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Yes, that’s a network television show. If you listen carefully, you can hear the faint sounds of wailing, rending of clothing and gnashing of teeth from MAIG, the Bradys and the VPC. Happy Friday. [h/t]

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  1. I watched that episode and in the context of the show, I thought it was handled pretty good. I guess it helps that Tom Selleck is a member of the NRA and has some clout on the show.

  2. Wow! Culturally that was a step up and refreshing for America film entertainment. Respect and appreciation for guns is being re-discovered. Modern Hollywood dramas (and advertising) are often filled with images and scenes of modern good strong realistic womyn interacting and controlling weak (often bad) dumb or immature unrealistic men. I really liked the caring wise father explaining the facts about guns and dangers of life to his son. I also liked how the father stood up to his wife. Two thumbs up Dan!

  3. The amazing thing about this clip was how clearly it showed the two sides of the gun debate. The realistic gun owner played by the father who is introducing his son to guns in a very careful manner and the hysterical woman who sees it as “playing” with guns and doesn’t understand the reality of the world. You can stick your head in the sand and pretend that bad things don’t happen to good people or you can be realistic. 150 years ago on the American frontier everyone owned one or more guns as they understood it was their right and duty to protect themselves. Today, so many of our fellow citizens expect others to do it for them and criticize those if us who want to shoulder the responsibility ourselves.

  4. Wow! I’m impressed.

    Exposing children to guns under controlled circumstances like this really does take the mystery and intrigue away from firearms. I had a policy of getting a gun out for my boy pretty much whenever he asked to see and hold it. I took the opportunity to teach him the safety rules and nomenclature and quiz him as he learned. After a time he stopped asking. He now knows how to handle (and shoot) guns and he’s not tempted to sneak a peek.

  5. Another CBS series comes to mind: Jericho. The circumstances under which Robert Hawkins’s daughter is taught about guns are quite different (and involve live-fire and cheesy pop music CDs). It also becomes a plot point. I think I’ve spoiled enough, though…

  6. Well, there’s something I never thought I’d see again on network television in my lifetime. I’m going to have to slightly revisit my hatred of CBS.

  7. I like it. The only thing I think he could have done better would have been to inform his wife beforehand so she could have sat in on the lesson.

    Of course that would have prevented the “dramatic” moment that happened afterwards and I guess Blue Bloods is a drama.

    Still, a good bit.

  8. The sound of winning. How sweet that sound. Who would have thought, just a couple of years ago, that something like this would have made it to network TV?

    I watched the clip last night from a link in to Robb Allen’s place. Nice. I’m sure that thanks are in order to Tom Selleck.

  9. My impression was that Amy Carlson (as Linda Reagan) did a good subtle bit of acting in leaving the conflict with Danny bearing an apparently conflicted expression regarding what had just happened. No screaming, no storming off, just tense and apprehensive. Good directing was apparent.

  10. I always find it so odd, that when it comes to other dangers in our lives or house holds that can potentially kill, we typically educate.

    Prescription drugs, cleansers under the sink, seat belt use, drinking & driving, bikes and helmets etc. etc.

    And in every case, we see the amount of deaths or injuries related to those dangers, dramatically reduced. But with guns, its a head in the sand approach. Putting funding into anything related to gun safety, almost unheard of. THOUGH as a kid, I do recall a PSA or two about finding a loaded gun in the house. Not these days.

  11. I saw this one with my wife and she was as impressed as I was. I did the same thing with my kids, I just started a whole lot younger (old enough to understand what I was talking about, maybe 4 or 5).

  12. Logic and intelligence in a network TV show?

    I can just see the Bradys throwing a tantrum and writing into the show demanding that the kid accidentally blow his head off, the same way they pray for and celebrate violence in the real world to further their sick agenda.

  13. Pretty close to the same speech I gave my kids the first time I let them handle firearms.

    They left out my bit about the swift, sure and merciless justice that would fall upon them with great vengeance and furious anger if they were to handle any firearms, at my house or that of others without permission and adult supervision. Then again, it’s only an hour-long show, and some of the Heironymus Bosch-type imagery I use to reinforce the penalties might not be suitable for prime time.

    My wife didn’t freak out. She got the same speech years earlier, minus the vengeance part.

    Glad to see some dose of common sense on the television, however small and on however little-watched a show it may be. “Blue Bloods” is in a death slot, Friday night, not the place where you put your hits. I have heard several other things about that show and a generally conservative outlook on other subjects that it portrays.

  14. I watched that episode, fairly gun positive. Mom freaked out alittle, but that’s what most TV Mom’s are there for anyway.

  15. If Tom Selleck is the driving force behind scenes like this, then I hope he continues to assert his influence over the hand-wringers in Hollywierd.

  16. Just watched the video. She knows her husband is right, but her “feelings” won’t let her accept it. There’s not a thing she can say because she knows he’s right and she’s wrong. So, she says nothing and gives him that “look.” That look that says, “no nookie for you for a while, mister. Sleep with your pistol for a month and see how you like it ” Is there a man reading this who hasn’t gotten that look at least once in his life over one thing or another? I think not.

    • Oh yeah, sounds like you have been married at least as long as me, I’ve got just shy of 16 years in.

  17. Bravo CBS, bravo. Finally, the clip reminded me of my Dad talking to me about his guns. It was a heavy moment then and seems the same in the clip. Education and safe handling, ah, good stuff.

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