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Okay this one isn’t a meme at all whatsoever. But I thought y’all would like it. Click to enlarge:


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  1. I used to work with a lovely fellow that had a bumper sticker that expressed his love for his fellow man. “FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKIN FUCK” I tend to agree.

    • Not a mackerelsnapper but I like the one of the back of Lou Holtz’s car: “Jesus loves you! Everyone else thinks you’re an asshole!”

        • Early 70’s, High school days, I had a type 2 with a bumper sticker that read “Don’t laugh, your daughter may be in here”.

        • used to get a lot of reaction from the one on my geo metro…”I’m pretending i’m driving a Porsche”…gotta get one of those waving Trump signs to put in my back window…

  2. Forgot to add the GS style, thin blue line, 3per, punisher skull, tea party, MAGA, NRA, ammo/gun branding, and other stickers that identify a gun may be in the car or the person have those items at home. Also fuel for an aggressive prosecutor or police should an event happens that puts the driver in the literal cross hairs.

    Just keep a plain car and don’t draw attention to yourself, politics, or other things that could be used to screw ya over.

    • Better yet, drive with Biden/Hillary/Obama/BLM/antifa/leftist stickers on your car so you can fit in with all the aggressive liberal prosecutors that we so commonly see on TTAG all the time.

      • Won’t work too well in my part of Florida, or most any part of Florida for that matter, hell even Miami Dade went Red this time…

    • Always a bit ironic how NRA members [correctly] oppose registration but then self-identify with a sticker on their vehicle.

    • …my favorite…and I stuck it inside my mailbox to give the mailman a “for a small town this one sure has a lot of assholes”….truer words were never spoken…..

  3. Thank you!

    My wife bought me a “we don’t dial 911” sign a few years ago amd was upset that I didn’t put it in the yard.
    I tried to explain that it was just an advertisement that there are guns here so rob me if the cars are gone sign.
    she was upset for a while, but I still have all my shit.

  4. As much of that as I see, that’s no surprise.

    I have very little on my vehicles, nowadays. I read a book years back by a cop on how to avoid traffic tickets. Some good stuff in there, like never put your favorite team on there, because the cop that pulls you over might root for their division enemy.

    Really, the less on there, the better. Be an anonymous car…

    • I have only one such on my car – my license plate identifies me as a U.S. Army veteran.

      Might get me some points in case of interaction with a veteran cop, might get a crook to think maybe there would be a better target, but really does not say much more than that.

      • I say veterans should rock that plate. You may be a SOB the second you open your mouth but it buys a little goodwill with me if I see it. I’ll wave you in front of me in traffic when you need over if I see it.

        • I worked with a female veteran. She got pulled by a State Trooper and didn’t know why. I told her he saw a good looking woman with woman veteran specialty license plate and the USMC plate frame and he just wanted to check you out.
          By the way the frame was the excuse to pull her over. Apparently that some weird law here in Tennessee

        • By the way the frame was the excuse to pull her over. Apparently that some weird law here in Tennessee

          Pretty much the same everywhere if the frame blocks any part of the plate like partially covering the expiration date or (in FL) the issuing county…

    • Nothing on my car. Everything on the down low. Be the grey man.

      Cops will know when they run my plate I’m a licensed gun owner. I don’t give a reason to be in their attention.

      • “Cops will know when they run my plate I’m a licensed gun owner.”

        That’s the same here, my carry permit immediately flags me the moment a cop anywhere in the country runs a check on my ID.

        It also means if I ever visit Canada by car, I will not just be waved through, they’ll want to have a little chat with me, to be sure I understand how seriously Canada takes their draconian gun laws.

        (Saw that happen on a Canadian border security show, just having that card got someone extra-special attention at the border…)

        • Thank goodness my state doesn’t share private data like that. Run my drivers license, and it shows my drivers license. Same with registration. Only way any other states or even counties know anything about my guns or permit would be for them to call my home county sheriff’s office. That’s just information that they don’t need to share with the world. At least that’s how it has been in the past… there was some talk of a statewide database a few years back, so they’re trying to get closer.

        • I can’t think of any reason why I would want to spend one dime in Canada. I don’t care that the hunting and fishing is superb. Any money spent there just supports the regime. They need US dollars to buy oil. An easy way to get them is US dollars spent on tourism.

        • I can’t think of any reason why I would want to spend one dime in Canada

          How bout a 26% discount on EVERYTHING? It’s like buy four get one free. (Hint get your Canadian money at an American bank keeps dollars out of the hands of Canadian government) …

        • MadMaxx: I am not incorruptible but I am not cheap. I don’t care if they are shilling their stuff at a 90% discount. Just shows how desperate they are for U.S. dollars. They can take their discounted stuff and put it where the sun don’t shine along with their assisted suicide and holier-than-thou attitude. Have you read about their new program of prelude to soylent green for patients with mental disorders? Shades of the Third Reich. First they exterminated the mentally ill, then the physically handicapped. Next they exterminated the jews and the gypsies Then they exterminated the Catholics. Finally they exterminated each other. Right now I am reading about Hitler and his extermination squads and Stalin and his extermination squads. The parallels are remarkably similar.

  5. Sad, but in these times very true! Most of my old vehicles used to carry this sticker “please steal this car” (it’s insured)!

    • The best price you will ever get for an ordinary used car is if it’s destroyed in a natural or other event and you have good insurance. Trading it to a dealer or big chains isn’t even close. YMMV

      • Three years ago, a car rear ended me on my way to work (dude even worked at the same company as me). It was a very minor accident.

        My car was old and I had been thinking about upgrading. His insurance totalled my car, and gave me way more than I could have sold it for. Things worked out great. 👍

  6. Jean Shepherd (the author of the stories that Ralphie’s “Christmas Story” was based on used to riff on his “old man” in a lot of monologues.

    One of the best was this: “My old man would not have understood people buying personalized license plates. What he hoped was that the random license plate he get would have a letter/number combination that would be hard for cops to memorize.”

  7. The only sticker on my car is the one that goes on the license plate that says my registration is current. Apparently even that can be a theft item (for those that don’t want to pay the annual tax), so I make sure that if there are more than a few stacked up I cut them off to make it harder to steal the newest one.

  8. It’s missing one of those black and white stickers that boasts about their favorite vacation spot. Maybe those are going out of style. Bumper stickers are like tattoos. The trendy ones are the worst ones.

  9. One of the managers I worked with gave me a bumpersticker that read” If it’s snowbird season, why can’t we shoot them?” Other than a US flag, and an Army veteran plate frame, I have nothing on my current vehicles. The snowbird sticker went with the old pick up I sold several years ago.
    I have seldom had anything other base ID stickers when I was active duty, or EMT/Fire dept. stickers when I was working in that job. Just don’t care to advertise what I may own, or put out other information if not absolutely necessary.

  10. I knew a guy that had a comment like “If some single mom puts those stickers on her car she should have like 3 big mean german shepards on there.”

    I don’t do stickers on my cars, tacky to begin with. Despite doing ham radio for a while, I never got a ham radio plate either. Nothing like driving around with your address on the front and back of your car forget that!

  11. The only sign around is in my RV shelter. It shows an image of a revolver and simply says “there’s nothing here worth dying over”

    If someone is in there and I catch them, their odds of survival is poor.

  12. if it’s not something I would likely share with a random stranger after 5 seconds of conversation, why would I announce it on my car?

    Sticker quantity also seems to be inversely related to predictability of the driver. Basically the more stickers, the less I trust the driver to not be distracted or do something stupid.

  13. I’ve got large bat wings on the trunk of my car( sent Gadsden Flag a pic) and two NASA stickers on each side of the front quarter panels.
    When I was applying the decals a friend said, ” Ahhh possum, dont do that, everyone will think your nutz!” I replied, “Yeah, I know.”

  14. A person is targeted as a potential victim of a violent crime at least three times for every 8 hours they spend in public view.

    On average (in a city type environment with a population of 10,000 or more), a person in public view for at least 1 hour encounters passively by proximity, without knowing, at least 36 violent people who have committed a seriously injurious violent act against another in the last 48 hours. This can people you pass on the street, in a store shopping, driving in traffic, a school staff member etc… just about any place.

  15. I taught my wife and daughter to never ever put signs up like this on any car or house. Let everyone else do it and become better targets.

  16. If you don’t have any kids nor toys in your garage yet cover your car with those stickers is it a form of illegal baiting if you just happen to be home one afternoon when somebody comes looking for your toys?

  17. Only bumper sticker I ever put on a vehicle was one on an old pickup that said,”If you don’t like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk!”

  18. This assumes the criminals think about their victims/crimes. 99.99999% of break ins to cars are pure opportunity. A visible backpack in the back seat is far more attractive to a crackhead with a hammer than any of the stickers above.

  19. I agree with the advice not to tell thieves about your expensive possessions or hot heads about your controversial beliefs.

    I don’t like extraneous signs and stickers on my vehicles. They’re tacky at best and ugly at worst. If someone wants to pay me for advertising their business (e.g. dealer sticker), I’ll give their offer due consideration. Since no one has, the only thing on my vehicle is the license plate at the rear as required by the state.

    Some forty years ago, it was popular to show stickers with slogans like “Baby on board” or “I brake for yard sales.” I briefly considered “Lead foot driver on board” and “I brake for no good reason.”

  20. Àpropos the name of this web site, the only bumper sticker I’ve had on a car for quite a few years says:

    TRUTH – The New Hate Crime

  21. A USMC plate a Vietnam Vet sticker and a “caution this veteran may be off his meds” sticker, all the information anyone needs to know to make the “informed” decision of whether or not to fuck with me.

  22. FWIW I saw a couple unusual bumper stickers the other day…

    “Keep the South Beautiful…Put a Yankee on the Bus”
    “Do You Follow Jesus This Closely?”

  23. Best bumper sticker I have ever seen on a Florida pickup truck stated “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN HOW YOU USED TO DO IT UP NORTH”.


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