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Best of the West SHooting Sports (courtesy The Truth ABout Guns)

I’ve been tele-schmoozing with NBC’s Ronan Farrow about his forthcoming Guns 2.0 documentary. At my suggestion, the Tiffany Network’s motley crew will be taping the ballistic festivities at Houston’s Athena Gun Club on Friday night. On Saturday the 9th, Mr. Farrow’s mob wants to video a small group of gun-owning millennials shooting guns (with our man Leghorn) at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill (just northwest of Austin). Afterwards, he’ll interview Young Guns 2.0 at Dahlia’s cafe which, it must be said, serves some of the best pie in Texas. NBC needs four or five volunteers. If you’re down with that – accepting the risk of anti-gun editorial editing – contact producer Katherine O’Hearn at [email protected]. Here’s her official invitation . . .

We’re working on a story for NBC News about a new generation of gun enthusiasts. We are looking to gather a small, representative group of millennials – ideally 20s, potentially early 30s – who are passionate about guns and gun culture and who shoot on a regular basis. Themes of particular interest include young people drawn to gun culture through videogames and tech; women and minorities as important voices in the gun community; and how young people integrate guns into their social lives, from shooting ranges to online forums.

This would involve a few hours of your time the afternoon (12-4pm) of this coming Saturday, May 9th. We will start at the Best of the West shooting range in Liberty Hill, TX to capture footage of the group shooting. We will then move to a nearby café for a roundtable discussion. Promise to get you out of there by 5pm at the latest.

If you are interested and available, please contact Katherine O’Hearn at [email protected].

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  1. I’ve been following gun issues since billy bobs crime bill. Has doing one of these big name media pieces ever made us look good?

    Hope springs eternal, especially if younger people don’t remember or don’t understand who they are dealing with.

    Good luck, I remain cautiously pessimistic

  2. I’d do it if I lived near there.

    Being raised in the Bay Area amongst irrational propagandizing of the issue from people who have never even held a gun gives one some “interesting” perspective.

  3. Translation: If you want NBC to make you look like a “crazed, right-wing, homophobic, inbred red neck”, (because gunz!) shoot her an email… but you might have to put a trigger warning in the subject line for those special snowflakes over at NBC.

    The networks have proven to be incapable of objectively portraying gun owners. If they get through the whole piece without mentioning trying to link us to Sandy Hook, I’ll eat my shoe.

    • Your shoes are laughing at you. Even they know they are perfectly safe in this scenario 😀

  4. Ronan Farrow makes Al Sharpton look like an intellectual giant.

    There’s no compliment anywhere in that sentence.

  5. Swing on up through Iowa and I’ll introduce NBC to a whole plethora of firearms-enthusiastic Millenials, myself included.

  6. Unfortunately my 20’s were 20 years ago. I highly recommend Dahlia’s chicken fried steak and the bourbon pecan pie.

  7. Botw is too far north. I would need to cash in some frequent flyer miles to get up there from Oak Hill.

  8. I may have to follow up on the Athena taping. I wonder if they could use a 30-something turrist-skinned professional. Especially if they will pay for the lane, a rental and ammo, since there are a few guns I’ve been looking at trying out.

  9. Just watch You Tube for a while. Many youngsters with guns some of them pretty safe others not. Amusing though. The AK underwater shooting in a swimming pool was a fine example of people with too much time on their hands. More fun than NBC.

  10. As a 19 year old Texan attending college in the Austin area, I’d love to attend, but traveling back home to the piney woods of East Texas is already planned for the weekend, and I fear that adding another white redneck type might not be the best representation of the Texas gun culture.

  11. If I could insert a meme into this comments it would be Admiral Ackbar: It’s a Trap!’

    May the 4th be with you…

  12. If I wasn’t flying home next Tuesday, I’d be out there in a heart beat.

  13. Because they’ve been so objective on their reporting in the past.

    Hey . . . where did my model rocket motors go?

  14. I am tempted… I’m mid thirties though. Not technically a millennial but not a gen X either

    • Oh you must be from the generation in between those two. Or were you sent here from the future to save us from the cyborgs?

  15. Athena Gun Club in West Houston might be the most awesome shooting range I’ve attended. If only it were inside. Still, great place. I wish I’d gone there more often when I lived there.

  16. This has piqued my interest. BoTW is about 30 minutes from my place. Also mid-thirties but hispanic. I wonder if my particular demographic would throw a curveball to their narrative. Hey Nick, maybe this time you can get to put my SIG 1911 STX through its paces as I offered to you back on TIFF.

    • They set the narrative, they control the narrative. If you don’t advance the narrative, you won’t get to play.

    • Concealed is concealed. That applies to driver’s licenses too. As long as you look you enough…

      I say go for it. We can use as much diversity (age, skin color, sex, politics, etc.)

      The less reinforcement of gun owners as hick old fat white men who hate brown people and are ignorant the better.

  17. Whats the saying, “When you lay down with dogs…”. Seriously, screw the media in general, and NBC in particular.

  18. Actually CBS, under Paley, was the Tiffany network. NBC pretty much was always the bunch of humps it still is today……

  19. Well, as to fairnes and spin:

    Just remember CNN and Jabba the Hut intervening on Romney’s Benghazi comment on Obama’s behalf.
    Or CBS Stonewalling on F&F, and Benghazi.
    As to NBC, ask “What would Brian Williams do?”

    Maybe you should have your own videographer taping the whole thing, as part of the condition to let NBC film.

  20. I’d rather drop a baby rattlesnake in my drawers than trust an NBC hack at a gun range. Just not worth it.


  21. Good Lord! I just looked him up online…The first line describes him as an “activist” and a lawyer. Son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. Yale Law. No way, no how would I submit myself to his tender mercies!

  22. Millennials, Run fast and far, far away from this! It’s not going to turn out the way you think it will. NBC is anti-2nd. Always has been, always will be.

  23. NBC and a hollywood elitist farrow? objectivity will be a dim memory. the producers already wrote the story. they are simply looking for actors to fit their narrative. TTAG should advocate a boycott not participation.

  24. Uh oh, seems as though NBC’s trying to draw a non-existential correlation between combat-like video games and gun ownership = violent crime again?

    Simple words for the millennial crowd: don’t trust them, that network is hardline anti. Likely the proposal is likely a ruse to cast you in a false bad light, & I’m quite disappointed TTAG is cooperating with. Seeing as how their track record is extremely uninspiring, and brimming with schadenfreude. Queue Admiral Akbar in 3…2…1

    Robert, you’re not going to draw NBC over with honey.

  25. Refusing to play does not help. I am out, as I am not close to a Millenial and not close to TX.

    Farrow can surprise you on occasion. I have seen him bird dog the truth, in spite of his lineage and employer.

    • well, if we can not refuse to play, anyone who goes needs to insist on equal camera recording with their own equipment to make sure the airing video is a factual representation and not, as i suspect, a created narrative.

  26. Well, I’m not a millennial, I’m a GenXer, so I’m used to being ignored. Have fun.

  27. I hope this turns out to be an actual honest portrayal of gun owners in America but I have my doubt’s. Mainstream media can’t seem to tell the truth about anything, especially when it comes to guns. It would be fun to participate though. Too bad I’m the whole way up in Pennsyltucky.

    Best of luck to you all. Let us know when it is airing.

  28. I’m skeptical as I don’t trust the Dick Gregory network, but I’m too old and too far away to qualify anyway. So good luck.

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