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I write over one million words per year for TTAG. No biggie. I love my work. What’s really impressive: our readers’ output. While less than one percent of our readers comment, they do so with intelligence, passion, experience, wit and wisdom. There are too many regulars to cite by name, but they are all as important to this site’s health – and integrity – as anything our editorial staff produces. Equally, the readers who chime in once in a blue moon make TTAG what it is: a community of like-minded Americans dedicated to firearms freedom. You have my respect and thanks. To reflect our appreciation, the person writing the one millionth comment will get a gun of their choice up to a value of $700. As of this writing, we’re at 996,595 comments. Have at it!

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  1. I love me some TTAG! I sure hope I’m the lucky #1,000,000. I never win any contests like this.

    • I’m guessing a month or so. God has a sense of humor so it’ll probably be one of the occasional trolls too… or the folks who rite Like THIS and say racist stuff.

      • “… it’ll probably be one of the occasional trolls too …”

        Oh, that would totally suck!

        TTAG staff: please update the rules (all one of them) to exclude trolls.

        Thank you!

    • I definitely read more often than I post. That being said, I appreciate all of the work that goes into running this site. It’s always interesting to read the variety of opinions and backgrounds expressed by others. Keep up the great work.

  2. Finally, a giveaway I can get behind. Awarding an ar muzzle break to an avowed ar hater isn’t much incentive.

  3. I’m a visitor at least two or three times a day. Farago and crew, keep up the great job. Hopefully this pistol is on the CA roster. =(

    • Up to 700 bucks for a gun of our choice. I would put it on a Smith or ruger revolver. Living large in CA.

      • For your sake I hope that’s not $700 MSRP, that’s going to really cut it down with both Smith and Ruger. Also, not all of the Ruger revolvers are CA legal. Earlier this year I picked up a stainless 6″ GP100 because I liked my 3″ Wiley Clapp model so much. The 6″ is CA legal the Wiley Clapp is not. I’m guessing the Smiths all are because of the Hillary hole.

        • And since we’re running up the comment count;

          I went out the other day and worked on my draw and shoot skills (which I usually ignore) with the WC and the Double Tap hot loads I carry. I set up a target at 10 yards and another at 25, drew and shot double action at the 10 yard target and then 2 single action shots at the 25 yards as fast as I could, with predictably disappointing results. So I did the same thing taking my time with the other 3 rounds. The DA shot was about 4 inches directly below the bullseye and one of the SA shots hit directly in the bullseye with the other about an inch high. At 25 yards standing unsupported.

          You can’t go wrong with the GP100.

        • My Sigma, which cost a lot less than 350, is my least favorite gun. It does everything it’s supposed to, everytime it’s supposed to. Without fail.

          But it has the personality of a Glock brand Glock. I’ve seen mud pies that had more pizzaz. I keep it cause it works. Period.

        • I love my wife’s Sig Mosquito. It’s the perfect gun for malfunction drills. No need to slip in a snap cap.

  4. $700!!!!!

    But I could buy like 15 guns for that! Sheesh you guys are a bunch of elitists a who only review expensive guns.

    All of my guns have a purpose, I wouldn’t take a $700 gun if someone gave it to m… Oh wait, nm.

  5. Now my fingers are tripping over one another, like my tongue getting tangled sometimes..

    A free gun! Who can’t use another gun around nowadays?! Go for the million!

      • Glock – not Flock – autocorrect.

        A new flock of sheep would probaby be worth more than a Glock though.

        • Goats seem to be the money right now. Every other farm around us has goats instead of the usual sheep and cattle. We started noticing about the time our dairy herd returned to the pastures. But, a flock of Glock brand Glocks would be worth something. They would go nicely with my truck boat truck.

  6. Thank you, TTAG, for such a generous gesture!
    Best of luck to all in this contest but a win by some lucky resident of a blue, liberal, socialist gun grabber’s paradise would maximize the flow of liberal tears.

    • It’s gonna have to be some other thread. Even if this article got 400+ comments, they’d still be 3,000 short.

      My guess is that it’ll take about 2 weeks to hit the magic number (unless the comment volume increases exponentially for some mysterious reason).

    • I’ve got 2 M&Ps, a .40S&W police trade in off CDNN and a near-as-makes-no-difference-to-new C.O.R.E. 9MM with an RM05 dot that I picked up from Cabelas Gun Library. Love em both. I’m looking into Apex triggers/sears for both of them. The police trade in especially, as it’s got some pronounced feeback through the trigger. Pad of my index finger tingles after a few magazines through it.

      • I bought 2 trade-ins from Bud’s for $710 shipped. Put an Apex in 1 left the other stock. Difference is Night & Day. I don’t know why but the ones for LE sales seem a lot cheaper made than commercial. I know they come off the same line but, assembly seems more hurried with less care. 357Sig trades are starting to show up.RUN from them 2 local pawn shops have purchased them for the sale case. Called me when they came in and asked for a checkout, frames had cracked on 9 of 10 #10 had the striker fall out into my hand soon as slide cane off. Just to pressured a round for that polymer pistol. What’s really amazing all were purchased in 2012 have had approximately 300 rounds fired, armorers cleaned & lubes them returned back to the officer holstered until next qualifying.

  7. I’m thinking this contest will be done before next week is out. 😉 I probably won’t win, though. ;(

  8. Wont do me any good. Only thing I’ve ever won was the Mexican Lottery. I get one dollar every year for a million years!

  9. At the end of the day this is all about good marketing to drive traffic even higher. Not it’s not going to happen now, but it’s effective

  10. Does it have to be a gun? Or could it be 700 clams worth of other gear. Or was that answered in the article anyway and I just didn’t see it. No matter. You all know why I’m commenting right now.

  11. And the chances of my winning the gun are about as slim as the sharp edge of a razor blade. And speaking of Slim (Pickens) I can only feel like his character in the movie Blazing Saddles when instead of Bart (the black hero) being hung like he hoped, had been made the new sheriff of Rock Ridge. When he said, “I am depressed”. ~Taggart (Slim Pickens)

  12. This is a great idea. I read the comments to every story and usually find them to be just as good as the story itself.

  13. Only one percent? Geez, it’s not even needed to become a member. Just put down a name, a website, and Viola! More people must have something to say.

    Hmm, $700 on any gun. Well, I have a Colt Delta Elite 10mm on lay away. Could it go for that?

  14. I can’t count the number of posts I’ve show ir emailed to family, friends, or neighbors….but your site has spread the real TRUTH about us people of the gun. Thank you for the “Should have been a defensive gun use” posts and any of the truths about the civilian disarmament thugs an their nonesense.

  15. I probably won’t win. I comment very seldom but love reading several times a day. Congratulations to whoever wins!

    On a different note… I was watching From Dusk Till Dawn today for probably the millionth time and am currently listening to the Selma Hayek dance. I came to 2 conclusions. The first is that someone should open up an actual strip bar called the Titty Twister and the second is that TTAG should do a review of the revolver concept gun that Sex Machine uses in the movie. I know it wouldn’t probably be a very effective firearm but would be interested to read someone’s review. Definitely would bring a new meaning to the term blue balls

  16. I tend to keep low profile in terms of commenting under my own name on political websites, but the chance at a new gun has smoked me out. Well played, Robert. Well played.

  17. Of course, what’s to stop the TTAG boys from just picking one at random and calling it the millionth?

  18. Hey I’m in Massachusetts, so if I win make sure it has been deemed “safe” by the AG. No Glock, Springfield, Kimber, etc, etc, etc……..

  19. i do enjoy this website, I check multiple times a day. This is my go to site for reviews and news. Keep it up guys I’m happy to be one of the armed intelligencia

  20. So how many people are sitting here refreshing the page and watching that little red number in the lower right change?

  21. At current rates it’ll be several days to a couple weeks before hitting the big one. That said, some comments will be deleted for various reasons, usually related to spamming. So you can never be too sure just HOW close they’re getting anyway. Don’t worry too much and enjoy the discussion is all I got to say. Somebody’s gotta win, ya know.

    If it happens to be me, I’d probably put that 700 down towards a new Super Redhawk in .454 with a 9.5″ barrel if I can find one. I had one with the 7.5″ barrel, sold it back to a friend and regretted it ever since.


    • I would lean toward the shorter end of that spectrum you gave. That said, I don’t think it’ll happen before I get out of Age of Ultron tonight.

      • Correct, but the WordPress backend shows the comments coming in in strict sequential order, newest at the top, regardless of what post the comments are left to. Given the timeframe involved, I’d place a strong bet that the millionth comment will not actually be in this post.

    • It’s not necessary to create an account to leave a comment. You can, but it’s not necessary. The account you’re creating doesn’t allow you any more access, it just creates a cookie that saves your login name and email address, so you don’t have to continually fill out the fields below.

  22. Well, I guess this is one way to force us dust bunnies out from under the sofa. Gaaahh, the light, it burns my eyes!

  23. Guess I’ll have to start showing up more often. 🙂

    Regardless, 1M comments is impressive. Congrats to TTAG for the traffic and activity and congrats in advance to the lucky soul who posts the magic post. I’m curious about what gun gets picked and where it ends up going.

    Also, could you choose, say, 2 S&W shields if you find a seller for under $350? 😉

  24. WordPress tells me I’m posting comments too quickly. And what did they think was going to happen?

  25. WOOT! I can always use another gun! I’ve been a daily reader for the past three years. Love all of your insight, and always check here for firearm reviews before I buy.

  26. I’ve been lurking on this site for about half a year and I love the articles. The brutally honest gun reviews are something that no in else does and I enjoy reading the comments. I’m really glad to hear that TTAG is doing something for the readers.

  27. Could sure use a new Glock since all my local Blue Box dealers have grown a pair not giving them 4473 info. I don’t get a basic for $400 but they still do paper 4473’s worth the $250 per extra.

  28. Oh, and for the record, though I’ve been “not a writer” for this site longer than I was a writer, I’m not in the running for this. I’m not leaving all these comments because I’m trying to win, it’s just because I’m bored and this thread is interesting. If by some chance my comment is the one that breaks 7 digits (it won’t be), I’m passing. The fix is most assuredly not in.

    • I am really curious what the winner will pick. I also would like to know how much this increases comments.

  29. It has to be me.

    I haven’t bought a new gun since January because “Her Worship” is hanging onto all of the disposable income.

    Expect more stupid comments like this on every single new thread that is started because seriously, this is my only hope of getting anything new that is shootable for the rest of the year.

    On to the next thread!

  30. BTW have it on good authority that those that are sending DIGs back for $129 refurbishment specials are getting a special deal. A retest fired bullet & record keeping. Personally I’m redoing my springs & I use big dot 24/7 sights anyhow. Just something too think about.

  31. Here’s to a great site to which I’ve been pleased to contribute ever so slightly! And here’s to getting in line trying to be the millionth!

  32. Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m glad that I found this thread you all keep me sane. Thanks

  33. We all don’t always agree but that’s the beauty of the constitution, not just the 2nd amendment but the entire document we can all have our say. Generally without worrying about being stoned.

  34. I comment a ridiculous amount. My luck it wouldn’t post because of one of the glitch times. Which is way too often…

  35. I’d be curious when this is all finished how long it took from the posting of this contest to the 1,000,000th post

  36. $700 I really REALLY could use that. hrmmmm, just what to pick if i get it
    HRMMMM, what to get, if i even get it that is.

    • I found you, Tom. Also Congrats to TTAG. From equipment reviews to current events, you present a rational person’s perspective in an irrational, politically-correct, god-forbid-we-step-on-your-toes, world

  37. That’s pretty cool, guys! I’ve been debating the purchase of another handgun and this’ll take care of that nicely. Question: if the winner decided could he add cash to the amount to make a larger purchase? Either way, this is pretty awesome.

  38. I like the free stuff. and a new gun would be great, and let,s not forget the free ball caps or coffee cups or tee shirts that some gun groups give you (cost 14.95 ) shipping well that’s not real free. well is free no longer free?? FREEDOM was never free. so keep fighting for 2A… and LOL

  39. New to both this blog and guns (moved out of NYC), and I think my head is going to explode trying to review this sites old blog history.

  40. I gotta say; this is the best gun site I have ever visited. keep it up for another 1 million comments guys.

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