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A couple of posts lit up our comments section yesterday:  Gay-Bashing Black Rifle Coffee Company Video Dishonors Us All and BREAKING: Gunfight Erupts at Islamic Cartoon Exhibit as Officers Thwart a Possible Terrorist AttackAs of this writing, we have 999,007 comments on our servers. In case you missed it, TTAG’s one millionth commentator gets a gun of their choice up to $700. New or used. Handgun, shotgun or rifle. Just thought you’d like an update.

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  1. While the concept is cool, most of the comments I’ve read over the last couple of days are a bunch of garbage to just up post-count.

    It occurred to me this morning, the extra clicks and refreshes must be VERY good for business. Well played, Farago. I am genuinely impressed

    • You could, but someone’s 4 second bot would probably beat you… Or set you up for success, who knows.

      Would be funny if the winning comment was on an old article though.

      • It’s a toss up with everybody and their uncle trying to post as fast as possible.

        Including me and my uncle (he just doesn’t know it yet)

  2. Wow, what we would do for a freebie…
    Congrats to whomever wins and a sincere thank you to TTAG. Keep up the good fight.

    • I know, right. This is an invitation for even more of the juvenile crap we’ve had over the last few days. I’m not impressed with TTAG right now.

      • It’s really not a huge deal, but it IS a little off-putting. That said, it’s a pretty clever scheme to up clicks and ad hits. As I posted above, I’m impressed with the shrewd move on TTAG’s part.

        • I guess maybe I’m too crass to be off-put. I’m on TTAG every day because I like a lot of the articles and their take on the news (sometimes).

          Why not go for the win, then?

        • I browse daily, and have for years. I continue to patronize the site. That doesn’t mean I can’t be annoyed by the staff on occasion.

          Notice I COMMENDED Farago for doing this

        • I’ve been a fan since second month TTAG opened. That ought to be worth something.
          Can I get a cookie?

      • Could you at least tell people that spam posts won’t win. Or is increasing traffic unabashedly the goal?

        • I think increasing traffic IS unabashedly the goal, and why not?

          Sure, the comment section is a circus right now, but it’s a big milestone for TTAG and a good opportunity to boost revenue. Based on how well this has done, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see this become a semi-regular thing on TTAG.

          It’s a clever move.

      • Wouldn’t it be ironic if Mr. Farago’s comment was the winner? LOL

        Good luck to all.

  3. And the Second Amendment remains as necessary to the preservation of true liberty now, just as it did with the prior 999,999 comments

  4. That sounds like a pretty good deal. I hope I win, but good luck to everyone

  5. I had no idea there existed a comment contest. 🙂 Good luck to that person!

  6. Throw my hat in the ring.

    You guys are great. I read your blog all the time. Keep up the good work!

    • Apparently you’ve never gone to the GasBuddy forums where they give points for commenting. You’ll never se so many short single words in your life.

  7. Would love to get a hold of a used Benelli MR1 for $700 bucks, but I’ll settle for a Mini 14, since NJ hates on ARs.

  8. I doubt I’ll be that lucky 1,000,000 because I never win anything. But man, I’d love a Walther PPQ Navy so much.

    • Ha ha, I know how you feel. I won a DU gun raffle 2 weeks ago, so all my luck is used up.

    • These days? Yup. Get it now though. Once the presidential race is on, Hilary will decidedly start another run on firearms.

    • You should aim for the Second Amendment Foundation. They’re the ones fighting the majority of the legal fights.

    • I think it would be better for you to find someone who needs a decent carry gun and donate your win there.

  9. I’m not the most frequent or eloquent commenter, but I come here about every day.

    May as well throw in for free gunz!

      • Yep. Always wondered how many repeat lurkers vs commenters ratio on TTAG.

        And I wonder how much sticky-ness of commenters, first time here from gun giveaway, that are still reading a month later. That would be the real ROI.

        NICK NICK NICK – stats heavy warning order: standby for oporder to follow. Launch the data bases.

      • It would actually be kind of awesome if Shannon came trolling and won a free gun!

  10. I would like to win the gun. I am not really picky, but would like a M-14 for a rifle, or a small compact semiauto pistol that would be good for concealed carry.

  11. I would like to win the gun. I am not really picky, but would like a M-14 for a rifle, or a small compact semi auto pistol that would be good for concealed carry.

  12. I can’t deal with the pressure, last comment and best of luck to the eventual winner (:

    • Could I spend it on Glock accessories- G23 Lone Wolf barrel, trigger kit, flashlight?

  13. Incentives are always nice. Of course, once someone wins, posting will drop back down.

  14. Up to $700? The temptation to troll the hell out of the prize by dropping it on a Hi-Point is immense. It might break the internet.