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In the picture above, blacked-out an image of the prophet Mohammed displayed at the art show that was [unsuccessfully] attacked by terrorists. Given the Land of Hope and Glory’s antipathy to firearms, I’m amazed they didn’t black-out the cops’ ARs as well. As many of our readers have pointed out, this was not the Charlie Hebdo attack the bad guys were looking for. Because guns! And Texas! More pics after the jump, including one with one of the offensive images [blasphemy alert] . . .

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  1. I have seriously considered getting an armor plate. I have a plate carrier already. Maybe keep it in the trunk with a rifle. Thoughts?

    • Can’t hurt. How much do the plates cost? $200-300 a pop?

      But I thought your superhero thing was a bow and arrow…

      • I think the AR500 trauma plates can be had for about $100.

        And you’re thinking of the wrong Hawkeye. I’m of the Benjamin Franklin Pierce variety. Or maybe I just have a holster business that uses “hawkeye” in its name. We’ll never know.

      • There’s a place in china selling rifle plates super cheap. Buy 4, test 2, and you’re still out less than a pricey plate, provided they work.

        • Define “a place in China.” As-in, you actually have to go to China to get it? Or as-in I can order them online? I’d love to get some for destructive testing for a TTAG piece 🙂

    • I have IIIA armor in my edc pack. US palm’s defender armor. If its legal in your area I say go for it.

        • 5.11 Tactical COVRT 18. My brother bought it for me for Christmas around 3 years ago. More than enough space for me to carry a change of clothes, water, etc to last a day.

      • Why are the cops wearing camo and BDUs? Law enforcment should be easily identified as law enforcement. IMO black and navy blue should be the standard here.

        • Only the SWAT guys on standby and out of public view were wearing tactical clothing instead of uniforms, no one attending the event saw any SWAT officers until after the shooting was over. The rest of the Garland PD Officers were wearing standard issue blue uniforms including the GPD officer working perimeter security for the event who single handedly killed the two jihadist turds with a department issue Glock 40.

        • Swat wearing multicam kind of pisses me off. Its not like its used old DOD stuff, they bought that new. They bought all new color coordinated gear that matches nothing they’ve ever been issued before and doesn’t match the environment they are in. Its frankly an insult to real troops that actually wear that uniform for these guys to play soldier on our streets. They want to be the boys in blue then they should wear blue.

        • It’s really an insult to butthurt internet commandos, not service members (to which I can personally attest).

          Over the past decade SOF have figured out what works to save lives and maximize the potential for taking them. It would be wise for anyone in the business of pulling triggers to emulate that.

          They’re not playing soldier at all. It’s real as f*ck out there.

        • I daresay burger time in those pics there is playing. Glad to hear shamaghs and desert camis have been proven by our troops to work for occupational police forces. So where do I get that card that lets me speak for all service members? Does it have a large “D” written on it?

        • Hey B, I’ll dig mine out. And it says “Ignore B, he’s a whiny little bitch running his suck-hole too much about too little.”

    • I’m also thinking about getting an SBR now. That would be pretty handy to keep in the car along with a plate. Also I came here to comment because I don’t think they’ve hit 1 million mark yet.

      • Were you in town on ‘business’ and had a room and a few hours to kill?


    • I hope that’s in addition to concealed carry. If you ever have time to go to your car to don the armor and grab your AR before things kick off you’ll be a lucky man.

  2. Isn’t it sad that all that firepower is legitimately needed for an art exhibition?

    • Yes and no…

      It’s pretty sad that people knowingly did something that would be so offensive to some that they’d NEED all that firepower. I don’t understand the whole “blasphemy is punishable by death” thing, but what the f*ck was the point of this exhibit OTHER than to raise pulses and encourage an anticipated violent response?

      • Exactly what is your point? When was the last time Christians went postal over a caricature of Jesus smoking a joint? I think Islam needs all the poking in the eye we can give them.

        • Amen. We cannot allow any infringement of the first amendment, just as for the second and all others.

        • You’re justifying this event by pointing out that there hasn’t been a recent example of a militant Christian going on a shooting spree recently?

          I really want off this planet sometimes…

        • @Cicero

          I am under no circumstances advocating infringement upon anyone’s first amendment rights. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.This clearly served no purpose other than provoking a response and fail to understand why anyone would find it acceptable aside from the fact that this is the crowd that glosses right over Muslims being regularly referred to around these parts as “Hajis,” but would throw a sh*t-fit if anyone were to make reference to Jews as “Kykes.”

          Apparently some bigots are worse than others

        • The Brooklyn Museum in NY routinely exhibits controversial Christian art that is designed to elicit protest.

        • @Matt So turnabout is not fair play? Either everything is on the table for ridicule or nothing is. Is it in poor taste? You betcha! It is in equally poor taste when lefty art installations crap on Christianity. There too.

          There is one of those open/honest dialogues that needs to take place on the world stage involving Islam. The whole “cultural equivalency” thing only works when everybody at least holds a position of tolerance of all else involved. One of these is not like the others, as the song goes.

        • @Renegade

          Continue reading what I’ve been saying throughout this entire article, I make reference to “Pisschrist” and I think you and I are in total agreement.

          “Well they do it too!” is not a good argument for this sort of behavior. This sort of activity should be discouraged across the board, not celebrated.

        • @Matt

          I don’t think they should do that either, but I also am no naive enough to think that major television networks/print media outlets will all of a sudden take an even handed approach to all religious world views.

          Political correctness and cultural equivalency is failing because they’re based upon a bad premise that everyone is like you and just want the same kinds of things you want. We’re all different and will be treated different, ultimately individuals are accountable for their actions.

          I am curious to see the fallout of this in the news.

        • @Matt

          Check out Muhammad’s stance on women and Jews. Then get back to me if desecrating a bigot is actually bigotry. Or do you just want us to be tolerant of the intolerance of Islam like good little liberal zombies?

        • @Accur81

          You’re a really smart guy, let’s not be silly…

          I’m not defending the actions and opinions of a (likely) fictitious character. I am explaining that being a douche is just being a douche, regardless of the banner you’re waving at the time.

          Regardless of the intended offended party, setting out to offend somebody for the sake of provoking a response is not something any of us should be willing to get behind.

          Example: open carry rallies raise the ire of most around here. Not because people shouldn’t be allowed to carry whatever weapon they choose whenever and wherever they want, but because most of us agree that setting out to frighten and annoy/harass people just because you “can” doesn’t help our collective cause in the long run.

        • Depending on when they planned it, part of the reasoning behind this might have been to show they won’t be cowed by bullies and terrorists.If so, I salute them.

          If it was just a bunch of rednecks wanting to piss off the “towel heads”, then not so much.

        • Sometimes you should, or even have to, just to make sure you still can. I don’t really like the idea of mocking someone’s faith, but when I am told that I cannot do so, on pain of death for blasphemy, then it becomes urgent to do so just to show that the terrorists and their enablers don’t have a veto.

          Showing poor taste is far less important than resisting a loss of the fundamental rights.

        • I think all of you guys might be missing a larger point. I’m not very artsy-fartsy, but I’m pretty sure the entire art show is an art piece, itself. One of those controversial things that is supposed to make people think about their life and their culture. It probably says something about the duality of man, too.

      • Just an opportunity to piss people off under the guise of first amendment rights, really. Wasn’t this nation founded partly by people trying to escape religious persecution? Isn’t this doing the same principally?

        • That’s along the lines of what i was trying to say.

          Nobody cares though. As long as it’s the “muzzies” they’re attacking, it’s all okay…

        • The “muzzies” are targeting and killing Christians all over the world, every single day. This event was defiance against terrorism, not Islam. And it worked. Two down.

        • @Phil

          Actually they’re targeting and killing Westerners all over the world. That said; and while irrelevant, it should be pointed out that the kill:death ratio is certainly higher on the Westerne’sr side than the terrorists’.

          Doesn’t matter. This was encouraged, now it’s held up as an example of what dirtbags Muslims are. Reasonable people know that the crazies that were shooting up abortion clinics in the name of Jesus were outliers. Reasonable people understand that Westboro Baptist is a bunch of f*cking lunatics. People STOP being reasonable where Muslims are concerned.

        • This country was founded to escape religious persecution by the governments the people fled. What this free demonstration is demonstrating is that in any state controlled or heavily influenced by Muslims, free expression about Islam is controlled, forbidden, or murdered ( like Theo Van Gogh). For proof, see the blocked- out photo from a the British newspaper with a supposedly “free” press. The American press is headed in their direction. People need to stand up for free speech, specifically against those who would curtail it.

        • Those groups you mentioned would have all met with the same fate in similar circumstances. Don’t forget who is out-numbered in this world. And yes, they targeted westerners too, but have repeatedly focused on non-Muslims and Christians specifically. We don’t kill Muslims because they are Muslims. They kill us because we are not Muslims. Big difference.

        • To clarify, I’m not trying to defend the people who attacked the event. They could have protested. Rallied. Petitioned. And they would have lived to continue to show their outrage. I’m not saying the showcase shouldn’t have happened. But as armed as the police were for it, people KNEW what kind of response this was going to get and encouraged the terrorists to attack. Then the extremists get mixed in with the peaceful Muslims and they all get persecuted for their beliefs.

        • Well, among the purposes of the First Amendment is the natural right to say things that “piss people off” without being physically attacked, or killed.

          You know what Churchill said about the appeasers of the Nazis?
          “Each one feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.

          If you want to appease these followers of the ‘Religion of Peace’, be my guest, but count me out.
          When you bow to threats like this, you encourage more of them.
          When you quickly dispatch them to the next world, you discourage them.

          The anti-slavery abolitionists were attacked, so were union organizers, the Mormons, and many others.
          Should they all have been silenced because they offended someone?

          If we were limited to saying things that everybody agreed with and subjects that were inoffensive,
          we wouldn’t need the protections of First Amendment in the first place.

        • @Nedd

          Another person making arguments/counter-arguments in response to things I didn’t say.

          Check your bias and re-read what I’ve written please.

        • I suspect the point of the show was to demonstrate that we live in a free country and the right of free speech will not be infringed. Muslims, radical or not, have every right to comment and complain about a show like this. However, they have NO right to try to kill anyone that disagrees with them or their religion. I believe this show as also a way to demonstrate that something like the Charlie Hebdo incident will not force us to relinquish our right to free speech. In other words, we will not let the fascist segment of your faith dictate their terms to us and infringe on our rights. Any time that we give in to violence as a way appease someone that is infringing on our rights we are WRONG. The folks in Nazi Germany and some of the other countries in Europe tried to pacify Hitler by going along with some of his demands. What was the final result of that appeasement ? We all know the answer to that.

      • It’s sad that somebody would post a comment to a 2A web site calling open celebration of the 1A “sad”.
        You do know the history here, right?
        The editorial staff of a French humor magazine was brutally murdered in ‘protest’ against free speech. This art show is a demonstration that we in the USA will not be bullied into silence by terrorists.

        • I know the history quite well, and the comparison is apples to oranges.

          Charlie Hebdo was a simple exercise of part of what our 1st Amendment protects. The event in Texas was meant to be inflammatory and provoke a violent response. Goal met.

          This is a forest through the trees situation. I’m not saying people shouldn’t be able to have events like this, I’m suggesting that bad behavior shouldn’t encouraged in any form, regardless of whether or not you agree with the message behind it. What’s sad is the fact that people acting like complete *ssholes is totally cool because they’re “our” people.

      • Matt – Maybe the point is simply to raise awareness of the intolerance of radical Islam. Of their genocide of Jews and Christians and yes, even other Muslims. But from another article below it appears they simply wanted to raise awareness of the effect on free speech from radical Islam. Even the POTUS can’t put Muslim and terrorism in the same sentence. To me that is something worth making a statement about.
        AFDI supporters say the event was meant to protect the freedom of speech in the United States, which they say is eroding due to violent threats by radicals against people who draw the Prophet Mohammed. “This is not an anti-Muslim or hate fest or anything like that, it’s absurd to even think that way,” said group supporter and activist Tom Trento in a video filmed at the competition in Garland, Texas near Dallas.

        • Would you be as encouraging of events that featured art depicting Jews as big, hook-nosed rats counting gold coins?

          How did you feel about “Pisschrist?”

          Speech and expression shouldn’t be limited, but discretion should be used when expressing it. That is ALL I am trying to say.

        • Matt, you’re right about the underlying premise of just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. And you’re right, I think a lot of this was meant simply to get a response… which is the point. No one else seams to have the kind of response as a certain subset of the Muslim world to this sort of thing. Jews, Christians, and just about everyone else would protest and picket… and that’s wonderful. Free speech met with free speech. But there is a certain subset of the Muslim world that thinks you shouldn’t even be allowed to every criticize in any way, shape, or form their faith… and if you do, you need to be killed because it offends them.

          The two pictures in the last photo, while I wouldn’t agree with them if they were aimed at the Christian faith, certainly weren’t cause me (or just about anyone else) to become so enraged with anger to want to kill someone. THAT is the point. If I had that response, I would kill half my friends from what I see them post on Facebook.

          People choose to be offended. And people choose how they respond to being offended.

        • Matt, since you brought it up, how do YOU feel about “Piss Christ”? Would you be as discouraging about it, or elephant-dung Virgin Mary, as you are about this? Serious question. My answer is that I don’t care for “Piss Christ” or “Dung Mary”, my opinion is that it is not in any way uplifting or valuable as “art”, and my tax dollars should not have gone to the artist. But other than the tax dollars, I personally would not thwart the production or exhibition of that garbage.

        • @Another Robert

          Pisschrist was not only tasteless, but it wasn’t very creative. I admittedly hadn’t heard about “Dung Mary,” but I’m guessing I wouldn’t find it palatable either.

          While Pisschrist IS art by definition it’s disgusting and it’s only purpose was to be insulting. This sort of expression, while protected, has no place in public discourse. I could make a “painting” of the word “n*gger” written in a dozen different languages in colors and call it art, but it’d still be tasteless.

          All that said, the offending picture that the DailyMail blacked was was pretty creative and I appreciated it on a purely visual basis. The “medusa” beard and the reptilian eyes were a hell of a lot more than the goat molesting I expected to see.

        • Matt, I’m gathering you would indeed be as “discouraging” about a “piss Christ” exhibit as about the one being discussed here (BTW, what I’m calling “Dung Mary” was a portrait of a Virgin Mary figure, with all kinds of noxious stuff, including elephant dung, smeared on the canvas). If so, I have to commend you for a principled stand.

        • @Another Robert

          You would ABSOLUTELY be correct. That sort of nonsense is juvenile at best. Discretion and responsible behavior is as critical to the exercise of our 1st Amendment protect rights as our 2nd.

          I am having a very difficult time wrapping my head around the same people who laugh at and (rightfully) criticize the IGOTD celebrating this exhibition as proper exercise of 1a.

      • Because, 1st Amendment. People should be allowed to speak. We allow the totally offensive KKK to march in our streets as well as allow The Westboro Baptist Church to protest at soldier’s funerals and American flags to be burned and pissed on specifically because our culture allows speech even if it is offensive.

        People should be allowed to say what they want, if you are offended walk away, have your own protest or counter argument but shutting people up just because someone may be offended makes no sense and will lead to censorship from every group for no apparent reason.

        This is why we have the second amendment, if those offended choose to shoot, then we should be able to shoot back.

        I do not believe these art exhibits should stop just because some group is offended — our culture is free speech, if they do not like it, they can walk away, live in another state or move the hell out of the USA to a place where there is no free speech if they choose.

        • Get off the bandwagon and re-read what I’ve actually been writing instead of what you want me to be writing. You’re presenting a counter-argument to an argument I didn’t make to begin with…

      • Hate to respond to trolls, but here goes:

        In an interview on Breitbart News last week the organizers explained that the purpose of the contest and the exhibit was specifically to promote the concept of free speech as enshrined in the 1st Amendment, and secondly an attempt to make the depiction of Mohammed in cartoons and drawings so universal and common that the Islamo-fascist/Nazis would eventually realize that attacking such artists and exhibits was futile and get over it.

        With over one billion Muslims in the world, and an unlikely number of people who for some reason convert to Islam from wherever they were before, the second goal seems highly unlikely, but this does not mean they should be criticized for trying.

        I would suggest for the future, however, to hold the exhibit and other related events in a venue that is not owned by some school district such that it becomes automatically a gun-free zone. It is my understanding that the security guard who was shot was unarmed for this reason. It was the local SWAT that apparently was authorized to carry on the school property and were on scene for this sort of eventuality.

        • I have the decency of having a discussion with people, not dismissing them as trolls out of hand because they disagree with my opinion.

          I haven’t insulted anyone, kindly show me the same courtesy.

        • @Matt and Grindstone,

          Perhaps there is also just some reaction to Matt’s bigotry reference. Part of my distaste towards Islam is due to anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity, and violent disdain and intolerance shown be portions of Islam towards the rest of the world. In so doing, violent Muslims are a reflection of Muhammad himself, who was an violent anti-Semite warlord.

          The disconnect occurs when people tell me to be tolerant of such an intolerant religion. Also, when Islam and Sharia law rule a nation, you won’t exactly find much tolerance.

          Perhaps Islam would find more acceptance if they didn’t have riots and murders following cartoons.

        • This is what I mean. You equate all 2 billion people whose only association is that their religion shares a name, including millions of American citizens.

        • @Accur81

          “Haji” and “Muzslime” are commonly used terms around here. Bigotry is bigotry regardless of the target.

          I’m not suggesting we should be unfairly tolerant of any person or party, I’m saying we should have the expectation of tolerance (not acceptance) across the board. “Well they’re worse than I am” is a really sh*tty justification for acting the fool, make sense?

          We all have the right to keep and bear arms, but we all have a high (and righteous) expectation of each other to exercise that right responsibly. I’m just asking that people show the same respect to freedom of expression.

        • @Accur81

          Islam is not inherently antisemitic. During the crusader era and inquisition, Jews found sanctuary in Muslim lands.

          It wasn’t until recently, say around May 1948, that the two religions have been at odds.

          However many muslims are anti-Israel (and some with good reason).

        • @Grindstone: In fairness, it might help those couple of billion peaceable Muslims avoid being confused with the terrorist variety if a significant number would maybe publicly condemn the actions of the terrorists. And maybe some do, but if so, it sure isn’t widely broadcast.

        • @Grindstone: In fairness, it might help those couple of billion peaceable Muslims avoid being confused with the terrorist variety if a significant number would maybe publicly condemn the actions of the terrorists. And maybe some do, but if so, it sure isn’t widely broadcast.

          Seriously, this is the lamest argument. A quick google search will give you plenty of condemnations from various Muslims communities for nearly every terrorist attack with Muslims perpetrators. This is just laziness on your part. Further, it’s also a weak argument. Every Muslim ever is not responsible for every other Muslim ever. It’s just insane people who are completely unassociated with the perpetrators other than sharing the same name for their religion. It’s like holding every Catholic responsible for the IRA, every white conservative responsible for white supremacists. It just demonstrates and incapability of accepting and understanding the complexity of humans and just how massively varied people are. The need to group people into one neat little box to process is the very definition of small-mindedness. And it’s the first step down the road to fascism.

          EDIT: Found this on the top of Google news:

          Pure laziness on your part.

        • @JasonM says:

          “Islam is not inherently antisemitic. During the crusader era and inquisition, Jews found sanctuary in Muslim lands AS SECOND CLASS CITIZENS.” There, fixed it for you. But let’s not even discuss the treatment of the Jews of the Arabian Penninsula during the time fo the prophet.

          “It wasn’t until recently, say around May 1948, that the two religions have been at odds.” Funny guy. I guess you’re not aware of the actions of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (an ally of Hitler) and his followers in the 1930s and eary 40s.

          “However many muslims are anti-Israel (and some with good reason).” You could argue that the Palestinians have some reason – they weren’t the ones (Egypt, Syria, Jordan . . . ) who kept picking fights that they could not win. But nobody seems to recall the hundreds of thousands of Jews who had to flee Yemen, Iraq, Tunisia and Egypt . . .

        • OK Grindstone, you get a point. However, I don’t have to go google-searching to find Christian condemnations of the odd act of violence carried out in the name of Christian fundamentalism. Do you get that point? You would think the religious tradition with the greatest number of adherents in the world, if I’m not mistaken, would have the kind of popular-majority religious-leadership firepower to rein in what you seem to regard as a few stray rogues who, for all their sparse numbers, seem to be able to terrorize whole countries. What is the leadership of the Muslim world doing to shut them down? Are they shutting down the religious schools that teach violent fundamentalism? Are they cutting off trade with Muslim nations that sponsor terrorism? Are they defrocking imams who preach violence? Maybe they are and you have found it on Google. I haven’t heard about it.

        • OK Grindstone, you get a point. However, I don’t have to go google-searching to find Christian condemnations of the odd act of violence carried out in the name of Christian fundamentalism. Do you get that point?

          That your information in-take is severely filtered? Yeah, I already guessed that.

          You would think the religious tradition with the greatest number of adherents in the world, if I’m not mistaken, would have the kind of popular-majority religious-leadership firepower to rein in what you seem to regard as a few stray rogues who, for all their sparse numbers, seem to be able to terrorize whole countries. What is the leadership of the Muslim world doing to shut them down? Are they shutting down the religious schools that teach violent fundamentalism? Are they cutting off trade with Muslim nations that sponsor terrorism? Are they defrocking imams who preach violence? Maybe they are and you have found it on Google. I haven’t heard about it.

          Here we go again with the blanket generalizations. As if any one controls or even has the slightest affect on everything everywhere. Who is the “leadership of the Muslim world” that you speak of? One, single leader? Who would do the defrocking? No, they’re not Catholics. Do Christians have one, unified leadership? No, of course not. They’re divided by sect, differences in beliefs and doctrine and practice. Why wouldn’t Islam be any different? You’re being obtuse, and I’m quite sure it’s intentional. The Muslim family down the street from me has zero connection to the assholes who tried to shoot up the exibit, just as I’m sure you had zero connection to the “Christian Vigilante” that fired random shots around Austin a few months ago. This blame-all attitude is more befitting the types of MDA.

      • “but what the f*ck was the point of this exhibit”

        Jihadi bait. What better way to force these murderous monsters to show themselves before they do something like attack a school or mall.

    • I’ve never seen a more poignant example of where the 2nd Amendment protects the 1st (or rest…)

      • +1 this. so very much this. POTG should definitely use this example every time a hanky-twister ask “why do you need a gun?!?!”

    • To be fair, it wasn’t an art competition, it was a political statement. But what a great message to send – that we can take care of our own in this country.

      • yeah the contrast with the France attack is stark. Hopefully we showed that we can and will take care of our own……unless you are in a gun free zone…then its up to you to throw cans or chairs at the perps.

        • Yeah, speaking of gun free zones. My wife is at work today and she tells me shes alone in the office and locked all the doors. I said its ok hunny, that sign your boss put up for no guns on the premises will stop any bad guy with a gun!

          What a joke!

      • I am not an expert on middle eastern languages, but in a recent interview I heard a man who is such an expert explained that in Arabic the word westerners like to interpret as “peace” meaning “Let’s all get along and live in harmony” is not the same as the Arabic word which is a variation of “submit”. in other words, if you submit to what I want I won’t kill you and your family.

        Islam is in fact the religion of peace, but that peace comes at the cost of absolute submission to whatever interpretation the Imams want to apply to you. Good luck with that.

        • Exactly right. And if you are not a Muslim and live in a Muslim country you are treated like a second class citizen and they tax the Hell out of you for the privilege of living there. Better off to pretend you converted to Islam. Is that what we want to happen here? The radical Muslims want to use our freedoms against us. If they ever become the majority and we have to observe Sharia Law, I guarantee that our freedoms will be gone. Best to nip that in the bud right now.

      • you’d think the peace loving Muslims would clue into the fact that ISIS /ISIL is killing Muslims alongside Christians. Not radical enough? Off with the head / burn them. You would think they would recognize the threat to themselves and react accordingly.

        • Alas, CM, it seems a sign of our times that men prefer to forsake reason for madness and impulse for justification. Honestly, ISIS has succeeded in killing more Muslims than it has members of any other group.

    • It’s not art. And the guy who produced this exhibit is know for this. It’s sad when you can respect someone’s beliefs. You don’t have to agree with it. But it’s stupit things like this that get people shot or start wars.

  3. Nah who needs to open carry in Texas. Though these guys look they are headed outside the green zone

      • I honestly thought they were MP’s at first. Kinda wierd seeing the police being “militarized”.

        • Seriously a concern for me, though. If cops knock on my door to search my house for guns, I know I’m going to live through the encounter. If the military knocks on my door to search for guns, I’ll very likely be sent to Guantanamo.

          • @Hawkeye, nah…you’ll probably be rotting in a pine box. Unless of course your surrender.

        • I thought police were supposed to stand out. You know, make the presence of the law felt. The multicam is weird.

        • I kinda feel like Multicam does make them stand out in an urban environment somewhat (especially indoors), atleast more than traditional “urban cammo”

      • The police in these photos are apparently local SWAT officers and we all know that SWAT loves to dress up and pretend they are SEAL teams. They got the job done, and kudos for that, but their opponents were two amateurs with semi-auto AK-47s.

        I’m just glad they didn’t spend hours trying to talk them out of it and take them into custody before they decided to shoot them.

        • And there is a reason the ROP doesnt like dogs. Just more red meat for the SWATTIES…

        • It is kind of too bad they didn’t take the perps alive, we might’ve gotten more information out of them.

        • @Grindstone, IANAC, but you would think that every possible effort would be attempted to apprehend the suspect alive for info, if not justice. There is the “public safety” issue. If the suspect is isolated and surrounded, then that risk can be kept to a minimum. Religious nuts tend to be very entrenched in their beliefs, and possibly averse to suicide. Most wish to be martyrs. This would make apprehension more of a reality. To get closure via reasons, possible accomplices, and other targets would seem to be top priority, but that seems less the case these days.

      • Only the SWAT team members on standby and out of public view were wearing tactical clothing instead of uniforms, no one attending the event saw any SWAT officers until after the shooting was over. The rest of the Garland PD Officers were wearing standard issue navy blue uniforms including the GPD Officer working perimeter security for the event who single handedly killed the two jihadist turds with a department issue Glock 40

    • I thought these were private security mall ninjas, but the first pic has a guy with POLICE on his freaking shoulder armor. And is that a groin protector? What, is he afraid of being hit by an IED in Texas? Jesus f*cking christ.

  4. The same people who want to disarm police and private citizens are the same types also against this event. Finally theres proof Islam is a problem in the US.

  5. OMG! Look at all of those militarized PO-lease! A veritable cornucopia of TTAG nightmares….by the way, congrats Texas on your new open carry laws…better late than never, eh?

      • @Hawkeye, yep I hear ya. Clothing is certainly a very scary ‘thang’ don’t cha know?

          • @Hawkeye, yeah…oh wait, didn’t the Gestapo wear black? Oh…nevermind, tan is so much scarier.

        • @El Mac: I believe cops should use a different color scheme from the uniformed services because it pays to know exactly who is knocking on your door. I believe I would be held for a couple of days in the local jail by cops but sent to Guantanamo by the military.

    • There’s a big difference in having the right tools to respond to a situation, which I strongly support, and militarizing the police. The problem with many local and certainly almost all Federal agencies is that they overuse the tactical application of force and use a hammer when completely unnecessary and unwarranted. This us vs. them mentality drives many of these issues plaguing the country right now.

      I want them to have all the tools and training they need to respond to whatever. Part of that is the tools and training to act with restraint and maturity to know when to be what role.

  6. Helluva response boys in blue? Camo? Either way, nice response! Hats off to them. Again, proof that armed, responsible, and trained person with a gun is always a good thing. It coul have been a lot worse. Thankfully it ended quickly without further bloodshed. My things with the wounded officer. Here’s to your speedy recovery.

    • I feel your pain, Jerry. I hope we can carry again on military bases in the coming future.

  7. Lots of Operators Operating to be sure…I’m assuming they are the “private contractors” that were hired to provide security? Or local PD that were hired?? Either way, some good looking SBRs out there.

  8. I didn’t realize that they deployed SEAL Team 6 to the site….oh wait….thats just the police……

    • Same thought I had, guess these weren’t your regular B Fife local PDs that the main stream media is portraying them to be.

    • ” . . .guess these weren’t your regular B Fife local PDs that the main stream media is portraying them to be. . .”

      In too many PD’s—not saying it’s these guys—the SWAT teams have become boy’s clubs filled with operator wannabees Getting all tooled up in cammo and DOD surplus hardware doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the real deal.

      • Yeah my point was these were the security group hired by the event that was supposedly local police per CNN but clearly they showed up wearing plates, helmets, and some tricked out .mil hardware before anyone started shooting anyone.

        Not that I disagree, I mean the event was very publicized and dealt with a topic that we have seen on several occasions provoke bloodshed and mayhem, so if these really were the local Mounties at least they had the common sense to pack accordingly.
        I would wager though that they were probably private contractors working alongside local PD to provide security.

        • I think you’re right. Pam Geller is no dummy. She intentionally chose Garland because 1) it has a large, controversial, Muslim population, and 2) it’s in Texas. Reportedly, these guys were hired guns, contracted with the express intention of smoking out Muslim terrorists. It’s no surprise that she got a couple.

    • Privately paid security for the event. I believe they were off-duty, so they chose to wear whatever they wanted (possibly to send a message–like don’t mess with us?). At least they’re not standing around next to MRAPs.

  9. The cartoon thing is kinda like open carry, making it common so it becomes less of a thing. Am I thinking right? Making a cartoon into a cartoon, a tool into a tool.

    • No, the fanatics will never “get used to it” in this case. Better to just keep it up, and remain vigilant.

  10. I’m watching the news conference right now. The spokesman said the organizers paid $10K for police officers to moonlight the event. That included uniformed, swat, bomb, and back up from the ATF and FBI. I say that was $10K well spent.

    • Yep!

      As a side note, anyone know how many of these “events” do they put on a year? Is it a travelling roadshow or what?

      • It was a one time thing to protest the Charlie Hebdo murders, but maybe she’ll organize another one to protest yesterday’s attempted murders?

      • The organizer is from Long Island where I live. I’m thinking she picked Texas because if it was here you can’t hire
        police to guard your event. As a side note, no one would be CC because it’s practically impossible to get a CC permit.

    • $10,000 in off duty police security, or… hold the event off of school property and require one armed permit holder for every arriving party.

      • I would love for an event to require a concealed carry permit and weapon to enter. That would be the safest party ever!

  11. Eh I’m sprised no-one went for the low hanging fruit of a pedobear mo?

    btw when I win, this isn’t me real email, don’t need to be on more lists; but if I win…. heh

  12. Where were those photo’s taken? They have a town called Texas in the middle east?

    Sarcasm aside…. well, no, why ARE they dressed like they are heading into, or just came from, the front lines of Iraq?

    • That’s where the two extremists came from, why not give them what they’re used to seeing?

      But seriously, militarized police… I’d have rather seen the CITIZENS there carrying, and no cops at all. But, it was a gun free zone, assuring that only the gubmint can be the hero, precluding anyone taking care of their own…

  13. Whatever you do, don’t go to the 999,007 post thread. It’s complete anarchy in there.

  14. That’s what 10,000 dollars payed to Garland police for extra security gets you. Two cost effective dead Islamic nut jobs.

    • Note to terrorist. A Traffic cop with a PISTOL stopped the attack. Proves tacticool crew not necessary. Community policing at its best.

      • That’s a good point. We mock the rent-a-cop types all the time, but they worked here. The point to me at least, being that any gun is better than no gun. Even a gun in the hands of a traffic cop.

        • Traffic cop = Garland PD officer who was assigned to direct traffic at this event. Speaks well to the effort he put into his firearms training outside of the department minimum standard.

        • They ad nothing at all to do with it, but they gotta look operationally operational to insert themselves where they don’t belong and also did no good…

  15. As fun as it is, I’m glad that the 999007 thread hasnt burst a seam and flowed over.
    Anyway, those two idiots died without taking anyone else with them. Thats a win win in my book.

  16. They should just black everything out because the world is just so scary. (Hides head in sand)

  17. What environment are these Police guys actually trying to fit in with that kind of camo?

    And more importantly, what kind of Mohamed caricature is on the lead picture that it had to be blacked out?

    • I don’t know, but keep in mind it was posted by the BBC, not TTAG. Since I’d wager most everyone at the BBC has made themselves pretty much helpless, it would stand to reason they don’t want to poke the bear. Sad, but true.


  18. Geert Wilders is the perfect example of a non-citizen who absolutely should be able to avail himself of his natural right to self-defense via firearm. And he should limit his events to about 40 of the States in this country.

  19. I love how TTAG was on this story before some of the big networks. Great job SWAT guys!

  20. What until ISIS hits a couple times in THE USA , the protesters etc will all be yelling , where are the POLICE , well they took jobs where they would be safe from the public they protect, at the cost of their lives. THANK our POLICE.

  21. They should do more of these. One wounded (slightly) and 2 dead terrorists. The ROI on this was fantastic!

    • I have not seen that they have released the names of the gunmen yet. It will be interesting when they do.

  22. I’m glad that they stopped the bad guys but I’m really tired of cops that want to play soldier. If you want to be a soldier, join the military. If you want to be a cop, be a cop. The 2 guys in the second picture look every bit as capable of doing the same job as the guys in camp but they look infinitely less douchey.

  23. Police spokesman answering a question in this news conference: “for an officer shooting two men with rifles, wearing protective gear, he was only firing with his service pistol…………yeah, he did a good job” with the best grin as he said that. In his mind I’m guessing he was saying “yeah, my officer dropped those SOBs because he is a BAMF. Come get ya some ISIS!”

    • According to a news report I read, the Tangos fired 20 rounds from an AK, the cop fired TWO round for TWO kills. Awesome! Eagerly awaiting the AAR on that one.

  24. There is indeed some wierd irony going on here. It’s as if one side dared the other to do something just to see what would happen. But freedom is occasionally messy that way.


  25. Personally I think that police should all look like the two standing with the red car photo. They look approachable, the “tactical” gear makes them look hostile to civilians. The way things look can go along way.

  26. What I’m curious about is what these two dummies thought they were going to accomplish. This is Texas after all and while many of our gun laws need some help, our guns have guns.

    • Just a probe, watch for a shift in tactics. Car bombs, IEDs, etc. Doubt we see many shoot em’ up attempts.

      • I had that thought as well. It does seem like a wasteful way to probe a target, or area. A little research would go a long way with target selection, and attack profile. Then again, we don’t seem to think like terrorists.

  27. Local radio commentators are suggesting this may have been staged or arranged because of the high-degree of safety preparation for the event, citing that the security detail was not just “regular” security folks. Idiots. I suppose they would have been happier with D.C. level of competency.

    • Staged huh? And only one officer with a handgun killed both of them? If this were staged these dudes would have died in a hail of gunfire from 20 dudes with rifles……..and probably a couple well placed claymores as well. Conspiracy theorists…….they always have the answers, huh? Bunch of knuckleheads haha

  28. I’m just glad they had enough sense to have armed security/extra police at this event. It was held in a “gun free” zone with metal detectors so you can be relatively certain none of the visitors was armed.

    • I seriously doubt it…as I commented on an earlier article, I’d wager it’s intentionally misleading journalistic anti-gun agitprop. (Thanks to RF for pounding that phrase into our collective consciousness, BTW.) 🙂

  29. Per the Garland PD police conference (live right now) it sounds like one police officer, the one wounded, took out both rifle using terrorists with a pistol! Wow.

    • I was just going to say the same thing.. 1 guy with his service pistol kills TWO dirtbags with rifles? Very impressive.

  30. Does blowing up an abortion clinic or killing a doctor count as Christian terrorism?
    I really don’t trust any group that puts out edicts for the masses to follow.

    I suppose this is one time when a militarized police force is a good thing.

  31. Just some operators operating operationally. Atleast they did a good job stopping the threat In a timely manner.

  32. Some of the SWAT are wearing white running shoes. Standard issue?

    We have rights but why be disrespectful? Jesus didn’t say peep about anyone else’s religion except his own, Judaism.
    Where he lived people were used to having contact and commerce with people holding many religious beliefs.

    • I agree wholeheartedly.

      The entire point of this exhibit was to provoke a response, and they expected it to be violent based on all of the operators present.

  33. Because a new weapon, paid for by someone else, preferably outside my household………would be perfect for poppa day next month.

  34. Most of these “operators operating operationally” look like they could barely walk a mile, much less hit a dead sprint in all that gear. Or is “tactical blubber’s” extra bullet stopping protection in vogue now?

    • It’s not blubber it’s new operating operationally camo tech. They’re actually 120lb men but the optically operational effects of the camo make them appear obese causing the insurgents to aim at a larger area. Aim big miss big.

  35. Just commenting for the chance at the free gun. But the outcome in this situation could not have been better.

  36. This is the tipping point for me. Seriously considering leaving CA and rolling to TX knowing at least a traffic cop has your flank & your back.

    Cannot stop smiling.

    • Should have left CA long ago, IMO. It’s beautiful country and weather out there, but that’s about where the attraction ends for me.

      • True, but some of us are bound by work. My choices are the coasts or overseas. Spent enough time overseas, so SoCal isn’t that bad. Still hoping for a glimmer from the 9th Circuit.

  37. Only thing better would have been a CCW from a private citizen take them down.

  38. It boggles the mind that people would be willing to commit murder over a cartoon. I mea, I understand why they would be offended by the picture but murder is another whole can of worms.

    There are plenty of things that I have not been pleased about seeing but it never crossed my mind to do more then walk away shaking my head.

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m painfully aware that there is much about the islamo-fascist movement that demands the murder of those people who don’t agree with them. That’s the root of the problem, they would rather murder anyone who doesn’t agree with their world view. I don’t blame the religion of Islam, (it is not my place to make that judgement) but those who would commit violence.

    • I meant to add that they just seem to be carrying an awful lot of equipment. Were these the responding officers or the off-duty officers who were onsite for security?

      I could see the responding officers geared like this but for just standing around providing security it seems a bit much. Then again, the locate was attacked and the officers responded quickly and efficiently so I could be very wrong.

  39. The FBI knew about this guy. I wonder how many sleeper terrorists that our government won’t arrest because they are waiting for the jihadi to expose others.

  40. OMG! Multicam! They probably had an MRAP in the area! (just typing MRAP scares me)

  41. Looks like I should have waited to comment about the camo for this post. I still think the initial TTAG report had less comments regarding the operator gear because of the focus of the report and there being more support for using law enforcement in this way. After a little more time and with this post focusing on more pictures of the “operators” it doesn’t surprise me to see a lot more negative comments now.

    Like I said before I would gladly support police dressing as super heroes in camo tights and capes displaying any reference to the military they want in flashing bright lights in exchange for correcting the rampant law enforcement abuses. Not that a trade should be necessary.

    • You’re right, buddy! A big, high profile stop like this by a CCW would be amazing PR for us POTG. I hate to be such a sucker for something like that for us, but it would be huge…….if the media would give it the credit it deserves.

      • Remember the psychiatrist at the gun-free hospital in PA last year?
        He stopped a killer cold with a gun he wasn’t supposed to have with him on the premises.
        The hospital graciously decided not to fire him.
        That story died in a few days…
        It didn’t fit the narrative.
        I don’t remember Moms or Bloomie making any comment.
        Time has passed and it’s now gone down the memory hole.

        Still last night’s doings cheered me up.
        The good guys scored two.
        No matter how the press tries to spin it, these events work in our favor.

    • I am sure there would have been a media black out on this story if a concealed carrier did stop the threat

  42. I wonder how many of these guys are former military and how many failed the ASVAB

  43. “Profit” muhammed indeed. Amazing the difference of coverage from Fox and Cnn or msnbc. No respect for Christians/the right or repubs but a boatload for terrorists.

  44. Also: are we EVER going to get the media to stop saying “Assault Rifles?” I don’t think they are ever going to let it go. Modern sporting rifle? Black rifle? Semi automatic rifle? I’ll take just about anything other than assault rifle.

    • I read an article by John Lott (!) the other day, and HE kept saying “assault rifles”–and wasn’t using quotation marks, either.

  45. Glad to see nobody important was killed. They should plan one of these for next year, or else the terrorist will have still won the war.

  46. the liberal hanky-twisters will just see this as an excuse not to be offensive, rather than proof an armed people prevented another Charlie Hebdo.

  47. It’s just disappointing that our government let it go thay far. If you know about it. Stop it

  48. Well, I guess that’s the difference between terrorist attacks in disarmed france and texas.

    • Or it is the difference between an event where the planners were expecting a response of this kind and a group of people at the office on an average work day. The two events are really quite dissimilar.

  49. I don’t think these SWAT guys were the ones who took down the bad guys. What were the armed security guys (off-duty cops, I believe) carrying? Did handguns take down AKs?

    • In looking at photos again. Maybe I was wrong and the swat team was there already. I assume the photo taken with Geert De Wilders (sp?) was taken before the event.

  50. I want to see a SWAT team wearing indoor urban camo. Bookcase & Water Fountain Pattern.

  51. I wish my wife would let us move to the Lone Star state. We never get this kind of thing in the upper Midwest.

  52. Dont you love how the Daily Mail stands up for free speech and show the cartoons they are moving…. oh wait.

  53. Well, I’m not surprised by what happened…some folks tend to default to being offended rather that making an initial choice of the classic “to be or not to be”

  54. I head the best artwork at the event was the two chalk outlines on the street.

  55. The ‘operators’ come out of the woodwork when someone sneezes these days I guess…

  56. I have left the 999007 thread, it’s getting bloody in there. I had to come up for air.

    • Solid choice Tom. It’s chaos in there. Come over here where the dialogue is much better

  57. My favorite drawings at the exhibit were the two chalk outlines in the parking lot.

  58. Sounds like the event sponsor hired 40+ security guards for the event. Interesting to promote something when you think there is a high probably of attack. Not to say there is anything wrong with that, but at least they went in with their eyes open.

    • No kidding. They’re not even trying to put up a facade anymore. Please pardon my ignorance on the latest issued gear, but these multicam shirts/pants, plate carriers, holsters, carbines, and accessories therefor don’t look any different than what I understood the military (and in particular, Special Operations) uses.

  59. These lonewolf attacks are going to start happening more frequently. The chances of you being a part of one are extremely small, unless you put yourself in a situation like this. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with being prepared for it. A free $700 gun is a good start (shameless plug for myself right there haha). However, I am concerned that one day we are going to start seeing extremists placing IEDs on American roads. I definitely think that is going to happen. And they’re going to wait for something big to set it off. A school bus full of children or something like that. I fear for that day. I hope it never comes, but I don’t doubt that it will. Keep vigilant, everyone. Hopefully we can stop it!

  60. Let’s face it, this far down in the comments means that we are posting in order to try and be comment 1 million. Nothing wrong with that at all though. May the odds be ever in your favor

  61. So that’s what the Prophet Muhammad looked like….sort of. Well I learn something everyday on TTAGs site.

  62. Why the hell are they wearing camo? Good job stopping the terrorists guys, but take the tacticool down a notch.