you in the voter rolls. I didn’t think much about it at the time or really right up until I read this thread.

    Things are a little less formal around here, even with federal elections. My polling place is the basement of a local church and actually houses both of the only two precincts in my village. There were only 972 people eligible to vote in either of these precincts and the poll workers are the same group of elderly women they always have been in my memory. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we know each other . . . at least in passing. Besides, other than for local elections the poll workers could simply run everyone’s ballot for them, party line vote Republican and it wouldn’t change the outcome even a little bit.

    On the other side of that I recently purchased an AR-15 here in southern Ohio. Now you and I know that’s not an assault rifle but I think it’s probably what Clinton had in mind. Indeed, I had to show ID, fill out the form and of course wait for the background check but it came to about the same thing. It took me longer to fill out the form than it did for the check to clear and If I’d been in a rush I could have been out the door with the rifle in under 5 minutes assuming the staff were willing to hustle. (They weren’t, I was there over 3 hours as they helped me slap gobs of Magpul OEM stuff and rails and what not on the rifle but then again I consider my LGS a destination and quasi social club).

    So, buying a MSR Vs voteing? The former is a little more involved but from a ‘user’ standpoint both are very similar, show ID, fill out a form, socialize for a bit, have free coffee and be on your way. If nothing about this changed I’d have no complains at all. What scares me is what I read (mostly here) about the nightmare some of you go through in certain states and locals.
    As a side note I’m shortly to begin my sojourn in acquiring a suppressor. I have the idea that it’s going to take about 9 months to a year so stand by for rants about the ATF, the NFA, big government and etc.

    • A democratic republic with a constitution that is supposedly put in place to protect the rights of the citizens, yet has been ignored since day one. Tragic really.

      The constitution, excluding the bits about prohibition and protecting bureaucrats pay grades, is an incredibly beautiful document. It doesn’t have glitter, may even have a misspelled word or two, but it’s still gorgeous.

      Perhaps it’s cause I’m a misanthropist, but I have a strong hunch that all the people who truly value freedom into the state of Texas with each person having land that’d make the Cartwright’s jealous, with Mr. Bill “I like to shake my Willy” Clinton unable to enter. Like oil and water.

    • I love explaining that detail, especially to eggheads.

      I once got into this debate (it was more like an argument just short of a shouting match) with a guy who was a) Jewish and b) fancies himself quite smart on all matters political. Quite the “progressive” he was, “democracy” this, that and some other thing. I labored under the misapprehension that I could get him to read the Federalist Papers, but of course, as a good card-carrying progressive, he never did. Progressives never want to read the ideals and ideas behind the US Constitution. He wanted a national vote on whether there should be any right to own a gun – any gun – at all.

      Then I had an idea. It was cruel, but effective. I asked him “If you’re so hot on pure democracy, then whatever the majority of people say is what should be done, right?”

      “Yes, that’s the point of democracy I’ve been trying to get through your thick head.”

      “Right. And I’m now at a point where I see the wisdom of your idea! I now want pure democracy. I’ve seen the error of my ways.”

      “You have?”

      “Yes. And I’ve got a great idea for our first national democratically-decided policy! As I remember, Jews are about, oh, 3% or thereabouts of the US population. Everyone else is, well, everything else, or about 97% of the population. Let’s say we hold a vote to exile all Jews to Israel… or (I smiled my most cunning smile) some other ‘solution.’

      Silence. Stunned face.

      Other people at the lunch table gave me a look of “You did NOT just go there, did you?!”

      I continued: “If the vote gets 51%, we’ll run with my idea. It’ll be democratic and everything. What do you say?

      Thereupon, I sat back and gave my calmest, most serene smile. The one that says “Check… and mate, I believe.”

      Silence. Yes, I went there. I not only ‘went there,’ I planted a flag on the beach.

      Finally: “That’s not funny at all.”

      And I replied: “That’s right. It isn’t funny. That’s why we don’t have a pure democracy. Because lots of un-funny things happen when you put your trust in the will of the mob. If you’ll remember, the average IQ is about 100. That means there are people with IQ’s higher than 100… and lower. You want to be real careful about letting the mob just vote on the rights of other people. You, a Jew, of all people, hawking ideas about ‘pure democracy’ in any country where you’re not a majority shows me that you might have had lots of fancy-pants courses in college, but where the rubber meets the road, you’re dumber’n a sack of rocks. The Founding Fathers thought long and hard about this issue, and that’s why we’re not a pure democracy… which you’d find out if you troubled yourself to read the Federalist Papers.”

      Last I talked to him, he still hadn’t read the Federalist Papers. You can lead a progressive to the bookshelf of great ideas, but you can’t make him read.

      • When they say “democracy,” they don’t really mean “what the majority want.” They mean “what I want.” Notice they never talk about democracy in the context of Obamacare. With Obamacare, it’s all about individual “rights” to healthcare.

      • Sadly most people will just see that as an attack on their religion not the subject itself. The U.S. government was supposed to be a place with safeguards from tyranny, including mob rule.

        The Jewish associate of yours may not be aware of just how lucky the U.S. didn’t slip into a system like Germany and Russia of the 30’s-45’sh did. There were plenty neo-nazi nutjobs stalking about and not all whites during the 40’s,50’s and what not were exactly open to diversity even if they weren’t neos.

        The thing I like most about the constitution is, supposedly at least, that people are supposed to be inherently free. Free to seek pleasure, success, practice whatever religion (or in my case not have one), & speak/publish their thoughts as long as they didn’t infringe on the rights of others, and to stomp a mud hole in anyone who would deny them such a chance. Sadly though, most humans are pack animals who desire conformity & rules. Reminds me a bit of some teenagers. Desiring just enough freedom to do what they want, but not have the responsibilities involved and to isolate/bully those who aren’t like them.

  19. That’s a great sound bite, but like many things Clinton says, it is not true.

    Let’s see how voting compares to buying an “assault weapon.”

    First, I have to have at least several hundred dollars to buy an assault weapon and if I want to fully enjoy the experience, let’s throw in $1,000 to get us into a nice assault weapon with plenty of magazines, ammo and optics.

    Second, I have to fill out a form.

    Third, I have to pass a clearance via the national identity data base.

    Fourth, I have to pay taxes.

    Fifth, I have to somehow drive myself to the place where I’m buying it and back again.

    I think voting is easier.

    Sorry, Bill.

    • Buying an “assault” rifle takes ~10 days of my labor. ($400-$2000?)
      Voting takes ~10 minutes of my labor.

      (Buying assault shoes take ~3 hours of my labor.)

  20. Someone needs to fracture that finger of the perjuror.

    Actually since I would argue that one can do greater damage to the country with a vote, witness the fact that Obama is in office for the second time and the damage he is doing, voter ID IS more important than “assault weapons”.
    The fact is that states with stringent voter ID, Florida, Georgia etc, had greater black than white voter turnout. That the voter ID thing is discriminatory in any way, sorry, it does discriminate against those who can’t or won’t get an ID, is an outright lie. Not surprising since the statement comes from Bill.

  21. Bill, please remind me again, which amendment in the Bill of Rights recognizes the right to vote??? I keep forgetting that one!

    • Amendments numbered greater than ten are valid, too.

      That’s the whole amendment thing, y’know, and is a part of the Constitution as well.

  22. If you lie enough, constantly and consistently it will become the truth. That is what ole Bill here is doing. The new meme for Democrats is that buying a gun is easier than exercising any other rights, and the uniformed will eat it up and re-post it. Plus Bill has allot of experience in getting people to believe lies.

    • He does. Just like St. Ronnie, GWB I, GWB II.

      They are ALL liars of the most despicable kind. Everyone Nixon and beyond has made my stomach churn.

  23. I great democracy shouldn’t have it’s leaders getting a BJ from the interns and bombing serbia as a distraction.

    Both voting and purchasing assault weapons shouldn’t be difficult.

    Sure bill… talk about gun control… now give us your O-face.

    • Meh. A great democratic republic should give two good flyins who their President sticks his willie in.

      Ben Franklin had 14+ illegitimate kids – I could not care less. Unlimited poon is part and parcel of having power (or a pile of pennies). Get past the puritan garbage.

  24. Is voting difficult? I haven’t been able to experience that the past few years because I vote absentee and simply fill out the card and mail it in at my convenience. I wish buying any firearm were that easy. The first time I bought a firearm it brought me some anxiety as to all the hoops I had to jump through, making sure I did this and that within the time limits and met the requirements, and didn’t do anything illegal.

    Around here we turn people away from voting at every election because we have a high concentration of refugees that think being in America means you can vote in America. Apparently they didn’t pay attention to the voting laws and that thing called “citizenship”. I guess it doesn’t help some of them don’t speak English, I’m sure that makes the arguments all the more interesting. They also take advantage of government programs afforded to refugees so of course they’re staunch democrats, even if they can’t spell or know the word “democrat”.

    • They (the Dem’s) would just take them back as people walked out of the polling place, and hand it to the next one walking in to vote for the Democrats.

  25. Here we have a Rhodes Scholar telling us peons just how easy it is to buy guns, and as we’d expect from a Rhodes Scholar, he gets it wrong.

    Is there any doubt why people hold these Ivy League, “we know so much better than you… because we’re Ivy League graduates!” types in contempt? Oh, I’m sure the bootlickers in the press love this comment, seeing as how the press is from the same cohort of over-credentialled, under-informed pecksniffs, but to be this ignorant of both the voting laws and the gun laws at the same time should disqualify someone from ever holding elected office, and (in this case) get his pension stripped from him. He’s either too stupid or too mendacious to deserve any public compensation.

    • Too funny. A few days ago Hillary spouted in horror,” A school ID isn’t good enough for voter registration but a Concealed Carry Permit is!”
      She forgot to mention that state school ID, government issued, is sufficient. But the Clintons probably have little regard for state schools attended by the less-than-elite. Her misrepresentation aside, a CCW with photo, fingerprints, FBI check etc., should be the gold standard.

  26. This is demonstrably false.

    King County mails me ballots for each and every election, without fail. All I have to do is fill it out and drop it in the mail. They have yet to mail me a gun with a return envelope for payment.

    • But wouldn’t it be great if they would?

      I think that should be our new campaign: “Voting and owning guns are both Constitutional rights. They should be equally easy to exercise. Therefore, we’re campaigning for guns to be mailed out to people once every two years with their ballots for Congressional races.”

  27. I’m almost relieved to hear Billy Jeff spouting his usual falsehoods. It reminds me that the sky is blue and water is wet. What upsets me is that politicians throw the term “assault weapon” around with such frivolity. I fee like using the term “assault weapon” is like using a racial slur only against gun owners. Typical lefty, protect everybody’s feelings unless they like freedom, or anything that is determined by them to be an impediment to their whims.

  28. Maybe he’s referring to 50 years ago — Jim Crow, the original need for the Voting Rights Act, what MLK faced et cetera.

    At least to buy a gun I don’t need to “correctly” guess the number of seeds in a watermelon.

  29. I believe not too long ago his original home state, of which he was governor, was not exactly a paragon of voting ease for people of color.

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