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A couple of posts lit up our comments section yesterday:  Gay-Bashing Black Rifle Coffee Company Video Dishonors Us All and BREAKING: Gunfight Erupts at Islamic Cartoon Exhibit as Officers Thwart a Possible Terrorist AttackAs of this writing, we have 999,007 comments on our servers. In case you missed it, TTAG’s one millionth commentator gets a gun of their choice up to $700. New or used. Handgun, shotgun or rifle. Just thought you’d like an update.

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  1. While the concept is cool, most of the comments I’ve read over the last couple of days are a bunch of garbage to just up post-count.

    It occurred to me this morning, the extra clicks and refreshes must be VERY good for business. Well played, Farago. I am genuinely impressed

    • You could, but someone’s 4 second bot would probably beat you… Or set you up for success, who knows.

      Would be funny if the winning comment was on an old article though.

      • It’s a toss up with everybody and their uncle trying to post as fast as possible.

        Including me and my uncle (he just doesn’t know it yet)

  2. Wow, what we would do for a freebie…
    Congrats to whomever wins and a sincere thank you to TTAG. Keep up the good fight.

    • I know, right. This is an invitation for even more of the juvenile crap we’ve had over the last few days. I’m not impressed with TTAG right now.

      • It’s really not a huge deal, but it IS a little off-putting. That said, it’s a pretty clever scheme to up clicks and ad hits. As I posted above, I’m impressed with the shrewd move on TTAG’s part.

        • I guess maybe I’m too crass to be off-put. I’m on TTAG every day because I like a lot of the articles and their take on the news (sometimes).

          Why not go for the win, then?

        • I browse daily, and have for years. I continue to patronize the site. That doesn’t mean I can’t be annoyed by the staff on occasion.

          Notice I COMMENDED Farago for doing this

        • I’ve been a fan since second month TTAG opened. That ought to be worth something.
          Can I get a cookie?

  3. And the Second Amendment remains as necessary to the preservation of true liberty now, just as it did with the prior 999,999 comments

  4. Throw my hat in the ring.

    You guys are great. I read your blog all the time. Keep up the good work!

    • Apparently you’ve never gone to the GasBuddy forums where they give points for commenting. You’ll never se so many short single words in your life.

  5. Would love to get a hold of a used Benelli MR1 for $700 bucks, but I’ll settle for a Mini 14, since NJ hates on ARs.

  6. I doubt I’ll be that lucky 1,000,000 because I never win anything. But man, I’d love a Walther PPQ Navy so much.

    • These days? Yup. Get it now though. Once the presidential race is on, Hilary will decidedly start another run on firearms.

    • You should aim for the Second Amendment Foundation. They’re the ones fighting the majority of the legal fights.

    • I think it would be better for you to find someone who needs a decent carry gun and donate your win there.

  7. I’m not the most frequent or eloquent commenter, but I come here about every day.

    May as well throw in for free gunz!

      • Yep. Always wondered how many repeat lurkers vs commenters ratio on TTAG.

        And I wonder how much sticky-ness of commenters, first time here from gun giveaway, that are still reading a month later. That would be the real ROI.

        NICK NICK NICK – stats heavy warning order: standby for oporder to follow. Launch the data bases.

      • It would actually be kind of awesome if Shannon came trolling and won a free gun!

  8. I would like to win the gun. I am not really picky, but would like a M-14 for a rifle, or a small compact semiauto pistol that would be good for concealed carry.

  9. I would like to win the gun. I am not really picky, but would like a M-14 for a rifle, or a small compact semi auto pistol that would be good for concealed carry.

  10. Up to $700? The temptation to troll the hell out of the prize by dropping it on a Hi-Point is immense. It might break the internet.

  11. I predict the 1,000,000th comment will be something along the lines of “+1” or “you open carriers will ruin it for us all!”

  12. They need to keep it going by having comment gear give a ways. Every ten thousand comment gets a free gift bag.

  13. There are now 132 comments on this thread alone which is more than enough to exceed 1,000,000 comments. (This thread announced that there were, 999,9007 comments as of the posting of this story.) Unless there is some weird math going on, the contest has to be over.

  14. I estimate we are around 999, 300 right now. (judging by this article and the comments on the few others that precede it.)

    • I just went back to the top and re-read that we can now also choose rifles and shotguns. That greatly expands the list of options and makes things even more difficult. If I were to win it would have been hard enough to settle on which hand gun.

      Choices, choices, choices.

  15. $700 is tough…lots in the $500-$600 category, lots in the $800-$900 category…time to do some research on slickguns…. 🙂

  16. Lol, cant wait for a winner to be announced, that way we can all gang up on them and tell them why they chose the wrong gun. Who wants popcorn?!

  17. the odds are never in your favor to be that one in a million, but somebody has to win! May the forth be with you!

  18. Please for the love of God don’t let it be Sexual Tyrannosaurus…..that would send me into the oblivion…

  19. That’s as good as money, sir. Those are I.O.U.’s. Go ahead and add it up, every cent’s accounted for. Look, see this? That’s a car. 275 thou. Might wanna hang onto that one.

  20. I would do it myself but I’m on my phone. But we need a meme of Dr. Evil holding his pinky up.

  21. A lot of jackholes are going to run into the spam filter with about 50 posts to go and be unable to win. Sweet sweet karma.

  22. On second thought, I’ll go pick something out from H&K. I’m currently less than 50 miles from their headquarters in Oberndorf am Neckar, Germany.


    What would everybody NAME their new firearm?

    Mine would be “Lucky” or “Shameless”

  24. Hm…a Henry Silver Eagle? Beretta M9? Some WW2 surplus firearm? Decisions, decisions…

    Of course, odds are against me, but it’s still fun to dream. ^_^

  25. Oh and if the WINNER is because of replying to one of my comments, I get to go shoot with you and your new gun. Just sayin

  26. I just want a glock 26. For 700 I can get one used and still afford a shoulder holster if that’s an option. Man I hope I win, I just lost the hank strange competition for a sam andrews leather shoulder holster… if you haven’t heard of it, check it out. They’re nice

  27. Everybody hear that………….?

    That’s the sound of MDA weeping over another gun giveaway.

    Now they’re just GIVING THEM AWAY!?!? omgawwwdd blawg

  28. When does this post madness stop?

    When this is over, TTAG comment section is gonna be a wasteland because we won’t have fingertips left.

  29. Now that is one hell of a gun room; that’s my dream to have just a tactical, military looking , gun room of awesomeness.

  30. That’s one heckuva collection. I’m feeling lucky about winning the 1,000,000 contest. I would LOOOOVE a free gun!

  31. It would be great to get a new EAA Witness (Tanfoglio Force, a rose by any other name…) but for $700 I’d be interested in trying to find a used Sig 1911 Scorpion. They seem to be around $1050 new but with a little cash pitched in from my side (is that legal TTAG?) it should be possible.

  32. Way to go TTAG. If I am 1,000,000 I might need a new ak or another ar, or maybe just some new glass for my ar 10

  33. This would keep the wife from complaining about a new firearm! Look honey FREE …
    We live in the greatest country!

  34. It will be interesting to see what the winner chooses. I don’t know what I would choose, probable something suppressor ready since I just got my gun trust finished.

  35. I’m pleasantly surprised that we don’t seem to have anyone using a wholly-automated script to rapidly post comments.

  36. Honestly.

    If I win. I dont want the gun, although I do need a hunting rifle because I don’t have one and I just got based in Colorado.

    However, I’m active duty military and would like the gun sold, and the proceeds donated to the Chris Kyle Foundation on behalf on TTAG and myself.

  37. What sort of contests should be held in the future? comment related just explodes in spam, and i have no shame in admitting i am one of the MANY culprits.

  38. I’m pretty impressed with how quickly this contest is nearing conclusion! I thought it would take a week or more!

  39. I still remember the very first time I got a spam email telling me I was the hundred thousands person to visit whatever site it was and if I clicked on it then I’d win a prize. Of course that prize was not really a prize, but a good lesson in basic computer security such that I’ve virtually never clicked on anything even slightly questionable since. So no, I don’t get too worked up about it. Besides it IS a bit of fun watching all the desperate posts.


    • They wanted to watch the winner writhe in pain over the decision between a new $600 gun or a used $800 gun

  40. considering we were 1000 comments shy, and there have already been about 360 here, we all, at the very least, have a 1/600 shot of $700

  41. Anyday now. Was less than 1000 comments left when this article was posted so it has to be nearing the close.

  42. also, to anyone who was following from yesterday.. not much sleep last night as a result of trying to win this gun. probably failed the econ exam this morning.

    The MBA can wait. FREE GUN UP FOR GRABS

  43. I’ll be glad to accept a new firearm when the time comes. I wonder what percentage of growth comments have since the giveaway was announced?

  44. It’s gonna be a hard decision deciding what firearm to get. for whoever that lucky dog is.

  45. Also, I went to an airshow yesterday, and the sheriff had a booth showing off all of their toys (MRAP, Barrett .50, “gas” launcher). To the officer sitting there I ask, “Why does the sheriff need a .50 caliber sniper rifle?” His response: “Two reasons! 1) The bad guys have these and we are NOT going to be outgunned. 2) We use it to disable vehicles.” I chuckled and said “Ok.” I think he knew what I was up to because he looked perturbed.

  46. Just guesstimating by how many comments are here, plus new posts of other articles, it has to be real close by now. Can’t be anymore than 200 left

  47. I’m not going to lie, a brand-spankin’ new firearm would be pretty sweet. Maybe as a Mother’s Day gift for my wife? That would be, by far, the best gift I’ve given her for Mother’s Day for sure.

    “What better way to say, ‘I love you,’ …”

  48. So if it wasnt free and you were buying a complete ar for under $700 would you choose a ruger ar-556 or s&w m&p15 sport???

  49. By my crappy calculations, I will be at work when the final comment comes in. So I might have to rule myself out. But here’s trying anyways!!!

  50. i mean considering that the TTAG logo is burned into my computer screen from years of use, i think i deserve the gun

    • I’d hate to put stipulations on the giveaway, but there’s got to be at least some way to know if they actually WANT a free gun, right? And if not, give it to the million and first comment poster?

  51. Hopefully they announce the five comments leading up to and after the millionth comment, some of these are pretty decent.

  52. This is getting out of hand. Hopefully this craziness ends soon. Also, I’m a sucker for a free gun. But come on fellas, at least add some content to your post and not just “am I 1,000,000?”

    • “Looks like youve been missing a lot of work lately.”
      “I wouldnt say I’ve been MISSING it, Bob”

  53. This is the adult version of calling in to some lame radio station trying to win tickets or a cd … But this prize is the gift that keeps on giving!

  54. RF’s server has got to be just about on fire….spam filter overheated as well. And to continue the irony, everyone, myself included, is posting more often in the mistaken thought that doing so increases the odds of winning, but in reality is the other way around. Because, more website traffic > more first time visitors > more comments and round and round it all goes.

    Maybe we could have a honorable mention prize for the closest guess as to WHEN the big one is posted? Say, a case of 5.56, 7.62 or 9mm/45? Say at 11:18 A.M Central Time. Your guess? 😀


    • I like my 19. Consider a 19 if you don’t already have one. It is only about .5″ shorter in barrel length and it is far easier to conceal.

  55. can you imagine the ad revenue being generated currently?

    TTAG is liable to turn into a gun giveaway lottery site!

  56. Too much web traffic is slowing my posting ability and probably a great stress test for TTAG’s servers

  57. Hmmm, I wonder if I could use the $700 towards half of an AR? Personally, I wouldn’t normally purchase a $1000 AR when I can build one for less but when it is someone else’s money that is a whole ‘nother can of worms.

  58. Yeah, this contest is long over. I’m wasting my time at this point. Gonna go write my congressman instead…

  59. I’m guessing we’ve hit the million mark by now.

    Now I just have to consult my wish list and see what fits the $700 price tag.