Port Richey Mayor Dale Massad Shoots Cops
Courtesy ABC Action News
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Port Richey Mayor Dale Massad Shoots Cops
Courtesy ABC Action News

“I used to be up in the DC area. They had Marion Barry up there. This is Port Richey’s version. An individual that you wouldn’t believe should be in office and this is what happened,” said Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco. “He shot at our members. He’s lucky he’s not dead.”

Florida Man strikes again, this time in Pasco County, just north of Tampa. But the miscreant in this jaw-dropper wasn’t the typical meth-addled tweaker or champion toilet-tosser. No, the Florida Man in this case was Port Richey Mayor Dale Massad.

Massad is no stranger to local law enforcement.

Last year, ABC Action News reported in depth on Mayor Massad’s legal troubles.

We found that police had been called to his home dozens of times.

Then in August he and a girlfriend were both arrested on domestic violence charges.

Massad later told us that was one of the worst experiences of his life.

“The main thing I learned from the jail is I don’t want to go back,” he said.

That lesson doesn’t seem to have made as much of an impression as he said. He’s also a long-time irresponsible gun owner.

The Pasco Sheriff’s Office says Massad was a known drug user and had guns in the house.

He admitted to us he’d even fired a gun inside.

“I shot one of my smoke detectors because I couldn’t get up there to get it. It wouldn’t go off and it was 3 a.m.,” Massad said.

Thursday morning, officers arrived to serve a search warrant in connection with a charge of practicing medicine without a license (he’d lost his license over a quarter century ago) and insurance fraud. That’s when he opened fire on the cops who were still outside from a second story window.

No one was apparently hit by the gunfire. Massad was arrested and is now facing a charge of attempted murder.

On Friday Massad officially resigned. according to the Pasco County Supervisor of Election’s Office. This comes after Governor Ron DeSantis issued an executive order suspending Massad.

Just another day in the Sunshine State.



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  1. ““I shot one of my smoke detectors because I couldn’t get up there to get it. It wouldn’t go off and it was 3 a.m.,” Massad said.”

    There but for the grace of God go I…

    *Snicker* 😉

      • Really? You seriously think that most people could throw a baseball, if they even had one in their house, at a smoke detector that’s on a vaulted ceiling 15-20 feet up? Be for real!

        And not that this Mayor is the brightest guy, but the question is, WHY did they send a swat team to serve a warrant on him, and before dawn, when they could have had ONE cop serve it at the county city hall building? Too many people give “law enforcement” far too much credibility, when they are the problem. Law enforcement does NOT work to protect and serve the people, they work as the strong arm of their masters in government!

        • Rattlerjake, you’re so silly, you’re actually cute. L.E.O. showed up expecting trouble and there was some, but suspect taken into custody. No one harmed. And you’re actually complaining about that. Why do you think one officer trying to arrest this idiot alone and in public would be safer? Really, I’m serious. Let’s hear your strategy.

        • Yeah because sending one cop to confront a nutjob known to be armed and reckless with fire arms is just a great idea… you do it.

        • @Gadsden Flag

          You’re giving cops the benefit of doubt with blanket statement. Just recently cops in Houston murdered two innocent people and their dog on a rubber stamped no knock warrant and tried to plant evidence to cover their tracks.

          I’m not saying all cops are engaged in nefarious shit but I think a lot of them are the type of folks that signed specifically to use those guns.

          In theory, with a little recon and a game plan they could easily take a suspect into custody at an opportune time that wouldn’t endanger the public or lead to a standoff. Probably wishful thinking…..

        • Rattlerjake, you may have a point there. Just look at the ex-heads of the F. B. I. who have committed so many crimes and lies all at the behest of the Obama administration. Look also at local law enforcement standing around doing nothing while masked thugs vandalize public property such as statues or individuals lawfully demonstrating on public areas.

        • The choices are assaulting a potentially prepared position, with cover, concealment, allies, multiple prestaged weapon, including some that might penetrate body armor, or confronting a single individual outside of his office where he’d only have what he’d be able to conceal on his person. Option 2 seems to be safer for all parties involved. If you think it’s high risk, it’s still safer with a team there than his home.

        • Really?… Can you read?…. The guy is clearly unstable. Has a police record… and guns…Clearly a SWAT issue. I’m just surprised cnn wasn’t there to film it.

    • Came close- had one going off at about 3 am in an old apartment.

      I could reach it- thank God.

      If I had shot a gun I would have probably killed my neighbor above me.

  2. It should be “South Florida Man.” It’s a different state down there. I wish we could cut the state in half just a little south of Ocala and let it drift down into the Caribbean somewhere.

      • Gainesville!? And all them Damn Gators? Have you lost your mind!? I was thinking a low yield thermo nuclear device for Gainesville. With appropriate evacuation time for any unfortunate Seminoles that live in the area, of course. And a little larger one for that nest of lizards in Jacksonville. And my ex-wife.

    • Well now he’ll be spending some quality time in Florida’s prisons. And as you know, Florida prisons do not have air conditioning. Nor should they.

  3. Since they didn’t put an R next to his name every time they wrote it, I’m gonna guess he was a Demorat.

    • Actually he’s an “Independent”, but definitely has the behavioral issues of a “progressive”.

      • That’s an interesting comment about progressives. Are you saying conservatives don’t exhibit this behavior? Just recently a Coast Guard officer who was a right wing extremists got busted for domestic terrorism. He was found with a stockpile of weapons, a hit list of prominent Democrats and stated he wanted to do ad much damage as possible. It was all over the local and national news, but not one mention on TTAG.

        • Funny how the ‘Right wing extremists’ seem to get caught before any dems on their lists get offed. Yet the left wing extremists, even after multiple notifications to the authorities about them, manage to kill folks. Almost like it’s planned that way.

        • What will eventually come out about that “coast guard officer” is that he is too far left. So far all of the ones that started out being far right have been proven to be leftists.

        • Well Rattlerjake, do you remember the OK City Bomber Timmothy McVay? Didn’t some angry Trump supporter pipebomb Pittsburg recently? They were NOT progressives. You say “All are proven to be leftest”. Where is your evidence to support this crap?

        • I was alluding to “erratic behavior”, alcohol abuse not to mention the longterm recreational drug use that seemed to be Massad’s modus operandi for at least 20 years.

        • I heard his stockpile was under 15 guns and under 1000 rounds in mixed calibers. I have not taking the time to confirm

  4. We’re in FLA for the month from NY in a house we rented . I only brought a pocket .380, due to our location , my wardrobe of bare feet , swim trunks, shorts and a T being dressed up .

    I’ll have to reconsider next year ….

    • If I’m more than a tank of gas from home I have an Eagle discreet carry bag. I contains rifle w/four spare mags in four cell chest pouch. 1911 w/two spare mags, Blade Tech holster, mag pouches, belt, Surefire flashlight w/carrier and knife. In small duffle, a change of VERY tacticool 5.11 clothing, Camelback bladder and a few energy bars. Because…I can!

        • Why would I write down something that may be used against me in a court of law? Only a Gator would be that stupid. (See above.)

        • Well now …there are some folks in Tallahassee that might.

          And it FULL of those Noles.

          I haven’t got a dog in this hunt. I am a Bulldog…..a little more cowbell.

        • “I haven’t got a dog in this hunt. I am a Bulldog…..a little more cowbell.”

          And the St. Johns River flows north because Georgia sucks… 😉

        • Holy shit! I just thought of something. We’ve got to move a tiny piece of Orlando north before we sever the peninsula. Somebody has got to keep building my Randall knives.

        • I’ve blown thru Jersey before on the way to upstate New York to see an old army buddy. Yes, that discreet carry bag was behind the seat of my truck and a 1911 was in a Milt Sparks Summer Special the entire time I roamed those various People’s Socialist Republics of…fill in the blank. This was years before H.B. 218 and that F.O.P. thing that caused this site to blow up a couple of days ago. I knew I faced a minimum, mandatory 2 years in N.Y. and expected no professional courtesy from any agency. You either live your values or you don’t have any.

      • I have a day pack with first aid stuff ( retired FF emt ) tourniquet,quick clot and so on , tool kit, Strider fixed blade, $500 cash, change of clothes, life straw,np 85 mask, shove knife , external battery for phone, changing cords .

        Didn’t bring a long gun since no gun safe in this rented house , and I’m sure not leaving one in my car at the beach ……

        Pocket pistol seemed to fit the life style,although I may bring single stack 9 next time .
        I refuse to leave a gun in rental home while we’re gone most of the day , then back out at night .

        • Larry, I understand your concern. However, I weigh the risk of theft (relatively small) against needing a rifle (also small.) But I’ve often said, If you need a rifle anything else is a poor substitute. I am thinking of buying an AR (gag!) for that very reason. Rather loose an AR than a Galil. Need a new bag though. An M-4 with stock retracted is still longer than my 16″ Galil w/stock folded.

  5. Considering that the deputies he shot “at” didn’t even feel any need to shoot back, I would say that either he was the world’s worst shot or much more likely shooting at the deputies was an attempt at suicide by cop.

  6. His medical and public service work might have been questionable at best, but I always thought he did a bang-up job as the face from the You Can’t Do That On Television title card.

  7. FLORIDA….. where the temperatures, the ages, and the IQ’s are all in the 80s
    I moved away from that great state to get away from that shit…
    Just sayin…

  8. Where’s the SWAT team that went to Roger’s house? And the scuba frog men? Different rules for different people.

  9. lol so he figured since he’s going to be arrested for practicing without a license might as well go out in a Scarface style last stand? haha fuckin’ idiot

  10. What is he taking for drugs? He has same look as Adam Shifft and Alexandria Occasional kotex. All three same bug eyes.

  11. Practicing medicine without a license?
    Send in the SWAT team, stat.

    Either they had some way of predicting that he’d shoot them on sight or I’m wondering why in the world they’d send SWAT.

  12. They must have had some good intell because he started shooting when he saw L.E.O. Maybe the nut had good intell too. After all, he was the mayor.

    • Actually, it says swat started shooting at the door locks first, and Massad fired second. Just because this guy appears to be a dirtbag, doesn’t mean he was the one at fault. There are too many problems with the way this crap went down.

      Why go to his house before dawn?
      Why not serve the warrant at city hall when he is at work?
      Why send swat to serve an “Insurance fraud” warrant?
      How about some body cam footage? Did they even identify themselves?
      What difference does it make that he previously shot a smoke detector on his ceiling? Is there a law against firing a gun in your house when it is not part of a “criminal act”?
      Previous domestic violence arrest? So what was the outcome, considering BOTH him and his girlfriend were arrested? If the charges were dropped or there were no charges, then it is irrelevant.
      This is why government keeps tabs on EVERYTHING you do! So they can make you look guilty even when you’re not.
      Don’t get me wrong. this guy doesn’t look like his elevator goes to the top floor, but the way this crap went down is very suspicious.

  13. Let’s see … domestic violence record, known gun possession, known negligent / illegal use of gun, and no mention that he was flagged, or on a list for confiscation.

    Wasn’t Florida recently crowing about a kajillion “Red Flag” confiscations with the new law? And this guy still has a gun to shoot at SWAT with. I see the “Red Flag” laws are working as well as the other gun restrictions. (Meaning restricting, risking, burdening, and potentially criminalizing honest folks while not doing much with the crazies, terrorists, thugs n predators.)

    • known gun possession, known negligent / illegal use of gun

      Since when is gun possession in you home illegal?
      Since when is shooting a smoke detector negligent?
      Where was the illegal gun use?

      Just because this moron is a moron, doesn’t mean he is guilty. True conservatives look at both sides, they remember that you are INNOCENT until proven guilty, and reserve judgement until all the facts are in. Most of the people commenting, if they aren’t leftists, they’re just as bad for deciding his guilt before hearing all of the evidence/facts.
      Leftist try people in the court of public opinion!

      • You tell them Ratter, a moron can be a moron, it’s perfectly legal. Some of the morons can post nonsense on the interwebs too.

      • The point is that this guy is a near-perfect example that General Restrictions On Guns Don’t Work.

        General Restrictions On Guns miss their targets. (Pardon the pun.)

  14. They can’t disarm the crazy people, then they’d have no more incidents to try to disarm the rest of us with.

    • By the same token, how do you know they aren’t over-exaggerating this whole situation to do the same thing?

  15. “But the miscreant in this jaw-dropper wasn’t the typical meth-addled tweaker or champion toilet-tosser….”

    I don’t know about the latter but I wouldn’t be surprised if and meth are acquainted given the litany of behaviors he has shown.

  16. Gladstone,I did struggle with bringing my Benelli short barrel,but it’s hard enough to drive from NY to Fla with my handgun ,as two states don’t allow NYS or Fla ccw . A long gun is hard to hide in my Subaru, no need to start a search that finds the handgun .

    So far the biggest threat has been the crappy craft beer here ( shit water makes it hard to make good beer ) ,and a mild sunburn .

  17. Just read some of these comments , it becomes easy to see how our enemies win covert battles against America !
    Propaganda & assumptions abound !
    A couple of commenters asked ” why swat team before DAWN ” The article says ” morning ” not one word in the article about the exact time , or that swat was sent before Dawn ??
    Another commentor posted ” stockpile of weapons ” , no mention of ” stockpiled weapons ” in this article ??
    And even if it had , or if there was a ” stockpile ” this is America & ” stockpiling ” weapons isn’t illegal , and shouldn’t have a negative stigma !
    I would be totally fried on the public fire if they see my collection ! I’d be branded as Stallins right hand man !
    Stop letting them brainwash you with language !
    Owning more than 2 firearms doesn’t make you a terrorist !
    Oh and the obiqitious ego maniacs telling us of the contents of their bugout bags , dropping product names as if their stuff is better than others , MY 1911 in MY blade tech holster , MY Surefire flashlite , MY eagle discrete carry bag , MY cool 5:11 clothes !
    Oh , I’m gonna get me an AR ( BOO HISS ) cause I’d rather loose an AR than my Galil W/folding stock !! LMAO
    One person commented that the article said that swat was shooting at the perps door locks ( pre-dawn) before the perp opened fire !
    Where the hell did he read that in this article ?
    And several commentors posting about the perps nature , based upon how he looks !
    Pre judging & convicting people based on very limited info & mostly on how they look in a photo !
    Damn , my long haired beared , gun toteing , Harley riding a$$ must strike the fear of demons & wizards into the hearts of some people !
    But , rattler did make a comment I tend to agree with , that law enforcement officers are often the strong arm enforcers of political agendas !
    But I don’t think we need to inject false statements to bolster that knowledge !

  18. Where did rattler read in this article , that the perp had vaulted ceilings that are 15-20 feet high ?
    Or that baseballs are rare & the ability to throw them is reserved for the special folks among us ?
    I think the dude looks like Herman Munster , & we all know what a loveable character he was ! Even though his cousin IT was indeed a strange thing !
    Let’s all load up MY STEYR MANNLICHER 20mm anti armor recoilless rifle & MY B.R.N.O. into MY CADILLAC ESCALADE & go shoot some $hit !
    BETTER yet , let’s all stay here & say we read things in this article that weren’t actually their & make judgments based on what we didn’t read !
    Or , we could smoke some KUSH thru the barrel of my Benelli

  19. A 5 AM SWAT raid where they TRIED to shoot the lock off his door lock?!? For insurance fraud and practicing medicine without a license? If I get awoken by someone shooting at my front door, unless there are flashing red and blue lights and a bullhorn announcing police, I’m grabbing a gun and returning fire. Sure, he may be guilty of white collar crimes and may be a dufus, but waiting until he went to City Hall, then serving the arrest warrant (assuming there was one) and/or search warrant would seem to be the more reasonable approach.

    Seems the cops are as much Florida man as this guy.

  20. Everyone thought it was going to be A.I. and computers that would rule the world. The smoke detectors sat patently for their time to strike. Testing and prodding for weaknesses. Beware the smoke detectors and tv remotes.

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