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“yup im totally cool and qualified for this kind of activity” Click here for more cokeman weapons testing, if you dare.

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  1. Shooting a .45 in a residential neighborhood where it’s probably illegal and reinforcing dumb redneck asshole stereotypes. Those guys make the brood in Deliverance look classy. Thanks for giving them another hit.

  2. Heyyy cokeman is back, what a ****ing idiot, the same dummy who shot his makarov in his room. Good to know the pejorative he feels people who watch his videos are. at least he has enough sense to find a taurus to bring into pool and not a kimber or another quality 1911 model.

    he sounds just as smart as he looks, did anyone else hear him say “it sounds like a rape gun?”

    this guy is fps’s short bus cousin.

  3. Robert you are a transparent fellow. Trying to get Cokeman’s attention so he makes a video for your little blog like I see he did for ENDO today?

  4. The strangest part is the duality between all the bad language and bigoted jokes, and then engineer-like, soft-spoken comments on the firing results. “I don’t see any deformities in the barrel, and there was just a light primer strike..” versus “alright, f***, full retard, lol!”

    • You clearly haven’t watched enough of his videos to understand what he’s about. Cokeman is a troll. He knows what he’s doing he just likes to bullshit and appear insane to the uninformed. Some of the stuff he does is dangerous but in reality if someone else was doing it with a perfectly normal demeanor it would not appear as sensational as it does.


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