Chicago Police officers with Santa and Santa's helpers in the Windy City. Image via Twitter (courtesy Chicago Police)
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Happy Holidays. That’s what crews of armed robbers are thinking in Chicago as they stick up scores of people, relieving them of their valuables, particularly in the decent parts of town. Vehicular-borne bad guys ride around in stolen cars and swarm their targets with alarming regularity. They’ve hit dozens of victims in recent days, and those are just the reported robberies.

The short-handed Chicago Police Department issued community alerts, but those are about as useful in protecting residents as a sternly-worded letter from the United Nations. The bad guys continue to ply their trade with impunity.

Chicago Police make arrests in just 5.8% of serious crimes. When you factor in a 60% decline in reported crimes over the past twenty years, that would suggest that CPD solves well under 4% of the most serious crimes committed and only about 7.7% of all crimes.

So thugs in Chicago really don’t worry about the police. Not only do they know the odds of getting caught by a department that are prohibied from chasing stolen cars or fleeing suspects (even pursuits of murder suspects where police have seen the murder take place) is extremely low, they know the local prosecutor oftentimes simply won’t prosecute them.

That relegates tax-paying, law-abiding people to nearly helpless victim status. CWB has the latest about the exploding numbers of holdups in the holiday season.

Nearly 40 people have been robbed since Friday by armed holdup crews prowling the city’s near west and north sides. Five victims were targeted Sunday evening in the West Loop and West Town.

Chicago police have issued community alerts about some of the crimes, which a source said likely involve at least two robbery crews. Still, the holdups continue, and some of the robberies are becoming more violent. There have been no arrests announced.

Forty armed robberies and not a single arrest.

On Friday evening, seven women were robbed, and another was carjacked during a crime spree in Wicker Park, Bucktown, and West Town. At least fourteen people were robbed during a two-hour crime wave that stretched from the Lower West Side to Irving Park on Friday morning.

On November 25, at least nine robberies were reported during daylight robbery sprees in West Town and West Ridge. Four days earlier, three similar robberies were reported in Humboldt Park, Wicker Park, and Logan Square.

Chicago’s notorious crime situation is quickly spiraling out of control. It’s edging toward the point where many victims may begin to administer their own brand of justice if they know who victimized them.

After all, the public knows how few criminals the CPD arrests, too. If cops only catch the bad guys 3.8% of the time, that means there’s also only a 3.8% chance that they’ll catch up to someone who decides to administer some street justice.

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  1. Reduction in crime requires a deterrent. First, the deterrent must be known to exist. Next, the offenders must believe they will be caught. Then, the defenders must believe they will face criminal charges. After that, criminals must believe they will be tried. Continuing, criminals must be convinced they will found guilty. Following, criminals must believe they will serve significant jail time.

      • The sheeple will not arm up. They’ll just whine to the authorities that they need more police. The Authorities will inform them that their property taxes will have to be quadrupled to pay for the extra police and they won’t be on the street for at least a year or 2, if they can recruit them at all. And, by the way you can’t have a gun to defend yourself with. Too bad sheeple. Suck it up.

      • “l like my criminals to stoned”

        “stoned” as in “under the influence”, or as in “head crushed by heavy rocks”?

        • In return for staying out of trouble and peddling a bike hooked to a generator hooked to the grid (or pushing broom), they get at-cost dope and a clean well-lighted kennel…

          Why crush their heads?

          News flash – technology/automation will create ever-increasing leisure time and ever-decreasing need for gainful employment.

      • “A bullet to the head may not deter but it stops that cretin from further harm to others.”

        Agree; not a deterrent, but a solution.

    • “Victim administration of justice needs to START down at City Hall.”

      No, it needs to start when the victim says *no* in a viciously-clear manner, and doesn’t allow the crime to proceed.

      The *point* is for criminals to say to themselves – “I better not do that, I might get my ass shot”… 🙂

  2. ZERO F@^#S given. You voted for it, and you suffer the consequences. Just please stop moving to Arizona as I now have to carry more ammo…………

  3. This my surprised face.

    What the city needs is for Paul Kersey to return from the grave and take care of business with his .475 Wildey Magnum.

    Maybe someone could make a movie outa that…. 😉

  4. “…there’s also only a 3.8% chance that they’ll catch up to someone who decides to administer some street justice.”

    Factually incorrect.


    • More like 100%…

      Self defense is bad for business in chitcago. Ergo, even slam dunk valid cases of self defense are punished severely by the powers that be. The exception might be persons with powerful connections – my guess is that includes all of the very few licensed carriers.

      “Street justice” stands no chance – if the “good guys” don’t get you, the bad guys will. The exception here would be intergang violence. Maybe.

  5. These clowns obviously do not fear the government’s failed and worthless system. It probably won’t take too long to slow them (the criminals, I mean NOT the government supported ones) down once Chicagoans make up their minds they’ve had enough. Korean rooftop peacemakers made an UUUUGE difference back in LA. Didn’t even haffta shoot anybody. Just shoot near enough to them they knew they were ball not blank.

    It stands to reason that if the coppers only DO anything about some four percent of guys doing th crimes against the townsfolk, they’re unlikely to do much better against normal citizens going about armed and who STOP such activity as now plagues their city.

    the alternative is to simply up stakes and shuffle off to greener pastures. If the system is that broken and won’t let itself be fixed, find a new system. (but leave the trash politics behind in ChiTown)

    • “These clowns obviously do not fear the government’s failed and worthless system.”

      Correct, but irrelevant.

      I want them to fear who they might want to rob…

    • “In cars.”

      Gary Numan :

      “Here in my car
      I feel safest of all
      I can lock all my doors
      It’s the only way to live in cars
      Here in my car
      I can only receive
      I can listen to you
      It keeps me stable for days in cars
      Here in my car
      Where the image breaks down
      Will you visit me, please
      If I open my door in cars?
      Here in my car
      I know I’ve started to think
      About leaving tonight
      Although nothing seems right in cars.”

  6. The CPD may not be bothering with criminals, but when law-abiding citizens start adding to the body count I expect that “soft-on-crime” prosecutor to suddenly and inexplicably start slinging serious multiple-count charges–at the citizens defending themselves.

    Chicago’s crime wave isn’t a mistake, it’s exactly what is intended.

  7. it’s bad. it’s not all bad. here, the victim sitting in vehicle with window down(!) grabs extended mag from attacker, shoots him and accomplice in shoulder, then shoots driver in head, driver takes off, crashes, breaks passenger’s leg. ha.

    this is a guy i convinced to tool up. couple miles straight east of me. it was rough down there in the ’60’s.

  8. “that would suggest that CPD solves well under 4% of the most serious crimes committed and only about 7.7% of all crimes.”

    thats about the national average for all law enforcement federal and not. +/- 1%…

  9. These governments have abrogated their duty to their citizens to enforce the law and maintain good order.

    All these governments are doing is encouraging people to adopt Bernie Getz style vigilantism for their own defense.

    Normal people shouldn’t be afraid of criminals, criminals should be afraid of normal people.

  10. It turns out that people can use the government to encourage bad behavior, as seen playing out here, and around the country. Alternatively, people could use the government to encourage good behavior. People respond to incentives. It wouldn’t be difficult, but a highly functional society would be a threat to the current power structure.

  11. I could not live in a place like that. I suspect the most successful self defense occurrences are completely unreported because the good guy shoots the bad guy and then skedaddles, since if he self reports he will be prosecuted and in the mean time the family of the ventilated bad guy and his bad guy buddies will attack the good guy, and anyone associated with him.

    There is no justice and no freedom in third world locations like Chicago.

    • Rusty Chains,

      I often wonder if a very large percentage of “murders” in Chicago are righteous self-defense which the righteous defender never reports.

      I also wonder if many of the murders in Chicago are good people (for the most part) who positively identify a serious scumbag murderer and then eliminate that serious scumbag murderer–in other words vigilantism.

      • “I often wonder if a very large percentage of “murders” in Chicago are righteous self-defense which the righteous defender never reports.”

        …and never reports, since they are convicted felons, unable legally to posses a gun.

        Yeah, quite a few are just “settling a business dispute”… 🙂

      • Good question. Another would be the known prior offenders rate of recidivism. Would be willing to bet of the core constituents, a rather large chunk of the overall would be knocked off if only they would prosecute and convict, instead of the catch and release revolving door “method” they currently employ.

        Too whit, I see no method at all.

      • @ uncommon_sense

        “I often wonder if a very large percentage of “murders” in Chicago are righteous self-defense which the righteous defender never reports.”

        That’s actually an excellent question.

        Ya kinda need to qualify the term ‘murder’.

        Murder is a form of ‘homicide’. Homicide is a broad term but it also includes ‘justified homicide’ which is also known as self-defense. For nationwide stats, over 50% of events in stats touted to be ‘murder’ in anti-gun rhetoric are not murder but were ‘justified homicide’ self-defense by law abiding people. People see/hear the term ‘homicide’ and assume it only means murder, and anti-gun is quick to re-enforce that idea with their touted stats and studies which do not differentiate and leave the impression its all murder and it isn’t.

        Does this mean that people do not murder other people? No, of course not. Murder (our legal and moral prohibition definitions today) has always been with mankind, its not going to go away anytime soon and its not because any certain ‘implement’ exists, for example, guns. There is zero causation of guns being responsible for murder, there is zero causation for any implement being responsible for murder, and never has been such a causation. Its why these false ‘correlation = causation’ studies touted by anti-gun are always false, aside from the fact that ‘correlation can never equal causation because its impossible’, its because the factor is not the implement but rather the person committing the act of murder.

        • A rather long winded explaination when the REAL problem is the sheer nunmber of Firearms on the steets and their availability.
          What I did not realise when commenting on current American Gun Control measures is that the present interpretation of the American
          Constitutiion as regards ‘The Right To Bear Arms’ is a fairly recent event. I’ve become a great fan of MICKY SPILLANE and throughout his books it’s obvious that Handguns and Semi-Auto’s were NOT widely available to the general public without very stringent licensing conditions and Deaths due to Gun Crime were when compared to more recent numbers quite insignificant. Whilst there are the occasional mention of the TOMMY GUN in the hands of criminals I’ve not read a single reference to a SEMI-AUTOMATIC and it would seem that the general issue as it were was a COLT ACP or a S&W.38 both referred to a PIECE. .
          In his day MICKY SPILLANE [and his character MIKE HAMMER] was on the cusp of censorship for his violent and sexual descriptions. Of course NOTHING can prevent the determined criminal or terrorist with enough money in his or pocket from obtaining fire arms. Not even in those countries that have Draconian control measures like the UK and most of Europe. But they are extremely difficult to access.
          I was was an Armouer and Smallark ms Instructor inthe Royal Air Force for 15 yea\sr and a member of the UK Army Infantry Reserves for seven so I’m more than familiiar with most types of firearms and more than compentent in their useageBUT since leavingthe Services for good in the Early ’90’s I’ve not had the slightest inclination [apart from a brief dabble in Clay/Skeet shooting] or need to possess or use any kind of firearm. And I don’t actually know of anybody else who has either except for offical LICENSED purposes.

  12. It appears that State Attorney Kimberly Fox and Mayor Lori Lightfoot have set the situation perfectly for their core constituency.

  13. Haven’t been off the freeway in Chicago since ’96. Have no reason to do anything but drive around the beltway and on to other places. Haven’t been in Illinois since 2000. Again, no reason to go there. Last trip to MN. I went across the Mississippi and up through Iowa since I needed to visit southern MN. And, even then I carried my sidearm legal or not.

  14. The first step is to RID CHICAGO of the corrupt and ineffectual leaders. Actually violently, if necessary. That is the only language they understand. Then replace them with leaders that will support and refund police and back all measures to decrease the criminal element.

  15. “That relegates tax-paying, law-abiding people to nearly helpless victim status.” Actually that would make one a First Responder in person. That should qualify one for First Responder discounts also.


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