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We all thought that Florida Man sets the hightest bar for head-scratching moments. Now an Oregon man by the name of Ben Beers rolled his only ace in the game of conspicuous virtue signaling to step up and challenge Florida Man to hold his beer(s).

Mr. Beers’ claim to fame: he has publicized his act of contrition in surrendering his AR-15 rifle and a 9mm pistol to the Hillsboro, Oregon police department for destruction as a result of the Uvalde school massacre.

Of course, he didn’t surrender those guns for altruistic reasons or he wouldn’t have taken the time put up a TikTok video to celebrate the sacrifice he’s making for the greater good.

Instead this was a “Look at me!” move clearly made in an attempt to snag fifteen seconds of fame.

@benji5811 Turning in my guns to have destroyed by Police. #uvalde #guncontrol #koin6 #texas #teachersoftiktok #portlandpolice #parentsoftiktok #shootings ♬ original sound – Ben Beers

In Beers’ video, he made all manner of assertions as to why he literally gave away his safety rescue tools. The local media, of course, ate it up with a spoon. And then Yahoo News picked up the story and posted it here

A father of two in Oregon said he gave his guns to his local police department to be destroyed after the recent shooting in Uvalde, Texas that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers.

In a widely-viewed TikTok video, Ben Beers said he was turning over his two guns — a 9 mm handgun and an AR-15 — to the Hillsboro Police Department because he doesn’t want them anymore.

“I know this will not change legislation, or anything to do with gun culture in America, but hopefully it’ll be a form of symbolism,” Beers said in the video. “Hopefully America can wake up, because no other country has the problems that we do with gun culture, ideation, and gun violence like we do.”

No other country has the problems we do with gun culture and gun violence?

Maybe Beers was reading the junk science paper by Adam Lankford (2016), oft-quoted by the mainstream media, that the US has the lion’s share of mass public shootings world-wide.  Since publishing his “work,” Lankford has not only refused to share his data with other researchers to allow them to attempt to replicate his findings and test his hypothesis, he’s also unwilling to even discuss defending his results with his peers.

Researcher John Lott investigated Lankford’s research and found it…problematic. So much so that Lott wrote a paper debunking Lankford’s so-called “research.” Unlike Lankford, Lott made his data sets public.

Here’s the Executive Summary . . .

A paper on mass public shootings by Adam Lankford (2016) has received massive national and international media attention, getting coverage in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, plus hundreds of other news outlets spanning at least 35 different countries. Lankford’s claim was that over the 47 years from 1966 to 2012, an enormous amount of the world’s mass public shooters — 31% — occurred in the United States. Lankford attributed this to America’s gun ownership.

Lankford claims to have “complete” data on such shooters in 171 countries. However, because he has neither identified the cases nor their location nor even a complete description on how he put the cases together, it is impossible to replicate his findings.

It is particularly important that Lankford share his data because of the extreme difficulty in finding mass shooting cases in remote parts of the world going back to 1966. Lack of media coverage could easily lead to under-counting of foreign mass shootings, which would falsely lead to the conclusion that the U.S. has such a large share.

Lankford’s study reported that from 1966 to 2012, there were 90 public mass shooters in the United States and 202 in the rest of world. We find that Lankford’s data represent a gross undercount of foreign attacks. Our list contains 1,448 attacks and at least 3,081 shooters outside the United States over just the last 15 years of the period that Lankford examined. We find at least fifteen times more mass public shooters than Lankford in less than a third the number of years.

Even when we use coding choices that are most charitable to Lankford, his 31 percent estimate of the US’s share of world mass public shooters is cut by over 95 percent.  By our count, the US makes up less than 1.43% of the mass public shooters, 2.11% of their murders, and 2.88% of their attacks. All these are much less than the US’s 4.6% share of the world population. Attacks in the US are not only less frequent than other countries, they are also much less deadly on average.

Given the massive U.S. and international media attention Lankford’s work has received, and given the considerable impact his research has had on the debate, it is critical that this issue be resolved. His unwillingness to provide even the most basic information to other researchers raises real concerns about Lankford’s motives.

[Emphasis added.]

Remember, another recent study by the RAND Corporation found that virtually all (27777 of 27900) gun control “studies” were badly flawed and didn’t follow rigorous, well-established scientific standards. So much so, in fact, that using these to support claims that gun control actually prevents criminal misuse of guns is less scientifically accurate than claiming drinking milk causes car accidents.

So Ben Beers has turned in his two guns for virtue-signaling fame. Unfortunately him and his family, he didi it based on a false premise and now lacks the most effective way for his wife and him to defend their family from violent criminals.

For some folks, anti-gun attitudes and hating guns sometimes comes with life-changing – or life-ending results. Let’s hope Beers doesn’t live to regret his decision.


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  1. Well, good for Ben” drank ten” Beers… How much you wanna’ bet he works for the local Intel Corp.?

      • Throw The Second Amendment under the bus all on the on the behalf of a snot nosed mentally ill teen in TX who broke most every law on the books.

        The wacky pappy ben beers just sent an invitation to child molesting kidnappers all across America that his home is unarmed and his kids are now soft targets and up for grabs. Stand up ben and take a bow…You and yours are just as unarmed and defenseless as the children and adults were in Texas. Why not leave your jack, spare tire, phone, water, food at home and take the family on a trip across the Mohave Desert?

        Frankly the ben beers of America should never, ever own any firearm because people like ben beers are clearly not mentally up for the job.

        • And furthermore…If the perp’s bullet riddled corpse was hung in front of the White House perhaps the knee jerk loudmouth useful idiots supporting Gun Control rot would have something to blame.

          And perhaps they would cease slandering and libeling those who exercise a Constitutional Right that provides the means to stop such criminals whether the criminal uses a brick, bat, knife, hands, feet, motor vehicle, etc.

      • A uncle of mine lives at the other end of the Taulatin Vally from Hiils boro/ Portland and swears that sewage from there flows up hill to be a nuisance forty miles away. I’d guess hes either a employee of Intel, Epson, or one of theother “Silicon Forest” companies in the sprawl.

      • Well if their side turns theirs first we win. Turns out gun control requires a man with a gun to enforce it.

      • Why doesn’t he cut off his testicles too, to protest against men who rape women?

        He would if he really cared.

        Maybe he already did.🤗

        • Too late. He’s a “father of two”, according to the article.

          Maybe he’s indirectly admitting that he has mass murder fantasies, so he turned over his guns to prevent that.

        • Art, Ha! Absolutely! Evolution is indeed a thing and this could only be of benefit to the entire species. And our species could use a little benefiting.

        • Judging from what he did, I doubt he has any testicles. I suspect he already turned them in.

        • also, IF Michael Jackson can change his skin color, why not this guy? Amerika doesn’t need white folk like this in the world.

    • Why all aprobation against a man who is doing what his conscience tells him? His guns and it’s his right to hand them in if he so wishes and without bloody such adverse criticism. You gun freaks expect to be able to arm yourseve with completely inappropriate weaponry purely for so-called ‘self defence’ and many nof you have openly declared that you would advocate CIVIL WAR if the majority of the American Public tried to enforce more Draconian Firearms controls. And you resent criticasm to the point io cIVIL WAR. This man is only following his concience so all you nay-sayewrs shut the Hell up for once and let him be,

      I do not own a gun of any descrition and I have no wish to.

      I was an ARMOURER and SMALLARMS Instructor in the ROYAL AIR FORCE for 15 years and was a serving RESERVIST in the UK ARMY INFANTRY for seven years so I do know an awful lot about weaponry and it’s uses and effects. In CIVIL LIFE I have never had the slightest need for firearms though I have indulgede in SKEET SHOOTING and was a member of a INDOOR .22 Match Rifle Club for a while.. In fact outside of the Police and the Security Service I’ve ner even SZEEN a civilian carrying arms with the exception of a 12 gauge and even those MUST in the UK be case carried unless actually engaged in shooting on PRIVATE lPREMISES and with the appropriate LICENSE and permission’

      • herr dacian. You’ve never been to England. And if somehow you had made it there you would not have seen citizens.

        You would have seen subjects.

      • How’s the weather in Canton Ohio today lil’pedotar……………err….All Hai……….err Al Hall? 🤣

        You know, being a pathetic, ignorant loser isn’t a life sentence. The first step is extraction of your cranial rectal impaction. Try it!

        • “. . . being a pathetic, ignorant loser isn’t a life sentence . . . “.

          No, James, for dacian the stupid, it actually is a life sentence (although you could add “uneducated, indoctrinated, Leftist/fascist” to true it up). As the old saying goes, “Ignorance can be cured; stupidity is a life sentence”.

      • RE: sir albert hall slimy limey…”I’ve ner even SZEEN a civilian carrying arms with the exception of a 12 gauge and even those MUST in the UK be case carried unless actually engaged in shooting on PRIVATE lPREMISES and with the appropriate LICENSE and permission’”

        First and foremost red coat..I am not the least bit impressed with your laundry list of “qualifiers.” Qualifiers that you assume gives you the right to dictate what others can have in their hands for self defense, etc. You are nothing but a pompous pos sitting high above the fray. A pompous pos who thus far obviously has not been cornered by a criminal capable of making sushi out of you or beating you into a coma.

        You and your Gun Control ilk are like brain dead Wildebeests who stand around pooping while another Wildebeest is being eaten alive by Lions. You reside in a House of Cards. All it is going to take to kick the Gun Control crap out of you is one criminal kicking your butt all the way to an ICU or morgue.

        Furthermore you nazi Gun Control lint licker…Why don’t you go to Israel and ask serialized Jews if they had weapons would they have fought the nazis rounding them up to put them on trains to concentration camps?

        • Well said.
          I have to wonder if the parents of all of the young girls who have been groomed and used by nefarious gangs would like access to firepower to protect the virtue of their daughters.
          I wonder if the survivors of those who have been attacked and stabbed wish that someone with a gun had been handy to stop the evil ones.
          Too many times we see the dead and dying in these European cities who are unarmed, unprotected and left as sacrificial subjects. As for England, The Queen should be ashamed.

      • We have The Constitution and especially the second amendment because of you and your country…… I know, history is a bitch to understand when you have your head in the sand. But hey, ask Ukraine how that worked for them. Sit down. Shut up and let the adults make the decision’s. You can always throw rocks when you get invaded or call us to save you again. ( Refer back to your German friends for clarification or ask any Jewish person.)

      • We tend to mock disingenuous virtue signaling asshats, hence the reactions you often get Jerry.

      • Albert, you weren’t shit. And you still ain’t. Now hand in yer crap, stf up and stf down and eat yer porridge like a good servant. If you lick some more boots maybe your masters will give you a second bowl. That sounds like a purty good trade, don’t it Albert?

      • I see that this guy was brainwashed by the woke Pen-of-goons in the Den of Corruption. Amerika is evil, rigged and corrupt. She will die soon

      • Then why are you involved in a political issue not in your country ??
        It’s like asking why England did not free Ireland and Scotland for independent rule when you could have decades before they eventually did.
        The right of self defense is a right of existence, not granted by any government or ruling party.
        Nor do others get to dictate how we defend ourselves or what we can own.
        To say we must lose our rights or property do to the actions of a very small number of people for there actions is wrong.
        That’s not hard to figure out.

  2. Playing the game of “but the rest of the world…” is pointless.

    Generally speaking the US has far higher violent crime rates than the rest of the developed world, even when those rates (rape for instance) have zero to do with firearms.

    I don’t see a point in trying to debate those that are blind to fact. Not seeing violence as a societal issue, instead focusing on the most viewer-getting crimes, proves that addressing the problem of violence is not a goal of gun grabbers.

    • “Generally speaking the US has far higher violent crime rates than the rest of the developed world, even when those rates (rape for instance) have zero to do with firearms.”

      Not when you remove suicides by firearm, it doesn’t.

      Remove suicides and inner-city gang violence, and the US crime rate is lower than most of ‘civilized’ Europe. All while nearly all adults without a criminal record walk around in public armed with concealed guns if they choose to.

      So, there you go, we have an inner-city crime wave that nobody will fix, since that would be seen as ‘racist’…

      • Amerika has a problem with only one race. The slaves (taxpayers) to the state, have been FORCED to pay them to be lazy. IT will not end pretty, I promise

    • A lot of crime data globally is also skewed. Different countries have different methods of gathering crime data. Some of those countries simply outright skew the data themselves. Others just have bad methods of collecting data. For example, I’m not sure if Britain still does it this way, but for the longest time Britain only recorded crimes that resulted in a full on conviction.

      • Precinct funding in the UK was at one point dependent on keeping crime rates low, creating a perverse incentive for precincts to NOT REPORT CRIMES.

        • Apparently there are issues with that here too. The Uvalde shooter posted video of domestic incidents with his mom where police were present, yet we can find no official record of arrest, or being taken for a mental health eval. Officially the kid never even had a ticket.

        • Exactly.

          “Hide the truth from the serfs, lest they rise up”

          The “Queen Mum”

          Nobody escapes the ultimate and final judgement.
          Final disposition will be especially severe for those with the blood of victims on their hands.

        • you would think, after being bombed by National Socialist (NAZIs) England would not be as stupid today. Some just can’t learn

      • The UK Home Office admitted in the 1990s they had an official policy since the mid 60s to downplay crime statistics.

        And district commissioners would get 6+ figure bonuses to report year-on-year reductions in crime. So policies were implemented where the police would actively dissuade people from reporting crime.

    • You know when say more in the developed world it’s because it’s the only scope that they can use to justify it in since if you took the whole world the us isn’t in the top ten when it comes to high rate of homicide

      • From the Tik-Tok comments:

        Ben Beers · Creator
        I appreciate that. I intentionally destroyed a few thousand dollars worth of guns today hoping that our future leaders will choose safety over money”

        So yes virtue signaling. A Stoger STR-9 and a RBJ (R & J ???) Firearm.

  3. All this dude “proved” is he is a loser. Then again living on the left coast I understand being a Leftard…

    • I tossed a perfectly good box of donuts so our country won’t have a diabetes problem. I’m pretty sure I’m more virtuous.

  4. Well the criminals there now are well aware of a full house of stuff, with an unarmed victim inside waiting to be taken advantage of.

    • I so much wanna get this dude passing out drunk then take multiple felt pens to his face. I’m thinking flaming euro trash drag queen then wake him up and drag him to the bar.

      • Wow, between the constant assaults by Big Brother ttag on our vain attempts at exercising our right to free speech and the repeated atheist bashing by superstitious cult members this just ain’t the place it used to be. What’s that now ttag, thirty, forty times you’ve snagged my comments? Good for you. Let Freedom ring. How about informing the more outspoken Good Christians here amongst our brethren that this ain’t the place to air their hatred, fear and hypocrisy of “the others”? How about doing that instead? Hello? Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me, man.

        • Must have missed a bunch of theist/atheist drama lately but generally (not you specifically) I observe most atheist chatter being decidedly more nasty and confusing freedom of religion with freedom from religion in terms of 1st amendment issues. With that said praying for you guys up north and teach your Quebec neighbors how the hell to drive.

        • Safe, ha! Good comment. Them Quebecers need to be moderated I think. Maybe ttag can provide a suitable algorithm or two. The atheist drama queen stuff you may be referring to is undoubtedly me as I’ve seen zero input from that quarter after reading every word on this blog since sandy hook, or at least nearly next to none. I have however heard it on good authority from the more righteous amongst the insular bible belt commenters, here and elsewhere, that I and my godless, heathenish, woad and madder face painting brethren are entirely at blame for all the world’s woes, regardless of all the burning at the stake of women, the beheading of astronomers and the general physical gutting and dismemberment if millions upon millions of people, horses and dogs throughout human history because the ‘others’ didn’t pray the same way they did to the same but yet somehow different god. And just one of thousands of god’s throughout history at that. Odin would frown in disapproval. I’ve had it up to here and then some with being told by god’s chosen few that I’m what’s wrong with the world and how annoyed they are that I take exception to them wanting to force my children to pray along with the rest of the class when told they must or they will burn in agony for eternity. I see red and desire to outright commit serious violence upon their holier than thou asses when I’m told by one of my best friends of decades that his son was literally fucked up the ass at the age of eight by one of their saintly high priests. This same friend made regular donations directly into the hands of that individual. Imagine. Just fucking imagine. I experience very much the same desires when I’m told that yet another of our communities finest, a person I (unfortunately) know, has methodically beat his wife and child for years but in a manner that was hard to detect and, god knows, they would never dare say anything, including, apparently, the family members and parishioners who did know. This is all in a small community where I would guess, after over thirty years of residence, that no more than ten percent of the people are religious in any way. Now throw in the (quite literally) fantastically ridiculous notion of a magical, omnipotent sky daddy not only at the helm but directing our every action (try to top that, I challenge anyone) except of course when it’s not… because mysterious ways. Tldr: fuck that and fuck them. With prejudice. Tired of their shit. Bring it. Get some. Etc etc. Too bad it’s that way but it ain’t me (or people remotely like me) doing these things. The hypocrisy is off the scale with these people. If you profess a belief in god/a god (pick one, go old school maybe, retro) than I hope you are truly respectable, as I know I am despite my well earned hate and distrust, and stop short of blaming others (unlike some here) for world affairs when institutionalized religion carries at least as much blame as any could ever possibly claim. Ever. Prove me wrong.

        • Wow! Hey look! Moderated again! How about you guys come to my place after I invite you over and then I tell you to shut up until I’ve approved your speech every third time you open your mouth? Sound good? No? Didn’t fucking think so.

        • Safe, sorry, should’ve included in my agonizingly long screed that I am 100% for freedom of religion just as I am 100% for freedom from religion. And yes, many fail to understand the difference. I’m also 110% for calling out their bullshit, which is legion.

        • Moderation is hilarious sometimes, I can’t say I can get behind the freedom from religion as it inevitably leads to censorship and 1st amendment violations and I very much consider atheism a religion with the same protections even if I don’t agree with it’s general idea. With that said I am all for the death penalty for kiddy diddlers be they priest, politician, or basement dweller (or any other) and will immediately dismiss the person of faith who violates the trust of his congregants. What can I say my cult beliefs go deeper than a person and calling out of bullshit and removing the deadwood is healthy for any group and rarely done enough. Now to wait for the whataboutisms from our typical drama queens.

        • Rider,

          As you know, I have been a frequent supporter/fan of yours on this forum. I generally enjoy your comments and insights, and like your sense of humor. You seem like a guy I’d enjoy having a few beers with.

          I’m a Christian (specifically, a converted Catholic). Don’t think I’ve EVER made an issue, one way or the other, about what/how you believe. Not my problem. My relationship with God is between me and Him, and I don’t require/expect anyone else to agree – or care if they disagree.

          Can BOTH sides adopt that POV?? ‘Cause I guarantee you I’ve encountered at least as many proselytizing atheists (which is, in fact, a ‘religion’ of its own – how can you ‘know’ the unknowable?? Agnosticism is a rational POV (I disagree with, but understand), but purporting to “know” that there IS no God is just as much an unproven belief as asserting that there IS a God – “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”.

          Because of my faith, I get accused of being a pedophile (or at least a pedophile supporter/enabler), a cultist, a fascist, etc., etc., etc. If I can ignore militant atheists mocking/slandering me and my religion, I suspect you can suck it up and ignore militant Christians (and Muslims, who are FAR more likely to actually put their religious prejudice into action). As RAH wrote, “an insult only affects you if you accept it”. Why even pay attention to their comments? If you are comfortable with where you are, why should their opinion matter to you?

          Take a chill pill, bro. Ignore them. Live your life, let them live theirs.

    • Something the Leftist Scum ™ have in limitless quantities, as they think it proves their ‘intellectual superiority’ of fully 50 percent of America…

  5. So I’m figuring he’s mental and thinks its just a matter of time before they catch up to him?

    • You’re on the right track … he knows he is a loose cannon and he doesn’t trust himself so he gave away his guns. It was a good idea he did that but he’s also a raging narcassist and he wanted some virtue points so he went public.

      Definately a sick person.

      • From Tik-Tok comments;

        Would you be up for talking with us tonight about giving your guns over to the cops? -Adele w/ KOIN 6

        2d ago Reply

        Ben Beers · Creator

        • And;

          Crystal Mullins
          Good thing most real gun owners are not going to do that! (Give the police their guns)😏

          Ben Beers · Creator
          Well, it needs to be done, EVEN if that means a beginning of a civil war

          2d ago

        • Ben Beers · Creator
          You wanna merge abortion into another historical school shooting now? Yes pro choice as of 2020. Any more questions ?

          2d ago

          Ben Beers · Creator
          But here’s what’s interesting. Thanks to advance contraceptives, abortions have gone WAY down. Because we took ACTION.Now let’s do it with guns

          2d ago

          Abortion isn’t a right specified in the constitution.

          2d ago

          Ben Beers · Creator
          Oh the constitution! That good ol’ document signed by some men in the 1700’s where woman and black people weren’t even considered human!Yes! BIBLE too

          2d ago

          Ben Beers · Creator
          Do you literally think the constitution can never be touched? This is a democracy.Welcome to America! We care more about the BORN! I can’t even🤦🏻‍♂️

          2d ago

          Law of the land period. Not a democracy. We’re a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. I can’t even . 🤦🏽‍♂️

          2d ago

          Surprised an “ex marine” didn’t know that.

        • Sometimes virtue signaling pays with a sweet vacation home;

          Jo Grant623
          Respect and love to you from Australia. It does work! And it starts with great men like you.💔

          4d ago

          Ben Beers · Creator
          Dammit! You’re making me wish I had a vacation lined up to Australia! ❤️

          4d ago

          Angela Davison
          Australia is an island with CLOSED BORDERS

          3d ago

          Tracy Hollins
          That’s a lie. Borders were closed during COVID because unlike America we wanted to prevent death. How many deaths did your country have 🤔🤔

          3d ago

          Angela Davison
          America has thousands of illegals walking over the border daily, they can’t do that in Australia.

          3d ago

          💯🇲🇽Cabrona Ana
          I’d offer you my Vac home in Mexico. But it’s booked till Nov 2023. If I have a cancellation. I’ll let you know for sure. My home is Veracruz beach

          3d ago

          Ben Beers · Creator
          That’s so nice of you! My family and I travel to Mexico a couple times a year !

          3d ago

  6. now everyone knows his home has no self defense other than calling 911, the police is just minutes away

  7. The only problem with John Lotts analysis is that he failed to come right out and call the Lankford study a complete work of fiction worthy only of being quoted by the most dishonest of legacy media.

    As to the clown who had to run to turn in his safety, perhaps he realized he was completely untrustworthy with that level of responsibility and figured he would get more milage out of virtue signaling his way into some woman’s bed.

    • In writers world I think he pretty much did exactly that. As for the glowie af virtue signaller, I sense other possibilities; guns are stolen from a disliked family member; guns are stolen from his sensible but domineering better half; guns are airsoft and nobody bothered to check in their rush to the lunch room chop saw/donut dispenser (bananas being so nineties) or; somebody just red flagged his ass and he knows it. Future Congress critter in the making.

  8. I would assume they were supplied by whoever he’s working for a few minutes before showtime…. or did he actually own these items for more than 15 minutes?

  9. Odd One Out
    Gun violence deaths per 100,000 people in developed economies

    U.S, ranks no.1 in violent gun deaths out of all the Industrialized countries.

    Mass shootings like the horrific attack that killed 19 children and 2 teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, or the murder of 10 people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York the week prior, are all too common in the US. There have been 214 mass shootings—defined by Gun Violence Archive as one in which at least 4 people were shot—in the US within the first 145 days of the year. These types of tragedies feel unique to America, where there are more civilian-owned guns than people.

    In reality, gun violence is a huge issue in many other countries—just none that the US would consider a peer.

    Among developed economies, no others have nearly as many violent firearm deaths as the US.

    “In general, there is a long-term decline in firearms homicides across the EU,” says Katharina Krüsselmann, a PhD Researcher on Gun Violence and Homicide who worked on EU’s Project Target.

    Central and Eastern Europe have had a lower frequency of mass shootings than the US, according to Alexei Anisin from the Anglo American University in Prague. There are strict regulations on gun ownership across the region, and getting permission usually requires jumping through layers of bureaucracy, including a psychological assessment and a training process.

    Meet The Press today said the Both Republicans and Democrats will be meeting to discuss Universal Background Checks being passed.

    • Hey, lying liar, keep lieing,

      I gave you Lott’s stats and study, as well as supporting articles. Didn’t read ’em, did you, dacian the illiterate and stupid??

      A little more knowledge for you, if you are capable of learning ANYTHING:

      Why do you insist on being such a lying liar??? Is it because your tiny little wee-wee is so small that MinorIQ even laughs at it during your daily circle jerk?

      Go back, get your GED, get a job, and become a productive member of society, loser.

    • Are you turning in your guns, dacien?

      Beers repeats the same tired talking points that you constantly hammer in this forum.

      You talk the talk; now it’s time to walk the walk.

      • alien,

        dacian has no guns, no knowledge, no “education”, and no class. He is a s***-disturber and a pathetic click-junkie. I tried ignoring him, and he kept coming back with his fact-free nonsense, so now I treat him with the ‘respect’ he has earned – I mock him mercilessly, insult his (nearly-nonexistent) intellect and his (wholly-non-existent) ‘education’. Just play Whack-mole with him, and MinorIQ. You’ll achieve the same result, but it’s more amusing.

        Oh, for bonus fun, ask MinorIQ to explain to you how Article I, Section 8 TOTALLY authorizes universal federal gun control. It’s funny as hell, in a really pathetic sort of way.

    • The Intentional Death Rate (Homicides+Suicides) in Japan is 22.1 / 100,000.
      The Intentional Death Rate (Homicides+Suicides) in the USA is 16.8 / 100,000.
      Modern Civilized GunFree Japan is 30% MORE violent than the USA.

  10. Let no man risk his own life defending this retard. He chose to get rid of the best tools for defending his home, family and self; for that he deserves to be a victim.

  11. ‘ideation’?. Why do I think his guns were new in the box and never fired? Just looking for a reason to grab a spotlight.

  12. I fully support him giving up his weapons.

    Apparently he feels he is unstable and may pose a threat to society. If he doesn’t trust himself with weapons, how do we trust him?

  13. its being reported
    that shortly after he made this video
    his wife told him
    that they should both start seeing other men

  14. I suspect he didn’t even own guns before 2020. I bet they have less than 200 rounds shot between the two of them. Just another liberal Who wants gun ownership banned and then decided they should get a gun for themselves because of the summer of love.

  15. Such timely virtue signaling and yet the insecure emo chick with purple hair working at the coffee shop he frequents STILL won’t talk to him.

  16. He should give up his car due to its use as a weapon to kill drive through crowds
    He should give up his fertilizer because of its use to make bombs
    He should give up his hammers because if its use to hit people
    He should give up his knives….

    F’ing idiot

    • Give up his hands, feet, and teeth because of their uses for injuring people.
      And pad his skull because of its use for headbutting people.
      And wire his orifices shut because their excretions spread disease.
      And prohibit his dying because corpses spread disease.
      Congralulations, you are now officially cruelty-free and have increased your social credit score.

    • Great link! Everyone, keep up the pressure on the R’s! Do NOT let them cave on this!

      Contact your R congresscritters now (or this week during the week if necessary). They MUST know that a cave is a grave.

    • When I hear “bi-partisan” the only thing I know for certain is that we, the people are about to get boned.

    • There has NEVER been anything come out of Murphy’s mouth that you can believe. Guy is one big POS demtard.

    • The fastest way I can imagine to turn November’s Red Tsunami into a pink ripple. The GOPe is already dead to me, and most of the GOP politicians are disgusting grifters only SLIGHTLY better than their even-more-disgusting-and-corrupt Dimocrat counterparts. If Mitch the Bitch and Kevin “Nancy Pelosi-Lite” McCarthy want to take an insurmountable electoral advantage and p*** it away, I hope they suffer for it.

    • IT LOOKS LIKE THIS TIME ITS FINALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. Republicans and Democrats are going to meet this week with a major gun control package. It could have saved so many more lives if it had happened after the tragedy at Sandy Hook School.

      1. Federal red flag laws

      2. Universal Background Checks

      3. Safe Storage Laws

      4. Increase spending on mental health

      5. More money to guard schools.

      • You have zero proof Amy of the top three would have stopped Sandy Hook or Uvalde.

        1. There are existing ways to report mental illness which don’t present a high probability of abuse to infringe on innocent gun owners’ rights which could have been used – and have the same flaw as red flag laws (they only work if REAL issues are reported);

        2. The Uvalde shooter passed his background checks, the Sandy Hook shooter stole them from his mother after killing her, and the Columbine shooters basically got theirs from a series of straw purchases for which most of those responsible were punished;

        3. Safe storage doesn’t do squat except maybe prevent a child from getting his hands on a gun and hurting himself or someone else accidentally, in a household where the adult gun owner did a poor job of teaching his kids respect for firearms and parents’ property. It wouldn’t have stopped the Sandy Hook shooter who could have as easily slit his mother’s throat in her sleep with a kitchen steak knife as shot her, and from there even safely stored firearms would be his. At that point few modern safes could stop him (anything electronic has a physical key backup to a pin pad or biometric reader in case of power loss, and any inquisitive kid knows where his parents keep the keys to all sorts of stuff well before that shooter’s age). And if you’re the sort to want to mass murder, what’s a safe storage law to you anyway?

        But who am I kidding, there’s no infringement too great for any societal benefit too small (the “if it saves only one life…” school of thought) that you won’t support.

      • Prohibition of alcohol and the war on drugs. Any new gun control will be just as successful.

        But you already know that.

      • 5. More money to guard schools

        The Democrats have already given a resounding “NO!” to that idea.

        “The father of a victim of the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Fla., ripped Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) this week after he blocked a school safety bill named in the victim’s honor, calling the move “heartbreaking.”

        “On Wednesday, one day after the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, that killed 19 children and two teachers, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) pushed for the Luke and Alex School Safety Act to be passed via unanimous consent.”

        Democrats do not want to take any steps toward securing schools.
        They want the children defenseless as the higher the body count, the more they can push for their ineffective gun control measures.

  17. Someone post his address in the tik tok comments so any of the late night security testers can stop by and thank him and his family for making their job safer and easir for them to do.

  18. NB4 this guy’s next tic toc post: How I was robbed and beaten because I had no gun to defend myself”

    • He’ll probably say he was doing his part to help the underprivileged of society by allowing himself to be robbed, beaten and probably sodomized.

  19. He needs to tuck that string back in…. his man-pon apparently is slipping out of that mangina of his.

  20. They must have been the cheaper 9mm and AR15s that were supposedly destroyed. I mean who throws money away like that? Bit mental if you ask me.

  21. Well now the crooks will be sure they won’t face any firearms in his home when robbing and assaulting his family. Good move there big pu$$y.

  22. Beers is right, though, it is a symbol, a very good one, of stupidity, simple, yet impressive in its completeness.
    He may actually think that there are more than a very few people who believe that he meant the nonsense he spewed, rather than the almost certain truth that he did it to advance himself in some way.
    Even this libtard couldn’t possibly believe that cops would actually destroy a couple of functional firearms that they didn’t even have to steal from citizens or confiscate from criminals, without, of course, reporting them, would he/it?

  23. I suggest that he get castrated due to all the rapes and sexual assaults going on, especially against the women trying to get accross the southern border.

  24. I don’t mind this, right or wrong he’s living his values, that limits how much of a problem he can be. Making a show of it, well, I’ve seen worse attention-seeking, and whatever, now we know where he stands. For what it’s worth. Finally he seemed to admit the constitution would need to be amended. I don’t think even that would make banning OK, but it beats pretending “shall not be infringed” means something else.

    • If he were “living his values” then he wouldn’t have had possession of these things in the first place.

      • His values changed, like when Trump banned bump stocks and his normally-pro-gun yahoos licked it up.

  25. Well, THIS is your new gun owner of 2020/2021. Yep, these are pro2A for sure! Republican voter 2nd Amendment pro-American NEW gun owning people that give us all those high gun-buying records that the Dems are so afreaid of.

    Oh Please! Give me a break!

    Not even worth messing with…with his Nike shirt and TikTok posts. What a joke!?!?

    Dan? Jeremy? Am I meant to be impressed by all these record shattering gun sales of late? Is THIS an example of where all those purchases ended up? All that talk with a smile of great pride in how guns are making a resurgance and how more and more people are understanding that when seconds count that the cops are minutes away? I know you have a website to run but “COME ON MAN!?”

    These same guns COULD have saved someones’ life. BUT NO!

    Idiots with guns!

  26. Why now you might ask? There have been tragedies before and I recall others making a show of cutting up their guns or whatever. Well I don’t know. Is he on a philosophical journey? Was he bored? Did he want to be the first guy (apparently) who did it this time as opposed to a follower, for more effect or attention? I simply don’t know what’s going on there, which might distract from the message, if I weren’t already decided. But so be it, he made his gesture, it’s somewhat clear if not likely to be resounding. He seems to admit he won’t change much.

  27. Oregone is Chuck full of pussy’s & pretenders,
    Didn’t used to be like that until the Californicaters started to move there.
    But then again, the politicians hear actually want them and the illegal’s & homeless here.
    After over 30years of super majority Democrat ruler’s, this is a recipe for the idiots to come here & act like their somebody.
    If your a conservative or believe in the U S constitution, you won’t like this shithole.

  28. And I guess that mental midget thinks that there is a set number of guns in the world. As if the industry hasn’t already made hundreds of guns in the past week.

  29. I look forward to reading about the home invasion of Bennies home soon. One more no balls prog.

  30. Well, if the dope wants to give up his guns and hand over responsibility for his family’s safety, that is his choice. If he feels more comfortable waiting on a police response if or when some miscreant chooses to break in with evil intent, again, that is his choice.
    I know a number of folks who don’t trust themselves with firearms. Because they know they could be dangerous to others, or themselves. I have no problem with their choice to not have firearms. So long as they don’t project their inadequacies, or violent tendencies upon others, they are free to make their choice.

  31. If he really believes this, fine. If he has had his arm twisted by wifey, mother, mother-in-law, boss, I hope he has a couple hidden away that he failed to turn over. It is his choice. For many years I drank and got angry at people. I don’t think I would have ever misused a firearm, but I did not have one around. After I stopped drinking to excess(BP pills took the fun out of it for me), I got interested and own at least one.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, a man that knows his limitations and acts on it is a good man. Showing it on social media is not wise, but it is legal.

    • “If he has had his arm twisted by wifey, mother, mother-in-law, boss, I hope he has a couple hidden away that he failed to turn over.”

      Spare testicles? I doubt it.

  32. Just noted the event occurred more than 15min ago. Moment of fame is long over for this guy. Sorry I clicked on the article.

  33. “Let’s hope Beers doesn’t live to regret his decision.”

    Like his actions, I don’t give a shit either way.

  34. Good for him. Nobody that stupid should be allowed to have firearms. Or anything sharper than a butter knife.

  35. Didn’t read it, going to forget the douche ever existed and didn’t even notice his name. Hey, I think I’ll cut up my credit cards to do my part to combat fraud.

  36. OK, I will say it he is a FAG, you know, Firearm Adverse Guy! What were you thinking?? Yes There you go being stupid again!

  37. I’m fine with anyone who doesn’t want a gun not having one. If someone wants to virtue signal, rather than selling his gun at the LGS on consignment, well, it’s their property, they can do what they want with it. I’ve told a number of people (including family members) that I thought were unlikely to be responsible enough to get the training they needed NOT to buy guns – they have the right, but if they aren’t going to learn to use them, care for them, and maintain them properly, I’d rather not have them “gun owners”.

    But it IS their right, just as it is their right to do stupid things like surrender them and have them destroyed, or sell them for pennies on the dollar at the local “gun buy back”. Just as happy to have a nitwit like that disarmed, anyway.

    • It might be a trick but it isn’t a neat trick. Millions of gun owners don’t think too highly of him and YES I’m putting it nicely.

    • He should cut something else unless it’s too late and he’s already bred and made Retard JR.

  38. I would gladly give up my Bersa 22lr jam o matic to free up room for better handguns
    Or maybe try to get it to cretin in hell to fight off the devil for what he did to innocents children and teachers

    • “I would gladly give up my Bersa 22lr jam o matic to free up room for better handguns.

      The Beretta Neos .22L is a great gun. Looks cool, and is reliable as heck. Generally notably under $400. With a trade, could even more affordable.

  39. So, does this means we can go over to his house and take anything we want in the name for social justice?
    I like how Lott can proved the statistics for research.

  40. This guy is a perfect example. Of why I don’t trust the white socialist Progressive gun owner. And their sexual orientation doesn’t matter. This is the kind of person who believes that gun ownership is simply a hobby. Where he can give away “his toys” when he’s finished with them.

  41. This guy is a perfect example. Of why I don’t trust the white s0ci@list Progressive gun owner. And their sexual orientation doesn’t matter. This is the kind of person who believes that gun ownership is simply a hobby. Where he can give away “his toys” when he’s finished with them.

  42. Don’t think this is going to score you any points with your wife’s boyfriend….You’re still gonna sleep in the guest room…

  43. I honestly hope the day NEVER comes when this man actually needs those firearms to defend his family. It’s his right to turn in whatever he wants, so I won’t knock him in the slightest for doing what he thinks is the right thing to do. Everyone needs to calm down and don’t get hysterical because a man seems to have gotten some solice by turning his firearms in to th local PD. I don’t agree with his thinking, but that doesn’t mean he was wrong. Every law abiding and responsible firearms owner thinks a little or a lot differently from the other. Mocking the guy is childish, seriously.

    • “In my opinion the definition of a mass shooting is 3 or more people shot and not necessarily killed, not including the shooter, in that case the USA is average more than one mass shooting a day.”

      Of course, your research-based opinion includes all the criminal shootings happening in the major cities across the nation. Right?

      As you are undoubtedly aware, the general public thinks of “mass shootings” only is places such shootings are relatively unknown, like malls, churches, you know, where the nice people hang out, rather than the known crime zones.

      And diligent research determined that any mass shooting where a school was within line-of-sight of the mass shooting was designated a “mass school shooting”. Right?

    • Crap, yer purty good at this. Now tell us where over 89% of these massive mass shootings happen. Surely you can copy/paste that as well, what with yer research’n skills n alls, right? Show us where we get it wrong, crap, edumacate us sum. You can do it.

      • Response to Sam I am: “Of course, your research-based opinion includes all the criminal shootings happening in the major cities across the nation. Right?”

        Yep, mass shootings are criminal shootings, I can’t really recall the last time a mass shooting occurred because a gun malfunctioned and was shooting people on its.

        “As you are undoubtedly aware, the general public thinks of “mass shootings” only is places such shootings are relatively unknown, like malls, churches, you know, where the nice people hang out, rather than the known crime zones.”

        When dealing with the number of mass shootings where they take place it doesn’t matter.

        “And diligent research determined that any mass shooting where a school was within line-of-sight of the mass shooting was designated a “mass school shooting”. Right?”

        OK……where are you going with this?

        Response to Rider/Shooter: :”Crap, yer purty good at this. Now tell us where over 89% of these massive mass shootings happen. Surely you can copy/paste that as well, what with yer research’n skills n alls, right? Show us where we get it wrong, crap, edumacate us sum. You can do it.”

        They take place in people’s homes. Where they take place is irrelevant.

        Where you are getting it wrong is using a definition of four or more people killed. If you had six people shot and no one died that is still a mass shooting.

        • Craptacular,

          How do you say “full of s***” in idiotese???

          “When dealing with the number of mass shootings where they take place it doesn’t matter.”

          It actually DOES matter, when an incident like Parkland or Uvalde gets literally days of headlines and front page treatment and the WEEKLY death toll in Chiraq, NY, Oakland, Seattle, St. Louis, Baltimore are IGNORED by the media.

          As for YOUR “opinion” about what is a “mass shooting”, ask me if I give a s***??? Why is YOUR opinion entitled to deference?? I’m all for adopting a definition of “mass shooting” that ALL LEOs use, consistently . . . then we MIGHT be able to generate some meaningful statistics.

          Not quite sure what you THINK your point is, but you might want to actually figure out what it is before you start spouting off. As I’ve repeatedly told dacian the stupid, the US isn’t even CLOSE to being the country with the most violent crime, murders, mass shootings, etc.

          Remove your head from your fourth point of contact, think a while, and get back to us is you actually have something to say.

        • LampOfDiogenese – ““When dealing with the number of mass shootings where they take place it doesn’t matter.”

          It actually DOES matter, when an incident like Parkland or Uvalde gets literally days of headlines and front page treatment and the WEEKLY death toll in Chiraq, NY, Oakland, Seattle, St. Louis, Baltimore are IGNORED by the media.”

          You seem to have a reading comprehension problem. I will reiterate the point:

          When dealing with the NUMBER of mass shootings, where they take place doesn’t matter. Just like where a robbery, a rape, a murder, an arson, etc. It doesn’t matter where they occur, they get added to the statistics with or without days of headlines and front-page treatment.

          “As for YOUR “opinion” about what is a “mass shooting”, ask me if I give a s***???”

          Why? My comment about what a mass shooting is defined as is a response to John Boch who authored this article and spent half the article on Adam Lankford 2016 article and John Lotts response.

          “Why is YOUR opinion entitled to deference??”

          Because anyone with a brain would know that if you have a dozen people shot and no one killed that is a mass shooting, which means it is asinine to use a definition that requires a minimum of four people killed to qualify as a mass shooting.

          “Not quite sure what you THINK your point is, but you might want to actually figure out what it is before you start spouting off.”

          It makes sense that you wouldn’t know what it is because you have demonstrated a reading comprehension problem, if you still don’t get it after reading this entire response then you will never get it because of your reading comprehension problem.

          “the US isn’t even CLOSE to being the country with the most violent crime, murders, mass shootings, etc.”

          I didn’t say it was, so, what is your point? That the USA will only have a problem when it is the country with the most? Can’t say that I agree.

          “Remove your head from your fourth point of contact, think a while, and get back to us is you actually have something to say.”

          It turns out this entire time that it is in fact you that needs to get back to us when you have conquered your reading comprehension problem.

  44. The phrase “mass shooting” is not objective. Not only is any particular definition of “mass shooting lacking as a gold standard, the term is used not to convey information, but to inflame the public about something, with intent to deceive.

    If the general public believes “mass shooting” is applied only to such events in areas that are otherwise “safe”, failure to include the fact that shootouts in “non-save” places, the conclusion by the large majority of people is that the reported”mass shootings” take place in locations the general populace considers “safe”.

    The general public (regardless of political agenda) does not consider shootings in high crime locations to be an item of concern. The media (and their government lackeys) prove this everyday….pass gun control laws only the law abiding will honor; gangs and career criminals will not be inconvenienced.


    Isn’t it interesting that in 2019, the number of automobile deaths was 36,096.That is 99 deaths per day, but there are no outraged demands on government for even background checks on licensed drivers.

    For 2020, CDC listed 45,222 deaths from firearm use. CDC also claimed “over half” were suicides. That’s 22, 611 (including all “mass shootings”) non-suicide deaths. This is the number that tells the story. For a population of 331,002,651, this means, based on use of online calculator, 0.0068% of the population suffered death due to non suicide firearm use. Even including all causes of death by firearm use, 0.0136% of the population suffered death due to firearm use.

    What other sources of death affecting 0.0068% to 0.01360 of the population should we be so exercised about as to demand complete removal of the source?

    Statistics is just plain ol’ fun.

  45. I’m glad this fool surrendered his 2 gun arsenal! Anyone that f—-ing stupid shouldn’t be allowed to possess firearms or sharp objects.

  46. And he bashed it to death with a hammer “as instructed by local police.”

    They really do think we’re stupid enough to believe anything.

  47. Anyone wanting to give up their guns, please turn them over to me instead. I will gladly take them off your hands and add them to my two guns.

  48. Stupid is as stupid does! Another Oregon LIEberal virtue-signalling for his own personal moment of fame.

  49. He turned in just 2 firearms? When are you going to turn in the rest of them? You can’t claim to be a gun owner if all you own are two firearms…another clown virtue signaler.

    • “You can’t claim to be a gun owner if all you own are two firearms…”

      Now, hold on there….I say, hold on there son. I happen to be a 2A absolutist, and own a single .22LR plinker. My firearm limit is $500/yr, including range membership and ammo. My income was cut 60% last, and I am on a fixed income. Definitely not a “clown virtue signaler”.

    • “Guys who support gun control are the same ones who were picked last in gym class.”

      I was the shortest guy in any gym class; always got picked last for any sport, except talking too loud in academic classes. I don’t support gun control, period.

    • Actually those picked first tended to be the team players who later had an excessive need to fit in and be popular and go along with anything the teacher says so they could look intelligent.

  50. That dad just gave up his family’s safety and security because of one deranged psychopath school dropout! What rights and freedoms will you give up next?

  51. Ben will regret turning in his firearms after someone breaks in his home at 3 am and threatens his family. Average response time from law enforcement is usually 20-25 minutes.

  52. What freaking moron.The vast majority of anti gun lefties say they want gun control.How about criminal and psychopath control.How about getting rid of leftist judges who let criminals and psychopaths off easy,you know who you are.How about we get rid of leftist prosecutors who don’t do their jobs,you know who you are.How about we get rid of leftist defense attorneys who defend these criminals and psychopaths,and get real judges,prosecutors,defense attorneys who WILL do their jobs.Here is my definition of gun control,USE BOTH HANDS STUPID!

  53. Only TWO?
    What an idiot!
    I’ve got 13! All rifles except for my 9mm. pistol. And close to 10,000 rounds of ammo.
    But I’m a piker compared to some Texas gun owners.

  54. First off, for those defending Mr. Beers, it’s not his decision to turn his weapons in, it’s his TikTok video trying to make himself into some kind of hero for doing so. Turn them in and shut up. Secondly, I find it amusing the number of replies that have strayed of the subject. It is interesting

  55. Classic Narcissism, ” Look At Me, I Done Something and Need Validation,” is what this is.
    There’s nothing “virtuous” about it, when you toot your own horn. I’m sure there will be other Narcissists that will follow suit.

  56. Total goofball moron. Accomplished nothing ‘cept makin’ a chump out of himself. GLWT

  57. I have no words to describe the astonishment and disappointment I feel finding that there is apparently a whole website dedicated to the kind of ignorance and hate on display here. Mr. Beers is correct that real patriots want to help solve problems. Most of you Rambo wannabes wouldn’t know patriotism or courage if it came up and bit you on the ass. These perverted notions of freedom and liberty are nothing more than twisted paranoia and narcissism. I sincerely hope that many of you will consult your God, search your hearts, and go get the professional help you so clearly need. For the record, I am a former Naval officer, lifelong Republican, and a patriot of the old school.

    • Read your remarks twice. What the hell are you talking about? Are you saying freedom of expression, entertaining opposing views, not suppressing trolls, challenging the government at every turn are not characteristics of “old school” patriots?

      Seems to me, an “old school” patriot would defend exercise of the first amendment. The 1st is not conditional (old school patriot here says). Are you saying “old school patriots” believe in the 1st, but….?

      The people at TTAG, or CloudFlare, or WordPress can censor anything they like, but an “old school patriot” would realize that even “hate speech” is protected by the 1st.

      If you are sufficiently offended by what you read here, contact Dan Z. He will gladly take you off the subscriber/commenter list, and refund the price of your TTAG membership.

      Just so you know, if you disagree with me, you are dumb, evil, wicked, mean, bad, and nasty.

      And dumb.

  58. Sam, I am not challenging anyone’s first amendment rights. I believe in freedom of speech, no matter how stupid. By all means, express yourselves freely. Instead, I am calling out the ignorance, hatefulness, and silliness of grown men pretending to be powerful, patriotic, Americans as most of these comments show. To make it simple for you, Sam, I am saying that real men, and real patriots, do not need AR15s for any legitimate purpose, do not engage in juvenile name calling, and work hard to be their best selves. I am not surprised to learn that you are confused by my comment. I suspect that you, like most commenters here, have never come face to face with what real danger looks like. I assure you it doesn’t look like you think it does, and most of the kids here would not respond to it the way they fantasize.

    • ” I am calling out the ignorance, hatefulness, and silliness of grown men pretending to be powerful, patriotic”

      Perfectly legitimate exercise of speech, regardless of the forum. You are calling-out people because you claim them to be poseurs.

      As to the rest of it, you are simply repeating the non-sequitur that natural, human and civil rights are needs-bases, a concept that enshrines “might makes right”. The Second Amendment is the underscore and exclamation point that rights are not need-based.

      Of course, no one who argues the Second Amendment is needs-based will tolerate the idea that other constitutionally-protected rights are needs-based. However, no human has an externally generated need to speak in a manner that will make other people uncomfortable, in any way. The “need” to make, through speech, other people feel bad is simply the arrogant appointment that a person’s individual need to make others uncomfortable is simple mental disorder. Such speech cannot be constitutionally protected.

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